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 OK One More is another free online change the url puzzle type riddle game developed by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24. OK One More is another successor of the all record-breaking riddle games A Lot More, Riddle in Blue, Tool Torture Threesome, and Riddle Me Tool. Good luck and have fun!



Please try to leave subtle hints and not give outright answers...but of course when in need, help each other out the best you can!

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@Edgar Thanks! Onto 29...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Need a small-push for lvl 31, egg 2a btw


Lol, in a way a bit the same hint, Edgar, as you just hinted aaaasa :)

Hmmmm is the original of the i******* in lvl 29 important

Esteban 10/14/21, 2:37 AM

@mehroon. Thanks. But I don't know how to sort d**s and d****s, and for the second one, same thing: I think I have to sort 2 things to create a string but no clue how to do it...

Seems that one was overlooked in the little comments avalanche going on :)

Two types of first letters are used.

Stuck on 29 with a rotten egg. I thought the n*****s might be w*** l*****s, but none of the 46 options in existence seem particularly pertinent to this situation...

Thanks a lot!! I was completely lost trying to find intermediate eggs.

I'm now wondering if the specific br***s of a****l are important. I'm sure the f***n*** is meaningful. I thought I found the kind of d*** (that's not actually a d***), but not sure if I'm barking up the wrong tree.

@BFS, totally wrong tree

lvl 31, egg 2a. Say I don't have to recognize the wiki...

Ah, thanks, @Edgar! Guess I'd better look for a different tree. LOL.

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Too spoily, Mishu, please delete.
Lol, that answers your question too.

Yes (but no) Edgar, but again, same way as how you hinted aaaasa :)

Still having no idea how to start lvl 29 :/ Can I have a little nudge please

@aaaasa: I'm in the same boat :/

level 29, where is the animal looking at?

Level 16 - Please tell me whether after using V******* and the key of four words, the string I got was PPVEAT... Is this correct? Because I have used all ther letrters from A to Z as B******* key and the resultant string I have tried to arrange in CB in many ways as - 2x18, 3x12, 4x9, 6x6, etc but couldn't get anything

@mehroon, but you ALREADY have a key!

@Edgar - I thought about p*** l****s and a*b*** but neither seems to be working :/ Am I overthinking here

@Edgar: Depends which animal it is? Neither seem to be looking at anything. I'm afraid the penny's not dropping for me :(

This comment has been removed by the author.

Level 16 egg 2c
I don't know what to do with the new string
I tried all previous actions, used new string as a key and old string as a key for it and used url as a key and nothing. Help?

26: but how to use f*** j** to get answer?

@BlackFiresong So, would you say it looks at both directions?

@mehron, remove spaces?

@mehroon, Beaufort cipher acceptd any words, use yur phrase and then go to CB. I stuck a little later

Lol, that's beyond 'too spoily', Mehroon :)
Please delete.
But I also don't understand, you used the cipher before. Like on level 6 and there you used more than one single letter as keyword!?

Same amount as letter as you have egg(answer)s.
Doesn't that ring a bell?

@Edgar: Hmm... I thought I found an animal that can do that. But it doesn't work as an answer.

@BlackFiresong, just work with those numbers. The animal tells you how.

Ahhhh, I get it now :) Thank you for your patience, @Edgar!

wait so I need 10 letters for lvl 29? Or is it 5 :/

This comment has been removed by the author.

@aaaasa: You need 10.

Stuck on Level 30 Egg 3. I want to try and apply the same thing as the previous eggs, but without a category, I'm not sure what to look for. I'm thinking r********n is relevant, like in the hint?

Level 16 egg 2c help please? What to do with the new string? I think I did all I could.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Use egg 2b

@BFS - so do I need to get a number from each animal to apply to the numbers? Tried several ideas but none seemed to work :/

Stuck on channel 24, I can't recognize the items on the shelves and I don't know what to pick up from the sentences.Please small push.

@Zoran, FTF tells what is omportant in these objects. Just numbers in 2D. Use them to pick. Last object is a little tricky.

@BF: use all eggs now

lvl 8 egg 3: I'm told to follow the guy but don't know how.

Thank you, SmallTool. Damn, it was obvious)

lvl 8 egg 3. Same direction.

31: i have egg 1 and egg 2a. where is 2b?

lvl 8 egg 3: @ Edgar, thx, I see how the quy in the pic goes, but there are not enough rows to choose from. Or do I have to go back ?

@Ike, don't go back. Just pick as many sets possible in that direction.

Level 22 - I need some help on another simple thing. What to add from the level page to the word formed on the egg page. I can't think of a combination I haven't tried. A hint please? Thank you!

@tialuisa - notice the colors in the level and the egg
@Edgar - for lvl 29 do I need to apply the animals to the numbers? Running out of ideas now :/

lvl 5 egg 3: Don't seem to understand what to pick.

@aaaasa: yes, spell out numebers and apply image on them

Thank you aaaasa. I see that now and I'll get to work on it:)

lvl 28 would the calculation exceed 26? I've tried a few things but nothing came up except the rotten egg :(

@Keeper - lvl 28 isn't really about calculation :P

@Ike, start with upper left corner and go as the guy does. Then start with the digit below the corner. And so on. You'll get 6 letters.

Fossa, channel 24, I got h*****n, c**e, p******n, t******e and o*****n, It doesn't make any sense to me.

This comment has been removed by the author.

still 31: do i need a key for cipher? if so, is the key on egg 2b ( which i didnt found it yet)

@Mishu: I'm in the same boat as you. Been trying different ciphers with no luck.

You never have to guess the cipher.
And you can't bruteforce it :P
So yes, you guys need egg 2b on 31.

Joining the stuck gang looking for 2b on 31 :/

Got the wiki page on 31, but it's not helping me. Should it?

lvl 31 - count and pick to get egg 2b

How did you find the Wiki?? I have zero idea what I'm looking for.

@BFS - the wiki is not important. you count and pick from somewhere else that is not very far behind.

BFS, for the record, got it by going back to where I suspect we need to go to count and pick.

lvl 32 egg 1 - Don't know what to do except getting a rotten egg :/

@minkie: I've been trying to count and pick on the level page, but I'm not getting anywhere. Just gone completely blank. :(

@ Fossa and Edgar, thx. In the meanwhile struggled to egg 6. Now considering how to convert to the obvious cypher :-)

That's the right thing to do BFS. Perhaps you are trying to use the wrong numbers.

@minkie: I thought of converting each letter of Egg 1 and then counting and FTF-ing on the level page. E.g. an "S" in Egg 1 becomes 19, so I would take the first of the 19th. But that's not working and I can't think of anything else to do.

@aaaasa and @tialuisa: thank you for Lvl 14

BFS you are overcomplicating this. The numbers to use are in plain sight.

I'm failing to make the last step on 31, so please join me soon!

@minkie: My confusion is that I already used those numbers to get Egg 1 in the first place. So I'm not sure how to use them again. :/

@BF: use them on main level

@Zoran, 24 channel. Just 2D. No names in 3D. 5 or 3 or 8 or 6...

@MishuAnubis: That's where I am :/ But I already used them there to get Egg 1. Trying to figure out how to use them in a different way, but nothing's really yielding anything.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@BFS, remember the main level page

Level 31 Am I looking for two different keys. I've been trying things to do that from egg 2b, but failed.

@minkie - everything you need for 2a is in 2b already :)

#aaaasa: anything on 32 egg?

@Mishu - only getting a rotten egg but nothing further :/


aaaasa 10/14/21, 7:44 AM

lvl 32 egg 1 - Don't know what to do except getting a rotten egg :/

Pic is clickable

same here.
i wonder if those images are of any use

@edgar: rotten egg came from clicking the image, lol

@Edgar - yes I’ve clicked and use what’s inside to get the rotten egg but then I’m stumped :/

I don't believe it. I was entering things in the wrong boxes on 31, DOH :/

@shahar: Am staring and staring at the main level page and numbers... but zero inspo :/

@BF: main page is the one with the quote on it

O M G. I completely forgot about that. Major facepalm moment!

You and me both BFS!

Fossa, thanks for help :)

People seem to have got an egg on 32, but I'm staring at the weird pic on the level page with no idea how to start.

check out his works BFS

@minkie: I had that thought, and I was trying to Google scenes in his works that match that picture, but I've not happened upon anything yet.

Never mind! I definitely thought that was a different animal.

The pics actually fit the phrases from the link, but I do not manage to get anything out of it using the key words.
I think the n****!? word is important

BFS If the animal in the pic had been a lion you would immediately call the man a lion t****

Thanks, Minkie... I thought it was a r** or a m****, so that one wasn't on my radar!

I had the same thought Shahar and wondered if we should be looking at a different work altogether.

lvl 8 egg 6 : got the message although I'm not familiar with the last word. But the fifths don't give a letter.
What am I ( once again) missing ?

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Ike, you need only this message. Pick every fifth and combine literally (don't read the poster, it is useless).

still at 32 egg 1. any help pls?

I'm stuck too. Been trying a few things. I wonder if the artwork is somehow significant? They all seem different in style from each other.

I've found a couple of the pics online. They don't seem to be linked. The third one has a very specific association which doesn't seem useful.

@ Fossa, thx. Granny doesn't like my word. I got 8 letters.

Oops I meant the second one.

Channel 26, my tv is broken , my brain is broken and and I have neither a list nor a step??????

Level 26, I'm pretty sure you have a list of 25 words ;)

Sorry channel 26

dutchie, channel 26. I have all 25 words but they together give me nothing (FTF)

Try to read the same way the crack in screen goes, from bottom to top, follow the pattern.

Thanks dutchie

This comment has been removed by the author.

Need some help on lvl 28 egg3. How to pick letters this time?

This comment has been removed by the author.

minkie2020, that's how I got egg2, but on egg3 I don't think I can apply it.

NVM, I got it

Sorry pipi I was on the wrong egg. I'll just check.

it's ok, minkie. I am on 31 now looking for egg 2b.

Use something you've used before, but back at the start Pipi.

Anyone had any brainwaves on Level 32 Egg 1? I think my brain has shut down for the day.

BFS I've mainly been looking at the pics. And for three of them know where they come from, and a fourth has been edited for some reason. They suggest links between the pics and words in the quotes, but no amount of manipulations or googling has made them work.

LVL 9 - I got the alphabets to use but I am having severe trouble with the M****. I know the P********** M**** are dividers but I cannot get anything sensible. My first four letters are ISSF - am I on the right track?

lvl 8 egg 5 i got 4 letters going z**** from each end but they don't make a word ): I tried going backwards too but no luck

@amy, you need 5 letters

@Chael615, use the same division as in previous alphabet (V vs C). The first letter is A.

@Ile, you need 14 letters in the answer. Have you combined your picked letters with what the message tells?

@Fossa Thanks! I was stubbornly going by l*****.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@ Fossa, yes, made a typo but now got a rotten egg. The URL of egg 6 ??? , do I have to look there ?

Level 32 Egg 1 - I suspect we need to work on them in pairs. Googling the first word with a key word from first pic gave me a quote from another play. I am not sure its the right path, but I am trying to do the same for the other pairs.

@ike, your rotten egg has 15 letters, right? You need 14 letters. You need only the message. Try to read it literally. Combine your picked letters with what?

@ Fossa, so incredibly stupid. I could swear I tried that before but appearantly not. Thank you so much !

Level 2, no idea. Any clue?

@shahar: I like your idea. I also realised that he has a work with n**** in the title. Though that one doesn't have the same sections as are indicated here (no i*******n), so I'm not sure how relevant that is.

Also not enough scenes later on for that work BFS.

@Zoran, just combine them graphically

lvl 9 : the only message I read in m**** is gibberish. Guess I divided correctly but can't make it proper English.

Channel 8: stuck now for 2 days. I checked all the comments, googled the man in the picture and I am still b***d.

@ Unknown , since you are b**** check the cards on th table carefully

Joining the stuck party here at 32.

still no hint for 32 egg??

@Ike, I presume it has something to do with the card with the s****s but I just can't figure out what to do with is.

@ Unknown, look for a cipher that you use while b****. Then use all of the cards on the table, think of the spilled coffee.

@Caroline: Welcome to the stuck party! We have cookies.

I don't know how to play this game. When I press the button on the remote control nothing is happening, no matter how many times I check.....

The on button on those kind of remotes is top left on the remote.

@Anders: You have to press the top left button on the remote the first time you see it. After that, you have to use logic and reasoning and riddle techniques to solve the levels and change the last word of the URL accordingly. The instructions at the beginning (before the first remote) explain this. You very rarely have to click on things - most of the time, it's all about changing the URL. I hope that helps.

20 level. I have 3a and 3b and 4b. But I can't get 4a. I've read all hints and burnt a hole with my eyes in the 3a title. Do I have to change the first letter somewhere? Are all these things that gave me only rotten eggs useful for finding 4a?

Fossa - yes, you need to use the thing that gave you one of the rotten eggs. Use it in its ungrannied form. The rotten egg words themselves should give you a strong hint as to what tool you need.

32 egg hint!!!!

@BlackFiresong, thank you a lot. 21 now.

LVL 20 - I cannot find either Egg 4a or Egg 4b. I know for one of them I have to add something. I found the e******* that go with each. I know how many letters I have to add to each but it isn't turning out anything. For the other egg I have no clue although I did look at the hint above.

Could we please have a hint on 32 egg?

Lol, no. No hint because...

It's very easy, really!

But it's good to see how you all make up your own hints, try far-fetched things and Google guess your a** off :P
You're all great riddlers, you should know better, especially in my riddles :)

Chael you may want to go to where you've been looking things up to see what to add.

s-t, is that page enough or do we need to read through the full s****t?

you shouldn't fall for red herrings. :P

It's really very easy.

S-T - is the rotten egg word relevant at all? Or just a red herring?

Presumably we do need to use the linked page in some way?

s-t you cheeky a** :)

To proceed to 33, simply use the very basic riddling technique

@aaaasa: Didn't we do that already to get the rotten egg?

@BFS - That place is the red herring we all fell for :)

mmm I got a good word from assuming that. But it didn't work.

omg!!! hahahaha
33 now

Still very lost, @aaaasa! So the rotten egg is genuinely rotten?

I can't figure out how/where else to use the basic technique in a way that gives me an answer. Using it on the egg page actually does give me a word (opposite of n*p**w), but that's not it.

I got a few words from basic techniques but none of them worked :(

Simplest technique of all Keeper. And I'd been trying things with that word BFS, but it doesn't involve that.0

@BFS - the n*****s are not important

@thanks minkie, this is more complicated than the other word I got but I agree it's simple enough :)

OMG!! We've been racking our brains all this time only for THAT to be the answer!? S-T, you cheeky devil, you :P

stuck at 35 with only a rotten egg

lvl 33 - do I need one from each list or do I need more :/

Level 33. Got a "yes, but no" egg and a rotten egg. Have tried a few things to move forward, but nothing's yielded fruit so far.

I had an idea for 33, which I think must be correct, but it all goes wrong at the 6th one. Puzzled.

just stopping in here for a minute. These riddles are so obsessive, I have been sneaking in some riddling time here and there. Anyway, I am on Level 19 with eggs 1,2,4,and 5, and a rotten egg. No Egg 3 yet. I have tried to use the hint on Egg 2 to do something with the n*****s on the d***, but so far no success. I saw the hint about the trick for Egg 4 being the same as for Egg 3. If I apply the hint on the n*****s and use it on the w***s, the next to last one won't work.

@minkie: That sounds like further than I've got! I've been trying to pick in different ways with no success. I've also noticed that the f****s of the t****s in some rows spell words. I don't know if that's relevant or just a red herring.

Don't use the hint on egg 2 do do that, Laurie. You need to be more interested in l****** than n******.

lvl 9 : I'm having a hard time to get a message from the m***** part. My 14 letters don't send any message at all. Do I have to solve the other one first or am I just choosing the wrong d & d's

@Laurie - just take egg 2 literally :)

Maybe study their other works BFS. (I still haven't got it right).

Lol, already cold turkey Laurie :P

Ike, your first three should make a 3 letter word A**
then the next word starts with L and in the end it's no words anymore.

Channel 24: same problem than Zoran here. Got the s***** but can't get something from them. Tried to pick up in different orders with no luck. Am I missing something obvious?

@Laurie: Good to see you again!

@minkie: OK, I'm where you are now... it's going wrong for me at the 6th one too. But surely we must be on the right track?

Thanks aaaasa and minkie -- I should have seen that.
I guess maybe I though there were more eggs still. Anyway, Egg 3 is what I did the other day, but not too badly :-) Now on to 20, when I get a chance.

I agree BFS.

Like, for example, if it's a triangle you use the (1st letter of the) 3rd word.

@minkie: No amount of counting, reordering etc seems to be working for me.

Just got it BFS. For SS use wiki rather than the imbd.

@ S-T: thx, I'm always looking to make things complicated when they aren't.

I always try to make things look like they're complicated, Ike :)

@minkie: I did. There are two options for SS. Not sure which one to consider, and I don't get anything good either way.

33 try both then.

OMG. Thank you. I literally tried what was ALMOST the right answer! Just never thought of considering both.

Wait so for 33 do I get none from some of the lists? I'm not quite sure about the 1st and 6th :/

@minkie thanks, never thought of trying both!
@aaaasa maybe just try to search row by row, wiki won't give you the right answer sometimes :)

Thanks S-T! Never thought of this trick, you're really evilish :-)

aaaasa. Not sure that you are doing the right thing. You are not using the lists on the level page any more.

@Keeper - I searched but was still not sure what to pick from some of the rows. For example, for the first row I thought it was the one with different d******r. Am I on the right track here? :/

@aaaasa: You're not on the right track. Like Minkie said, look at their other works. You may find something in common that relates to the level.

Stuck on Level 35 with a rotten egg. Anybody got any further? I tried rotting and got something coherent, but unfortunately, it doesn't give me anything. I'm not sure how else to interpret the G word.

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