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 OK One More is another free online change the url puzzle type riddle game developed by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24. OK One More is another successor of the all record-breaking riddle games A Lot More, Riddle in Blue, Tool Torture Threesome, and Riddle Me Tool. Good luck and have fun!



Please try to leave subtle hints and not give outright answers...but of course when in need, help each other out the best you can!

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@aaaasa: By "something in common", I meant that each of them have something in their works that fits a certain theme.

Stuck on 35 with a rotten egg too.

@BFS and minkie - Thanks! I see it now :)

Got past 35! The idea in my comment did work. I just needed to take it to Granny.

Lol, yep if you look back you see you never found an egg :)

Thanks BFS!

A bit baffled about where to go from Level 36 Egg 0. Tried a few things, but no luck so far.

Everyone seems to have no problem with 34 but Google doesn't seem very helpful with some of them :/

@aaaasa: There's something everyone in the list has. You need to combine those.

Oh! Just got back to see lvl 32 was THAT easy!! Lol, I did try that method, but used the numbers too (wrote them out) :(
Moving on...

I've tried a lot of things with the same cipher that got me from 35 to 36 on the gibberish from Level 36, but I just get more gibberish. I don't want to just try other ciphers randomly. Not sure how to proceed.

lvl 10: how can I divide an odd amount of words in pairs or am I misunderstanding things.

@Ike: It's about c*********e words. So 1 & 2, 2 & 3 etc.

@ BFS, thx, will give it a go :-)

Have you checked the pic name BFS

@minkie: Ahhh, somehow missed that. Still not getting anything, but maybe I will with a bit of poking around.

Using that cipher on everything gives me a mix of discernible words and gibberish that changes as I remove letters. Not sure how to apply Egg 0 in order to make it all intelligible.

BFS you need a system for which letters to remove.

Come and help me on 1a!

36: stuck with egg 1a and 1b now ...

Hi, I am at the same place - 36 egg 1a and 1b. The trick from egg 0 doesn't work this time.

I'm trying to spot what to do on 36 1a. Any small hint?

@minkie, spot is part of what takes you to egg 1b.

I have egg 1b. Just don't know how to use it.

In the same place as everyone on 36 with eggs 1a and 1b. Tried getting letters from the previous decode to get the key, but nada.

Also stuck on Eggs 1a and 1b. I've tried to decode just the c*****ls with the new gibberish and Egg 1b as the key. I've also noticed that there are many more of the letter that "m**** t** s***" in the original gibberish, so I tried counting and converting there, and also tried decoding the converted ones, but nothing.

Level 23 - The only reasons I can think of for the T not giving a letter are that there is no O in the T word or that T = 20 and there are no incomplete subs****s if you have 20 e********. The first thought led to nowhere very quickly. The second one I spent much time on with nothing working and finally realized that I didn't even need the url model to pursue it so now I truly am half way to crazy and no where near solving this level. SOS...

@BFS, I tried the very same things as you. Also got an rotten egg, but that's all.

tialuisa Your first thought is the right one. Some image searches of one of things in the pic might show you why.

36 Surely we must be meant to use the new gibberish rather than a previous one. Not even ST would be so cruel as to launch another red herring quite so soon ;)

Thank you minkie. I'm on it!:)

Yes Minkie, new gibberish
No, red herring, but yes cruel :P
But of course quite easy again :)

Not important, not a hint, just a funny artistic thing; Did you guys notice the little difference in the image to fit the answer?

The url is also telling you what image search will tell you.

You're probably right, Minkie! I just noticed that the old one had more of *that* character, so I thought it was worth a shot. I feel like we're probably meant to use the new gibberish, though. I noticed that before the rotten egg creature, the gibberish contains coherent words, whereas after it, it's gibberish. I'm guessing all that is significant, but I haven't managed to actually derive anything useful from it.

Stuck on lvl-13- Colours egg
I do not understand how to translate the words of the previous egg:Big trap into English.are not these words in English? I try the languages of the colored egg... Nothing

Pichi334, you are doing the right thing on lvl 13. The words are not English and need some translation. There is one more egg after the colors which is very helpful.

Hehe, hadn't noticed the differnece. Love these little details :)

I think you must be right BFS. That can't have happened by chance.

I want to put the long string into the solver, then pick the letters from the gibberish solution which are in the same positions as the EGG-message, but either very wrong idea, or very wrong key lol.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I tried that Ellie and also used that new shorter string as gibberish using new keys from words at the start. Didn't work at all. Wouldn't work if the very first key was wrong.

@pipi yes, you mean the Four faces egg. But i don't understand this

@minkie, if this was the right method, the words at the start and the big word could be red herrings, since nothing between the message-letters would matter, and ST could put whatever there.

@pichi334, the faces show which language to use for the words in the big trap egg.

@Pichi, the four faces have the same amount of b***s as the words you need to translate. The b***s also have different colors - the same colors as the ones in the colors egg. Combine these clues to know which languages to use. Translate the words into english.

Got 36 egg1. Put the whole string into the solver and then look carefully at the result. It is gibberish, but the answer is there.

Well done Pipi! Is the key the obvious one to try from 1b?

Great job, pipi! I have the same question as Minkie, 'cause the only word I can see in the decoded gibberish is a word for a bread roll.

The key is the one from 1b. But to see the answer in the gibberish you need granny as well.

Thanks Pipi. Got it now :)

That did it, Pipi. Thanks! On to Egg 2 now!

Thank you pipi and Ellie! On the last egg now

I'm still lost :( I've tried Grannying loads of things from that decoded text with no luck. Grannying where b**f*** sits doesn't work. There are way too many c*p***ls to Granny the equivalent, and Grannying the equivalents of the smalls doesn't work either. :/

Never mind - just had a POP moment!

Got 3 rotten eggs on Level 37 (2 funny ones and one which said "Yes, but no :("). Going to retire for the night and come back at this fresh tomorrow.

Hehe Level 37 ST joke.

This comment has been removed by the author.

37 egg 1: is it trial and error? because if is about d****** some of them could be many l******

Seems your first idea is correct, is the right method because most letters are correct.
first group last wrong
second group 4th wrong

Mishu, no trial and error, size matters.

Thank you s-t. I'll check everything over again.

Oops wat a minute, Tialuisa !!!
I think there's only 1 wrong, the 4th in the 2nd group.
Sorry :( A bit late here = a lot of booze here :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Europium etc is correct.
4th in 2nd group is erbium trifluoride

Use anagram solver.net

or this one

but then with largest dictionary

Thank you so much!! Enjoy the rest of your Friday evening:)

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to say thanks for all your hints and to ST for another great riddle. I'm plodding along enjoying it a lot. I have had an epic battle with level 17 and now onto 18.

Struggling to identify anything on Level 37 Egg 1. I think I found 2 matches with c************s, but I'm not even sure about those. Am I supposed to be able to find these? Do I need to combine multiple ones? Is there a useful list out there somewhere?

Hi all! I'm stuck on Level 24. I have eggs 1a, 2a and 2b but I don't know how to get egg 1b. I can separate the items into different groups but that doesn't seem to be helping me. What should I be looking for? Thanks in advance!

lvl 36 - is the n***** of s***s between the l*******e letters important? Don't know which letters to remove :/

@Puffin - the a*****s in egg 1a all have something in common. That should remind you of something that can lead to egg 1b

@aaaasa did you manage to find out how to remove the letters? :(

Struggling on lvl 4. I am pretty sure I understand what to do and think I have 6. Don't have the #3 Actress or #4 Actor. I'm not good with Hollywood. Tried Scrabble Cheat with 2 ??, but didn't get anything.

@jpete #3 can be found towards the end, #4 focus on the less common words. For me I couldn't find #6 and cheated with a wildcard :)

@Keeper - Nope :/ removing all l*******e letters seems promising but not quite

@Chael615, lvl 20.
3a leads to 4a, 3b -> 4b.
About 4a BFS gave me a good hint above. Just use ungrannied string what you found and use it as if you see it for the first time according to the common content of the level
For 4b use words at3b. They are incomplete. Add green part using the common content of the level

Thank you @Keeper. Had a mistake that threw me off.

@Keeper - For 36, remove only the few meaningful letters and convert the rest again, repeat until no letters are left

@aaaasa oh I tried this but did it for each segment rather than the whole thing

Yeah! Finally finished "Channel" levels! Let's start serious things now!

Managed to get to lvl 37 egg 2 but it's quite ambiguous for some of them (I think)

lvl 10 : found a word, but it isn't correct appearantly. How many letters do I need.

level 10, you need 13 letters to get egg 1.

lvl 39 s-t, are you serious?

You ain't seen nothing yet, Keeper.
In a couple of weeks you will see level 50 and then you wish you would be on easy and little levels like 39 :P

Btw, nothing ambiguous going on on level 37 egg 1. There's a very logical method :)

@s-t I saw your hint to mishu and I did use that hint (I think I did), but still the s*** is not clear even if I enlarge the pic in paint

@Keeper: How did you get past Level 37 Egg 1? Do I need to identify them all? I don't understand the d****** and l****** words in Mishu's earlier comment, so I feel I may not be on the right track.

@BFS s-t mentioned above that size matters, think about how to make use of it. No need to go back to the level page. I hope you will find the solution less ambiguous than I do :)

lvl 39 egg, I think I have tried all combinations (with and without ***, change * with ****), but none of them worked. Am I on the right track?

@Keeper: Do you mean it's about which are br*****r within each box? I don't see how else size can matter.

(Also, I can't actually identify any of them, so if I need to know which c************s they all are, I definitely have an issue...)

Yes BFS you are right.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@minkie: So I have to group them by b*****ness and then do something? Nothing's jumping out to me :/

In each pic follow them in order BFS

@BFS what I did was to c****** *** ****

This comment has been removed by the author.

I think you are on 38, Minkie :)

Oh sorry ST.

@ Dutchie: thx

Please, help me to find level 37 egg 1. So far I got only 3 rotten eggs.

lvl 37 egg 2 - I got all the n***s and the firsts form a good word but doesn't work. Now what :/

@pipi some counting may help
@aaaasa there is confirmation egg for each of them, did you get them all? No granny needed to proceed further

There are more than one way of n****g those things aaaasa.

Stuck with 38 1a. I've been trying to devise a scoring system. Should this help?

@Keeper and minkie - Yes I got all confirmation eggs and all their b**** n***s but I can't find where to apply those G**** l*****s :/

That should work with granny aaaasa.

@minkie - and yes that worked :) thanks!

@minkie no scoring needed, but the answer may be longer than you have tried

mmm Thanks Keeper, I'll try some things with that.

@Keeper - Do I need a 7 letter answer for egg 1b in lvl 38 or do I need more :/

No aaaasa, less.

Oh do you mean from 1b or to find 1b aaaasa?

@minkie - I counted what's on the t***** and got some good 4-letter word but don't work :/ so I need 5 or 6 letters then hmmmm

Finding 1b I mean

Yes aaaasa. In one way of looking at it there are more than 5 colours.

lvl 11 egg: how to use what got me to the egg with both people ?

@Minkie and Fossa - For LVL 20 Looking for Egg 4b - I found the t e******** that go with each respective word. Taking the first two (or three) l****** of each and adding it isn't getting me anywhere. That leaves me with eighteen letters that granny doesn't like.

@minkie please come to help me on lvl 39 egg :)

Thanks for the c*****t t** d*** hint on 37 Egg 1! Would have been stuck there forever!

So confused by the hints on Level 38 Egg 1a. What colours??

@BFS - go back to the main level and you should know :)

Keeper. Still working on the crossword. Easy questions, difficult to navigate around a crowded screen :/. Afraid I'll have to go for a few hours before I've finished it.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

I was wrong (maybe). Got an egg on 39 now Keeper, but I fear I may have to do more work.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Yes, Keeper, I realised I could do that after a while.

Level 11, Ike not sure someone answered your question
but use the ℉ numbers to pick a letter from that F name, it will give you the name you need.

Finally got eggs 4a and 4b for LVL 20. In case somebody has the same issue as me on 4b - there is more than one possibility for at least one of them (I didn't check the others). I spent waaaaaay to much time convinced there was only one option for each.

Level 24 - Looking for egg 2a. Read that it's ftf on something. May I get a hint as to what that something is? Thank you!

On level 24 and don't even know where to start. I saw the hint about dividing into groups, and can see a few ways to do that, but no progress. Everyone else seems to have gotten several eggs easily, but I have nothing so far.

@Laurie - Identifying the largest group will get you going.

@tialuisa something that pairs up with what you get for 2b

Thanks Keeper. I tried their g**** n**** but I'll look at them again :)

Aha! Got it, Keeper. Thank you!

Level 3: are we supposed to get confirmation eggs or something?

This crossword is huuuuuge. Got the egg, but not sure how to apply it.

LVL 21 Egg - Tried many words for f*** in J******* but nothing is coming up. I see a hint for K******* in the p** name but nothing workable is coming up.

@Eric911 - If I remember correctly, no. At least I didn't check. But there seems to be only one answer for most of them. I believe an earlier hint gave a great website to use (although I forget it now).

@ chael615 - omniglot :)

@Eric511 - https://www.thefreedictionary.com/word-finder.htm

Anyone got past the Level 39 Egg? I've found a good connection between the two, but nothing relating to that seems to work as an answer.

Thanks tialuisa! Will try yours instead cause the one I'm using gave nothing with one of the words.

@BFS - read the egg text a bit differently and focus on two things only

@Eric511 - I got nothing for the first word but used a wildcard in granny...

lvl 40 - Got a granny egg that led to a rotten egg but nothing else. Have I missed something or fallen for another red herring? :/

@tialuisa: yes, that one seems difficult. Also, I can't find anything with w**k (3rd in the list). Hope I'm not working on a wrong track!

@aaaasa on lvl 39 egg, assuming I understood your hint, I couldn't form a good word from the text either in the pic or below the pic. Am I doing something completely wrong?

@tialuisa -- I don't even know how to divide them into groups. The first thing I noticed was l*******s, but I didn't get anywhere with that. I do notice that some of them are not actually b***s, but rather s***s or w**s***s, or p******s or what not. Is this the right idea, or am I completely off base?

@Keeper - Try reading the egg text in another way and find the two things that you need from the completely solved crossword.

What? COMPLETELY solved?? OMG!

@Laurie - maybe try searching the names column by column and you will soon notice something :)

@Keeper - Yes I'm afraid you will need the completely solved crossword to make sure you get the answer :P

On lvl 15
I have one and two eggs, another two eggs confirmation and some rotten... Do I need more confirmation eggs, or are these two enough? Because I can't move forward with this

@aaaasa thanks for the confirmation, working on it now, but at least I'm pretty sure what to do after completing it

@Eric511 - one thing you can do is click the 'ends with' button at the top of the page and type in the next word. Sometimes it's easier to see that way or you can compare and find the word you are looking for on both pages.

lvl 13: found 2 eggs, "big trap egg" and "the last egg". Am I missing more eggs ?

@Pichi334 - You have everything you need. Question for you. When you got your first confirmation egg, what did you do with it to get egg 2? Now look at egg 2. Everything you need is there. Now do something with the second confirmation egg:)

@Ike - visit the level and the first egg you found. What's the easiest thing to do?

@tialuisa, yes, I did this, but the word from egg 2 with the word from egg 2 of confirmation, I don't get anything

@Pichi334 - how about the other word on egg 2, o******* of what?

@tialuisa thanks! Go it

@ tialuisa: thx, will look for it. No idea at the moment. :-)

41 egg 1a. where is egg 1b?

Still at 40 with 2 eggs :/

Same here, granny and rotten egg

Sitting here staring at level 41, 1a.

@aaasa and @Keeper - if you have your granny eggs, you have the right letters. But remember you also need to add something from the t****

@Caroline - thanks! Now at the next egg wondering if the e********** m***s at the end are hints about something...

@aaasa - Not really. Just try to understand what the t**** is telling you.

Level 16- I have eggs 1a 1b 1c 1d
I do not understand what is the key to the ciphers, I have tried with the words of the eggs in many ways but I can not get anything

@Caroline - hmmmm it’s not the same trick again, is it?

it is almost the same trick

41 1a: does colors point to i****?

lvl 17 .. I don't know where to start, I can't even get an egg .. a little hint would be welcome ..tks

On 39 - I solved the crossword and got and egg. Does the egg text mean that I need to focus only on 2 letters? Or 5?

lvl 17 I found egg 1b, but I can't find egg 1a

@molly, use the coordinates on the same grid to find the x-axis this time.

Still here on 41 - Egg 1a - can't see what the colours mean and tried to apply the c*****y they represent to the word in question. Nothing. So far it's just been hours of staring. Help please?

Stuck on lvl 17 egg 1b same as molly, I don't understand how to find the x-axis

@pichi334, there is a very helpful hint from Keeper on 10/12/21, 5:57 AM

Level 40 Granny Egg. I've tried adding things from the t**** like in Caroline's hint above, but I don't get any results.

@pipi, yes I had read that hint and all the others, I still don't understand

Can I have a hint for level 39 egg?

BFS I was not sure what the the asterisks were in t****. I added something from the t***.

@pichi, for egg 1b you found the letters from the given coordinates. Now the letter and one of the coordinate are given and you should find the other coordinate.

Pichi334. Read the message literally. It may need a little editorial attention first though.

@pipi,you mean the letters that are in the image of the egg? Or is it on the main level? Totally confused

@pichi, the letters on the main level. The same letters you used to get egg 1b

Oh sorry my message should have been for Pipi

@Minkie2020, I read the message and I think I need 2 letters. Is it correct? I marked these letters on the crossword, but they don't give me anything :(

@pipi I still don't really understand how to look for egg A. I don't know how to use those letters again differently

Pipi, that should work. Check that you have the right number on each row.

Mishu. I'm still on 41 1a, but I think it does point to i****. I think you can read a message in the second row.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Has anyone found 41 egg 1b? I've got 1a. Should I be looking at the level page to find 1b?

still waiting for a hint on 41 egg 1a ...

Level 27 - Struggling here. If I understand BFS and aaaasa's comments about this level, the pl***S that g***** m*** takes us to look like l****rs and the s*******e in the pic will help us see more clearly. So I looked at all the maps again and only the second one had a l****r I could clearly see. I guessed at the rest and have nothing to show for it. Any help would be awesome:)

Tualuisa. Sounds like you are doing the right thing. Most of them should be clear enough without the s********, but it definitely helps with at least one. In g***** m*** go to layers and click that layer.

Thank you so much Minkie!

I've joined the pondering party at Level 41 Egg 1a. I also thought of I**** based on the c*****s. Wondering how to use the l*****s that don't match, and how to interpret the separations by c****r (each c****r has a different number of l*****s).

Thank you again for your help. Minkie. On 28 now:)

The last 3 letters of Level 41 Egg 1a have just reminded me of a cipher where that may be relevant. However, without a definite key or more hints, I'm not sure how usable that idea is. I was also thinking of a different cipher, given that the main word on the egg can be broken down into two particular G***k l*****s, which in English, form the basis for a particular form of encoding. Again, though, I couldn't find anything usable there. I'm wondering if, since this is Egg 1a, we need to find something else on the level page itself in order to get 1b? The f*** n*** of the image on the level page seems significant. I just haven't really been able to put any of the little clues together into anything useful/concrete.

mmm not sure about those last 3 letters, BFS. I've a feeling the last 7 letters may be more useful. Leads to a number of letters overall, which might be useful in various ways.

Don't forget: go to next page :)

Finished Level 24 (thank you @aaaasa!) and currently stuck on Level 25. I googled the two l*** n**** and got either a musician or a genealogy site. I have no idea what the level pic title refers to? Is it slang for something? Please help! Thanks!

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