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 OK One More is another free online change the url puzzle type riddle game developed by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24. OK One More is another successor of the all record-breaking riddle games A Lot More, Riddle in Blue, Tool Torture Threesome, and Riddle Me Tool. Good luck and have fun!



Please try to leave subtle hints and not give outright answers...but of course when in need, help each other out the best you can!

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This comment has been removed by the author.

I am failing to take the last step on Level 8 egg 6. I've got the message and have tried various ways of choosing f****s, but it is not working. The most obvious way would result in 5 or 6 of them. Is this wrong?

minkie - the message is all you need :)

Whoa! Thank you ST for another riddle! (I'll finish the bonus of the last one....... well.... after this one..., sorry ST :P)

Lvl 11 now!!!

Thanks FD

@Keeper can I have a hint on what o*******s to use for lvl 10? Thanks!

Well done, @Keeper! Please give us a hint for Level 10 Egg 1!

lvl 10 egg: focus on the egg page

@BFS -- Use the "opposite" technique from what you used to get to the egg, focusing on the egg level text. Funny thing is, I was sure I tried this before and it didn't work. Must have had a letter wrong, I guess. Wouldn't be the first time.

Thanks, Keeper and Laurie! I'm on 11 now too. That was actually my first thought, but I was approaching it slightly wrong and discounted it. Turned out I was right all along!

I also found a funny rotten egg by taking the literal opposite of the word in the egg text. Made me laugh that S-T anticipated and included that!

Feeling very dumb on Level 8 egg 6. Am I looking for a single word?

@minkie the answer is longer than what you pick

lvl 11 egg - Is google needed?

Thanks Keeper. I had made a ridiculous typo in my notes. On 9 now.

Hmm, I've seen the hint on Level 11 Egg, but I'm not sure how else I can use them...

@BFS -- The level pic should suggest a couple of words/names. Try applying what you got to one of those.

Level 12 -- I used the basic technique and got three confirmation eggs, but no idea what to do with them. Are there more?

Laurie - you don’t need whole eggs. The level pic and text tell you what you need

Laurie W, 3 are enough.

@Laurie: I tried that, but I get too many consonants unless I include the space in my counting. Either way, I'm still not getting anything even though it feels like it should be quite simple.

@BFS -- I'm not sure what space you mean. The level pic should suggest two n***s, one with 7 l*****s and one with 10. You don't need Granny.

Ohhh, those names! Sorry, I thought you meant the words in the file name of the picture. There are two words in that file name that I thought I could pick from. I was overthinking, I guess! Onto 12 now. Thanks, Laurie :)

@Laurie: For Level 12, take the three eggs and follow the original instructions on the level.

Stuck on Level 13. I found a rotten (or maybe not so rotten) egg and sort of know the genesis of what I need to do, but I'm not really getting anywhere with it. I will keep trying.

totally lost on lvl 4 can't find anything at all! previous posts say to look for hidden word...can't read through lines

@aaaasa -- thanks. I just didn't catch that. I don't think my brain is quite working up to speed today. Now stuck on Level 13 with a rotten egg, along with BFS. I think I sort of know what to do, but not getting anywhere with it.

Jumped from lvl 12 to lvl 20 rotten egg lol
Onto lvl 13 now

Lvl 13 - @Laurie W and @BFS, the words on the main pic need some translation

@maremoto: The words on top tell you what you are looking for in each of the sentences. Disregard the content of the sentences and just focus on finding something in each that matches the category.

@pipi - I've tried that, but I think one or two of my letters may be wrong. Do I take the first result I get in each case? One of the words actually doesn't translate/just gives the same thing. Do I need Granny at the end?

@pipi and BFS -- same here. Two words would not translate for me. One would not translate at all, the other just returned the same word. Others gave several options, making a multitude of possibilities, too many to try all options including grannies.

thank you blackfiresong, i'm trying...

@Laurie and BFS - Google translate did it for me except for one of the translations. No need to granny if you got all of them right. And yes, some words will remain the same.

Thanks, @aaaasa. I figured it out. Now on the colours egg. Clearly the colours are important, but I don't know how.

s-t there is a typo in lvl 15 egg 1 :)

Not sure what to do with four faces egg in lvl 13 :/

Can you help me with lvl 13 colours egg? I translated, but got nothing

@aaaasa four faces??? I solved the level without this egg! Or do you mean four colours?

No Keeper, there's no typo

just joking.

I mean: not anymore :)

Thanks for noting and telling, you earned a hint, but be very wise when to use it!
Wouldn't use it too soon :P

@Keeper - the colors should give the four faces egg which is supposed to be a big hint? Still not getting it though :/

@s-t did I? I only earned a rotten egg by mixing the wrong ingredients!

Lol, I mean: thanks for telling me :)
As a reward you may ask for a hint.
But I would keep that reward till way later.
You guys are still playing the easy part of this riddle :P

lvl 13 - Is google translate still good for the egg? I applied the hint but the translated words I got didn't give a good answer :/

@Keeper: How did you solve it without the four faces?! Took me ages even with them! Finally onto Level 14.

@aaaasa: Combine a certain significant feature on the faces with the colours and the text on the big trap egg. You should notice a pattern between that feature on the faces and the text, and the colours egg tells you how to apply that.

@aaaasa well, I guess I skilfully brute-forced the level without the four faces egg

@BFS - That's what I did but apparently some of the translations are wrong and I don't know which:/

I'm trying to use BFS's clue for Level 4. Sadly, I'm not coming up with anything. To clarify, am I using the text in the sentences as a clue? Or am I picking words from the text?

@BucksDack - Just look for hidden words. They can be hidden across several words. For example, the word "water" can be hidden in the sentence "I saw a termite" ("I saW A TERmite"). Does that help?

Totally stumped on Level 15. I've seen the hint, but I don't know what to do with it. Do I need to identify the painting?

This comment has been removed by the author.

lvl 1 I can't find egg 2 .. I don't understand the clues

@aaaasa: Those are all correct. You might want to try one of the granny results that might not feel like it should work.

Seems you need a better Granny aaaasa, they're all correct.

@BucksDack - Also, to me the text was a bit "hinty" as to what person or movie you are looking for.

Ah got it finally... Thanks BFS and s-t :)

@molly: The little speech bubbles on Egg 1 all have something in common. There should be something similar on the level page that you can expand out and apply your numbers to.

@BFS I have egg1 and a rotten egg and that's all. Will continue to think about it tomorrow.

Oh, I wish aaaasa hadn't deleted that comment whatever it was!

Is lvl 14 egg 1 about rebus :/

@minkie - I was just checking my translations for lvl 13 lol

@aaaasa it's about the same old trick s-t has used so many times (his well is dry :P)

Lol ok, you lost your hint award again, Keeper :P

Thanks for the help on Level 4. I will keep looking :-)

@aaaasa: It's not about rebus. Think about what the pot is resting on.

"Lol ok, you lost your hint award again, Keeper :P" Hehe

@Keeper: How did you get eggs from Level 15?

This comment has been removed by the author.

@s-t I hope I can earn it again :)
@BFS find out who is the p******

Still stuck on lvl 13 colours egg. A hint please?

@Keeper: I'm now with you. Egg 1 + 2 rotten eggs.

@pipi: FTF on the colours should take you to another egg.

pipi Do the simplest thing with those 4 colours.

I'm only one step ahead.

LVL 3: don't even know where to start.

@Ike: The file name of the picture should give you a hint about what you're looking for.

I'm stumped on Level 15 with 1 egg and 2 rotten eggs. Looking for a confirmation egg. I've tried everything I can think of with no luck. Is it to do with the history of the painting - where it was r*****d from/to?

@BFS - how did you find the other rotten egg? I only got egg 1 and a rotten egg :/

Level 13 four faces egg. Do I gather from hints above that i'm meant to be translating again - 8 words this time?

@aaaasa: I just tried to mix some things and two of my mixes led to rotten eggs. Both of them say that mixing is the right approach but that one of my ingredients is wrong. Looking for that confirmation egg for the right second ingredient, but so far nothing is working.

@minkie -- yes, you have to translate 8 words. You need to know the correct language to translate from for each word, which you can get from the various eggs.

@BFS -- I'm right with you; Level 15, 1 good egg and two rotten eggs. I am going to have to stop pretty soon. We have some plans that will keep me from working on this riddle for the next week. I keep thinking I need to get to a good stopping place, but as soon as I finish one level, I think I need to do just one more--and one more, and one more...

Thanks Laurie. I have the languages I think. I'll try again.

@Laurie W - Haha, I feel you! I'm exactly the same.

I will miss you on here over the next week, but I am sure we will all leave you lots of excellent hints for when you come back!

@BFS - I only got 1 rotten egg from mixing the obvious, but can't think of other ingredients to mix :/

@aaaasa: I got one from mixing the two red words, and the other from one of the red words + the surname.

cinematography is killing me! i found a very wellknown american actor an american comedy, maybe two american directors but who are the actresses? can't find them!:)

@maremoto: Like with the actors, you need surnames, not first names. One's been in Stranger Things and the other one is a very eminent British actress with a damehood. (S-T, I can delete this comment later if it's too spoilery).

no wait, not delete it immediately, i' m so slow! :) :) however thanks a lot, bfs!

@ BFS : thank you

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hi, stuck on lvl-1 egg1
I know the bubbles in the main level as in the egg, but I do not understand expand? does this mean that with those two bubbles I would form other words?

Level 14 with a rotten egg. I thought I had an idea, but it didn't pan out. Should I be using the same tool in a different way?

Pichi334 If you know what those bubbles mean in a different context you can use the same method as before to pick.

@Unknown: By "expand", I mean write out in full (since each initial in those bubbles represents a word).

@minkie: You need to do the s***t in a different way (again, it's not the a******t).

@minkie - if you get the rotten egg with the pic of a c*****, apply the good egg on the n*****s and convert again

@minkie- No, i don't know what you mean in a different context

Pichi. Each of those three letters is an abbreviation for something in conflict situations.

Thanks aaaasa and BFS. Not got it yet, but I think I get the idea.

Still stuck on Level 15 Egg 1. I feel like it must be something other than Google, because at this point, I could enter Mastermind with this painting as my specialist subject, and I still haven't found that confirmation egg!

@BFS -- I hear you. I feel as if I am now an expert on an artist and a painting that I had never even heard of before today, but it sill hasn't given me another egg.

Seems you guys are no real experts yet :P

@S-T: I am guessing it is related to the F****h taking it from the D***h... but I feel like I have tried every relevant term as an egg. Am I on the right track or completely off-base?

@Laurie: I feel you! (Unrelated - I actually think it's a really beautiful painting and I would love to see it in real life. I'm kind of glad I've learned something new. Still want that egg, though...)

Got a third rotten egg on 15, but told it is totally the wrong track.

@minkie: How did you get that egg? Maybe it will help me know what not to do, lol.

You're completely completely off-base, BlackFiresong

This comment has been removed by the author.

@s-t: Thanks!!! At least I know to discount that line of inquiry!

@pipi: Your fifth letter is wrong. The rest are correct.

@minkie- Thank you!

Thank you, @BFS. Moving on. I will delete my post

For the record BFS it was combining the word and the subject of the picture

@minkie --I found that rotten egg too. Still need a good egg. I'm getting hungry for an omelette.

Level 15. I've been trying to identify an artist for egg1. Is it worth trying further?

No, you better go back to the level.

Just a small observation - A least until this point (nearing the end of introductory levels) there is something quite similar about the l***** of each of the answers.

For lvl 15, take egg 1 literally for the missing ingredient.

broken tv, I feel like i have to be on the right track, I wrote down my list and followed the yellow but i'm coming up with nonsense

Ellie I thought I'd tried that. Maybe I didn't hit on the right word.

Amy, maybe you need to approach it from a different direction.

Lvl 15 egg1 - I can't find the correct word for the missing ingredient

@minkie i feel like i've tried every way lol

Not sure what you've tried Amy, but don't use just the extremities.

@minkie when I do it the way i think its supposed to be done i get these letters "otra...." Am I on the right track?

Hi S-T, good to see you back and to see a new riddle from you! I'm joining the fun. No torture levels, please
:D Thanks!!

Fraid not Amy. You need to start at one corner (no O there) and you get a message to read out.

@Ellie: For Level 15, I've tried things like "e***y", "b***k", "sp***", "w**te" and other such things, but nothing seems to work. I don't really know how else to take it literally.

I also thought the words might be blocking out an offending cowpat, but no variations on that seem to work.

@Ellie -- can you give another little hint? I keep looking at Level 15 egg 1 trying to think of another way to take it literally, but nothing clicks.

@BFS and @Laurie, you need to go back to the main level and apply the egg 1 word literally.

@amy, did you notice something about the length of all the results from the 25 channel levels?

@minkie -- I thought of that too, but no luck so far.

Level 15... the correct ingredient is missing.

Lvl 10 egg 1 - I need some help here. I'm looking at the egg page. Tried doing the opposite of the level page with and w/o the word 'egg' but have nothing to show for my attempts. May I get some guidance on how to interpret "opposite" please and thank you :)

Yay got it. Thanks Ellie!

@BucksDack I did! My thought process right now is taking two l*****s from each a****r as I follow the yellow up. Maybe I have my list in the wrong order? I'm working up from t***l

Amy Only one letter from each. And yes start there.

I've studied all the comments for Level 6 but I cannot even figure out what d********s means. Can anyone give me a kick?

BucksDack There are 16 d********s in the pic.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@minkie oh dear that's what i was doing lol. Should I be getting "aha.."?

@amy, dont jump that much from left to right, but follow the line. The..

Amy I see what you have been trying now. You need to use all 5 positions.

@ellie @minkie @everyone thank you! I finally got it. of course so simple

level 5 ... I have the n*****s ... but I don't know in which direction to go, (from the N I don't know which side to count on)..I'm lost

This comment has been removed by the author.

Molly. Check how many directions you could go from for any of the letters. What else is laid out with that number of directions?

Level 15. I've got the second confirmation egg, but I can't find the other half (if there is one). Is there a third confirmation egg. I so hoped Fawkes was the answer, but it isn't :(

No 3rd confirmation egg

@Ellie -- do you mean the correct ingredient is missing from the pic on the main level?

That's right Laurie.

Whew! Finally got through Level 15. This is probably a good place to stop for now, and pick it up again in a week.

@Ellie and minkie --thanks for the hints on Level 15. I have to say, even when I had some idea what to look for, it was hard to spot it and even harder to tell for sure what it was. I would probably never have noticed it on my own. Now, had the pic been the same size as in real life, no doubt it would have been much easier.

Laurie, before you go, if you haven't already. Am I looking for something to omelet with the second confirmation egg?

@minkie -- no, the 2nd confirmation egg is to be used o******e to the way you used the first confirmation egg, as indicated by the text in Egg 2. So if you added the word from the first confirmation egg to another word (before visiting granny), then what would you do to be o******e?

Tialuisa. I didn't quite understand this egg level, but you don't need the word "egg". Go to granny and try some of the things she suggests.

Thanks Laurie. I'll try to look at that before I am so sleepy that I can't continue. Hope your week off goes well.

Thanks minkie2000! I'll keep throwing stuff against the wall. Something is bound to stick sooner or later :)

Glad you have got through Level 15, Laurie and minkie! I still have absolutely no idea. I can see what looks like some b***s*** on the ground. I even tried that as an egg, but it didn't work, lol. If I follow the instructions of Egg 1, that would be... cl*****g, I guess? I have tried variations on that too and they don't work. I'm tired of looking at this picture and feeling dumb. :(

BFS.I'm not through 15 yet, but hopeful! I don't understand your asterisk language, but guess it is irrelevant. Forget b***s*** (that was one variant I didn't try!) You need to look - twice - for what is missing.

@BFS -- compare the picture on the level page to an image of the same picture from another source. Something has been r*****d from the original. Look at the bottom portion of the picture, near the center.

Level 5 - Despite all the hints I still don't understand how to make the first move (or any other move at all lol, no idea how directions work here). Also, not sure if one move must go from one letter to another or just count partitions in the grid. I have the numbers but no clue about what that "time" mentioned above is supposed to mean. This is going to be a loooooong riddle for me :P

@minkie - You made a great suggestion, and so did granny!! On lvl 11 now. Thank you!

OMG! I would never ever have spotted that on my own. Thanks, Minkie - your "look twice" hint did it for me. Now to figure out what to do with this confirmation egg.

@molly - What minkie said and have you seen the hints about TIME being important... :)

Thanks, Laurie, for your hint, though I read it after solving that part :)

@molly - so start at the red N and go 'toward' the first n*****

Puzzled and Molly. If someone said danger at 5 O'Clock, what would you do?

BFS so tired here, and I wanted to finish level 15 before I slept. If you make progress after the 2nd confirmation egg, leave a hint. Though I expect Laurie had given me everything I need to know.

@BucksDack, thank you! So, in my way to 5 O'Clock, do I pick all the letters or just the one at 5 O'clock? I guess no counting is involved after all (although if the danger were for real at 5 I would run in the opposite direction :P)

@puzzled - I apologize. I was responding to your question but put in Molly's name.

What minkie said and have you seen the hints about TIME being important... :)
- so start at the red N and go 'toward' the first n*****

Level 15, nvm as soon as I put my head on my pillow I realised what the method was.

Hi Everyone! I'm trying to catch up and I am stuck on Level 8 Egg 2. No idea what to do. Does anyone have a hint?

@Puzzled one l****r at a time.

@tialuisa :) Thank you :) yes, that's what I am doing and I get a gibberish or a weird drawing :/

@puzzled - just to be sure, the distance to s****, is about twice as long as the distance to e****. Did you find this to be true? Picture a face that is an elongated oval rather that round.

@tialuisa, it is the same distance. What I am doing wrong porelamordeversaceylagloriadedior??????

@Puzzled -- you will get a drawing, but it should resemble something you have seen before (unless maybe you're in the southern hemisphere--in that case, you might not have seen it.)

I feel very inept! Can't even get channel 1 ugh! This is my first go. I got to binge watch but uhh...facepalm!

@Puffin - Lvl 8 egg 2 is 'easy forwards' so straightforward, just like the level page.

@Laurie W, thanks :) Yes, got it, I had tried that before but apparently had the wrong name (lost in translation). Thank you tialuisa and BucksDad for your help (and everyone for your patience).

@Mary the cat - FTF channel 1 text ... and welcome to the Feel Very Inept People, I am the president.

@Puzzled, I'm hoping you can help me through level 6. I'm an F.V.I.P club too ;-)

lvl 16 - do I need to find more keys or one is enough?

@BucksDad, congratullations, you've been appointed VP :) And as VP of F.V.I.P your first task is to find out what the hint D********S is about. As President of this honorable Club my ineptitude is greater than that of the VP and I am not qualified to figure it out. Let's take a break and see if we can advance tomorrow :)

lvl 2 should i be able to decode the a**** to get letters? i feel like there's a step in the middle i'm missing

lvl 16 is long but I really enjoyed it, very well constructed :)
(s-t please give me back my reward lol)

For level 2, what for me worked was googling the 'text' together. Ignore the results but study te google bar.

@dutchie bless you!

Must be missing the obvious on Ch 25. I know the person being interviewed and the topic, but not getting anywhere. I the number of l*****s important? I noticed all of the prior answers have a number in common. Went back to that chanel, but must be going way off.

@jpete yes it is important and it is in fact all you need

Somehow got egg 1b in lvl 17 without finding egg 1a :/ can i have a hint on how to find it?

Channel 6: the countries are identified, tried counting and picking in every possible way but got nothing. What am I missing?

@aaaasa apply the c*********s a bit differently

Thank you @tialuisa! I'm so dumb I didn't even check to see if the numbers were different. I just assumed they were the same as the level page.

@Keeper hmmmm not sure how to do it differently as doing it backwards doesn't seem helpful... must be missing something obvious here :/

@aaaasa I don’t remember which egg is which, but you match the a*** to look up the g*** or do it the other way

@Keeper - not sure what you meant by a*** though but shifting the x-a*** and y-a*** should render the same results?

@aaaasa you get what a*** stands for but it is not about shifting the x/y. Put it in other way, you are given the value and reverse look up for the a***

@Keeper - I've thought about that but there seems to be too many possibilities for any value :/ or should I use a g*** different from the one in the level pic?

Also it's almost 600 comments now so:


You are given the x already so only one possibility
Please come to help me on lvl 18, I am so bad in physics!

lvl 19 got egg 1/2/3/5 but where is egg 4?

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