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 OK One More is another free online change the url puzzle type riddle game developed by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24. OK One More is another successor of the all record-breaking riddle games A Lot More, Riddle in Blue, Tool Torture Threesome, and Riddle Me Tool. Good luck and have fun!



Please try to leave subtle hints and not give outright answers...but of course when in need, help each other out the best you can!

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test :)

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Channel 7 - I got The Boss but don't know what to do with him!

lvl 5 saw dutchie's earlier hint but I have no Time and the numbers seem too large for the grid. Must be missing something obvious

@Keeper - how many d********s can you go from one position?

@pipi google can help you
@chael google can help you

Can't figure out at all how to fix the broken TV. I have seen hints about writing everything down and following the yellow, but I don't understand at all what to write down or how to apply the line.

Stuck on Channel 12, I've divided miles kilometers for a second and it doesn't make any sense to me. I need a little help

@Zoran - not all miles are created equal :) The names are significant.

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@BFS, the channel name is important. You need all your "channel name". Follow yellow line as it points. Up and up.

@pipi, you have 7 phrases and words at egg 2. Google them to get that form that you used at the main page to get egg 2.

BF, i know all miles are different lengths. So, eg, the sailor crossed 6 nautical miles. And what??

Thank you all. I got lvl 1 now

@aaaasa thanks, on lvl 5 egg now, some lines have disappeared but as they were not involved in the lvl solution I can't see/feel what to do next :(

@Zoran, different (significant) names mean different velocities in km. Use them to learn the distances.


Great hint here for BlackFiresong:

@BFS, the channel name is important. You need all your "channel name". Follow yellow line as it points. Up and up.

But I don't think you mean 'name' in this part:
...You need all your "channel name"...
You probably mean A*****s, right?

@Keeper - the shape of what gave you the egg is important

Hi, ST) Glad to see you and thank you once more.
As for broken TV, the channel name hints where to look, no? "Channel name" includes all - A****** and all other things) I've got it in this way.

Lol, ok we mean the same thing, we just used different words :)

@aaaasa should I start at the m***** this time? And I can't divide the grid into equal sectors

@aaaasa -- thanks, I got level 2. I was trying to make it much more complicated than it was.

Thanks, Fossa. I'm still lost. I went back and listed all the names. Trying to work my way up from side to side, but it doesn't spell anything. Will I need Granny? Also, some of them end with "channel" and "TV" and I'm not sure if I should be discounting those extra words when picking?

@Keeper - you connected the l*****s to get the egg, if you replace the l*****s with s***s, it forms a shape that is very well-known

@Zoran: You have to convert to km according to the type of mile.

Channel 8 - I googled the B**** M******* but nothing I try is working. This guy has led an exceptional life but nothing works for the correct answer.

Broken TV - trying the same with a*****s rather than the actual channel names. Still no joy. I must be picking wrong, but I don't know how else to follow the line. :/

Never mind!!! I got it. I needed to do a better job of quite literally following the line - letter by letter!

By the way, S-T, the amount you build into these answers never ceases to astound me!

Hi BFS. Good to see you. a*****s is correct. But its not just their extremities.

Meanwhile I seem to be the only person who can't get started on main level 1.

Ah, too late :)

stuck on 6: i cant get key for cipher from colors, is it a real word?

lvl 6 - counting and picking should give a word. There’s a confirmation egg

Minkie - counting and picking should lead you somewhere :)

6: key is 10 letters long?

@Mishu - yes

Good to see you too, Minkie! As ever, I'm at the same point as you - I'm stuck on Level 1 too. Come and help me, please. :D I got Egg 1 from picking letters using the numbers given. Following that, I got a rotten egg with that famous Batman slapping cartoon which told me how many letters I needed, which made me think I was on the right track. But after I got the right number of letters, none of the words I got from Granny worked as answers, so now I don't know what to do.

channel 25 or 26 ? Do I have to include answer 25 (which got me to the broken TV ) while picking left and right?

@Ike: Yes. But don't think of it as picking left and right. That's where I was going wrong. Look at how the line goes. You will know when you have it right as you won't need Granny.

@BFS if you got the rotten egg, you should be on the right track, maybe check your letters again. As I recall, the cheating granny will give two answers.

Thanks aaaasa. Overthinking again.

@Keeper: Ah, I had the right letters, but didn't try the one that didn't seem like a proper word!

Still caught on Channel 8 - Any hints as to what to use? There are many, many options here.

@ Chael615: google the guy and see something significant

Dont know where to pick from in level 6.

@ Ike Thanks. I didn't apply what I saw to the picture. Should have known by the numbers.

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lvl 7 got egg2 (but not egg1) and noticed the little extra hint on the main level but couldn't move further. Any hint please?

@help d******** is important

@Keeper - why not try entering each of the firsts directly? :)

channel 25/26 Thx BFS but still in the dark here. Line goes up but how.

Thanks keeper

Channel 25: found it :-)

@aaaasa I'm even more confused with those eggs... Is brand the right direction to go? Tried a few methods to pick but nothing worked

@Keeper - what was the word for egg 2 again? :)

Level 5 - what is important of all these people? I don't know what to search for. Years of birth/death?

@pipi there are a number of important things, but no google needed.

@aaaasa thanks so much, I'm so dumb today that probably should go to sleep now

@Keeper meanwhile I'm still stuck at lvl 8 egg 4 and not sure what to do :/

I'm still on Ch 24. Need a hint regarding how to apply the shared property of the items on the shelf to the text. Nothing I have tried works. This seems to be a not too difficult level that I have made impossible. Been there before. Any help? Thanks.

I dont even know how to get to egg 2 in level 8.

@tialuisa it is about counting and picking.

@Help - try changing the direction to get a few more letters

@tialuisa, you have 5 sentences and 5 objects. For counting and picking use what the text tells. The last object is a little tricky, I bruteforced it.

Thank you, Help. Got it

Phew! Finally lvl 9...

@aaaasa I'm at egg 5 but it's just same as egg 4

Thank you both, @Help and @Fossa. I'll go back to that:)

Level 3 found words that fit, but they don't work. I'm not sure whether to trust the message above the numbers.

@Keeper - the url for egg 4 tells you to draw a special type of path

Aaand can't find the other in lvl 9 :/

@minkie: The message doesn't mean you miss out two - it means you need different ones where those two could fit. That threw me off for a while as my letters were all right but Granny wasn't giving results. Not sure if that's where you're stuck, but hope it helps you.

I'm stuck on Level 5. I thought it was about taking certain l*****s as d********s. I've tried both c****ss directions and the more regular kind (l***, r****, etc), as well as both together. But nothing works as there are a lot of "e***s" and "r****s" that end up taking me off the grid.

Thanks BFS that narrows down the options. I have alternatives for those 2.

@BlackFiresong -- I'm stuck in the same place as you. I was trying c*****s directions, and didn't even think about the others. The thing is, there are so many places where there seems to be a choice--if I have n**** and then e***, does that mean go n**** and then go e****, or does it mean go n****e****? They aren't the same with this grid. FOr the ones that would take me off the grid, I assumed that it wraps around.

OK, I was on the wrong track for Level 5. I've found something in each of them now, but I still have no way of applying those to the grid.

lvl 5 - someTimes objects other than a c****** can show directions :)

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Thanks, @aaaasa! And thank you for your earlier hints to @Keeper on the egg - would never have figured it out without you! Onto 6 now.

Level 1 egg 2 - All posts say do the reverse. Does that mean do I have to acronym each of the 6 phrases? But then how do I choose letters? Very confused

level 1 egg 1,do I have to pick from movie titles or authors or sth. else?

@mehroon -- no choosing required, and no Granny. Make sure you have the right letters. One of them was ambiguous, and I had it wrong at first.

Can't figure out how d*******n is important in Level 6.

@theartist - Level 1 Egg 1 gives you a hint for what to focus on on the main level. What do all the text bubbles on the egg have in common? Is there something similar on the main level page you can expand upon?

@mehroon - if you have the right letters, they should spell something out without Granny.

Still totally stumped on Level 6. I have tried counting in picking in various ways, but nothing gives me a key that yields anything. Going to take a break and hope for some hints.

Stuck with you BFS. Totally stumped.

@BFS - pick from the d********s

thanks BFS I think one of the letters was wrong,anyway thanks for helping,Mehroon google these words!

@aaaasa: I'm not sure how to incorporate d*r*ct**n. I was trying to pick some of them by counting from left to right and some from right to left, but nothing seems to work.

Thanks aaaasa again! Who'd have thought it!
BFS As aaaasa said you are picking FROM d*********. It seems unlikely, but it works.

8 egg1: change direction mean to reverse some of them?

BFS, that was very ambiguous reading back. I should have said d********s.

@Mishu - not reverse but go d*** as the egg says

This comment has been removed by the author.

Oh WOW! Thanks, Minkie and aaaasa. I never thought of doing THAT! Onto 7 now.

8 egg 5: no idea what to do here

Channel 12, stuck, do i need to change the actual mph from 1 or just the way they measure? i am not getting a solid letter for either the first or last ?

Level 7 - I got egg2, but I am clueless how to find egg 1.

@Pipi - if you put in the firsts that led you to Egg 2 individually, you'll get the many parts of Egg 1.

Am currently stuck on Level 8 Egg 1. I don't know what it means to double down. Doubling the numbers gives me things that don't convert to letters.

Never mind - I made it to Egg 2 somehow! The "double" part was throwing me off.

Thank you, BlackFiresong

@MishuAnubis - stuck with you on Level 8 Egg 5! Trying to follow the URL of Egg 4, but it isn't working. Have you made any breakthroughs?

nope, still stuck on egg 5 :(

I still haven't got past level 8 egg 1. Is the important word "down" then?

Yes, Minkie, that word is key. You need to go down and do so doubly (twice).

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Channel 25-26 - Totally lost trying to use the yellow thing on all u** and c*******, nothing comes out :*(

Thanks, small-tool. I didn't realize they make a word.

@Puzzled: Don't jump to extremities. Make your way up as gradually as possible. You will realise instantly when you are on the right track.

OMG! I figured out the rest of Level 8 all on my lonesome. I'm so proud. To those stuck on Egg 5 - you need much bigger, more sweeping "egg 4"s than you might have thought.

Promptly got stuck on Level 9! I have no idea what I'm looking for.

Sounds like that's an achievement BFS! I still don't know how to go down. Tried loads of things.

8 egg 5: what you mean much bigger? answer is not 4 letters long?

@minkie: Down in the v******l sense. You need just 4 letters.

OK thanks. I'd mostly been trying things with 5 or 6 letters. I'll have a fresh look.

@Mishu: I meant that you don't need loads of u*s and d***s like I was trying to draw for quite a while. Think of what the First of the Egg 4 word looks like. That's the pattern you need to use. (Also, note how Red Luth automatically cuts off the first z*** when converting - you don't necessarily always need to input e***t d***ts).

(Sorry, I hope I'm not causing more confusion with my hints!)

how many letters i need?

Channel 25-26 - Thanks BFS but I am still stuck. I wonder if I am using the right pairs, for example I have a channel# that has the same url/channel name, is this right?

@Mishu: 5 letters.

@Puzzled: You don't need the names of the channels - just your p**v***s a*****s.

Level 9 - I managed to find egg 1a, but I'm now missing the "other". I have a hunch about what to use, but I think I'm missing the correct interpretation somehow.

Finally got Ch 24! And as I suspected, it was quite easy, just not for me... Thank you again aaaasa, Help & Fossa for your help:)

@BFS, you need to use the other alphabet. Do you see which one it is?

Still suck on channel 4. Feel like a moron.

dms6 Count words then something smaller.

minkie OMG thank you.

8 egg6: i hope is not b*****e

@BFS, thanks!! No wonder I was not getting anything: overthinking + silliness = puzzledlostforeverandeverafter (in the training levels ...) I will hide until tomorrow ... goodnight ...

@Ike, ups I forgot to thank you as well for Ch 26, sorry :)

@Ellie: I've already used the one from Level 8 to get Egg 1a. For the other one, I was thinking M****, somehow related to either the p******tion m***s or the words between them. Am I on the right track?

@MishuAnubis: It is indeed, but it's not so bad!

i think i need a push for channel 11. i'm stumped

Broken TV .. I have read previous tracks, but I did not understand them .. a little help would be great.

@BFS, yes, your second idea is good. To differ between them, use the same method as the other language.

@amy, i saw in previous comments you seemed to get what cipher to use? *i****
Letter 3 and 4 are the same ones. No anagram.

@molly, you need to list all your previous a*****s. Start from bottom and follow the line up. Your message will have 25 letters.

@ellie unfortunately, I didn't not figure out the cipher lol

@amy, it's groups of 8. They are of two different kinds. It's similar to a cipher. B*****.

@ellie Thank you! It finally clicked!

Anybody get past Level 10? I got Egg 1, but am unsure what o******e I am supposed to use. I tried several things, but no luck.

big push..thank you Ellie

Stuck on Ch 13. Have done the obvious translation, but not sure what do with it.

@jpete - take the first three words literally and then follow the pattern for the last two words.

lvl 9 - still trying to find the other with no luck :/ I noticed that the segments can be differentiated by how they start, but converting them into M**** doesn’t give a good word

@aaaasa -- M**** is correct. You will know when you have made the correct divisions of the text as you will get an intelligible message. Look at the text--is there something dividing it into segments already? There a number of similar dividers. They are not all the same thing, but they are all the same category of thing.

Thanks tialuisa. Got confused by an earlier hint.

ch. 12 I have all conversations to km. not sure what to do with them, especially since one isn't a whole number.

oh jeez, my math was wrong, moving on lol

lvl 8 egg5 I was more confused after reading the hint from BFS lol
So how many d***** are needed for each letter?

@Laurie - I got something meaningful from the first line but then the rest became gibberish :/ I wonder if the p********** count as dividers though...

@aaaasa -- yes, the p*********s do count as dividers. All p*********n counts.

channel 22, stuck again, found the name of the five t****s in each but not coming up with a word, a hint please.

@Laurie - Thanks! Onto lvl 10 now

Stuck at lvl 3. I don't understand what words that fit b****** pairs I'm looking for. Are they compounds? Or what?

@robin no granny needed, double check ur t****s

@Fossa -- yes, mostly. You want something that fits both ways (b****e one w**d and a***r the other)

stuck at broken tv, i've read all the previous hints. I have my list of a*****s, i figured i need to be picking from the m****e l*****s and not the e**s. Just coming up with gibberish

@amy thank you so much, had one wrong all this time

@amy - write out your list in a very compact format, then trace a line through it exactly as you see the yellow line move through the screen.

lvl 8 egg5 still no progress after staring at it the whole morning. Need a big big hint please

@Keeper the url for egg 4 should remind you of a path that goes forward then back down then goes forward again. Start from the corner to get 5 letters

@aaaasa thanks, this is what I have been trying the whole morning, but it either oscillates between two columns or does not pick enough digits. Must be missing something obvious

@Keeper - just travel f*****d to pick up a letter, then d********y to pick up another, and repeat all the way to the bottom

Huh? Pick letters? I only have digits but not letters. Sorry for being so dumb again today :(

@Keeper - sorry for the confusion but I meant picking up digits that can be converted into letters... if you start from corner and travel f*****d to the second corner, the digits along the way should give you a letter. Then start from the second corner and travel d********y, the digits along the way should give you another letter. After that, just keep following the pattern and you should get 5 letters in total

Omg didnt ever think of this!! On lvl 9 now. Thanks again aaaasa

On lvl 3 I found several versions of every word b****** pairs. And no answer(
As I understand every number means l***th of the every word, right?
I hate compounds and they hate me too)
Help please

Fossa - yes, find the words that fit and have the specified l***ths. There should be websites that help you find those very quickly

Fossa, This is a good one: https://www.thefreedictionary.com/word-finder.htm
Couldn't find the first one though so if you use this don't waste your time - just ? it:)

Lvl 6 - Trying to find the password for the cipher. It seems from hints that the letters are picked from the word, d********s. I've tried working that word into the pic, both as is, and sorted alphabetically. If I have the right word, one letter appears twice and I write it down both times. But still I have no password. Help on this would be lovely :)

@tialuisa not pick from this word directly but pick based on it

Thanks for the hint on Level 9, @Ellie! I'm still stuck, though. Feel like I've tried every possible way of applying that alphabet. How many letters am I looking for for egg 1b?

Btw has anyone got past lvl 10? Like what Laurie said above, not quite sure what to do with o*******

level 3,can not understand what kind of pairs do i need,any help to this!

Huge thanks to Laurie W, aaaasa and tialuisa!
Especially for the site.
Done it.
But really in other sites there are more fit versions and this confused me a lot.

@BFS 4 letters for 1b

POP! I just had the middle bit wrong for Level 9. The brackets were throwing me off. Onto 10 now.

@Keeper: Sorry my hints for Level 8 Egg 5 confused you! Oops!

Thank you Keeper! I'll work on it from that angle:)

Channel 5: have read previous hints but still feel lost there... Don't even know where to start and can't see anything special. Counted what's in the pic but did not find anything relevant...

@ theartist, You need to find words that would work at the end of one word and the beginning of the other, such as: baseball field mouse. see my post to Fossa at 11:13p for a good web site to help you:)

Stuck with the rest of you at Level 10 Egg 1. No idea how to interpret "o*******". I've tried a few things, but they didn't work out.

Forget it. Got it!

Thanks tialuisa for helping,but still don't understand where in the lvl hints that we are looking for those pairs,anyway on to 4!

lvl 1: can't find the second egg. Read something about google but I have no clue what to look for.

@Ike, google there not the red text though it looks strange. But it works)

@ Fossa: thx, managed to get egg 2, think I understand what to do there, but Granny won't have any of it. Found a famous Spanish goalkeeper, lol.

Anyone had any breakthroughs on 10? My brain is slowly breaking, but the level remains intact!

Stuck on Channel 14, I found the names of all the p********s but I don't know what to do with them. Small push pls.

@Zoran: Take first names. If they don't make a word, you may have one of the names wrong.

lvl 1 : stuck ( egg 2) know what to do, but can't get the right word. For some pictures there are several possibilities as far as I can see.

@Ike: Hmm, what pics are you seeing several possibilities for? Reading down from left to right and top to bottom, your a***********s should spell out a word without Granny.

@ BFS: thx, now I am confused. I do need the same method ? So, I am looking for a 8 letter-word.

I checked the names of all the p********s again, again and again, but they don't give me a word, ******n,*****d
, ******m, ******w, *****t. What I don't see?

BF, I forgot, this is for channel 14

@Ike: No, more than 8 letters. Think about what got you to the second egg. You expanded certain terms, right? Now you need to do the opposite.

@Zoran: You need to recheck your fourth one (the one ending in w). The rest seem correct.

Still haven't got Ch 5. I counted 5 groups of players, tried to apply the numbers all different ways, but nothing..

@ike you need a word much longer than 8 letters. and you don't need the same method, but the opposite instead (from full words to a******s)

@ BFS : thanks again. Had the right words after all, but followed the wrong method.

@ maremoto, thx to you too.

Catlady, Make the letters (alphabetical), be sure to count the second group correctly. Should be a vowel.

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Looks like we have a stuck party at lvl 10 egg 1 now :/

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