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 OK One More is another free online change the url puzzle type riddle game developed by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24. OK One More is another successor of the all record-breaking riddle games A Lot More, Riddle in Blue, Tool Torture Threesome, and Riddle Me Tool. Good luck and have fun!



Please try to leave subtle hints and not give outright answers...but of course when in need, help each other out the best you can!

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lvl 17 - got both eggs now, is it important that some letters remain unchanged in both egg?

I suppose you got the key egg already. For gibberish, location is important

Noone for a push on channel 6? Think I've tried quite everything...for nothing :-/

Maybe you got a country wrong.
The first letters should give you the answer.
No anagram needed :)

Thanks s-t. So must have one wrong. Will check later. Time to go to work :-(

Do I need to decode every letter in the egg of lvl 17? Looks like a lot of work to do :/

NVM found something just as I posted :P

lvl 18 - I did as the pic says but some c**s don't give a letter :/ Am I doing this right

lvl 18 I don’t know how physics work but it is not necessaily 1-to-1

@Keeper - Thanks! Onto 19 now

Hello everyone! Can I get a push on Level 16? I have 4 eggs and I'm not sure if I need to find any more. I feel like I've tried every possibility of following the eggs (with and without the k** for B*******, and for the last one, I tried C*****'s B**, n****l R** and i*******g R**). Can I have a nudge as to what I'm missing?

BFS - 4 eggs are what you need for now. The order of applying them is important. For the last one, CB is the right approach

Ohh, I assumed they were to be applied in egg order - first combining a and b, then c, then d. Is that incorrect?

BFS - That is the correct order. Maybe check your answer again?

Just looked at this page and found I've been trying all the same things as BFS :)

@aaaasa please let me know if you can find egg 4, thanks!

Level 16 for the first step I get a string starting either RWS or TOB. Is either of these correct?

@minkie no :(

Thanks Keeper. Back to the drawing board.

@Keeper - counting and picking should give an egg. Think about what you can't see.

@aaaasa I'm sure I tried that before but maybe I did it wrong. Let me try again. Is it still 7 letters?

I managed Level 16, Minkie, if you still need a hand! Thanks, @aaaasa, for the hints. I'm now stuck on Level 17 with Egg 1b. I'm stuck exactly where you were, aaaasa, and I've read your and Keeper's comments, but I still have no idea. If anything, I'm even more confused. I thought I was doing things "the v-way" already, so I'm not sure what I need to do differently.

On level 18 - does each cog make different number of steps?

Level 17 - I'm trying to use V to "move" from the gibberish to the grannied version. Is this the right approach?

@Keeper - Yes, one from each
@pipi - some are same, some are different, depending on how they are connected

@BFS - have you found egg 1a yet?

Thanks BFS. I've got part way there, and will try a bit more before I come begging.

@aaaasa: No, I haven't got Egg 1a yet :( I thought maybe if I tried to use V to convert the gibberish in its original order into the grannied version, that would give me a word I could use as an egg. Unless I'm meant to do something with the letters on the egg pic? I couldn't make head or tail of those.

Maybe read a bit about how Vigenere works, how a gibberish letter and a key letter work together to get the result letter.
Is, in a way, another way of using coordinates.

Another question for level 18 - does the number of step depend on the size of the cog?

@aaaasa do I not see one or some letters for each row? If one for each row, it can form a nice word but not the right answer

@pipi no for this level, no idea for reality...

@pipi - yes and no, depending on how they are connected
@Keeper - there’re other things you don’t see. Think about what you used to get egg 2

@aaaasa thanks, I thought I had some idea but ended up picking a very bad letter from row 4. Am I completely off-track?

18: is thee answer 10 letters long?

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Keeper - The letter looks good to me :)

I'm joining Puzzled's FVIP club. I can't even make a start on 17.

@aaaasa thanks! Something wrong with my general knowledge and google gave me something wrong as well... on lvl 20 now :)

@minkie2020, did you notice the name of the image?

@mishu the egg is, the answer will be longer

Yes pipi Tried some words connected to that. I will try to look at in a fresh way.

OK tried again and made a first step. Thanks Pipi.

lvl 20 egg 2 - not sure what to do here except finding the rotten eggs :/

@aaaasa I got egg 3b but missing 3a

@Keeper - how did you get egg 3b? Apparently counting and/or picking is not the right way?

@BucksDad and @Puzzled)
If you still stop at 6 lvl...
If you wer at the North (or South) Pole you could not solve this level. But at any other position you can.
And be careful. I googled names for some reason and there are two way to name these directions. 1. with adjective 2. only with nouns. Our way is the second)

@aaaasa similar to how you got egg 2 but do it on something else

@Keeper hmmmm I did it on something else and got 3a instead


@S-T: I did read about Vigenere, but I thought that way of combining coordinates was what I already did to get Egg 1b. So I'm not sure what I need to do differently to get Egg 1a. I've been trying to reverse engineer a k** using the tool on Red Luth (like putting letters into the k** field in order to turn one word/phrase into another), but none of my tries have given me anything usable.

@BFS maybe try to think of it more simply, every cell can be thought of as a combination of {x,y,value}, and once you are given the any two of them you can find out the remaining. Hope this won't confuse you further...

@aaaasa wonder what was the "something else" you used? I have run out of idea! Do we need to go back to the main level?

@Keeper - use them on the n*****s in egg 2 and forget the t**** for now.

Meanwhile still trying to find egg 3b :/

Level 16 - I've reached egg 2a and found the Wiki page on the man in the pic and his m**. I've tried several things from the page to get another egg but nothing so far. Should I continue on this way or look back earlier in the level for new inspiration? Thanks!

tialuisa - you can also ask granny for more here :)

Thank you aaaasa! On it:)!

18: i am getting no egg here. i get 8 letters and 2 gaps but still no word

Progress aaaasa, thanks again!

@Mishu - not every cog travels the same number of steps. If done correctly every one will give a letter

Level 17 pretty sure I've got the correct gibberish which might be read backwards or forwards, and I have the key, but I can't make it work either using the usual method or trying some reverse engineering.

18 - I finally got a word from the cogs, but it is only a key. I don't know on what to apply it.

@aaaasa I still can't get 3a, should I s**** the n******? For 3b, you need something shorter

lol, a previous post here said that all travel same number of steps!! this is confusing and i dont see how to calculate the number of steps for others cogs :(

@Mishu - My understanding is this: for cogs connected directly the steps they travel are the same, but for cogs connected by chains the angle they travel are the same

@Keeper - Can't see anything shorter that is useful :/
For 3a, no need to s**** but some chopping should do

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Keeper: Thanks!!! Your hint helped me figure it out :) I now have the gibberish, the key, and a confirmation egg that says it's also a key. I'm now a little confused about what I should be doing with two keys.

Stuck at the same point BFS, but I read that as having only one key.

Level 6 - @Minkie2020 said There are 16 d********s in the pic. I understand d********s represents the 16 segments of the circle but does the word d********s itself play any role? Or must I just number the segments and use that?

18: the angle they travel are the same. what do you mean by angle?

@minkie: My confusion is that egg 1a says "Yes, your key", and now the confirmation egg says "Yes, ____ is the key". So I am not sure how the confirmation egg fits into proceedings. Putting the gibberish and key into the original cipher yields nonsense. Obviously the confirmation egg must come into it somehow, but I have no idea how.

NEVER MIND! I think I just sussed it, lol.

Any hint BFS?

@BFS the first "yes" is a middle step for the real key :)
and the gibberish is not directly visible

@aaaasa thanks for 3a, for 3b you pick from something very very short

NVM BFS. Just had an idea to try.

@BucksDad, LEVEL 6
I repeat my post at5:30 pm today

If you still stop at 6 lvl...
If you were at the North (or South) Pole you could not solve this level. But at any other position you can.
And be careful. I googled names for some reason and there are two way to name these directions. 1. with adjective 2. only with nouns. Our way is the second)

@Keeper - Feeling dumb but using the u** or the short form of the e******s doesn't seem to work... may need a bigger hint here :/

@aaaasa the second idea should work

Oops didn't check my notes carefully :P got it now

@aaaasa any progress for you? I could only get 2 rotten eggs. I had some promising ideas but none of them worked out.

18: finally i got key, but where is ciphered text??

@Keeper nope :/ still staring at 3a and 3b...
@Mishu - the size of the cogs are important for multiple reasons

@aaaasa the things in 3a and the text in 3b have something in common, I believe this is important but not sure what to do next

@Minkie: For Level 17, there is something similar on eggs 1a and 1b. Use the "equivalent" of what got you the confirmation egg.

I'm stuck on Level 18 with the cogs. I'm sure I've done everything right, but I don't get a word. Am I right in thinking the following?

- Directly connected cogs: opposite directions, same number of steps
- Cogs connnected by straight chain - same directions, ratio of steps based on number of teeth
- Cogs connected by crossed chain - opposite directions, ratio of steps based on number of teeth

@BFS what you described looks perfectly fine

I'm also on the cogs BFS. Having trouble with the chains. I read aaaasa's comment about angles, but that lands me between cogs when I go to the right. I'll follow up your comment about ratios.

@Keeper: Thanks! I did everything right but had one letter wrong! Finally got it.

Thanks BFS for the ratio hint. Got the key now :)

@Minkie: The angles apply for the cogs connected by chains. Think about it like... if a cog turns 180 degrees, another cog connected to it by a chain will also turn 180 degrees. If those cogs have different total numbers of teeth, that affects the numbers of steps they move to achieve that angle. I hope that makes sense. If you have the right ratios, you should land on a letter for every cog.

I now have an egg that's a key, but I don't have anything to apply it on. Do I need to pick more letters from the cogs?

Level 6 - I have the password (got confirmation egg) but now I am missing the cipher! I thought it would be V. but not working.

ON 19 now and feeling just like the url says!
BFS the size of the cogs is important.

@puzzled the cipher is hidden in the level page

Thanks, Minkie! I'm on Level 19 now with 1 egg. No idea how to proceed.

@puzzled check pic name in the main page

@Keeper, solved Lvl 6, thank you very much :)

BFS eggs 1 and 2 are straightforward on the level page. Haven't got any more yet.

Yeah, I had the right method for Egg 2 but picked one letter wrong. I have 3 eggs now (Egg 3 from combining Eggs 2 and 1 in the simplest way) and I'm definitely stumped.

@Fossa, yes thanks! I had completely forgotten about that trick :P

Have managed to get to channel 25 but have drawn a blank. Have read jpete's comment keeper's reply and have tried various things but would appreciate a push here please.

20: stuck here with 3a and 3b as others. anyone got it?

@Di999 - You can count on that, as the man in the pic asks, but above all, believe Oprah:)

@Di999 Ch 25 - Try to visualize your list as a stair and you have to "climb" it one step at a time, as the yellow thing suggest ... I hope this helps.

@Di999, my suggestion is for 25-26, tialuisa's advise is for Ch25.

Possible to get a hint on how to progress from Egg 3 on Level 19? I'm out of ideas. :/

@Di999 - Sorry about that I'm sure you were past the point of my comment...

I am at Channel 25 also. Not sure how to believe Oprah or where or what to count

@Chael615 - so at this point is your TV still working?

@tialuisa Yes, my TV is not broken yet.

@Chael615 - Ok, then count letters.

BFS for another egg on 19 think about what you can't see on the dice

Channel 25-26: sorry for any missundertanding. If TV shows Oprah, follow tialuisa's advise (Ch 25). My tip is for TV broken (Ch26)

Still hunting for 19 egg 5. Any hints?

lvl 10 egg, need a bigger push i guess, not coming up with the right word, i tried doing the o******* to the egg text and missing something, tried adding to what got me the egg and that doesnt work either. help please :/

@robin - When you do the o*******, there are some letters that belong in the answer without question. They appear in only one word and only one time. But there are other letters that come with some ambiguity, or at least they did for me. Do I use them or not and if so, how many times? Work with your core of letters that you know belong and try adding (or not) the questionable ones. You'll have an answer soon:)

@minkie2020, for egg5 on level 19 use FTF.
I can't find egg4. I tried with the hidden letters, but it didn't work.

Thanks pipi. I thought I'd tried all FTFs, but I'll have another look. For egg 4 use parts of the dice you can't see.

Oh that SO didn't look like a possible word! Thanks Pipi :)

Level 18 - Can't get the gibberish. Tried counting the t**** in the c*** and converting NTOL and lining them up under their respective k** l***** but that didn't work. Had hoped that I didn't have to find gibberish in the egg pic but now am resigned to it, just don't know how to start. Thank you!

@minkie2020, do I need all 4 parts of each dice that can't be seen? Or just one?

Thanks Tialuisa and Puzzled. I am still on 25 but will leave it now until tomorrow.

@tialuisa, counting the t**** in the c*** and converting NTOL is correct. Then use granny.

Just one Pipi (and the most obvious to my way of thinking). Use it to pick.

Thank you, minkie2020

@pipi - Amazing! Thank you:)

And have arrived at Level !:)

lvl 10 egg, still stuck, have tried incorporating the 2 word text to no end, then tried combining those two with what got me here and just the second word with what got me here and nothing seems to be working, using two different granny's as well to make sure, am i missing something obvious? overthinking it? help please


This comment has been removed by the author.

finally on to 11, thank you minkie and tia for your help, using scrabble cheat it came right up

Don't know even how to start on lvl 20? I tried with something elementary, but it seems wrong. What to do with the numbers?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Pipi. Your are right to do something elementary. What are those things called?

I'm stuck on 20 egg 1 with two rotten eggs. So when you get there I'd be very glad of any nudges.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Pipi. mmm Still trying alternatives in a rather lacklustre way. Granny will get you another rotten egg.

Oh Pipi, you deleted your comment. Did you move on?

I just found egg2. Use the same method as for egg1, with the second ones.

mmm I'll thing about "the second ones"

This comment has been removed by the author.

NVM got it

Level 20 egg 2. I'm thinking the rotten eggs may not be completely rotten. They seem to hold a sliver of information. Not sure.

@minkie, to find egg 3a - forget the t****, and use what you see, but all the firsts are "red". Then just a simple step to get a word (with the help of granny).
For egg 3b, the t**** will help, remember red/green, and use the short forms.

Level 20. Go from 3a to 4a. The rotten eggs might not be totally rotten, or at least sometimes rotten is a good thing. The title of 3a help too.

Go from 3b to 4b. The text in 3b could have been red.

Thanks Ellie. Too late now and I can't play for a day. But I hope to make sense of what you said with a fresh brain and a fresh heart. :)

Couldn't resist. You got me to 3a Ellie, but now I must really stop. Missing most of tomorrow, but I hope to get there soon enough.

level 11, got the egg saying "yes, but no" and have no idea how to find what they want, i tried everyone that has to do with the pic on the main level, and tried reversing the process used to get the egg, it must be something simple i am overlooking, any hints?

@robin - You have to pick one of the names, and keep picking...

power of posting, finally got it, thank you tia

Level 19 - Have eggs 1, 2, 3 & 5 but egg 4 is eluding me. I saw the hints about thinking about what you can't see on the dice and I've done things with that but got zilch for it. Seems like a quiet evening but if anyone should check in, a bit of help would be great. Thanks!

@tialuisa - maybe check the letters you picked again? :)

Hey aaaasa! That comment is taking me in a different direction. Thanks! May I ask how many letters I need?

@tialuisa - you need 7 letters. It's the same trick as what you did to get egg 2

I got it!! Thank you!! I wish I could return the favor but I know that will never happen...

level 12, read the few posts that were made, saying basic techniques, but i cant even get started, tried counting, ftf, deleting doubles, every word in the picture, the 3 words of text dont really give much direction...tried combining w******and e******** but get nothing useful, any one around to give me a push in the right direction please?

lvl 20 to go from egg 3 to egg 4, how many rotten eggs do we need?

@Keeper - To get to 4a, only the 2 rotten eggs in 3a are relevant. Both words hints a common riddling trick

@robin - the title is where you want to focus on this one. A bit random don't you think??

@robin - ask granny and you should proceed :)

Level 8 - stuck on main page. Anagram solver unable to anagram into sensible phrase. How many words are there in it?

@mehroon - Only one very long word, use https://anagram-solver.net/

lvl 23 - got the w**** n***s but now what :/

level 8 egg1, do I need to double down on the binary or the URL? I saw BFS's hint about v******l but stumped on how that would only give me 4 letters

thank you tia and aaaasa, finally found 1 egg, and yes a bit random using the title this time

@amy - Yes v******* and there are 16 rows hence the "double" down, Most of them don't yield a letter, though...

@robin - if you found egg 1 then you have also found eggs 2 & 3:)

@aaaasa thanks for 4a. For 4b, is the answer 6 letters? I got a nice word (frozen snack) but it was wrong :(

Stumped on Level 2. Saw Dutchie's hint, but it's not working for me. I have a combination of letters and numbers. Have tried converting numbers to letters individually and then combining with the other letters. Must be missing something.

@Keeper - Ellie said that the letters in 3b could have been red, meaning you need to find what's missing.
Remember that observation you believed is important?

@ tia, yes i found the others, just trying to figure out what to do with them now? tried ftf, combining, this level has me stumped :/

@jpete - they are all letters - 8 total.

@robin - here is where the text is a hint and the bottom of the level pic too, and I think I saw a hint about not needing the hole egg (just the shell)

I can't even get started on Level 20 since what the numbers gave me didn't granny. Nudge please and Thank you!

@tialuisa if you use the correct n***s it should spell a word without granny

thank you tia, onto 13 now

Thank you aaaasa. I can feel my brain shutting down but that gives me someplace to start in the morning :) Good night all!

@aaaasa - just couldn't go to bed until I checked out that hint - got an egg now - Thank you!! Ok I'm making coffee...

@aaaasa this is where I start to get lost, what is missing from where? :(

@Keeper - each of the three is part of something else :)

@keeper what is missing from each word in the text, the title tells you how many you need to add
on 22 egg, trying to understand what more is needed

@shahar - the color is important

@aaaasa @shahar thanks both!

@aaaasa I tried to mix the egg with the color but didn't get anything
is the letter before the "command" important?

@shahar - Yes. Check the level and egg carefully.

I'm having trouble with lvl 23. Do they have tricky w**** n****?

@Keeper - Tried counting or picking with lvl 23 but still no progress yet :/

thanks @aaaasa, on 23

Lvl 8 Egg 1 - Don't quite understand the v******* down thing. I am applying to numbers and not getting any useful (four)letters.

Level 20. I got Eggs 3b and 4b and also Egg 3a and 1 rotten egg (from FTF on the e******s). Not sure how to get the second rotten egg or move to Egg 4a.

@BFS you dont really need the second rotten egg (although you can get it using STF like you did before)
the egg name itself implies what you need to do

Thanks, shahar. I've got the second rotten egg now. I suspected that technique from the first rotten egg. I'm just not sure what specifically to apply it to (since I already used FTF and STF to get rotten eggs). Is the egg word an indication of what I need to apply it to, or does it mean I need to use the I*******g version of that tool? I'm really drawing a blank on this for some reason.

both egg words point to the same thing
you need to apply it on what got you to one of these eggs

lvl 5: googled and made notes of all the people in the pics, but no clue how to use any of it. Please some help to get started.

@ike it is not a google level (yet), focus on their names

Anyone have progressed past 23? still looking at the w**** n***s :/

@Puzzled, how many rows do you have at egg1? Take 2 right columns and you/ll get 4 letters

same position @aaaasa
tried taking first letters of w**** n***s, counting by a***s amount, counting by letters amount etc
nothing anagrams

@Ike, at lvl 5 you need no google with all these people. Check their names, there are hidden things. Use them

@aaaasa, I'm there as well. Tried to count and pick, and use the table etc with no luck. There are some options for the w**** n****, but I suppose wiki is the best ones (?).

Almost 800 comments, you know the drill:

New comments on the new page

@ Keeper & Fossa, thank you. Noticed it but now have to find out which to pick from the grid, where to go from the starting letter.

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