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 OK One More is another free online change the url puzzle type riddle game developed by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24. OK One More is another successor of the all record-breaking riddle games A Lot More, Riddle in Blue, Tool Torture Threesome, and Riddle Me Tool. Good luck and have fun!



Please try to leave subtle hints and not give outright answers...but of course when in need, help each other out the best you can!

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@Puffin - try putting an 'and' between their names:)

Thank you @tialuisa! That gives me something to work on.

Level 28 - I got the rotten egg so I broke the string down to ^1 and got nothing for the 50 or so strings I took to granny. So I'm wondering if I'm supposed to keep some of the original string in tact but not others. And if X^3 could remain X^3 or be XX^2 or X^2X or XXX? Or have I missed the point of it all...

Level 28 - another question would be if I do it right will I have a word w/o going to granny?

@tialuisa I used this hint from aaaasa: "no calculation in this level".

Thank you Keeper. I actually that hint. The time I waste...

Level 4: Google does not help and previous hints neither as I cannot see anything anywhere... Feel lost!

@eric the answers can be found within the text, look carefully

Stuck on Level 29. Are the animal names important or just the direction? I'm not sure how to apply the image to the numbers or vice versa. I don't know what I'm supposed to be picking from. I feel like I've tried everything.

Still on the level page on Level 28. May I ask how many letters to the the first answer? Thank you!

@Puffin - You need to s***l out the numbers and apply the image on them. The animal names are not important.

@tialuisa - you need 7 letters to get the first egg

Thank you aaaasa!

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Keeper: yes that's what I've read in previous hints but cannot see how to do it. Picking randomly is quite impossible if you don't know what you're looking for exactly... Must be missing something.
Also, read something about the "yellow" but can't see anything there neither :-/

@eric, you may need to "xyzr ea dli ket hisxyz"

Btw, has anyone got any idea on lvl 41 egg 1a? :(

Mishu had a very good idea!

@Keeper, many ideas, but nothing that works :P

Joining the stuck party on lvl 41 egg 1a.
Ive stared at it since yesterday.

Hm, @ST, but all he said was the obvious "it points to i****. Or am I missing a comment here...?

MishuAnubis 10/16/21, 3:18 PM

still waiting for a hint on 41 egg 1a ...

That's a great idea! Let's wait for one. :P

Lol, it's what Ellie says, Edgar :P

Anyway, that's the hint, to follow through on Mishu's idea.
Maybe a little Google will help.

Hm... is the wiki page i****** o********** helpful? I've stared at it for hours and tried a lot of counting but nothing seemed to work

No idea what o********** is, but I should focus on the theme of the riddle/your url.

Oops, sorry, should be theme of the 'level ', the egg url.

@s-t I somehow got a good word of an instrument in I*****n, but that doesn’t work :/

Lol, I made the riddle, but 90% of the time I have no idea what all those *** you guys use are :)

Anyway, if it doesn't work it's probably wrong :P
Anyway, no not close, but you seems to know the length, so maybe you're working with the correct part of the picture info.

Ok, Googled a bit too and if that O word is what I think it is, Keeper, then Yes :)

Thanks s-t, let me continue to try. Just got a nice 6-letter word (beginning with s) but it was not right. Is this length correct? :(


Length is kind of hinted, or actually obvious given.
And it seems I unintentionally gave the length away, because I now think I know aaaasa *** word And that word was probably not the answer, but by coincidence the same length as the answer :)

@minkie2020, thank you for the hints on lvl 39.
Now I am on lvl 40. I saw nobody had difficulties with it, but I am stuck there. I know "His is H" is important and I had an idea, but it failed on the last sentence. Is the first word pair "sentence contains"?

Finally on Egg 1b

I think aaaasa got the correct method, but applied on the wrong part of the string.

@Pipi, no that's not the pair.
Carefully study the title to know what you're looking for. "His is" H.

@Edgar - is A=A the right way to go? Tried using the a******t and the string but can’t get any word that works :/

@aaaasa, Edgar is a bit busy atm, so I'll reply :)
Was your instrument c******? If so, the method should be correct, but do it somewhere else in the long strings. Not sure what you mean with A=A lol. It's true sometimes, but sometimes not.

@aaaasa, I think I understand your A=A question now, but for this answer, A is not A.

LVL 23 - I googled the title and got the shape but I haven't got to any egg yet. I tried FTF on the c******* n***s but nothing yet. Any push towards an egg, please?

@ellie, thanks. Now got the granny and the rotten egg on lvl 40 and stuck again. Are the circled words important? I tried a few things with them and nothing.

@pipi there is one more to pick on the level page
@chael the egg is two separate words

@Ellie hmmmm if A is not A then how do I know where to start in the string? :/

@pipi, the granny egg could have been a "you missed something"-egg. Ignore the circled words.

There's a reason why you see the same word in both rows are repeated several times

@aaaasa, the position of the 7 tells you where to start.

I don't understand these hints for 41 Egg 1a at all. I'm on what I think is the right Wiki page based on Keeper's hint, but I have no idea how to use it. And I don't know what A=A or "the position of the 7" are supposed to mean. :/

@BlackFiresong, if you're in the right track/page, you should see there's a difference between both 'ours' and 'theirs'

So should we spell out "ours" in first row and "theirs" in second row? Then some kind of mapping/shifting/picking?

LVL 23 - Somehow I didn't need an egg. Figured out the correct method without it! On to 24! By the way, this riddle seems a lot tougher the previous ones! With longer and more involved levels. And more eggs.

@Keeper, correct.

LVL 24- I can see groupings on the main page, from f*** books to f****** books (G*****, F****, E******, S******, and possibly I******) to S******** and O***** and B**** but nothing I enter is working.

@Edgar and Ellie - Thanks! 1b now :)

@Chael615 - the language is not important. you can group the books according to a property that every books have

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Keeper - not quite. Maybe count the difference between "ours" and "theirs" again :)

Meanwhile staring at lvl 41 egg 3 with one rotten egg but nothing else :/

@Keeper, "the position of the 7" Ellie referred before is the last letters in the bottom string. Those are the ones to work on.

@aaaasa, same spot here but no egg whatsoever, lol

lvl 15: found two eggs and 1 confirmation egg as well as two rotten eggs. Don't understand what to do with egg 2 . Please a push in the right direction.

stuck on 41 egg 3 too

Keeper. The weird things was in your deleted message, if I recall it properly, is that you seemed to have the grannied version.

I'm with Keeper on this. I have mapped the two but I don't get any good words. I have noticed that writing "theirs" twice covers the bottom row exactly up until the end of the last 7. But I don't know how to use the last 7, or how to map between ours and theirs.

@BFS, the word in top row is repeated x4, so your very long string should be 104 characters long, right?

Oh I was writing 32 (or 39). Let me try with 104

Finally 1b. Thanks everyone!!

any hint for 41 egg 3. pls!!

Got it. Only use those that both we and them have.

thanks aaaasa. 42 now

Thanks @aaaasa, 42 now.

Lol, not that difficult, right?
Always keep the theme of a level in mind!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Somehow, I was out of touch again, the warm-up riddles got me. (Specially the fixing)
Level 4 : Stuck on this for a while. I'm not sure I understand the clues. Not getting much by reverse the text in the level. I might have some idea about the yellow text, with the hint of hidden words, and I did found 2 fitting that hint in the yellow text.

This comment has been removed by the author.

lvl 42 - noticed something on the egg but applying the level text on that doesn't work :/

@Namchokdef, I think you've got the right hint from the yellow text and are applying it the right way. Just keep going and find the rest of the words according to the categories given. Do you need extra help with any? Let know.

@Keeper: thank you so much! Working on that ;-)

@aaaasa, kinda vague hint for lvl 42: size matters

@Edgar - should I recognize something in the left side of the picture or am I overthinking?

@aaaasa, maybe overthinking, lol.
We're talking about the pic in egg 1, just to be in the same page, and I think you've found the important thingie. From the left side, the performed 'action' might be considered important as well...

@Edgar - Hmmm I thought the "action" is about r******g one l****r but nope :(

@Edgar : Thank you! I'm starting to get something from the text. But the p****e are going to be a bit difficult as I don't have much knowledge. I got the first, I think, now left with 3,4,6,7,8.
(I should see more, ST's riddles tends to have this as level theme often, lul. ^_^)

While the front-runners are racing to the finish line, I feel as though I am beating a dead horse on Level 28 egg 3. Have tried the usual suspects and some out of the box attempts are all falling short. Could use a ^.


NVM, got 1^.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I see a lot of hints for level 41 egg 1a, but I can't understand them and I am even more confused. I think I need the i*****n a******t, which is shorter. The top row should be read as 26x4, right? But I don't understand what to do with the second row? Help..

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Pipi, the bottom row has one more repetition.

@Ellie, so the length of the second row is 105? And then what to do?

@pipi, yes. Use your prominent 7 to pick from the other string.

43 egg 3. any hint?

Stuck at the same place Mishu. Been looking at two lots of 4 things.

Still at lvl 42 egg 1... is c*****g off l****r the right way to go?

aaaasa c*****g off is right, but not the l****r if I understand you correctly.

You know the original length of the board. Every time the guys performs the 'action' the board changes in size...

Need help on lvl 7. It must be pretty easy as I don't seen any comments. I've done the typical ftf on the first names. I got word (not sure if it's really a word), but it doesn't work. Not really finding anything else to try with google. Just don't know what to try next.

Ohh I see it now... thanks!

Mishu. Did you get a rotten egg on egg 1? Turns out not to be completely wrong after all.

@minkie: i got only a granny egg, no rotten egg

I'm still stuck in lvl 43, Egg 1.
Help me out, plz!!!

43 egg 1: look down and use song name

Mishu, to get that rotten egg I used the song title on two items.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Googling the 6 items together on level 43 will tell you why level 43 egg 1 is the hint Mishu gave to Edgar.
Lol, just to make sure it's not a random guess :)

That's right Mishu

Thank you @Ellie for lvl 41 egg 1. I got it, nut now stuck again on egg 2. I don't know how to align the 2 alphabets this time.

thanks, at 44 now

Level 7, Jpete anagramming that word you found will give a real word. It will give you an egg. Their first names will give you other needed info too.

@minkie - for lvl 43 egg 3, I think I've found where to apply the rotten egg on but there seems to be more than one options for some of them and using both doesn't work apparently :/

Using both should work aaaasa.

But aaaasa, you need to apply the method on egg 2.

@minkie that's what I did but using both ended up giving 6 or 12 letters and neither worked :/

The firsts of the 6 anagram too, to get a rotten egg :)

12 letters is good

stuck on 44 with 2 rotten eggs. what am i missing?

Can't believe I got one of them mixed up... Major facepalm moment for me :P

Hmmmm I'm starting to wonder if lvl 44 is some kind of rebus...

i wonder myself too. because i get nothing else except those 2 rotten eggs

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks, @Edgar for the hint on the 104 characters. That helped me. I'm now stuck on Level 41 Egg 2. This level is making me want to quit :(

Can't make anything out of the hints, lol

Stuck in 43, egg 3. Only rotten egg I have is from egg 1, what am I missing?

egg 3 not needed, go back to egg 2 and apply song on text there


split text and use map

Can't solve anything with mistakes in my notes, lol
Now on 44, thanks all :)

come and rescue us. still with 2 rotten eggs in 44 and nothing else

Still on Level 4, I'm pretty sure the text of each one gives small hint on what to spot, but I was able to find only the 2 m**** that I think i can confirm correct. I'm unsure of the p*****, but I think I have some, unsure of 4,6, and 7 one though. Can I get some more hints on those?


Can anyone give me a hint on how to arrange the a******s in Level 41 Egg 2? The previous technique isn't working, and neither is converting the opposite way 'round. Very close to just throwing in the towel. 40.5/50 ain't bad, I guess.

Level 4: You know the yellow text gives a hint where to find the answers. Not knowing a lot if directors, I googled to get a list of famous ones and then looked for them where it says to find them. All answers are on the level page. (I'm not good at hints, but I think I have the right level you are asking about.)

BFS the previous technique should work. You've already found the letters you need, just mixed in with other letters.

I could use a push on Lvl 30, egg 1. How to narrow the choice?

@BFS, I arranged the a*******s like this: first row 2x26, second row 2x21 and I got part of the answer I guess. There is a confirmation egg. Still wondering how to find the next part.

Thanks, @minkie and @pipi! I finally made it to Level 42. Honestly, I was this close to quitting. I even closed all my windows. Then I reopened them because I couldn't resist. For some reason, the technique of the level just didn't sit right with me.

@pipi: I never actually got a confirmation egg. Are you on Level 41 Egg 3?

Patty It was the K that did it for me. There aren't so many with that letter.

@BFS, there are 2 confirmation eggs (4-letter words each). And I am now on level 42.

Hmm, I've read the hints to aaaasa on Level 42 Egg 1. I can see that the l****h of the board is marked in the picture. But I don't know how much he's c*****g o**? Or what f*****n he's c*****g o**. Am I supposed to reduce each one on the level page by a set amount somehow?

The other way round BFS, you are reducing the one on the egg page.

@BFS, if you make the first calculation and start with the whole l****h, you will end up with an answer. That part is what's c** o**. Next calculation is for a shorter l****h to get a good number.

@Namchokdef - level 4. You are looking for 2 of everything. If you look at all the l*****s as if they were not w***s, you should find what you're looking for.

@Minkie: Thanks! I tried to apply the egg number to the f*******s on the level page and convert. But some of the results are over t****y s**, so I must not be doing the right thing.

*Dutchie, i've double checked my names and grannied them I get a word related to a narcotic which doesn't work.

Level 7, jpete I think I know which word you are referring to, the A is wrong make that an N. And try enter their first names too as answers.

BFS, you start with a l****h and c** off a f******n of it. Then do the same with what remains. Repeatedly.

Level 28 - I'm still here. I abandoned the idea of getting somewhere with those numbers w/o any calculations and moved on to using then to pick letters from the text: second line, first letter; first line second letter etc. I'm about ready to toss that idea too. What else is there to do with these numbers?

Thank you, @patty3ponies, and thank you @Bucksdack.
Find 2? Probably that's what I am missing, I know the method to find, but my notes only have 1 per stuff (and still missing some) so I definitely missing something much more, will rest for now since I can't see how there will be 2.

Also need help on level 7 please. I have all egg 1s and egg 2 and must be having a senior moment(hours?) as can't see what to do with them.

Level 7, the women in the 1a-1h eggs are doing the word that gave you egg 2.

@minkie: Ahh, I was doing it on the same number over and over! Thank you <3

Namchokdef. I think you misunderstood that hint from Bucksdack. I'm sure you were doing the right thing before. For the 4th, you may find him on a Satuday.

Grey text is most of the time technical information, nothing to do with the level solution/trick.

Level 28 is really just about the numbers and picking is a good idea.

In general: Please don't forget to help each other guys. Rememeber; we leave nobody behind on EG24

still in same position at 44 ....

@tialuisa, use the numbers on each other. You need to anagram for the answer.

Level 43 Egg 1 - I've read the hints and I know the s**g, but not how to apply it. I thought it might be about the states on the W*** C**** of the U**? Googling the 6 words together as S-T suggested has left me more confused, though.

googling all 6 you should get k*** and that will help you

@namchokdef, lvl 4 is quite hard if you don't know the. The 4th one should be in the middle somewhere, the 6th one in the first half, and the 7th one italic... to narrow it down.

This comment has been removed by the author.

And thank you Ellie. I'll see what I can do :)

@Mishu: I've found the k**s, but it's the s**g t**** instruction that's throwing me off. I don't know how to apply it to the k**s, especially since "K** W***" doesn't work as an answer.

look down

Stuck on 44 with many others - with two rotten eggs. Have looked at the words in i****** but can't see how to apply that - if it is relevant - to the main image.

Ellie - I have an egg! Thank you so much!

Not to main image, but to the main level.

@Mishu: You mean at the l*****s around that l*c****n on the egg map? I've tried Grannying a few of those and also combining them with the word that led me to the egg. Nothing seems to work. :/

BFS look down in another way, often used in riddles.

Thanks @ST, lvl 45 now.

Bravo, Ellie. How did you solve level 44?

@Minkie: Sorry, I'm just not getting it :/ I've tried looking down the text and picking in loads of different ways, but it doesn't get me anywhere. I'm also struggling to see how doing that links in with the F.Ks. That's my confusion. :/

@pipi, what does ST normally mean with what he just said? Use the main level, not the pic. The rotten egg (longest of the two) help.

@BFS, stop staring at your screen. Your answer is somewhere else. Your hands will know what to write.

ARGH! That was ridiculous. I can't believe how much I learned about the damn F.Ks, lol. I want to take a trip there now, and also to the gallery with that painting from an earlier level. Thank you, @Ellie and @minkie!

@Ellie, I still don't understand. There is no many things in the main level (except the image) - URL and number 44. How to apply the italic words from the rotten egg on that?

@pipi, use the italics literally.

Hm, I just can't figure out how to do it.

@pipi, look carefully at what you have from the main level and read carefully the long italics.

Thank you @Dutchie, I swear I checked and rechecked the quotes. Moving on now.

Been staring at lvl 46 for a little while but it looks horrific to me, so I better go to bed. I refuse to read that (tonight).

Same here Ellie :)

I am so far behind everyone but I will not give up!!! I am on level 17 and have eggs 1a, 1b, and even found egg 2. Nobody else seemed to have a problem with what to do with egg 2 and the gibberish on that one. Any hints?

LOL, Ellie, I came here to type the same thing! I saw that text and my eyes went like: @_@. Goodnight all! Let's come at it with fresh eyes tomorrow. :)

By the way, S-T, Level 45 was super fun! :) Made up for the horrors of Level 41 :P

Thanks Dutchie - got it now.

I thought the text on 46 came from a certain source, but it doesn't - quite. Does this matter?

Bucksdack 17. The word on egg 2 can be split into two parts. The second part tells you what the first part is.

Thank you @minkie2020!

I am also very stuck at level 17, I have eggs 1a and 1b, but I have no clue how to find egg2/confirmation egg
Can someone please give me another hint?

@lennox, Follow all the egg 1 paths and give results to granny. Check for confirmation eggs and that should get you going.

Lennox to get the confirmation egg you need to get words from each colour group to get a message.

My notes are in a mess at this point, but I think that to get egg 2, you need to use the two pics together. The letters are in the same positions in each.

Thank you so much BucksDack and Minkie2020!

LVL 24 - Got Eggs 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, and a confirmation egg for 2b but I cannot get the other confirmation for 2a. I don't know how I got the word for conf. 2b - I don't remember as I was just trying things. I cannot seem to replicate that. I tried using F******* as a k** in the B******* C***** and the string of letters beginning with Y as either plain text or ciphered text.

@Chael615 - You are almost there. Just one last step. Take the output of "F******* as a k** in the B******* C***** and the string of letters beginning with Y as either plain text or ciphered text" and rerun it through B******* C***** using S******* as the K** :)

Level 28 - I'm at egg 3. Hints seem to imply that the method used to get the r***** e** should be used here. Is this the case? (I know this level was not about calculations but...) And if so is it a combination of that method plus the method used to find the other eggs? Thanks!

Level 31, I have egg 2a and 2b so I've got 2 gibberish (or is it one gibberish) and a key and the cipher? I'm not getting anything though. What am I doing wrong? Do I have to run things through the cipher more than once? I've tried that too to no avail.

@tialuisa, for 28 egg 3 notice that bottom numbers are either 1, 2 or 3. What does that remind you of? Use the top numbers ("exponents") to pick letters.

@Puffin - What you had are 2 gibberish and 2 keys. Just run them separately

@Puffin - Thank you so much. Confused on this level from start to finish and now I'm out!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks @aaaasa. I'm a dope and was not using what was staring me in the face.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Namchokdef - if you want to post them here I'll stay put so you can delete them quickly.

@Namchokdef - What have you got so far? If you got all the right ones then granny should help :)

(Also, new comments will appear on the next page)

Huh, it does work! Sorry for the troubles, and thank you, everyone!
Forgot that there's many granny, that was embarrassing....

Good job Namchokdef!

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