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 OK One More is another free online change the url puzzle type riddle game developed by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24. OK One More is another successor of the all record-breaking riddle games A Lot More, Riddle in Blue, Tool Torture Threesome, and Riddle Me Tool. Good luck and have fun!



Please try to leave subtle hints and not give outright answers...but of course when in need, help each other out the best you can!

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@Ike, you start with red N and go as the first number says (look how many directions are there from every letter in the grid, what this number reminds you?)

I stupidly stuck at lvl 8 egg 6. I read the message, took all fifths, combined as I was told, got a wonderful long word and got a rotten egg with the message that "I can't read instructions")
There was a hint that the message is enough but I can't find anything else here. I tried literally and every fifth b***** line and nothing. Something obvious that I don't see?

NVM, got it.
ST, you are wonderful)

Lol, I know :P

Nah, just kidding, thanks :)
Glad you like that level/trick :)

lvl 5 @ Fossa. I simply don't get it. The "steps" I have to take exceed the number of directions a few times. Moreover, not every letter in the grid has the same amount of possible directions. I'm missing something obvious here.

Thanks, shahar, for your help on Level 20 Egg 3a!

Now stuck on Level 22 with an egg. I've decoded and I have a strangely worded command. Tried a few things, but nothing's working. Mixing the first three letters of the command with the egg gives me a viable word, but it doesn't work as an answer. Can I please have a nudge?

@BFS, you need something from the level itself

Thanks, shahar! I was overthinking and didn't pick up on that.

@Ike, you need Time to go further. Use the first number and go to it. Then go to the second number. And so on.

I love getting cheeky comments from S-T on eggs. "You're lucky I even decided to make this an egg." LOL.

@BFS welcome to the stuck party :)

Thanks, Keeper! Sadly, if all you brainiacs have been stuck for this long, I'm certainly not going to be the one to break you out of that! Like you guys, I have the w**** n**** and can't seem to do anything with them.

lvl 5 @ Fossa, thanks once more. The first number is higher than the directions I can take. I must be doing something terribly wrong, that's for sure.

level 8 egg 6 - no idea on how to pick for b******. Taking first two of each line doesn't anagram nor taking last two of each line

I can't find 20 3b. Do I get there from 3a?

This comment has been removed by the author.

@minkie, no you get there from lvl 2.

Thanks Ellie. I'll try again.

@mehroon, you need to use all of it. Use three lines at a time, and get 4 l****** from each three lines.

@minkie, and of course i meant EGG 2, not lvl 2, but you are smart enough to figure that out :)

LOL, I hadn't even noticed "lvl"

I don't even know if I'm working with the correct w**** n**** in lvl 23.
My lengths are:
7, 11, 6, 18, 18
8, 16, 10, 17, 21
Does anyone have better suggestions for them?

Seems you got the correct names :)

Thanks, Ellie and S-T. That means I also have the right names. Still no clue what to do with them, but it helps to know I'm considering the right words, at least!

I got the same
The one before last can be three letters shorter, but that doesn't seem to change much

I normally spell the first one in 8 letters (that's probably why the text * is *) and the rest is the same

Hang on - Ellie, I just realised you have 7 for the first one? I thought it was 8 (but also that we were meant to consider it as written and not use the name - or was that just to get the initial egg?).

lvl 5: stuck! don't know what to do with the numbers found. Don't understand the Time-thing.

@BFS - the first one can be either 7 or 8, the level text tells you which one to use

LVL 23
Use W instead of T is not just for the egg/hint.
It's indeed important to use the W name instead of the T name.
With the T name you wouldn't be able to get a letter from that one.

@Ike, use clock direction as militaries do "shoot at ten o'clock!", "look at two o'clock" ) Go to your number o'clock)

Hm.. so with T, I wouldn't be able to get a letter. It's not like i would get the wrong letter, but T******* can't give me a letter at all?

Oops, yep, correct, Ellie :)

Seems I gave, unintentionally, a hint.

@ Fossa, thx, I thought about that, but then I am guessing a lot since I have only 8 directions.
Anyhow, thx for your effort, lol.

@Ike, you have 12 lines from each letter in the grid.

Had to take a day off yesterday but want to thank everyone for the help with level 6. I finally passed the F.V.I.P test and moved to level 7. Like most levels, the answer is easy when you do it right :-)

@Ike, you have 12 directions!
Go to "I" from your start as the first number says.

@ Fossa & Ellie: I wasn't considering the lines, only the letters pffff. Thank you both, I see a lot of stars now.

FINALLY lvl 24! Thanks for the hint s-t :P

@aaaasa well done! How did you do it?

@Keeper - think about what those spheres represent, and why using T will not give a letter

@aaaasa I kind of thought about this before and picked some bad letters (and some of them giving more than one letters), am I on the right track?

yes, thank you ST for unintentionally help us all :P
24 as well

@keeper there is only one letter per item
think about the level subject and maybe look online a bit

@Keeper - If you know what they are, note the position of the s****l within the f*** n***s.

Yes, 24 as well, thanks @aaaasa :) Took a little detour and went for a safari since I could see two animals in W lol.
I used those spheres earlier, but for picking letters, and forgot about them now.

Aaaand stopped at lvl 24 with several ideas but none seemed to work :/

one idea on 24 gave me egg 1b, now looking for another

@shahar, EGG 1a is much more basic.

Got egg 2a in lvl 24 but can't get 2b :/ only a rotten egg

Level 20 - Lost on this level with eggs 1 & 2 and the 2 rotten eggs that followed. Using the hints, looking for 3a "all the firsts are "red"" so I guess I need to concentrate on the one rotten egg and possibly add one of the words from egg 1 to the mix, but nothing I try with those words works, not ftf, ltl, counting... and can't see anything to use to pick letters.

Looking for 3b "remember red/green" I went back to egg 1 and the text, I thought, was directing me to the far right of the t****, but no. So back to the 2 rotten eggs. I did some counting and combined red/green for some numbers to pick new e*******. My first number was 73 etc. Nothing there.

So those were my very few ideas, underthinking again:( May I get some help/direction please? Thank you!

@tialuisa to go to 3a/3b, you don't need the rotten eggs. Focus on the numbers (with and without t****)

lvl 24 had some ideas but could not see the patterns of the books to divide them into two groups. Is this the right direction or should I throw it to the bin?

@Keeper you can divide the books into more groups. Looking at them column by column may help

Lvl 8 Egg 1 @Fossa - thank you for your kind advise but I don't get it. Am I supposed to add, count, draw?

@Puzzled, you have 16 lines (16 = 8+8).
2 columns in the right are 16+16 digits (4 x 8 digits) = 4 letters (vertically)

@Fossa, OMG I got it at last! Thanks!

Stuck on Lvl-6
I have read all the hints to get the egg and I still can't get it. I understand the d********s but i don't understand how to get letters with this.
Any more hints? Thanks

24: i have eggs 1a 1b and 2b (which i got from 1a). where is 2a?

@Mishu - FTF of something should give 2a. How did you get 2b?

FTF from 1a authors

@aaaasa: i dont get 2a at all. did you got it from 1a ?

Lvl 24. If you have all in egg 1a, use them to get both egg 2a and egg 2b. Same method for both eggs, but on different places.

level 13,found the last egg,but what to translate now?

Got both 2a and 2b but now what :/

Thanks Ellie for level 8-6

Level 13 - Found a rotten egg and a big trap egg. Can't find other eggs

mehroon,ftf to the words,come quickly to the last shakehanding egg to help me!

Pichi, I answered your question elsewhere, because probably too spoily for here.

24: stuck with 2a and 2b too, i tried various ciphers, i tried somehow to apply br***** but getting nowhere

Thank you dutchie! I see this

Level 20 - Thank you Keeper! I've wr***** o** the numbers. but no answers yet. Just checking, was that the way to go? ("the firsts are "red"")

This comment has been removed by the author.

To solve lvl 24 2a and 2b a certain c***b*** will help.

I need to be away for a while now.

Also LVL 6 - Same issue as everybody else. Not sure how to get D********** from this.

@dutchie "Pichi, I answered your question elsewhere, because probably too spoily for here." Whaaaat? Is there a secret chat?!

@Esteban - Right! And it just happens to be the hint that I need also! Lol.

Trying to understand 23, so I want to have the right starting point. Does the one at the very bottom of the level page start with an f?

24: a certain c***b*** ?? code book?

Please, help with level 23. I think I found the w**** n****. I can't understand what the spheres represent.

23: spheres are m******** and they are usefull

LVL 6 - Can I get a hint as to the D******** thing? I have read every hint over the five pages and I am still lost.

Thanks, Mishu, but I can't figure out how they are useful.

23: find something with same shape as in image and then you will know what you need.

24: is egg 1b helpful to decode 2a and 2b?

No secret chat, just a possibility to leave a personal message on an orher Riddle site (Puzzletome)
Anyway for level 6: This was my pm tp Pichi: Take the number of the coloured Beaufort scale to pick a a letter from the name of the winddirections, first is NNE and scale 9, 9th letter from NorthNorthEast is T.
Sorry, I suck at giving subtle hints, will delete this if necessary.

23 - letter O? I tried that, but the letters I got gave gibberish.

23: not only O, H and C are there too

@dutchie thanks. I needed that. For most subtlety is good but once in a while I get completely stumped.

Thanks Dutchie!!

Also stuck at 24 with Eggs 2a and 2b. No idea what a c***b*** is!

"23: not only O, H and C are there too". I am totally confused. Where H and C came from?

@BF: maybe is cook book ( the one in 1b egg) ?

Pipi, check your url.
Mishu, Bingo :)

23: use title to see structure and apply on level

24: but is it a cipher with a key?

Oh right! Ellie meant the c***b*** from 1b. I managed to get Confirmation Egg A. Not sure where to go from there!

Thank you, I understand now and finally solved 23

I'm stuck on Level 14. I got egg 1 and I know what the pot is sitting on but I don't know where to go from there. Can I please have a hint? Thanks!

@Puffin - You still need the numbers from the level page. Go to the table with them:)

Level 20 - Still hoping to get help finding eggs 3 a&b. Thanks to help I'm focusing on the numbers which I've written out (not sure if that's right). Tried everything I can think of to find those eggs but nothing yet.

@MishuAnubis: Have you made any progress on Level 24? I have confirmation egg A, which I got from Egg 2a, but I haven't managed to successfully use the gibberish from Egg 2b with the same cipher.

@tialuisa which table? I've googled and can't find a table with those numbers.

24: i dont know what cipher is. i tried vigenere and beaufort but got no result

Do the same thing as you did before, but with two other (quite short) things.

Should work, try again.

@Puffin - H = 1, He = 2...

@tialuisa - Both eggs require you to pick the same way you got Egg 2, but in a slightly different way. For 3a, you need to apply that picking method to the n*****s on Egg 2. For 3b, use the t***e like you did to unlock Egg 2, but this time, pick from the s*****s, not the n***s. Hope that helps!

Ah thanks @tialuisa! I went down thermodynamics rabbit hole :)

Thank you BlackFiresong!

& Thank you small-tool!

Thanks, S-T! Onto Level 25 now :) Halfway mark (excluding the bonus levels)!

@BF: what cipher is on 24?

Got them! Thank you both so much!!:)!

lvl 13 reached 4 faces, did what your hints suggested but not getting the final word, tried translating from english to the assigned languages and the opposite. but not getting anything useable. am i missing something obvious? tried 4 different granny's even

@Mishu: The same one used in previous levels with a key - the V one.

24: so keys are f******* and s*******? i get no real word after decoding

@robin: You need to translate from the other languages into English, word by word.

Robin. I never used the 4 faces - found them too confusing. Its from the languages to English. Try that again. The word is in scrabble cheat.


BlackFiresong 10/13/21, 2:19 PM

@Mishu: The same one used in previous levels with a key - the V one.

are you sure?

I don't think that's correct.

@Mishu: No, use those as the plain text and reverse engineer the key using the gibberish on Eggs 2a and b. Then in each case, apply the key you got to the other word. That should give you two confirmation eggs.

most used so far was beaufort not v....

@S-T: Really? I swear that's what I used!

@robin - The one problem I had was "at" which somehow morphed into eat. If that one is giving you problems, keep it an 'a'...

I think I see what you did (although not sure), BlackFiresong, but that's the long way home (I think).

It's simply doing what egg 1b pic says.

@Mishu: Oh yeah, I forgot about Beaufort. Well, I double-checked and I definitely used V for this level. I'm not sure what I was meant to have done, lol. I was quite proud of myself too! Oh well, I somehow got an answer, lol.

well i must be dumb because i get no answer :(

What I did was use f******* as the plain text and Y******* as the gibberish and reverse engineer the key. Then I used that same key with s******* as the plain text. Then I did the same thing with s******* and the second gibberish, and then used that key with f*******.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Level 26 Egg 3. Is there something I'm supposed to pick on that will narrow down my options? Because I'm currently just typing in every c*****l c*** I can think of...

On level 9, I thought the fact that each sentence contained exactly 8 words was important but am not able to make a word with my theory. Am I off track? I don't have either alphabet yet but for the other one, M**** I have 14 characters with good results until the last four which turned to gibberish. I checked it over and over too.

re: Level 26, egg 3
There's a rule (law) to follow, have you noticed? Check back main level if not.

@BucksDack - Sounds lile you are doing good. The last 4 on the m**** might seem like gibberish, but just follow the message once you get your other "alphabet" solved

Thank you @tialuisa. I was confused because I couldn't get a confirmation egg with it.

the artist - level 13 last egg - Just translate the word to its most common meaning

You all seem to be far away ahead, but can someone helps? Channel 9: have tried a lot of nothing without luck so far and need a little push. Thanks.

@Eric911 - url is important (think of an award) and the text says a lot of the movies "are not worthy." But a few of them are. Those are the ones you need to find:)

lvl 25 - I think I've recognized the pics but not sure what to do with them :/

Level 14 - Got Egg 1, Egg 2 and Rotten C****** but now I don't know where to apply the good egg (Egg 2?) and convert again. Tried with numbers in level and also with e****** numbers.

@Puzzled - applying egg 2 with e****** numbers should work :)

@aaaasa Thanks :) On c****** e******?

Level 15 - got egg1 and 2nd confirmation egg. Unable to get egg2 and 1st confirmation egg. Are the rotten eggs paintings important?

@Puzzled - on the e****** numbers you used to get egg 2
@mehroon - the rotten egg paintings are not important. Focus on the painting on the main level and find out what has been r*****d from the original one

lvl 24 egg 2a/2b I was following BFS's stsps but couldn't get any word as the key (no matter B or V cipher). Need some help please

Thanks Tialuisa, got it!

@Keeper - Simply apply egg 1b on the text of 2a/2b should do

@aaaasa :) I keep getting something that looks like a family name but not working. Used all e******* from all words I've found and I am very confused.

@aaaasa thanks, must have messed up my key/gibberish, on 25 now

26 - not sure how to proceed after egg 7 :/

Level 20 - I would to finish up this evening and I'm not sure how much further I need to go. I have egg 4a but need 4b. I think I finally understand the red/green thing, that I should ignore the red and go with the green, or something like that. The first 2 letters are green and the pic also has two opium poppies(?) also green and the first larger than the other. I don't even know if this is important or what to do with it if it is, tried putting in various names for poppies...

@tialuisa you need to add something to each of the word of the 3b text

lvl 25 haven't had any idea what to do yet but can I confirm I've recognised them correctly? Length: 3,9,14,4,4,12,9

@Keeper -Thank you:)

@puzzled - Rot37(22) = 59, Rot37(1) = 38 etc. Take all rotted back to the t**** and use only the results for your answer;)

@Keeper maybe start by googling the l*** n***s of the two in the middle together and you should know what the pic is about. The pic name is also a hint.

Still stuck on lvl 2. Not getting anywhere with looking at the google toolbar. Using Chrome and not sure if that changes things. I have a very long url with a lot of letters caps and lower case. Not many vowels in it. Do I need to use Firefox?

@aaaasa I had tried it but couldn't really notice anything. Is it about g*****?

This comment has been removed by the author.

aaaasa - you didn't read my question properly. On level 15 I said I got confirmation egg2 which is the answer to what has been removed. I don't have confirmation egg1. Do you mean to say 2 things have been removed from the painting? How can I make omelette without confirmation egg1

@Keeper - have you got Y**** and K*** as the l*** n****? if yes, you should find a useful wiki page by googling them :)

@mehroon - not sure how you got confirmation egg 2 without getting egg 2 first, but the thing in confirmation egg 2 is not r*****d in the main level pic. It is indeed something else that should have been in the middle bottom part of the original painting.

@aaaasa yes I got those and googling them together gave me a musical artist but that's all and no wiki page at all! :(

Thanks *tialuisa I made it so much more complicated than I needed to.

oh wait I may have found something

@jpete - I can be guilty of that too:)!!

@Keeper - I'm so sorry. Is it the same thing that I need to add to each word?

This comment has been removed by the author.

@tialuisa after adding they will become the same thing

aaaasa - sorry about 15. I thought it was a b*** before I magnified the pic. Thanks very much

Thanks Keeper, I'll work on that :)

Vow! 13 level Last egg. What a marvellous url))

This comment has been removed by the author.

@tialuisa - you’ve found the correct words (use the shorter one for the third). Now take all the letters you’ve added and it should give you 4b

Thank you aaaasa & thank you Keeper!!

I limped onto Lvl 21 and I see there's a drink being poured for me. I hope it's a double:)

Level 16 - After using V******* does the string start with PPV. If so I am unable to get anything sensible after applying B******* with all keys from A to Z and using CB as 2x18, 3x12, 4x9, 6x6, 9x4, 12x3 and 2x18. Please help

@mehroon - looks like you are correct with the V. If you use the right key to decode with B then you will know which size of the CB is right very clearly.

I got to egg7 of 26 and stopped with no hint.
No luck in picking letters from answers

@shahar - there is something common in each egg page :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

I did notice the d*** a**** and tried to apply it on the results, I only got one possible word in one of the options after anagram but it does not work as answer

@shahar not sure what you meant by d*** a**** but the thing you need to use should be very visible in every egg page :)

@shahar, you've got the props

@aaaasa, shahar meant the down arrow :)

Hi! I've been completely stuck at lvl 9. I understand one alphabet is M**** but can't get anything from it. And I don't get the other alphabet...

level 16 - Where to find the right key for B*******? Or is it trial and error using all keys from A to Z?

Esteban - Count the words in each line and think what to use for other. M**** is right with p********** m**** as dividers.

Thanks for the hint on Level 26 Egg 3, @Edgar!

@aaaasa - did you figure out a way forward from Egg 7?

@mehroon, level 16
which eggs do you have?

@BFS, level 26 Egg7
Shahar has been already hinted on that one

Edgar - All 4 eggs. Used eggs 1 & 2 together to get a string beginning with PPV. Now for B******* do I have to use all letters from A to Z as key to get a string that using CB will make sense?

lvl 28 egg 3 - should I use the numbers on something else :/

@Edgar: Ah, I missed those hints! Thanks, got it now.

level 16 - Where to find the right key for B*******?


@aaasa, lvl 28 egg 3
Yes... and no :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

@mehroon. Thanks. But I don't know how to sort d**s and d****s, and for the second one, same thing: I think I have to sort 2 things to create a string but no clue how to do it...

@BFS - one thing in the pic is important.

@Edgar - hmmmm so I don't need to look at anything outside the page for egg 3 then? :/

@aaaasa: At first I thought it was that the p****s looked like l*****s from up above. Then after reading your comment and looking back at the pic, I thought maybe it was about what is on the o******e side of the w***d to those c*********s? So like switching the signs? Am I thinking correctly with either of those?

@BFS - your first idea is correct, the thing in the pic can help you see it clearly :)

Lol, to avoid confusion;
aaaasa and BlackFiresong are talking about level 27 (not 28)

@Edgar - hmmmm so I don't need to look at anything outside the page for egg 3 then? :/

Oh yes, you do... and at the same time, you don't :)

Thanks, @aaaasa! Sorry, everyone, I made a typo and @aaaasa's hint above is for Level 27, not 28. I'll actually delete my earlier comment so people don't get confused.

And almost 1.000 comments so:

New comments, new page

Last time I'm telling :)

Dang, what level are you guys on anyway!? lol

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