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 OK One More is another free online change the url puzzle type riddle game developed by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24. OK One More is another successor of the all record-breaking riddle games A Lot More, Riddle in Blue, Tool Torture Threesome, and Riddle Me Tool. Good luck and have fun!



Please try to leave subtle hints and not give outright answers...but of course when in need, help each other out the best you can!

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Level 49: identified all the pics (except one), got egg 1 but can't reach egg 2. Really wonder how I can get the missing ones?

@Eric911 : Egg 2 is much simpler than Egg 1! (At least for me when I solved this level)
Where is the a**** pointing at?

@Namchokdef: I see where it is pointing at but can't make a link.
Am just stumped about how finding the missing ones in each list.

@Eric911 : The missing ones in each list? Ah, you haven't found the ? ones yet, my bad, sorry.
If you've identified all pictures as you've said, you should see something special about them in each row. Try the second one, I think it's the easiest, see how the items in the second one con****, then you can get an idea to find what is missing!

@Namchokdef: already tried with the "general theme" but does not seem to work. So far, I'm blind! Am only missing the 3rd instrument (I don't have its name).

Oh! Noticed something...

Just missing now the Confirmation Egg 3. Starting to wonder if I got a mistake in my list. Does the 3rd one in row 3 starts with a P?

@Eric911 : It does! If you still having problem with that one, try checking the 5th. That one was a bit tricky to find. It looks like a c******, but it's from C****. I got tricked with that one too. ^_^

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level 50: got 4.1a, b and c. Trying to makes sense of the 4.1c and all the hints. I see the t**** l****** that line up d******** or v*********, but so far nothing clicks as far as understanding how to apply those. Does the rsulting word start with d and end with e? Or what else do I need to look for? Thanks

level 50: sorry. meant to say '.. make sense of the 4.1b instructions'

@Bine : You got the right idea for the first word. Just go and find the word!

@tialuisa,I am still on lvl 24 with eggs 1a,1b,2a,2b and 2 confirmation eggs... what's next? Help me, please, to escape this level!

@Dushka - You're as good as done. Just combine the two confirmation eggs with a bit of googling. And make sure it's the b***, not the m****.

@tialuisa, i got it.thanks

@Namchokdef: now onto egg 2 (the missing 3rd was due to a stupid spelling mistake). Are we supposed to get confirmation eggs here?

Nevermind. Onto 50! At last! Thank you Namchokdef!

Well talked too fast... Can't even start 50 as I only took notes of the final answers (and URL) for each level but neither the method used nor the several steps. Can anyone give me a push for the past reference?

@Eric911 : Take a look at @tialuisa's first comment on this page. (to @Olddude)
You're in for a long ride on this one, but you're almost there!

Phew...seems I'll have to play all the levels again then :-(

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@Eric911 - Also Olddude said he was going to look at his browser history for the url. That might be the best idea. If you want to try that, from looking at your comments on this forum, I'd say go back to 10/28 - 10/29 and start looking there.

@tialuisa: started to replay an old level but seems that I did not get the right one lol!
What you say rings a bell but don't remember where exactly. Thanks for your precious research, will have a look at my history!

@Eric911, you need the egg 4b

Can I ask help for bonus 26?
I've got a rotten egg that I knew a table. Ok.
I saw hints that the chest does not matter. So I have a question word or combination of 3 things and the thing under it. All combinations do not work. What is "s****s l***"?? Shifts left? Why left? Sounda like? Like what? I don't know what I don't like more - rebuses or asterisks :) Any help?

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@fossa you have everything you need. What does the pic word s**** l***? Then think about how to use the table.

@tialuisa and @Keeper so easy?? )) ST, you are the devil :) On 27 now

Thanks Fossa & Tialuisa: now back to the game after exploring my history browser! Now have 1.0/1.1/1.2 a-b-c-d. Seems to be a long story!

@Eric911 - That's great news!! And yes, it is a loooong story:)

So many questions on level 50 that I don't even know where to start... Well, got 1.0/1.1/1.2a/1.2b/1.2c/1.2d/1.3/2.0/3.0/4.0/5.0/6.0/7.0
Strangely only 6.0 leads to 6.7 but got nothing from the others. What am I missing?

@eric it's the same trick to go from egg 0 to egg 1 for all paths

Errr... You said Egg 0??? Did not get that one!

@eric I meant egg x.0 to egg x.1 for all x = 1-7 :)

Pfff... How could I miss that? Think my cells are burning!

50: now have the "basic" paths but am trying to solve them step by step so focusing on 1 & 2 for now.
Stuck at 1.3: don't know what to do from there and also, why is the "extra" pic from p*** l***l there?
Stuck at 2.4 and same questions!

@Eric911 - When you find a k** on each level, it's time to move on. Everything will come together later, much later. As for the other, good find, but again, later, much later:)

Thanks Tialuisa. Time to have a break. Will go on tomorrow with the next eggs.

I'm finally finished! I came in late so I missed the flurry of activity. I would like to thank those who left hints that helped me get through. I would also like to thank Small Tool for the incredible major effort he exerted in making this, his most frustrating riddle yet. May there be many more.

Congratulations on finishing @LinR!

\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
YAY, a new bonus section finisher ! ! !
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/

Congrats LinR, very well done :)
Golden spanners award in your mail!
And golden spanners in the WOW for you too :)

Back to 50 again: I really cannot do anything with the rebus (language barrier?) on 3.1
Egg 4: found 4.1b and c (but not a) and also 4.2a but cannot see the pattern for the other 3 groups.

@Eric911 :
3.1 : Notice the positions of the stuffs, there's some that's i* and some that's o*. And since you're making a word, the weird symbol have to be something shorter, think simple.
Try starting with the smallest stuff on the right side, I think that's the most simplest to find the word.
4.1 : To get other groups, it's in the s*** po******s.

Thanks Namchokdef but I don't decode your "s*** po******s"!

@Eric911 - Use the patterns that you found to get egg 4.2a to get the three other words, but as s-t pointed out somewhere, there are patterns in the letters as well as the positions.

Thank you tialuisa for prior hints but I had been away so I didn't say thanks sooner. I am now stuck in a few places on level 50. I have gotten the rotten egg 2.2 and have tried LTF and other things but have had no success getting the right "order". Also for egg 3.1 i just can't seem to get the left side of the rebus. And for egg 6.1 I can't see to get the correct cricket symbols. I have come up with sondsww but that does not seem to work in any form. I must not be getting them right. Any help would be appreciated.

@Olddude - Rotten egg 2.2: To get that egg, you did two things to the text on egg 2.1. First you did A and then you did B. Egg 2.2 confirms that those are the correct things to do, you just did them in the wrong order. So do B first:)

Egg 3.1: Order matters here too. For the right side, you took things in a particular order. Switch that order somewhat for the left side. Also, the three bars can be expressed in two letters, as can the two bars.

Egg 6.1: Those initial letters all look good to me. You want to be sure you have the full name for the signals (most of them are two words). Important because there is a reason why the signals are presented in that particular order.

So I guess it's all about order:)

Thanks again tialuisa!

I finished the 2. stream with your help. On the 6. stream, I never thought to write out the full names and then I was able to get through to eggs 6.4a and 6.4b but I am stuck again. I thought 6.4a would relate to cricket based on the simple translation of the numerals but I don't see how and 6.4b should relate to f******l but again I don't see it. Another push would be helpful. I still am not getting the rebus. I am assuming that the 2 character symbol for silver should be used but am I using eq for the 2 bars? I am sure I am missing something obvious.

@Olddude - You are done with c******. First thing you need to do is find egg 6.4c, using the same data that got you 6.4a&b - think picking.

For the rebus, yor are doing the right thing with the three bars. For the two bars, you're not looking for an abbreviation but a simple two letter word to use in the place of e*****. It's not exactly a synonym but 1+1 ** 2, right?

\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
! ! ! Another Bonus Finisher ! ! !
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/

Congrats Fossa, great job :)
In the WOW Golden Spanners next to your name and in your mail the Golden Spanners Award. Enjoy :)

Level 26 Egg 3 : Can I get a bit more hint to help find the answer? I know the rules of this level, but I can't figure it out.

@Dushka, write down the question to the egg1 and the answer to it. Make the first letters in every word capitals. Then do the same to the second question and the second answer. You'll see the only possible answer for this question.

@Fossa - Congratulations on finishing the whole riddle!!

Congrats Fossa!!

Thank you) Congrats you also!

@Fossa-thank you very much! I saw the light!

I hate to say it but I am clearly having a senior moment with level 50 trying to use eggs 6.4a and 6.4b. I have tried team cities, team names , using first letters, using second letters, using last letters then using winners and losers and attempted to step through the letters both just using 1rst, 2nd , 3rd etc and also attempted to use the numerals but that won't work. I even attempted to use referees.

I am using the numerals from these 2 eggs and not the prior one correct? I should be getting 12 letters? Is that correct and does anything I have tried seem close?

@Olddude, you are right with team names. Use them to get 6.4c egg (also 4 letters). Then you'll be able to apply 6.4a and 6.4b on it.

\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/


\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/

Congrats Bine, very well done :)
For you too a well deserved spot in/on the Wall Of Winners

Wishing you lots of fun (and good luck) finding and playing the bonus levels !

Finally made it. First time ever that I actually finished on of @s-t riddles. Thank you @aaaasa, @tialuisa, @BucksDack and @Namchokdef for helping me out. Now on to the bonus round.

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@Bine - Congratulations!!

Thanks Fossa, so I needed to be looking at the 4 numerals from the prior egg. I have been able to proceed once I stopped looking at the 2 sets of 6 numerals and I have been able to complete this path.

Back to the rebus egg 3.1, I still just don't get it at all. Even using a* as the bars and i* as the blank bars, I am coming up empty. Is their relative position important? I just don't see it or what relationship to the letter to use. Help Please.

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tialuisa. Thank you. I finally saw the light and am through that path. Yeah. Tomorrow, on to find the special eggs!

@Olddude - Big day tomorrow!!

@Olddude, have you solved the rebus 3.1?

Also stuck like hell on 50:
- Egg 3.1: still cannot make anything of that damned rebus.
- Egg 4.x: got 4.1 b and c, cant get a and cannot see/find any good pattern for yellow and green...
- Egg 5.x: got 5.2a but obviously was overthinking what I got and cannot reach 5.2b.
- Egg 6.1: have identified what I see but granny does not seem to help so feel lost.

@Eric911 - Egg 3.1: It's a two word answer. Each side is a word. Each side has three things. These things are connected by two, two letter words: a**b**c. The order you use the connectors for one side is not necessarily the order that you use them for the other side. The right side is probably easier than the left.

Egg.4.x: 4.1a is the egg with all the words. For the yellow and green words, the pattern in the letters can take you into another set of the alphabet and the space between letters can progress, like B,+10,L,+11,W and you'd complete that with +12,I (going into another set of the alphabet).

Egg 5.x: Put egg 5.1 pic in paint. Check "transparent selection" and then put the egg 5.2a pic on top of the other. You should see what letters to pick. You need 4.

Egg 6.1: No granny need but some of those signals can be identified by more than one name. All except the second signal are two words. Finally, the order of the signals is important.

You can do it!!:)

** no granny needed

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looking for portal egg 3: do I use the same method as for egg 1, except sorting in a different order and using the k** instead of the a******? I have tried that but get nothing.

Thanks for all the help. I am on level 50 the Platinum eggs. I have gotten 1a, 1b, 1c, 2b and 2c but I am having trouble getting 2a. I see the numbers on the car and have converted them but they have not lead me anywhere. I am sure it is simple but I am not getting it. A little push please!

@Bine - If you still need that portal egg, you are right, same deal as egg 1 only with the k***. Granny won't help because it's two words (2 and 5 letters). You just have to look at it.

got it, Thank you @Tialuisa

@Olddude - It's a two word answer. You can see a little break in the numbers... Words are three letters and 5 letters.

Level 39 - finished crossword puzzle and got egg. I see the consistent pattern of each row concerning the egg but not sure what to do with that information. Gentle nudge from anyone?

@Ditg, the egg tells what 2 letters are important only. Count these letters in one row (any row). That will give you a light probably. Ir write them down (in capitals) row under row.

Thank you Fossa & Tialuisa, now got egg 3 solved at last!
Now have to get 4, 5 (got 5.2b), and 6...when I have a little spare time :-/

So obvious after writing it out. Thanks for the push Fossa. Onto 40....

Stuck on Level 29 *spell out numbers and apply image on them* Any hints?

@Dushka, the pic shows the left and the right. Take the first and the last of every number and anagram.

thank you very much, as always I'm complicating it

I am stuck on level 47 and need a push in the right direction please. I have eggs 1a,1b,2,2a,2b,2c,2d,2e,3,4,5,5a,5b and 6a. 6b is eluding me in spite of reading hints, looking d*** on egg 5 and googling away as previously. Nothing I get will granny to an answer.

@Di999 - C**** and H******* both had two on their respective years in question. You might want to check that you have the right ones for the applicable months. Or if you want to post what you have, I'll check them for you.

@tialuisa thanks. I'll have another look. I race really odd letters at the moment. I thought I'd chosen the right ones but maybe not.

@tialuisa. I think I have the right ones. My letters are z,t,s,m,e,a,v which do granny to a word but it is not the correct one. Are any of these correct?

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This comment has been removed by the author.

@tialuisa - ok, that gives me something to work on. Thanks, although I found them in the same way as the others. I'll look again.

@tialuisa - I have 6b now. I'd copied the d**** wrongly for both from my previous notes as the list had moved around. Facepalm moment!!! Thanks a lot

@Di999 - Glad you got it! We may need to delete a couple spoily posts:)

I have made it to Bonus 19 and I have read the prior hints but I am not seeing it. I see it seems I should d****e the 2 numbers and then try to express the results as x/y with x,y integers but I don't see how this gets me to any answer when, for example, the second pair results in 50/11. What am I missing?

@Olddude - Well, you've made some nice progress! You've almost got this one too. Make your x's the same number for all calculations and then convert the resulting y's for your answer.

Thanks tialuisa. It was just %s all along. Should have tried that. Moving on.

Bonus 31: read all the hints, counted the w***** including the ones in between. Tried all sorts of combinations adding the in beteween w***** in different ways. Tried with 4 wildcards. Nothing. Where do the additional 4 letters come from? The rotten egg? I need a biiig hint please.

@Bine - Count the "ones in between" on their own, not including them in the group of lines that precedes each of them. That's where the 4 additional letters come from, and it's the same number/letter each time. No granny needed.

Thank you @tialuisa

Getting a life now :-)

\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
! ! ! YAY, Bine did the Bonus section ! ! !
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/

Very well done, the golden spanners now next to your name in the W O W and the golden spanners award in your mail :)

@Bine - Congratulations!!!

Please tell me more about getting a life after riddling. I've tried, but have been unsuccessful so far:)!!

Back into game after several days offline. Still on 50.
-Got 4.2a, b and c but can't get d. I could find a few patterns but nothing giving a good result obviously. Any help is welcome.
-6.1: think I got the correct "words" for each one, following the past hints but can't see what I can do with that.
-7.1: don't even know where to start. Tried the basic tricks with the level words but seems to be a dead-end.

@tialuisa, me either)

Made some progress on 6 but help's still needed on 4 and 7.

I am stuck on bonus 30. I admit to not being good at spacial puzzles and I have seen references to folding and drawing lines in opposite directions but nothing is getting me anywhere. I just can't seem to get anything looking like letters. are the three sets of lines separate and do they each "fold" the same way? Any help would be appreciated.

Eric911 for level 50 7.1 notice that not all letters face the same way and go from there using granny.

@Eric911 - 4.2d: Not sure if you have your 4 letters or not. If not, instead of adding to get the next letter in the pattern, try subtracting. If you already have your 4 letters,


will find the word.

7.1 - Direction matters and you will get 3 words using all the letters.

@Olddude - Each line is a word. This should get you started.

Top line first letter: At the junctures at the bottom of the two tiny vertical lines to the horizontal lines, fold both sides in.

Top line second letter: At the juncture at the bottom of the first tall vertical line to the tiny horizontal line, fold what is left to the right.

Top line third letter: Don't even bother. You got this, right:)

@Tialuisa: for 4.2d I have nothing. Actually I got some results but returning nothing from the solver so I consider I got them wrong.
Reached 7.2a-b-c and wondering what to do with what I got.

@tialuisa - I appreciate you attempt to help but I still don't see it at all. Maybe I get an r or n from the first letter but nothing that makes any sense to me for the second and no clue for what to do with the third. I am guessing the 2nd line starts with m but I don't really know for sure. Are there lines to eliminate to better see what is there?

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This comment has been removed by the author.
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Thanks @tialuisa. I got past 30. I still don't see it but I can proceed. Thanks.

level 16
I found four eggs
And I know 1b means V****** 1c means b******* and 1d means C********
But what does the key on 1a mean?
And I used word as keys just got gibberish again and again

@sevenfar - all the words on egg 1a form the key. So take the gibberish to V******* with the key, IL***M*G*****. Make sure you put the gibberish in the "Ciphered Text" box (bottom half of the page if you are using Red Luth). Take the output (which is the gibberish in the "Plain Text" box) to B*******.

In B*******, put the new gibberish in the "Plain Text" box and use the same IL***M*G***** key. Take the output from the "Ciphered Text" box to C********.

In C********, put the new gibberish in the box and adjust for a 6x6 readout. You can read the output from top to bottom column by column or if you are using Red Luth, it's also written straight across above the columns. All you have to do now to read the message is put in the spaces between words.

If the message begins, "T*** m* w***" you've done things correctly.

@Tialuisa: for 4.2d that's one of the letters I have found. Will try again the 3 others.
7.2: I did notice the d******** but no luck so far.
You can delete ;-)

@Eric911 - 7.2: So you want to make 3 omelettes matching each url with the egg word facing the same way.

Tried this before but obviously mixed the wrong eggs... Must be tired. Now 7 complete!
Finally reached 4.3, noticed something with the "highlighted" letters but cant do anything correct with the ones from 4.2c. Time for a coffee I think!

@Eric911 - To move on from 4.3 it's time for some very basic riddling on your 4 words:)

That's what I noticed but it seems that I cannot get anything from the 4 from 4.2c

@Eric911 - ftf?

Yep got that one but noticed that considering each group separately gives something... except the 3rd one (will delete if too spoily)

Forget it. Just finished egg 4.
I wonder if what I noticed is useful later?

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Some progress here. Got Golden Egg 1 and 2, Brown Egg 1a and a rotten egg. Need a break, my cells are burning!

Now, I need some help with bonus 34. Do I need the a**** from h*** h*** to m***** h*** and h*** h*** to s***** h*** and m***** h*** to s***** h***? I also saw someone ask if this is a calculator upside down thing but the answer was deleted. I have tried using 2 and 3 a***** but am not getting anything that works converting to letters. Help Please.

Never mind. I realized only 1 a**** was needed and I am onto bonus 35.

Finally finished with all the help of prior hints and particularly @tialuisa. Thanks s-t for all the time and effort creating this torture!

Level 36. I have eggs 0, 1a and 1b. Also a rotten egg."Use the cipher to get a plain text that is "mostly" gibberish and then xm****t**s***." Incomprehensible to me Any help welcome, please.

@Olddude - Congrats on the finish!!

@Dushka - Not sure if you've done what you've put in " " or not. If not, do it now. Use the gibberish from egg 1a and xm****t**s*** as the key. Then look for the x. Oh wait, there are 2...

Thank you very much, as always,tialuisa! onto 37!

Still getting headaches on 50. Got rotten egg, Golden egg 1 and 2, Brown egg 1a and Golden Brown egg 2. Have read past hints about Golden Brown 1 but cant get it. I know what R*****W refers to but all I got is gibberish. Also how to reach Brown eggs 1b and 1c?

@Eric911, Golden Brown Egg 1a - ftf of YES eggs. The order of the letters is according to colours (but look carefully, there are 2 ways to get colours). The granny does not help. 7 letters = 1 word (3 letters) + 2 word (4 letters).
If you have both Golden eggs you can get Brown Egg 1a. Just apply the second Golden egg asa a key.

@Eric911, I am sorry, you asked about Brown Egg 1b. You'll get the key in Golden Brown egg 1 to solve the gibberish in egg 2. 11 letters as well.

@Fossa: already did this according to colours but got only the rotten egg. What is the other way to get colours??? Can only see the ones related to the k**

Ah! Finally got Golden Brown Egg 1 (after correcting a big mistake) then Brown egg 1b. Now need to solve 1c...

@Eric911, for the egg 1c use the beginning of the paths. 7 paths - 7 letters. You'll get the blanc page. Then remember that ST likes literal meanings.

Am starring at 1c... and wonder what to do with that!

And POP moment! Got Platinum Egg 1c, 2c and Platinum Confirm egg.
Strange that I don't get 1a and 1b...

@Eric911 - To get 1a and 1b, you'll need to use the numbers that got you 1c to pick letters in a couple different ways:)

Found Platinum 1A and 2A. Starting to get lost with all my notes! Just starring at 2A and can't see clearly what it is so far.

@Eric911, for Platinum Egg 1b. Have you solved it? Google each paragraph and granny. Then use synonym. That s B path.
For 2c do you have confirmation egg with the group? Google their album cover with such effect.

I'm a late starter of this riddle.
And having some problems with level 34 for a few days now.
Can't find the correct initials to make the answer.
Can somebody give me a big and clear hint please.
Thanks a lot!!!

@hugoke - You probably had no trouble with the first two as the initials of their honorifics are prominent on their wiki pages. For the third, google the name exactly as it is on the level page. You'll get a wiki page for a military award given to him. Use the initials of the award. And last on the list was also in the military, as you can see from his wiki page. Use the initials of his rank.

@tialuisa Thanks for your hint!
My problem is just the opposite of what you suppose. I'm pretty sure I've the correct ones for 3 & 4.
I also think that I also need the "military rank" (o**** ** *** b****** e*****) for 1 & 2.
But when I add 1 or 2 times the initials of that rank, I only get gibberish as result.
So I'm wrong somewhere...

@hugoke - The three initials that you have in front of the asterisks will work fine for the first on the list and for the second, three initials again (for a D*** C*****der), Then https://scrabblecheat.com/

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Thank you so much, tialuisa!!!
Finally got it. Your D*** C*****der did it.
Moving on now.

Again on 50.
Got 1a/2a : can't identify what is asked. Do I need to use the s***s or the shadows on level pic?
Got 1b to 3b and 1c to 5c : seems I reached the final path there but do I need more platinum eggs?

@Eric911, for next step you need 3a, 3b and 5c.

For 3a look at the pic. You should see there 4 letters (it was not easy).
2 consonants and 2 vowels (both vowels are the same).

@Fossa: already reached 3b and 5c.
For 3a, tried to modify the pic into paint but can't see anything :-(

Forget it! Finally finished the game! Thanks everyone for your help, especially Fossa, Namchokdef, Tialuisa and some I can forget for still helping even after finishing the game. Your help was precious!
Now have to find my way to the bonus levels!

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\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
Yes, yes, yes; A NEW FINISHER ! ! ! ! !
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/

Congrats Eric911 :)
Very well done, you're now in/on the Wall Of Winners

Hope you have a lot of fun finding and playing the bonus levels :)

@Eric911, congratulations!!!

TY Fossa and thanks again for your help! Now have to find how to reach bonus levels!

Level 43 egg 1. I am at the same spot as @Eric911 on 11/16/21. I know what to look down at but I don't know how to g* w***. Unfortunately @tialuisa removed her comment that probably contained the solution.. Anyone here to give me a push?

I am stuck on lvl 37,Egg 1
I look at the stars again and nothing works. are these fragments constellation? Help!!

@catlady: took time to find it in my notes but here it is. Use what got you to egg 1 and g* w*** with your fingers.

@Dushka, that egg 1 at lvl 37 was hard for many people. You have to draw a letter in the each square. 8 letters. According to stars (size matters). From big to small ones. It was not easy for me.

@Eric911, look at the pic in your congratulation page. There are 7 things you can count. Then remember your biggest and longest nightmare in this riddle. And ... return to it with the new set of things ))

@Fossa: yes, noticed it. Just need to know how to apply it and where...

@Eric911, 7 paths of the 50 )
Use the things twice (for keys and for locks separately). And use numbers as themselves. So you'll have three eggs to get the start url.

@Eric911 - Congratulations on finishing!:)!

Fossa was referring to your search for the beginnings of the 3 platinum egg paths:)

@Fossa - Hi there! Thought maybe it was past your bedtime:) Looks like between the two of us we can cover this board 24/7, since neither of us can figure out how to get a life after riddling:)

Once again, got lost in my notes... For reaching bonus levels: I suppose I need the "new" numbers that gave me the congrats page. But the last too numbers are too big! So what?

@Eric911 - The new numbers didn't give you the congrats page. I suppose you could say the congrats page gives them to you, and none is larger than 7.

LOL feel even more lost :-)
I meant that Diamond Egg gave what was needed to reach the congrats page. But using the same does not seem correct.

@Eric911 - So from your 9:04 AM post responding to Fossa's question, it seems like you did notice the things to count in the congrats page pic. That I tell you for me was not as easy as it seems. Several of them I had to count more than once and I knew they were all correct only when I finally got an egg. So you use those new numbers to get the portal eggs in exactly the same way you used the other numbers to get the three platinum eggs.

@tialuisa: my comment at 9:04 was referring to the c******, not their n******...
Counted them again and find the same result so obviously I must have error(s). Trying again then.

@Eric911 - Would it help to know that 3 of the c****** have the same n*****, another 2 have the same n*****, and the last 2 have unique n******?

@tialuisa, hi there!))
To get a life after the riddle I began to solve the preslavka's riddle Alba riddle at Nordinho. Have you solved it already? If no, join me there? We will do it together)

@Eric911, first of all check that you counted c*****s correctly. The right numbers give you the word themselves, it is one of the 3 eggs.

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This comment has been removed by the author.
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@Eric911, yep. You can get your first egg from these numbers just converting and granny

My notes are just a big mess! Just reached portal 1, phew!

For some reason, got portal 1 and 2 but not portal 3. I have tried with everything, some were promising but the cat did not agree... What am I missing?

@eric911: THANK you! That would have never occured to me...

@Eric911, for the Portal 3 use the key eggs. Look at the background of the pic and use the correspondent number to pick the letter from the key. No anagram. Two words together.

@Fossa: no anagram??? Wow, must have the wrong numbers then. To be sure, by "key eggs" you do mean the one with the several pics?

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@Fossa - Thank you Fossa. I'm registered...

@Eric911 - There is no anagram but it's not in order so you have to sort it out. Two words, two letters then five letters.

@Eric911 - Or it might help you to put all seven letters in the cheating granny and look at the five letter and the two letter words...

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This comment has been removed by the author.

Will check that later tomorrow. You can delete

TY guys again! Now onto Bonus 3...
Really need to be more organized in my notes!

That is great, Eric! We are waiting your questions) Because it is like another riddle - how to explain the answer in hint mode)

could someone please help me with 14? I got egg 1 (v****) and egg 2(h******) and now (I've already read the previous hints)? tried what is said on egg 2 with both words but with no success. thanks :)

@Abraxxass - Use what it says on egg 2 on the n****** on the level page: rot37(1)=38, rot37(2)=39 etc. and look again at the t**** with your new n******:)

@Fossa: LMAO!!! You made my day :-D By the way I have another one for you but will wait till tomorrow, just back home from work and feel too tired for riddling now!

Bonus 3: I think I found 3 "things" not so sure for the 4th one... Does the result need granny and one full word?

@Eric911, the last thing is a full word. Combine all things together without granny and get 9-letters answer.

Hmmm... Not so sure of what I've found then... 1 per line right?

@Eric911 - Yes it's one 'thing' per line and those 'things' are: (lines 1-4) 2 letters, 2 letters, 1 letter and a 4 letter word.

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