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 OK One More is another free online change the url puzzle type riddle game developed by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24. OK One More is another successor of the all record-breaking riddle games A Lot More, Riddle in Blue, Tool Torture Threesome, and Riddle Me Tool. Good luck and have fun!



Please try to leave subtle hints and not give outright answers...but of course when in need, help each other out the best you can!

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What do I even need to look for in lvl 46 :/

Wait, I noticed something

lvl 46 is this a mega w*** s***** level?

@Keeper - not quite. Those w***s do look familiar though :)

I've found many, many little discrepancies in Level 46 between the level text and the original. Do I really need to look for them all??

Oh, hang about... I just noticed something about the boxed words. Going to pause my proof-reading until I've addressed that!

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@aaaasa I think I know what you mean. Let me try with it tonight

I also found what 46 is referring to, but not sure how to apply it to the text. Do you reckon we need to do some counting? I was thinking the word s**** should enter into it somehow.

Level 47. I got Eggs 2 and 3 (not sure how to get Egg 1!?), and I've collected the information requested by Egg 3, but I'm not sure what to do with it. The usual tactics aren't yielding anything.

@shahar: Not sure what s**** is. But your guess is correct. There is something about each pair that should give you an idea of how to use them.

@shahar - yes, some counting is definitely needed.
@BFS - The days give egg 1a but I haven't found 1b yet :/ only a rotten egg

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@aaaasa: Thanks for 1a! For 1b, just read the egg word slightly differently in the context of the sentence, and then make it the opposite.

thanks @aaaasa and @BFS, got to the egg

@Ike: For Egg 2, use the same method that got you the first confirmation egg. The painting is m*****g something different this time. Finding the right thing should get you another confirmation egg.

@BFS - For lvl 47 egg 3, the usual tactics should work.

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@BFS - h**** of s**** should be the right approach if you find the correct list

@aaaasa: Yeah, I was focusing on the wrong country. Got Egg 5 now.

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@BFS - I used same trick and got 6b but can't find 6a :/

@aaaasa: Same here. I thought c*******s might work, but no luck.

@ BFS : thank you !

I am embarrassed to say it, but I am stuck on level 44 since yesterday despite all the hints. Maybe because the language barrier, but I can't understand how to to apply the italic text literally. Is it a rebus?

@pipi - It's not a rebus. Looking up should help you find the place.

@pipi: Don't be embarrassed! As S-T said, you need to apply the italic text literally on the main LEVEL, not the main level PAGE. What if you replaced the creatures with the shape?

@Tialuisa Thank you soooo much for that! It was frustrating being that close and not getting it!

Still trying to find Egg 6a. I feel that it must be something to do with the four words of text, but I'm not sure how to apply them. I do get a word if I pick 1st from 1st, 2nd from 2nd, etc, but it doesn't work as an answer.

(1st from 1st, 2nd from 2nd on the n***s, I meant).

Oh, finally on 45! Thank you all for the help.

LVL 25 - I know the famous musician and his n******* but I cannot find the guy next to him (on his right). I tried to tiny the pic to no avail? How can I find that dude? Thanks again.

@Chael - I was able to find him using Google image search.

lvl 47 egg 5 - I tried to read the egg text a bit differently and had an idea that looked promising but nope :/

@aaaasa: I feel like I've tried soooo many things and nothing works. I even tried P********s' b**** d****, but one was the 31st :(

@Chael - I find Google Lens REALLY helpful for reverse image searching just part of a picture. Before I realised that, I was cropping things in Paint and it was all very laborious!

@BFS - I thought the egg text is a hint about M**** C*** but apparently I was barking at the wrong tree?:/

@aaaasa: Now I'm wondering if it could be related to a cipher that uses h***s. I've been waiting for s*******e and d*****g m** all this time, lol. But I don't see how it can be. Also, surely Egg 6a should be easier to get than 6b? I'm thinking it's something super simple we just haven't cracked.

lvl 46 noticed something in common for each pair but can't figure out how to count. The first pair is too far apart.

@Keeper - do the counting (and picking) in lvl 46

@aaaasa: Any luck on finding Egg 6a? I'm all out of ideas. I've counted and picked and analysed every way I can possibly think of. Now just waiting in the hope that someone will see what I'm missing!

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@Keeper - I think you're good until the very last one. Check the egg pic again :)

Thanks aaaasa, I got a POP moment as well :)

@BFS - Nope :/ running out of ideas also...

47 - got all the way to egg 6b but missed several along the way (1b,2a,2b,2c to say the least). Did anyone get those? I think they might be needed to find 6a.

@shahar - BFS gave a hint above on how to get 1b from 1a, but I only got an egg 2 so I'm not sure if there are 2a, 2b and 2c...

oh, I just realized granny eggs are also numbered eggs (by pic name), so I might have all I need

You can find 2d and 2e from egg 2

@shahar - so are 2d and 2e granny eggs also? I could only find granny eggs 2b and 2c :/

no, they are not granny eggs (2a is)
read the text in egg2 again and think what else to try

Whoaaa, there are eggs 2a to 2e? I had better go on an egg hunt...

Just throwing in some wild ideas but the granny eggs seem to have many h***s... Not sure if red herrings or not :/

I think these are the h***s we need to get to 6a
I have so far 7 eggs with h***s, not sure if I need more

lvl 47 egg 4 I seem to get a lot of "a" or "c". Do I have the right list?

I've found 4 eggs - 2 granny eggs (no letters on them) and 2d and 2e. Shahar, how did you get 2a, b and c?

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Never mind, I found 2a from a different granny. But I still can't find any more eggs with h***s. Shahar, how did you find another two?

@Keeper: Sounds like you're on the right track!

@BFS am I really on the right track? But I just can't form any word :(

@Keeper - you should get a bunch of As but if you ended up with more than one C you may need to check your findings again :)

Level 8 : Going to rest here for now. Currently at Egg 1, and I don't quite understand the hints about the d***** d***. I see that I have to go v*******, but not seeing how to apply the d*****.

47 - 2a 2b 2c are granny eggs for the same granny
you also have 5a and 5b (granny eggs again)

Thank you, @shahar! Finally onto 48 :)

@aaaasa so the youngest two is not C? Should I look at the HS or PM list?

@BFS - Still can't find 2d and 2e... Can I have a hint on what to use

@Keeper - the HS list is what you need

@aaaasa you got the p******, so you are missing the ? and ?

@aaaasa: If you are not in the p*****t, where else could you be?

Thanks both! Now I've got 7 eggs, do I need more?

no, 7 is just right

@shahar thanks! But I can’t make a useful word out of the 7 eggs :/ combining with egg 5 doesn’t seem to help either...

@aaaasa: You should be able to make a useful word out of the 7. Maybe try a different Granny. That should give you the elusive Egg 6a!

@BFS - I tried the usual ways to pick letters but none seemed to work :/ got a good word in the middle but that’s not it either

@aaaasa you dont need to pick letters, they are already there

Level 48. I've found the n***s and can see a message in the f****s. I've been trying to count and pick, or find other patterns/ways to use the n***s/t**t, but I haven't managed to find anything so far (there are so many to work through!).

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Oh please do delete that one, BlackFiresong :)
Of course after aaaasa has read :)

@s-t yes I have read that and now feel embarrassed for not seeing that :P

Sorry, S-T - deleted now :)

Level 8 Namchokdev, egg1: there are two columns (double down) that also gives a 4 letter word in binary.

48 stuck
i got egg , 2 OK eggs and a rotten egg.
i think hint in those OK egg is needed but duno how to use it

@Mishu: How did you progress from the first page?! I'm still stuck there!

just check FTF, no anagram needed!

Level 26: Despite the hints still stuck at egg 7. Any further help please?

@Jay - It's about l**** p******. Don't get discouraged, it seems like you are doing a 'Fine Job.'

@Mishu: I have a 4-word instruction followed by two letters that don't really match the message. Have I found some wrong n***s? The last two I have are H***** and A***.

@BFS those are right, you need to continue reading somehow, not too complicated

@shahar: I tried continuing... the word starting with the two end letters doesn't make sense, but it's followed up by another word which does, and then more unconnected letters after that. I have re-Googled a few and they definitely seem right. Not sure where I'm going wrong. :/

Do I need to include m****e n***s? Or just f***t n***s and s******s?

OMG! Never mind. I was continuing to read the wrong way!

still stuck on 48 in same position.
any hint?

Afraid I'm still stuck with the egg and one OK egg, Mishu. How did you get more?

you should have 2 OK eggs, 2 of those people fits with egg

Level 33 - I have the seven t***** with something in common but am not finding the way to finish the level. May I get a nudge? Thank you!

Ahh, thanks. Wiki only had one listed. Now I'm at the same point as you (fell for the same rotten egg). I want to interpret the OK egg text mathematically, but I'm not sure if that's useful.

I've just noticed on the egg that the m***h depicted is in a l*** y***. Not sure if that's significant in some way.

i tried with l*** y*** but got nothing

You need eight.

Thank you! I had seen that one of the persons has 2 references, but had stupidly missed somebody on the level page...

I am asking again for help. What is level 46 about? I compared the text with the one in wiki page and saw some differences, but nothing rings a bell.

46: those words should be familiar for you

@Mishu, the words in the box or the different words in the text?

words in the box. maybe revisit past will ring a bell

OK, thanks, I think I understand. So, the different words in the text don't matter?

nope, ignore those

PS: 48 hint!!!!! PLS

Seconding the request for a hint on 48!

I don't know how to sort books in lvl 24. I saw hints about columns, so I rotated the image 90° but nothing pops. Can't think out of the box when it's about books...

@Esteban, don't rotate them. Look in columns as they are and have in mind that not all of them are books.

@Esteban: No need to rotate anything. Start by Googling the individual names and seeing what you find. You'll start to understand how to group them.

@Mishu: Any luck on 48? I thought the rotten egg might be referring to it not being about A*******s. So I tried only considering the rest in the original list. I also tried only considering those b**n in l*** y****... and also tried considering only n**-A*******s who were also b**n in l*** y****. Nothing works. Running out of steam/ideas.

i have no more ideas since some time.
just waiting for hint now

lvl 23, my letters dont make a word, I have gotten all the way up to counting up to the 3 different letters, i have triple checked my w**** n****, I found the M******* with the 3 different letters and applied them to the words and then changed the ntol,.. but my letters arent giving me a word... any help please?

Robin maybe try a different solver. The word doesn't show up in the default dictionary at scrabble cheat, but it does in the largest dictionary there.

minkie2020 can you post the link to the solver you used, i have tried too many and still coming up empty.

lvl 23 it is just the ten letters that i need to take to granny correct?

scrabblecheat dot com/OldDefault.aspx
Yes just 10.

just tried that solver again, only coming up with 7 letter words, no 10 letter word at all. I used the 3 letters to get the numbers from full n****, then did the ntol that was correct right? dont know why i cant get a word. did i miss a step somewhere?

@robin - two things to check. Minkie mentioned that the word doesn't come up unless you use the full dictionary. If the option does not say 'largest' in the dictionary box, you need to change it. The other is in the second set of letters my 4th name was wrong. I had a name that was the correct number of letters but was not the correct one. If the second word in your name is not trifluoride, it's not correct.

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ty tia, on it now

In the meantime I'm in the stuck group on level 48, 2 OKs (it seemed), granny and rotten.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@dutchie, thank you! Now stuck on Level 8 Egg 5, I think I'm supposed to use the url on 4 as method, doesn't seems to work much. I saw some hints that you need to be bigger, not sure how to apply that though. Do notice that the row is weird amount, is that something in the right way?

ok so my L******** did not have trifluoride, but that didnt seem to fix the issue, im wondering if any of my other second names are wrong even though they were what came up when i looked up the element initials, because that one has a different combination than the one on the page??

@Namchokdef - that's right. You want to go like the trail in the background of the pic. Start top left. You'll get 5 letters.

Wow I need help with Lvl 24. I found egg 1a and 2b but am so stuck now. I don't know how to deal with the other items on the shelf (i'm finding food, cars, songs, movies, perfumes, etc.). So, I think 1b comes from the level but egg 2a comes from egg 1a and have no idea how to get either.

Namchokdef. On those numbers, start top left and go right, then continue to follow the instructions in the egg 4 url to get 5 letters.

Robin, It's pretty quiet here now, so if you post your letters within the next 5 minutes, then I can check them. When I have done so you can delete your post.

@Robin - just checking, have you now googled something like "ErF3 (chemical formula)" to get the full correct name? because none of that name was right.

@Robin, @Ellie posted the lengths of her words and that helped me confirm....
7, 11, 6, 18, 18
8, 16, 10, 17, 21

Robin, as a less satisfactory solution. Go to granny, add a wildcard, and check out all 10 letter solutions.

@Hancock - Did you notice that the authors in egg 1a all have something in common? you can use that to find another egg on the level page. Look carefully at the bookcase there, The (level page) authors are the 'dots'

Hancock, I missed your earlier post. For egg 1b. You wouldn't be able to read those books in printed form, so try something else.
I will check on the other thing you are missing.

Hancock for egg 2a use the other half of what got you 2b.

@ hancock my numbers are all correct, not sure which word to change to trifluoride though (as suggested) because it changes the count
@ Minkie i have already looked up all 10 letter words and got through most of them before i asked for help, just dont know what i am doing wrong , everyone seemed to get it right off but my letters wont anagram even with largest dictionary

@Robin, the 17 letter one is an element + triflouride. That one had me scrambling for a while.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hancock thank you so much, that was the issue, came right up for me when i fixed that one.

Yay Robin, you made it at last :)

Thank you Minkie and Tialuisa, progress! got 1b. 2a still eludes me...one of my authors must be wrong...

Aha, those darn "nom de plumes" will throw you off everytime....got 2a

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@Keeper - Are you looking at the list of h**** of s**** of A********?


Level 36 - Ow! That final rotten egg was a gut puncher. Sorry s-t, I'm going to have to respectfully decline your request...:)

Just curious, for level 39 what was the word for 110 across? I couldn't figure it out for the life of me but I was able to solve the level anyway.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks, @tialuisa and @minkie, I was applying the url wrong and didn't notice that clue in the picture, onto Level 9 now!

I have 2 rotten eggs and 1 y/n egg on Level 37. Looking for a good one. Any suggestions? Thanks!

@tialuisa - counting and picking should help

@tialuisa some counting may help

Thank you both!:)!

Ah great someone found the last rotten egg on 36 :)
Glad you liked it, tialuisa

110 across = rhonchisonant

Back from out of town, and now stuck on Level 25. I saw the hind about Googling the l*** n***s of the two in the middle together to get a Wiki page, but I cannot find a Wiki page that way. A little push please?

@Laurie - they’re not ordinary n***s, the pic name tells you what kind of n*** they are. With this keyword you should be able to find the Wiki page that’s helpful :)

@aaaasa -- I can't find that kidg of n*** for the one in the third pic. I did find it for the one in the second pic.

@Laurie - the two l*** n***s together are n*******s for something else

@aaaasa -- do you mean the real n***s put together make a n*******, or the n*******s of the two put together make a n******* for something else?

@Laurie - use the real ones together in your Google search

Did anyone get any update on lvl 48? :(
Tried to play around with what the old man said in the rotten egg and the f****t, but nothing worked

@Keeper - I'm still trying to figure out how to continue reading the f****s in the main level to find the OK eggs :/

@tialuisa thanks for trying to help me on level 26 but still don't get it. I understand in egg 7 f*** j** somehow is the question and the f*** on the level page somehow shall be the hint, is that correct? Am I searching some kind of nick name of the f***? Sorry I feel quite stupid here ...

@jay you have 7 eggs, and f***j** has 7 letters. Use it to pick

@aaaasa have you got any eggs yet?

@Keeper - Nope :/ Only have the f****s that spelled out a message

@Keeper: I'm not sure what f****t is. I'm all out of ideas on 48, so just looking for new inspiration!

@minkie: You said you found a Granny egg? I didn't find one of those. I only have the main egg, two OK eggs and a rotten.

@aaaasa: You actually need two sets of f****s for the full message. So you need to use both parts of the n***s.

@aaaasa: Unless you've already found the initial egg? You need the initial egg in order to know what to do to find the OK eggs. The OK eggs are not to do with f****s.

@BFS - Thanks! I think I got the initial egg now.

Thanks pipi and BFS. I sorted books and non books at lvl 24. I feel really useless... Still stucked.

@BFS I think the granny egg is the granny of the rotten egg

@Keeper: Ah OK, got that one now. Doesn't help, sadly. I had hoped it would give me some more inspo, lol.

@Esteban: Did you note down the a*****s of the books? That should help you find something.

I am 87.3% sure the way the date presented in the ok eggs is the way to go, either as m**** operation or just a method for picking letters, but nothing I try to pick letters from (names/original text etc) works.

Yes! Got 1a thanks BFS. Now looking for 1b!

Also stuck on lvl 48 with two ok, one rotten and a granny egg.

I agree with you shahar, I think date presentation is the way to go. Tried picking and counting in every possible way since yesterday. Nothing Ive tried works. A small nudge to get us out of this stuck party would be appreciated

@Esteban: Yay! The text at the bottom of Egg 1a should help you find Egg 1b from the main level using your earlier separation of the collection into 2 categories.

@shahar: I am also focused on that unusual formatting. It does feel like that is the right thing to focus on. But I just can't figure out how to apply it.

@esteban: Take a good look at what you have sorted.
I have a feeling you can see what you need.

The rotten egg is telling you it was one of my tricks and you fell for it and I thought it would be clear then the ok eggs were in fact rotten eggs too. And there's a sorry, a bit an apology for naming them ok eggs.

Anyway, the hint is on the egg.
(and no, not the leap year thingy)

I made some progress in lvl 24. Got 2a. But no way to 1b... I can't find anything in common (except that I read most of them).

@Esteban: Focus on the once you can read. If you cant see it, you might feel it

Thanks for the hint, S-T. Though now I am even more confused, as the egg seems pretty sparse!


Hope you have found your way through level 24 @Esteban
I have 1b but am completely stuck on how to get 1a?

@BFS seems to me the only thing that could be hinted on the egg and we didn't focus on is d** o* w*** (if you understand what I mean), either that or the exact location of the date on the calendar.

@lennox: The books can be grouped by a*****. Use those a****r n***s for 1a.

@shahar: I was also thinking the same. I actually checked those yesterday for everybody's d*** o* b**** and there are 4 whose d***s o* b**** match the circled d** o* t** w***. Their f****s actually form a good word, but sadly that doesn't work. I don't know how close or far I am with that line of inquiry.

Level 13, how many eggs are there?

@dutchie: I have 6 eggs in my notes (one of which is rotten).

Ok, thanks BFS.

@shahar: I found the original image of the c***, and it has a few more d***s circled, as well as additional words. Don't know if any of that is relevant or if I'm just adding to the confusion! Haven't managed to make any headway so far with the additional information.

@BFS OMG the one thing I hadn't tried, thank you!

Hi everyone! I'm happy to be here (thank you S-T). I managed to get to level 36 egg 1a (thanks to all of you) but don't know what to do to get egg 1b. Could I have a small hint?

Still stuck on Level 25. I have read to Google the l*** n***s of the two in the middle together to get a Wiki page. The n***s I have are y**** and k***. Is this correct? Because Googling them together does not get me a Wiki page. What it gets me is a list of matches for a musical artist. Is this the right track?

@Laurie: The n***s are correct. I had the same problem, add one more thing together with them in your google search to get a good result

@Laurie put AND in between the two names and then Google

@Laurie - searching them together with the word "and" and put everything in quotation marks ("y**** and k***") should give something

(just noticed that the three of us posted increasingly explicit hints at the same time :P)


Just the lowercase letters (no anagram) will get you to 36 egg 1b

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