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OK One More is another free online change the url puzzle type riddle game developed by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24. OK One More is another successor of the all record-breaking riddle games: A Lot More, Riddle in Blue, Tool Torture Threesome, and Riddle Me Tool. Good luck and have fun!

Please try to leave subtle hints and not give outright answers...but of course when in need, help each other out the best you can!

If you find any broken link about this game, please report and let us know by contacting us. We will add working link if there is any alternative. You may also report any game bugs or problems about games directly to developers from their websites.
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Too bad, some blogger issues and now all 4400 comments are gone.
But while it was being played I made copies of all the comments and I will post those the next few days/weeks :)

1) Leroy 10/8/21, 4:08 PM
wpw ST lives LOL

2) Zoe 10/8/21, 5:02 PM
Yes...he lives to drive us crazy one more time....or is it???

3) Janet 10/8/21, 6:28 PM
Thanks small-tool. Your riddles remind me of how EG24 used to be - friends playing together, laughing and helping each other. You have a gift and it's appreciated.

4) aaaasa 10/9/21, 12:54 AM
Wooooh let's goooooo!

5) small-tool 10/9/21, 12:59 AM
Thank you very much for posting, Zoe :)

I hope you all have a lot of fun playing :)

6) dutchie 10/9/21, 1:00 AM
Awesome! Thank you once again for taking the time and effort to keep us busy for a while with yet another great riddle.

7) Zoran 10/9/21, 1:19 AM

ST, thanks for new riddle, but for me, a headache :)

8) aaaasa 10/9/21, 1:27 AM
Channel 5 - I suppose Google is not needed, is it?

9) BlackFiresong 10/9/21, 1:31 AM
I was so delighted to receive that email! Bring it on, S-T! I knew your well was not empty yet :)

10) dutchie 10/9/21, 1:35 AM
For channel 5:

It's not Google, you can 'count' on that.

11) aaaasa 10/9/21, 1:43 AM
I've counted in different ways but couldn't get a good word though :/

12) Ike 10/9/21, 1:47 AM
o dear :-) Thx S-T

13) Keeper 10/9/21, 1:48 AM
Hi there =)

14) BlackFiresong 10/9/21, 1:55 AM
I feel really thick, but I'm stuck on Channel 2. I must be overcomplicating it, but I've tried a bunch of things with constellations and also with m**** s**** and I just can't get anything. A hint, please?

15) aaaasa 10/9/21, 1:57 AM
Channel 2 - You might need to check the names again :)

16) BlackFiresong 10/9/21, 2:02 AM
Thanks, aaaasa! That was a cheeky one from S-T! Good to see you again, by the way :)

17) aaaasa 10/9/21, 2:06 AM
You're welcome :) I'm still trying to count in Channel 5 though

18) Keeper 10/9/21, 2:12 AM
Start to get stuck at channel 10...

19) aaaasa 10/9/21, 2:12 AM
Nvm turned out I had a really bad eyesight for that one lol

20) Edgar 10/9/21, 2:32 AM
Thanks! It's been a while!! :)

21) BlackFiresong 10/9/21, 2:39 AM
@Keeper - stuck at Channel 10 with you. Not sure if I'm meant to know who they all are? 'Cause I definitely don't, lol.

22) Zoran 10/9/21, 2:47 AM
Stuck on Channel 2. Check all names(z....c) animal etc, and nothing. No idea.

23) BlackFiresong 10/9/21, 3:25 AM
@Zoran - not all the c************s are z****c names. For one of them, you may need to check Wiki to get the correct name. Alternatively, if you have four of the names, you can probably brute force it (you should get a word without Granny).

24) Keeper 10/9/21, 3:27 AM
@Zoran one of the names is tricky
@BFS any progress from you? can't believe an "intro" level can be so difficult

25) Zoran 10/9/21, 4:09 AM
BF & Keeper, thanks

26) Indigo 10/9/21, 4:18 AM
I'm usually not too bad with URL changing riddles, but this one seems rather different and I can't even get past go! Please could I have a hint?

27) aaaasa 10/9/21, 4:38 AM
@indigo - clicking around may help :)

28) Leroy 10/9/21, 5:10 AM
still limbering ip my brain LOL

29) tialuisa 10/9/21, 5:49 AM
Good morning and thank you s-t!! So happy to play with everyone!

30) Indigo 10/9/21, 5:57 AM
aaaasa... duh! Thanks :)

31) Laurie W 10/9/21, 6:58 AM
Stuck on Channel 10 as well. Tried a bunch of things, but no luck

32) tialuisa 10/9/21, 7:09 AM
Stuck on Channel 10. Maybe the batteries in the remote died...

33) Laurie W 10/9/21, 7:14 AM
Channel 10 --I thought it might be ****e (with a sort of hint from the text), but I can't find a way to get anything meaningful from that.

34) maremoto 10/9/21, 7:18 AM
I'm stuck on channel 9. tried to change the url with what i read from movies titles but without any luck

35) mehroon 10/9/21, 7:20 AM
Stuck on level 10

36) Laurie W 10/9/21, 7:21 AM
@maremoto -- maybe you did it the wrong way? Try using what you didn't use.

37) dutchie 10/9/21, 7:21 AM
For channel 10: I think I see a Daisy and a Dottie among those girls and some are short, some are long.

38) mehroon 10/9/21, 7:22 AM
Maremoto - only the winners

39) tialuisa 10/9/21, 7:29 AM
Thank you dutchie!

40) maremoto 10/9/21, 7:31 AM
thank you mehroon, it was so easy!

41) Di999 10/9/21, 7:32 AM
Hi all and so glad to find another riddle ST, even though I know it will take me months!

42) maremoto 10/9/21, 7:37 AM
thank you Laurie, as well

43) aaaasa 10/9/21, 7:40 AM
Still can't quite recognize the girls in Channel 10 as the first and the second set look the same to me :/

44) Laurie W 10/9/21, 7:44 AM
@aaaasa -- it doesn't matter who they are. In each group, there is a subtle variation in h****t. Use that along with m**** to get l*****s.

45) aaaasa 10/9/21, 7:46 AM
@Laurie - I've tried that but what I got still couldn't form a word :/

46) Laurie W 10/9/21, 7:48 AM
@aaaasa -- all you using all 5?

47) aaaasa 10/9/21, 7:50 AM
@Laurie - Yes, I used all 5 and got something like wkoeg

48) Chael615 10/9/21, 7:50 AM
Here we go again!

49) tialuisa 10/9/21, 8:03 AM
@aaaasa - Some of those women are shorter than you think.

50) aaaasa 10/9/21, 8:11 AM
Ahh so I looked at the wrong thing... thanks tialuisa :)

51) Keeper 10/9/21, 8:11 AM
Channel 17 I don't spot anything. Gotta sleep now, please leave me a hint :)

52) aaaasa 10/9/21, 8:22 AM
Channel 12 - I've calculated and converted but one of the results is less than 1... Now what :/

53) pipi 10/9/21, 8:22 AM
Hi! I need some help on channel 16, please? I don't know on what to apply the numbers.

54) Laurie W 10/9/21, 8:31 AM
Channel 11 -- is it the obvious cipher? I've tried every which way to get a word from that, but no luck so far?

55) aaaasa 10/9/21, 8:35 AM
Laurie - the c**** is important

56) pipi 10/9/21, 8:36 AM
Channel 11 - the number of the pigs is a hint.
Channel 12 - the names of the participants are not random

57) aaaasa 10/9/21, 9:03 AM
Channel 16 - apply numbers on the n***s

58) aaaasa 10/9/21, 9:05 AM
@Keeper - maybe spot again when you wake up :)

59) maremoto 10/9/21, 9:11 AM
Laurie number and color of the pigs are important

60) pipi 10/9/21, 9:18 AM
aaaasa, thanks for the hint. But I am not sure how to do it. First letters? Whole n**e?

61) Laurie W 10/9/21, 9:19 AM
Thanks pipi and maremoto. Now I'm stuck on Channel 13. I've got f**e w***s, but don't know what to do with them.

62) Laurie W 10/9/21, 9:21 AM
NVM, I got it.

63) Laurie W 10/9/21, 9:21 AM
It sometimes seems that posting a request for help makes it suddenly click in my brain what to do.

64) BucksDack 10/9/21, 9:26 AM
Hi All! Seeing a new riddle game made my day! I seem to be on the wrong track for Channel 5. Is it about the ball?

65) BucksDack 10/9/21, 9:29 AM
Hi All! Seeing a new riddle game made my day! I seem to be on the wrong track for Channel 5. Is it about the ball?

66) aaaasa 10/9/21, 9:37 AM
pipi - first letters but not f**** n***s

67) tialuisa 10/9/21, 9:38 AM
@BucksDack - It's about the groups of players.

68) BucksDack 10/9/21, 9:39 AM
Thanks @tialuisa! Got it!

69) pipi 10/9/21, 9:47 AM
Thank you, aaaasa. Got 16 now

70) Puzzled 10/9/21, 9:54 AM
Thanks you very much ST for this new riddle!! I am so happy that I don't mind to admit that I'm stuck already in channel 02. Checked the names but nada.

71) tialuisa 10/9/21, 10:16 AM
@Puzzled - did you find the other name for the second constellation? There is a similar constellation that can be seen from countries such as New Zealand, Argentina, South Africa...

72) Puzzled 10/9/21, 10:23 AM
@tialuisa, thank you :)

73) Laurie W 10/9/21, 10:32 AM
Channel 17 -- I have no idea how to even start. A tiny hint, please.

74) tialuisa 10/9/21, 10:39 AM
I'm at Channel 17 also. Saw aaaasa's hint but am needing a not so subtle hint.

75) patty3ponies 10/9/21, 10:49 AM
17. Maybe enlarge to spot the spots?

76) dutchie 10/9/21, 10:49 AM
For channel 17, after enlarging the pic I spotted something.

77) patty3ponies 10/9/21, 10:50 AM
So happy small-tool has gifted us with a FUN new riddle!!

78) patty3ponies 10/9/21, 10:51 AM
Hi, Dutch, I've tried lots of things on channel 18, haven't found the focus yet.

79) tialuisa 10/9/21, 10:55 AM
Thank you patty3poines and dutchie!!

80) patty3ponies 10/9/21, 10:56 AM
NVM, think I have it. Sorry about name-autocorrected.

81) dutchie 10/9/21, 10:57 AM
Hi patty3ponies :)

For channel 18, make sure you check every corner of the screens.

82) dutchie 10/9/21, 10:57 AM
too late lol

83) amy 10/9/21, 10:59 AM
oh my goodness! Here we go again haha. thank you s-t. I'm sure this will keep me busy for weeks!

84) ceebee 10/9/21, 11:02 AM
Thanks for the new riddle Small, great to see that you made another :D

85) molly 10/9/21, 12:10 PM
Channel 12- Stuck here. Do I need to know the names of the characters? Nor do I know how to calculate those hours, minutes ...

86) patty3ponies 10/9/21, 12:21 PM
12. 3600sec/hour; 60 sec/min. Names given are important. Not characters. You're looking for distance; distance =speed x time.

87) amy 10/9/21, 12:25 PM
i'm worried what's to come if these are the intro levels lol. already stuck on channel 5. I've counted my groups but not sure what to use them on.

88) BucksDack 10/9/21, 12:30 PM
Amy, do you have 5 groups?

89) BucksDack 10/9/21, 12:37 PM
Molly, I'm right there with you. I calculated the distance but not clear how to apply the distance to the participants. I tried using the distance to pick but not coming up with anything yet

90) patty3ponies 10/9/21, 12:37 PM
channel 25. My TV is broken and I can't fix it!

91) patty3ponies 10/9/21, 12:47 PM
12. Take those names to google and see if you don't get a wiki page.

92) Laurie W 10/9/21, 1:09 PM
Channel 25 -- stuck here along with p3p. Anyone finish this one yet?

93) tialuisa 10/9/21, 1:11 PM
Channel 23 - I found the c******* of the other c******** shown on the map, although not sure what to use, if anything, for the lower left region. I found the message in M****** although I seem to be misinterpreting it because I tried removing those last 4 l****** from the C******* and grannying what remained but got nothing for it. A nudge in the right direction would be most welcome.

94) Esteban 10/9/21, 1:15 PM
Hi! Stuck at Channel 8...Tried using colors. No luck..

95) patty3ponies 10/9/21, 1:15 PM
23. You sound like you are close. Take the the ones that don't belong there and use where they do belong.

96) small-tool 10/9/21, 1:16 PM
NOT A HINT: but to avoid confusion in the comments:
Channel 25 has no eggs! So when 25 solved you have a broken channel and that's the last part of the intro levels/channels, in a way you can name that part channel 26.

97) patty3ponies 10/9/21, 1:17 PM
8. Find the ones that belong under 8's URL.

98) Laurie W 10/9/21, 1:18 PM
@ tialuisa -- ignore the other c*******s on the map. Look carefully at the c****s shown in the map of M******. Do all of them belong there? Or do some of them belong elsewhere?

99) tialuisa 10/9/21, 1:22 PM
Thanks patty3ponies! Let me think on that!

100) tialuisa 10/9/21, 1:23 PM
Thank you as well Laurie W!

101) patty3ponies 10/9/21, 1:25 PM
Thanks, small-tool, but how do we find our way to the regular levels??? Part of the riddle, I'm sure.

102) small-tool 10/9/21, 1:28 PM

You have to solve that last channel. It's broken but there are still hints like the url, the name of the channel and the yellow.

103) Esteban 10/9/21, 1:30 PM
Thanks patty3ponies but I don't get it. Under url?

104) patty3ponies 10/9/21, 1:38 PM
Esteban, what is your answer that got you to 8?

105) pipi 10/9/21, 1:42 PM
I am stuck on 24 now. I am not sure what is the blue object and the one under it.

106) small-tool 10/9/21, 1:42 PM
Are you sure you are hinting channel 8
Looks more like you're hinting channel 9 :P

For channel 8 I would say, maybe Google that man and find out what's very special about him.

107) Esteban 10/9/21, 1:47 PM
@patty3ponies. Thanks! I'll sleep on it (Iseem to be the only one stucked at 8...)

108) Esteban 10/9/21, 1:52 PM
Thanks s-t!!! And thanks for the game!

109) molly 10/9/21, 1:57 PM
channel 12 ... thanks .. done
with wiki came out

110) BucksDack 10/9/21, 2:02 PM
Thanks for the excellent clue for Channel 12 @patty3ponies!

111) Laurie W 10/9/21, 2:13 PM
@pipi -- you don't need to know what the objects are, just some characteristic that they have, hinted at by the text. Use that characteristic with the text.

112) Laurie W 10/9/21, 2:14 PM
Anyone get their TV fixed yet?

113) Indigo 10/9/21, 2:40 PM
I'm doing really badly here... is it necessary to know something about the types of movies in Channel 3? I've never watched them (in fact had never even heard of any of them!) and googling isn't helping me.

114) BucksDack 10/9/21, 2:46 PM
Indigo, not about types of movies. These the v******s. Find the m****s.

115) Indigo 10/9/21, 3:04 PM
BucksDack - yes, sorry, I misspoke - I did work out they're the v******s and the m****s they are in, but they don't seem to be connected in any way apart from the general genre. I think I'm going to have to give up - I'm usually a good lateral thinker but am getting nowhere!

116) BucksDack 10/9/21, 3:14 PM
Don't give up Indigo! FTF the m****s should work without granny.

117) BucksDack 10/9/21, 3:17 PM
Channel 13 - anyone have a hint how to get the f*** w****? I tried to find what each character might say but that's not working so far.

118) tialuisa 10/9/21, 3:26 PM
@BucksDack - Futurama + Omniglot

119) BucksDack 10/9/21, 3:38 PM
Thanks @tialuisa! I didn't know about Omniglot.

120) minkie2020 10/9/21, 4:22 PM
Almost missed this (my fault). Thanks S-T Jumping in :)

121) jpete 10/9/21, 4:55 PM
OK, I've gone stupid already on Ch 3. Have the movies, but just can't solve it

122) molly 10/9/21, 4:57 PM
channel 16..I don't know where to apply the numbers..

123) tialuisa 10/9/21, 5:02 PM
@jpete - ftf will do it with the right movies.
@molly - Apply to the firsts of the lasts.

124) jpete 10/9/21, 5:03 PM
NVM left out a letter. Moving on.

125) patty3ponies 10/9/21, 5:19 PM
Esteban, so sorry I got the cart ahead of the horse. No wonder you were confused. My bad.

126) tialuisa 10/9/21, 5:38 PM
Channel 24 - I've been here for a while now :( I read about the text hinting at a characteristic that the objects on the shelf share, and that all makes sense to me, but I can't take it any further. I also found what looks like the beginning of a question in the text (2 words). Should I just forget about that or is it useful? Thank you!

127) Codeman 10/9/21, 5:38 PM
Welcome back, small-tool!

128) aaaasa 10/9/21, 5:41 PM
tialuisa - as the above hint suggests, apply the property of the objects to the text itself :)

129) tialuisa 10/9/21, 5:47 PM
Thank you aaaasa! And just to be sure I understand, the property they share is that they are all p**yh******, right?

130) aaaasa 10/9/21, 5:51 PM
tialuisa - more like p***g**s to me :)

131) aaaasa 10/9/21, 5:52 PM
And to fix the tv - writing everything down and follow the yellow should help :)

132) tialuisa 10/9/21, 5:57 PM
Ok. Thanks aaaasa. I'll keep working on it:)

133) aaaasa 10/9/21, 6:15 PM
Meanwhile trying to figure out how to do with the n*****s in lvl 3... I wonder if Google is needed :/

134) amy 10/9/21, 6:40 PM
s-t, what was that cipher decoder website you recommended? I don't remember the name but it was so helpful!

135) Keeper 10/9/21, 6:55 PM
Hm... how to fix the tv? Following aaaasa's hint, I get a 7 letters as*****, but it doesn't form a word.

136) aaaasa 10/9/21, 7:11 PM
Keeper - did you follow yellow closely? If you did, you should get more than 7 letters :)

137) Laurie W 10/9/21, 7:11 PM
and on to the "real" riddle.

138) amy 10/9/21, 7:17 PM
channel 11. I think i know what I need to do but I'm drawing a blank on what cipher to use

139) jpete 10/9/21, 7:26 PM
Stuck on channel 10. Understand h****t (sort of), but don't know what else to look at.

140) Laurie W 10/9/21, 7:30 PM
@amy -- well, it's either one thing or the other.

141) Keeper 10/9/21, 7:32 PM
@aaaasa thanks, I guess I need 12/13 letters? But I can't really pick anything meaningful

142) Laurie W 10/9/21, 7:33 PM
@amy -- I'm not s-t, but I think what you want is Red Luth Riddle Tools? It is very helpful.

143) Laurie W 10/9/21, 7:35 PM
@keeper -- you should get about twice that many letters, but you don't need all of them for the URL. No granny required though.

144) Laurie W 10/9/21, 7:37 PM
@jpete -- the h*****s are either one thing or another. They are in small groups. You need something to convert small groups of two different values into something meaningful.

145) Laurie W 10/9/21, 7:38 PM
@ aaaasa -- thanks, I got the TV fixed. I wasn't following it correctly.

146) amy 10/9/21, 7:43 PM
@Laurie yes that's it! thank you!

147) aaaasa 10/9/21, 7:54 PM
lvl 4 - Having some ideas about the pic and the text but none seemed to work :/

148) Keeper 10/9/21, 7:58 PM
@laurie thank you, I was looking at the wrong thing. lvl 1 now

149) jpete 10/9/21, 8:16 PM
Thank you Laurie W. had to walk away for a bit and clear my head. Moving on.

150) Keeper 10/9/21, 8:23 PM
lvl 1 egg2: is google needed or just letter picking?

151) aaaasa 10/9/21, 8:29 PM
Keeper - remember what lvl 1 is about? Google should be helpful here :)

152) amy 10/9/21, 8:30 PM
@jpete did you figure out ch. 11? I'm still stuck. I think my brain might be done for the night lol

153) Zoran 10/9/21, 8:55 PM
Channel 3, I found the names of all the movies (TV shows), the names of the actors, but I still don't know what to look for. Small push please.

154) amy 10/9/21, 8:59 PM
@zoran just focus on the titles :)

155) Zoran 10/9/21, 9:11 PM
Channel 3, Nothing. I tried to count, genre, first thing first, and no results, or am I so stupid and blind.

156) Laurie W 10/9/21, 9:14 PM
Level 2?! Do I need H*** or A****?

157) Zoran 10/9/21, 9:20 PM
Laurie W, A****

158) Eric911 10/9/21, 10:13 PM
@aaaasa : seems we are both at the same point :-/

159) dutchie 10/9/21, 10:21 PM
For Level 4, the yellow text in picture hides a hint telling you what to look for.

160) aaaasa 10/9/21, 10:25 PM
dutchie - I think I'm seeing a d***** s*** in the pic... is it relevant?

161) aaaasa 10/9/21, 10:26 PM
@Zoran - FTF should give a word
@Laurie - just put them together

162) Eric911 10/9/21, 10:27 PM
@Dutchie : I noticed something in the "titles" but it gave not even an egg. Is it what you suggest?

163) Keeper 10/9/21, 10:30 PM
@aaaasa thanks but I'm still stuck at lvl 1 egg2, not really sure what to google. Tried to combine some of the words with the level's theme but still got nothing. Can I have a bigger hint please?

164) aaaasa 10/9/21, 10:42 PM
@Keeper - think about one of the steps you did to get the letters for egg2, now do it the other way round on those in the egg

165) Zoran 10/9/21, 10:44 PM
aaaasa, ftf doesn't help, I got words with T ****, H ****, A ****, but not a single word is the answer :(

166) dutchie 10/9/21, 10:45 PM
Level 4 Sorry no idea what you mean with d***** s*** ,(my knowledge of the asteriks language is zero) but look for hidden words. The CAPITAL words like MOVIE tells you what to look for.And as far as I know there are no confirmation eggs. Answer is an anagram. I suck at giving hints sorry :(

167) aaaasa 10/9/21, 10:50 PM
@dutchie - Oh I think I know what to look at now... Thanks!

168) Zoran 10/9/21, 11:08 PM
Channel 2, FTF is from a series and not a movie.

169) Keeper 10/10/21, 12:26 AM
@aaaasa thanks, on lvl 2 now

170) Zoran 10/10/21, 12:27 AM
aaaasa thanks, stuck on channel 12

171) aaaasa 10/10/21, 12:47 AM
lvl 5 - Not sure how to apply the d********s to the pic :/

172) dutchie 10/10/21, 12:55 AM
For level 5: check the names, it might take some Time but there are a Number of things to find there, then apply that to grid.

173) Keeper 10/10/21, 1:06 AM
lvl 3 am I supposed to rearrange the words such that the numbers can fit into them? But I don't seem to find a solution

174) Eric911 10/10/21, 1:12 AM
Channel 4: c*****d quite everything in the pic and got nothing relevant.

175) Keeper 10/10/21, 1:14 AM
@eric c**** the right place to pick

176) aaaasa 10/10/21, 1:19 AM
@Keeper - No need to rearrange but you do need to find the fits. The pic name and the numbers may help :)

177) aaaasa 10/10/21, 1:34 AM
lvl 6 - Are there any confirmation eggs to find?

178) Puzzled 10/10/21, 1:36 AM
Channel 13 - Got the translation and stuck

179) Keeper 10/10/21, 1:49 AM
@aaaasa yes I'm aware of the p** n*** and hence was thinking of rearranging the words to fit the number of letters b****** the words. Should we find out the b****** of each word first? Is the white text important to remove something?

180) pipi 10/10/21, 1:59 AM
I am on level 1 and I found 1 egg, but I can't find the other one. Hint, please.

181) minkie2020 10/10/21, 2:05 AM
Stuck with Pipi on starter levels 13. Told I'm overthinking, but don't know how to underthink.

182) Keeper 10/10/21, 2:10 AM
@puzzled/minkie don't overthink, simple picking
@pipi egg1 hints you what in the main level to focus on

183) Ike 10/10/21, 2:11 AM
channel 13: how do I find which language to use?

184) Fossa 10/10/21, 2:14 AM
@pipi, on egg 1 lvl 1 you need google the main page and use the result. I stuck at egg2 here)
Come to me please and help me)

185) Fossa 10/10/21, 2:16 AM
@Ike, at channel 13 you need no languages. Just google names with the main theme of the lvl

186) aaaasa 10/10/21, 2:19 AM
@Keeper - yes, you need to find what w*** fits b****** each pair. the white text may be helpful if you found more than one fit for a pair

187) Puzzled 10/10/21, 2:19 AM
Ouch! I was overthinking ... and this is only training levels ... Thanks Keeper :) @Ike, these "people" speak it ;)

188) minkie2020 10/10/21, 2:21 AM
Me too puzzled! Seems I couldn't count to 3!

189) Fossa 10/10/21, 2:27 AM
Ouuff, on 2 lvl now

190) mehroon 10/10/21, 2:29 AM
Level 1 egg 2 - Googling is not giving anything worthwhile.

191) Fossa 10/10/21, 2:32 AM
@mehroon, on main page you did some action with google before picking. Jn egg2 do the reverse action for all phrases using google

192) aaaasa 10/10/21, 2:43 AM
lvl 7 - I'm pretty sure I've identified the right person but can't get one egg :/

193) Keeper 10/10/21, 2:45 AM
@aaaasa thank you! I was doing something completely wrong!! On lvl 4 now

194) Ike 10/10/21, 2:47 AM
@ puzzled: thx

195) BlackFiresong 10/10/21, 3:29 AM
Stuck on Channel 14. I found the P********s, but I can't get a word out of them.

196) aaaasa 10/10/21, 3:31 AM
@BFS - if you get all of them correct, you should get a word from FTF

197) Fossa 10/10/21, 3:34 AM
@BFS, use first names

198) small-tool 10/10/21, 3:35 AM
Almost 200 games, meaning:

New comments will appear on the next page

Good to see you all playing guys :)
Hope you have fun.

199) aaaasa 10/10/21, 3:37 AM
Getting dizzy at lvl 8 egg 4 @_@

200) BlackFiresong 10/10/21, 3:45 AM
Thanks, @aaaasa and @Fossa. I had the method right but one of the names wrong!

I think this is a bit easier

Most of the comments here

It's not all, but the last 200 or so comments I will post later :)

The way back machine (link in comment above this one) captured the first 4.000 comments.
Meaning if you click newer there it will work up till EG24 comment page 20.
If you click newest you get nothing.
The + 4.000 comments I will be posting now :)

4001) Fossa 12/16/21, 1:09 AM
@Eric911, no. Each line is a like a part of a charade-game. 1st line 2 letters, 2nd line 2 letters, 3rd line - 1.

4002) Eric911 12/16/21, 1:14 AM
That's what I thought... Wrong way or overthinking... Let's start again from the beginning :/

4003) Fossa 12/16/21, 1:31 AM
@Eric, ABCDE without CDE means AB (2 letters) ;)

4004) Abraxxass 12/16/21, 3:59 AM
tialuisa thank you so much :) onto 15

4005) Abraxxass 12/16/21, 6:35 AM
could someone please help me with level 16? I got 4 eggs and tried v******, b****** and R** with the key "e********", but I only get gibberish, tahnk :)

4006) tialuisa 12/16/21, 7:10 AM
@Abraxxass - The key is not the url...

4007) Abraxxass 12/16/21, 7:18 AM
okay, I got the same word (e*********) four times with b******..and now?

4008) tialuisa 12/16/21, 7:40 AM
@Abraxxass - Not sure where it's going off for you. The gibberish is on the level page and the key is the text on egg 1a. Your last step is to C*****"s B** - set it for 6x6.

4009) tialuisa 12/16/21, 7:45 AM
Wow - over 4000 comments. That's more or less 2000 questions. I feel like half of them were mine:)

4010) Fossa 12/16/21, 7:26 PM
@Abraxxass, you use the key from the egg twice.
For the first time as in V code. And you get the string started with PPV.
Then change this string using the same key in another code (as the second egg M*******G shows).
The new string (started with TW) you can rearrange in a good square and read something.

4011) Eric911 12/17/21, 11:30 PM
Bonus 5 egg 2: seems I don't get the trick with the cut l*****.

4012) Bettina 12/18/21, 12:18 AM
could someone please help me with level 17, I know it is about V....... but do not know where to start

4013) Eric911 12/18/21, 12:32 AM
@Bettina: check the pic title and apply

4014) tialuisa 12/18/21, 2:45 AM
@Eric911 - Patch it together, add it to your om****** and eat it.

4015) Eric911 12/18/21, 2:52 AM
Feel stupid now... TY!!

4016) Eric911 12/18/21, 9:18 AM
Bonus 6: got an egg and a rotten egg (that I got from 2 different answers btw). Have read Ellie's comment on page 13 but found nothing relevant.

4017) tialuisa 12/18/21, 9:50 AM
@Eric911 - What Ellie was saying is to google "op****te of pr****ss j***"

4018) Eric911 12/18/21, 11:49 AM
@Tialuisa: that's one of the many things I did but did not see anything relevant

4019) tialuisa 12/18/21, 12:08 PM
@Eric911 - What's the opposite of pro? (as in when you are trying to decide if something is a good idea, you weigh the pros and the ....)

4020) Eric911 12/18/21, 10:48 PM
TY, would have never found by myself I guess!

4021) catlady 12/21/21, 4:01 AM
Nobody seems to have gotten stuck on Level 47 egg 7.. But me. I need another egg, but where is it?

4022) tialuisa 12/21/21, 4:29 AM
@catlady - If you found egg 1b, take another look at it.

4023) Fossa 12/21/21, 6:51 AM
@catlady, the 7 egg is the last egg in this level. But to get full answer you need the egg 1b. If you don't have the one look at 1a and remember that SmallTool adores literal meanings :) ).

4024) Eric911 12/21/21, 10:06 PM
Bonus 19: have read past hints but don't know how to deal with the maths!

4025) tialuisa 12/21/21, 10:40 PM
@Eric911 - I solved this in a roundabout way and therefore have been giving convoluted hints destined to confuse. It was finally pointed out to me that - it's just percentages...

4025) tialuisa 12/21/21, 10:40 PM
@Eric911 - I solved this in a roundabout way and therefore have been giving convoluted hints destined to confuse. It was finally pointed out to me that - it's just percentages...

4026) Fossa 12/21/21, 10:53 PM
First of all, you need to reduce each line to a fraction.
The numbers on the left and right have a common divisor. For example, the first line can be expressed as 7.1 * 20 / 7.1 * 3. This gives us the fraction 20/3.

4027) Eric911 12/21/21, 10:54 PM
@tialuisa: don't know if it's a red herring then but read that I am supposed to find a kind of "common denominator" for x so that I can calculate y. But can't see how.

4028) Eric911 12/21/21, 10:56 PM
Oops... replied before seeing your comment Fossa. Will work on that!
btw nice to see the same two peoples there!

4029) Fossa 12/21/21, 10:59 PM
Then you bring all the numerators to 100. The denominators will be the correct numbers. Therefore, the top line is 15 (100/15)

4030) Eric911 12/22/21, 2:06 AM
I must admit I kind of bruteforced it :-/
20 looks promising too!

4031) catlady 12/22/21, 2:20 AM
Oh geez.. Thank you tialuisa and Fossa! onwards and upwards

4032) Fossa 12/22/21, 8:53 AM
Oh< it is good time to admit bruteforcing))
I have to admit that I bruteforced 46 lvl egg. Because it is a set of rebus pics and I fell as usual in panic)
Can anybode explain me how to solve it?
I know that I should "play" at the text with shifting. But I could not get M as the first letter or A as the second one (these both hints are in this forum). Did I need to name every pic? Is the second one "Hamlet"? Is the first one "strings"? There were no affirmation eggs...

4033) tialuisa 12/22/21, 12:36 PM
@Fossa - All the pics represent a crossword answer from level 39 and the way they are arranged indicates 'steps.' so you want to find the crossword answer being depicted and then count down or across (or up...) the number of letters or spaces corresponding to the number of the crossword clue/answer.
Full disclosure, I also brute forced this one because I went off course after the fourth step and only fully solved it after I was done with the riddle and cleaning up odds and ends, and finally imaged searched that 5th pic.

4034) Eric911 12/22/21, 9:00 PM
Bonus 28: I know it is about d********* but wonder how to apply it the level. Have read past hints (including yours Tialuisa) but wonder what is the other thing in the pic that I should consider (the "w****" ?)

4035) tialuisa 12/22/21, 9:16 PM
@Eric911 - You want to consider the "w * * * *" And you know to look down, right?

4036) Eric911 12/22/21, 9:30 PM
@Tialuisa: so I should start with s****, right? I've read that it is a 5-letter answer so I must focus on the five faces down then?

4037) tialuisa 12/22/21, 9:51 PM
@Eric911 - Not sure what s**** is. Yes it's a 5 letter answer and you have a 5 letter word and 5 little faces and you have a k**b****.

4038) Eric911 12/22/21, 10:00 PM
Forget it, was on a wrong track with s****. Got the POP moment and passed it!

4039) tialuisa 12/22/21, 10:13 PM
Good job @Eric911!

4040) Eric911 12/22/21, 11:02 PM
@Tialuisa: unfortunately your email add does not appear on your profile but would you mind checking my numbers for the maze in 29? (am afraid this one will be a long one for me!)

4041) tialuisa 12/22/21, 11:44 PM
@Eric911 - I'd be happy to check them. Just added my email to my profile.

4042) Eric911 12/22/21, 11:53 PM
Email sent

4043) Fossa 12/22/21, 11:57 PM
@Tialuisa, thank you for 4 lvl! Now I see the path. "Hamlet" and "stings" misled me)

4044) tialuisa 12/23/21, 12:23 AM
@Eric911 - back atcha (took me a while to find them in my notes)
@Fossa - I really enjoyed going back and getting all my ??? answered:)

4045) Abraxxass 12/23/21, 3:33 AM
thanks tialuisa and fossa for 16 :)

4046) Abraxxass 12/23/21, 3:40 AM
stuck on 17, now, I saw the name of the picture, but now? on what text do I need to apply v******? I only see "ay........"

4047) Abraxxass 12/23/21, 3:51 AM
stuck on 17, now, I saw the name of the picture, but now? I have no idea how to get c**********?and where to apply v*******? I've read all the hints before, but I'm still clueless

4048) Ditg 12/23/21, 6:06 AM
Level 44 - stuck with 2 rotten eggs. Discovered both eggs have words in italics, not sure if that is a clue or not. Push please.....

4049) Eric911 12/23/21, 6:59 AM
@Ditg: ants are an invasive species. You got to eradicate them, wherever they hide...
Bonus 34: dont know how to calculate the a*****. Is it between them (h*** to m*****, m***** to s***** etc...) or from the "o'clock"? Tried a few things but got only gibberish.

4050) giovanni 12/23/21, 7:05 AM
Hi all, just found this and started playing-stuck on channel 7. I'm not sure what to google, is answer related to a TV show?

4051) Fossa 12/23/21, 7:22 AM
@Ditg, italic in the second rotten egg is important.
Take the level url and remove what the italic says (not all, only clues).
@Eric, between hand and minute. This task without seconds is in google. Correct the answer there with the seconds.
@giovanni, google together the red text at the yellow background, name of the singer and "album".

4052) Ditg 12/23/21, 11:59 AM
Onto level 45 - see the message on the main level page and stuck. Tried various things from it, no luck. Tried to granny the red letters due to our favorite relaxing icon's color book but still nothing. A gentle nudge if you will please.

4053) tialuisa 12/23/21, 12:32 PM
@Ditg - You are so close. Good job picking up the clue from "our favorite relaxing icon's color book." Look at the message again to see how to use that color.

4054) Eric911 12/24/21, 1:03 AM
And wow! Bonus levels done!!! Thank you again everyone for the precious help, esp. Tialuisa and Fossa, for still being helpful long time after you reached the end!

4055) Fossa 12/24/21, 1:11 AM
Congratulations, Eric!! Yeeeee!!)
And merry Christmas!

4056) tialuisa 12/24/21, 1:22 AM
@Eric911 - That's great news:) Congrats!! We'll meet again I'm sure when s-t releases his next riddle. I wonder if he's started it yet...

4057) Eric911 12/24/21, 1:26 AM
Can't wait for the next one! BTW, if you have any suggestion for other riddles, do not hesitate

4058) small-tool 12/24/21, 1:47 AM
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
Yay, very well done, Eric :)
Congrats on finishing the bonus section!
Golden spanners next to your name here W O W
And the golden spanners award in your mail, enjoy :)
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/

4059) small-tool 12/24/21, 1:52 AM
Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas :)
Tialuisa/Eric; 9 levels ready so far, but: No Promises!!!

4060) Eric911 12/24/21, 5:24 AM
Lol S-T!! That's what I call a Christmas gift!

4061) tialuisa 12/24/21, 6:18 AM
That's wonderful news to wake up to!! Thank you s(an)t(a):)

4062) tialuisa 12/24/21, 8:56 AM
Oh gosh s-t! Merry Christmas to you too!!

4063) small-tool 1/3/22, 12:22 AM
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
Di999 finished yesterday, CONGRATS :)
I'm wishing you good luck and lots of fun with finding and playing the bonus levels :)

4064) Di999 1/3/22, 5:34 AM
Thanks S-T and hope someone is still around to help.

4065) small-tool 1/5/22, 6:08 AM
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
! ! ! And again a new finisher ! ! !
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
hugoke did all 50 levels, CONGRATS :)
I'm wishing you good luck and lots of fun with finding and playing the bonus levels :)
Btw, forgot it last time, but of course all winners are here: W O W

4066) Alina Latipova 1/5/22, 8:22 AM
Happy New Year to everybody!
I am staring at Egg 5 on LVL 47 and don't know how to use more h**ds. I have Eggs 1a, 1b, 2a-2e, 3, 4, 5, 5a, 5b. Help me, please!

4067) tialuisa 1/5/22, 8:37 AM
@Alina Latipova - Happy New year to you too!
Look at all the eggs that feature h**ds. Make sure you look at the entire page. It may involve some scr***ing.

4068) tialuisa 1/5/22, 8:41 AM
Woohoo!! Congratulations @Di999 and @hugoke on finishing!:)!

4069) jan 1/6/22, 3:04 AM
Hi, I've got some time, so I'm am challenging this Riddle.
I am a citizen who does not speak English as my mother tongue,
Because so, I may ask strange questions, but please understand.
Now, channel 25 is at a loss on a normal TV screen (unbroken screen).
I understand that the top word of the woman on the right is a hint.
I counted the letters in order from the top and picked up that number of characters, but it is incorrect.
Please give me advice.

4070) tialuisa 1/6/22, 3:27 AM
Hi Jan! The only advice I could give would be to count again, but I'm sure you've done that several times already. Do you want to post your letters here so I can take a look at them? We can delete our posts afterward.

4071) jan 1/6/22, 4:28 AM
Hi, tialuisa Thank you.
First of all, I will comment without checking answers.
I thought about two ways.
1) Count the exchanges between the two people from the top ? 3 letters
2) Count each person's speech bubble in order from the top.(If, not enough letters, go back to top) ? 5 letters
* Use the speech bubble of a man's one word as it is .

4072) tialuisa 1/6/22, 4:33 AM
@Jan - You are overthinking. It's just counting the number of letters in each speech bubble and converting for a 5 letter word.

4073) tialuisa 1/6/22, 4:37 AM
Same goes for the speech bubble of the man's one word - count and convert:)

4074) tialuisa 1/6/22, 4:45 AM
@Jan - 2) Looks good except I don't understand "(If, not enough letters, go back to top)." Just count the number of letters in each speech bubble and convert for a 5 letter word. *Same goes for the speech bubble of the man's one word - count and convert:)

4075) jan 1/6/22, 5:12 AM
@tialuisa Thank you ^^?
I finally got the correct answer.
Count ? There was another one.
The previous comment is a solution, so I'll delete it.

4076) jan 1/7/22, 4:21 AM
Level 3
I'm guessing that the meaning of b**t***n is to look for a word that is common b**t***n any of the 10 different words.
I checked the recommended site of tialuisa.
However, the English word in front of "h*ad" applies to "w*rk" and "p*ay".
I seem to have misunderstood something.
Advice please.

4077) Ditg 1/7/22, 5:17 AM
Jan - you are definitely on the right track. Remember there are numbers at the bottom of the level page....they are there for a reason. Why is there only 9 numbers but 10 words? And each of the 9 numbers tell you something b*t***n each. Once you find the pattern it will help you with the whole puzzle.

4078) jan 1/7/22, 7:03 AM
Level 3 I got the correct answer.
Thank you for your good advice.(^^)

4079) jan 1/8/22, 6:22 AM
Level 5
I checked s**r egg and confirmed 3 types of "Yes, but no egg",
I can't go next. Please give me some advice.

4080) Di999 1/8/22, 6:25 AM
I'm stuck on Bonus 21. I have the **** ** ******, I understand to use the o******** on the ***, so I have those n******. However, I can't find what to use them on. I have tried several things and read all the hints I could find. Help please?

4081) Alina Latipova 1/8/22, 7:06 AM
Thanks @tialuisa. LOL, I need more eyes and scr***ing. I am at 48 at last.

4082) hugoke 1/8/22, 8:02 AM
Stuck on Bonus 7.
I read the previous hints about counting and aligning, tried a lot of things but still don't see what I should do to find the solution.
A further hint is welcome. Thanks!!!

4083) tialuisa 1/8/22, 9:21 AM
@Di999 - Sounds like you have everything you need. What would be the o*****te of the y*** these two were b*** on a d**?

4084) Di999 1/8/22, 9:22 AM
@tialuisa, I've got the o*****te of these ***** on the *** but can't make the n****** I get work to give anything.

4085) tialuisa 1/8/22, 9:31 AM
@hugoke - So you have four sets of two lines. Each set has the same number of words per line (3,3,3,2). Take the firsts of each word 'pair' and r**d b*****n t*e l***s.

4086) tialuisa 1/8/22, 9:33 AM
@Alina Latipova - That's great! Good progress:)

4087) Di999 1/8/22, 9:56 AM
@taluisa. Just googled again and one of the people I had was wrong. I thought I'd tried the final word yesterday but obviously not. Now feel stupid, but thanks for your help. I did have everything I needed!!!

4088) tialuisa 1/8/22, 12:30 PM
@Di999 - I'm sorry I missed that second post of yours:( Glad you got it. I have 'regoogled' many times and found I needed to change something.

4089) hugoke 1/8/22, 12:35 PM
Thanks you so much again!! You really have the natural ability to give targeted hints!!
Got it now. It's so easy once you know what should be done :)

4090) jan 1/8/22, 8:47 PM
Level 7
I confirmed 8 Egg1 and Egg2.
I don't understand the interpretation of the text sentence of Egg2. Do I count Egg2's "p ****" from each of Egg1?
If so, there seems to be some Eggs that cannot be counted.
Please give me some hints on how to interpret Egg2 text sentences

4091) tialuisa 1/8/22, 10:58 PM
@Jan - Look at eggs 1a-h. You'll see in each one that there is something being p****ed to. Collect them.

4092) jan 1/8/22, 11:38 PM
Thank you. Suddenly I got a flash and understood the meaning of that keyword. I was once again impressed with ST's efforts.

4093) jan 1/9/22, 6:39 PM
Level 8 Egg 5
I'm thinking about the URL of Egg4 and the first letter of the URL, but I can't answer correctly. Is there anything other than the methods 1) and 2)?
1) 1st line: Leftmost number to rightmost number (pick up characters at both ends)
2nd line: leftmost number to rightmost number
After that, pick up 8 numbers and convert them in the same way.
2) 1st line: Left ? right, right ? left and so on until the last line.
I'm considering the shape of the 26th alphabet.

4094) tialuisa 1/9/22, 8:23 PM
@jan - You are thinking of the correct shape. You will have two of them. What is the bottom of one is the top of the other.

4095) jan 1/9/22, 9:19 PM
@tialuisa I'm sorry.
"You will have two of them. What is the bottom of one is the top of the other"
I can't understand it from the translation result, so please check it.
Change as follows (this comment will be deleted later)
What you are saying can be taken like this
Do the same thereafter

4096) tialuisa 1/9/22, 9:41 PM
@jan- I'm just talking about the shape that you will trace as you travel through the grid of numbers. Start at the top left and go straight across the top. That is your first binary number/letter. The last digit of that number becomes the first digit of the second number. So now travel back to the left but also go down a row with each move so your second binary number ends at the left hand side of row 8. Repeat those 2 steps and you will have 4 numbers/letters and be on the left hand side of the bottom row, Go across the bottom row for your fifth number/letter and you will see the 2 z's that have formed.
I'll delete this too :)

4097) jan 1/10/22, 2:17 AM
@ Tialuisa I'm sorry. I don't understand everything yet.
(I tried this method once, but it didn't work.)
the first;
I understand up to "01000100, 00101001". One set here?
The next beginning is; which is "01011001 or 00101100"?
(The previous comment will be deleted, so please delete that one as well. This comment will also be deleted.)

4098) mirza 1/10/22, 4:32 AM
Stuck on Bonus 29 foe several days. Got a good word but it doesn't work. Could someone please check my numbers? n***t***, t*****f***, t*****s****, t*****f***, f*****t**, t*****n***, t*****s***

4099) mirza 1/10/22, 4:42 AM
Stuck on Bonus 29 for several days. Got a good word but it doesn't work. Could someone please check my numbers? n***t***, t*****f***, t*****s****, t*****f***, f*****t**, t*****n***, t*****s***

4100) jan 1/10/22, 5:30 AM
Thank you for your detailed explanation.
After refreshing, it flashed.
The language barrier is tough, but I want to do my best, so please support me.(^^)

4101) Di999 1/10/22, 8:06 AM
@Mirza. As far as I can see the first one and the last three are not right. Look carefully as some paths are blocked and some can be shorter.

4102) tialuisa 1/10/22, 8:10 AM
@mirza - Also just checking, did you find the egg with the rules of the game? Finding it also involves counting.

4103) tialuisa 1/10/22, 8:17 AM
Go jan go:) You are doing great!!

4104) mirza 1/10/22, 12:42 PM
@Di999 and @tialuisa, thank you very much for your answers. Yes I found the egg and read the rules. I was sure about the first one, will check again although I checked every path about ten times. And I was unsure about the last three. Maybe I misunderstood the rules?

4105) tialuisa 1/10/22, 1:38 PM
@mirza - If I am understanding your numbers, #1, #5 and #7 are all less than they should be, which made me think you might be crossing a path already travelled or doing some kind of backtracking as a shortcut, which made me ask about the egg.

4106) mirza 1/11/22, 2:58 AM
@Di999 and @tialuisa, thank you again, got it now. I didn't notice the blocked paths. Found longer ways for 1, 5, 7 and a shorter way for 6. On 30, yeah!

4107) Di999 1/11/22, 7:56 AM
Finally off to get a life (for a while...). Many thanks to all who have posted comments and hints to me and to each other, which have all helped tremendously. And thanks to S-T for making this riddle that has kept me going for so long!

4108) Alina Latipova 1/12/22, 12:54 PM
Hello to everybody! I am still struggling with Level 50, Egg 4.1. I've got eggs 4.1b and 4.1c. I even detect some patterns, but still no eggs. As for blue part, should I choose a word for blue part, which contains all 4 le***rs from patterns, how many letters should I have in blue word (eleven). I try to use one from the left but it doesn't work. A little nudge from anybody, please!

4109) tialuisa 1/12/22, 4:34 PM
@Alina Latipova - None of the words you need are on the page. For each word you have to take the 4 letters you have found for that word and find a site that will help you.
You are correct, all the words you are looking for have 11 letters.
The positions of the patterns you found in the blue box are the same for the other boxes, but in them you will need to find patterns in the letters also.
Good luck. It's a tough one.

4110) Alina Latipova 1/12/22, 9:14 PM
Many thanks, tialuisa. Finally, I got 4.2a. You are so helpful, I think S-T must give you a reward in WoW!!!

4111) jan 1/13/22, 5:00 AM
@ Di999? @Alina Latipova

4112) jan 1/13/22, 5:08 AM
Level 13
It stops at the Four faces egg.
1) Do I need to divide 8 words into 4 languages of color egg?
If necessary, I don't know what the words "a*" and "tr*p" are.
2) Is the color on the left side of the upper face "o*ange"?

4113) tialuisa 1/13/22, 6:25 AM
@jan - 1) Yes, but 4 of those words are from the same country. 2)The first and third upper and the first and fourth lower are all o*ange.

4114) tialuisa 1/13/22, 6:38 AM
@Alina Latipova - Those are very kind words but having relied so heavily on the help of others to finish the game myself, I'm more than happy to help those still playing, if I can.

4115) jan 1/13/22, 9:00 PM
Level 13
@tialuisa Thank you. But I'm still stuck on the Four Face Egg.
1) From the hint of the egg on the face, I think there are words other than the blue word "l *** r", but I don't know which one.
2) Once I know the country of every word, do I need to change it to English?

4116) tialuisa 1/13/22, 10:16 PM
@jan - there are 8 words on the 'big trap' egg, They all are spelled the same as 8 English words but here they are not English words Top row: st**t h**e s**n pa**r and bottom row: a* la**r oc****on t**p. You want to match them up with the 8 ey****ws on the 'four faces' egg. Top row: or**ge wh**e or**ge b**e and bottom row: or**ge b**e r*d or**ge. Then use the 'colours' egg to determine which language these words belong to. Once you have this worked out, you are correct, you will need to translate them into English. You can do it, jan:)

4117) tialuisa 1/13/22, 10:24 PM
@jan - there are 8 words on the 'big trap' egg, They all are spelled the same as 8 English words but here they are not English words.
Top row: st**t ..... h**e ..... s**n ..... pa**r,
Bottom row: a* ..... la**r ..... oc****on ..... t**p.
You want to match them up with the 8 ey****ws on the 'four faces' egg.
Top row: or**ge ..... wh**e ..... or**ge ..... b**e
Bottom row: or**ge ..... b**e ..... r*d ..... or**ge.
Then use the 'colours' egg to determine which language these words belong to. Once you have this worked out, you are correct, you will need to translate them into English. You can do it, jan:)

4118) jan 1/14/22, 3:15 AM
@Tialuisa Thank you.
It was because I didn't notice the position of "F**r f**e egg" and "b** t**p egg".
I've moved on to Level 14

4119) tialuisa 1/14/22, 4:58 AM
Great news @jan!!

4120) tialuisa 1/14/22, 6:15 AM
@Di999 - I'd somehow missed your post. Congratulations on finishing!:)! Yay @Di999!!

4121) jan 1/15/22, 9:18 AM
Level 17
Now, I have confirmed Egg1a, 1b, Confirmation egg, Egg2.
Here again, I lost my concentration.
Is it necessary to decipher the letters of each maze of Egg1b by the method obtained by Egg2?
Please give me good advice.

4122) tialuisa 1/15/22, 12:04 PM
@jan - you are almost done with the level! Everything you need to finish is on egg 2.

4123) jan 1/16/22, 6:33 AM
@tialuisa Level 17 Thank you.
Level 19
I have confirmed Egg1,2,4,5.
To check Egg3,
I think it is to understand "?+?= ?" of Egg2,
I don't understand this meaning.
Please give me good advice.

4124) tialuisa 1/16/22, 8:58 AM
@jan - Yes, you have the right idea. And you don't make an omelette with this, just add them (in the order given because ?+???+?)

4125) jan 1/17/22, 3:25 AM
@ tialuisa I'm sorry.
Level 19 Egg3 Not yet confirmed.
It was written as "10/12 BFS comment; Egg 3 from combining Eggs 2 and 1 in the simplest way".
Using "another d**e n**b*r"
It became "t** ***y" by the method of Egg2, is it correct? (Confirmed rotten egg)
The Egg1 method produces no results.
I think that "?+? =?" lists the results obtained by that method.
Please give me some more hints.

4126) tialuisa 1/17/22, 7:20 AM
@jan - ? = ga***ed & ? = a*d l**t

4127) small-tool 1/17/22, 9:14 AM
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
! ! ! B O N U S - L E V E L S - D O N E ! ! !
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
Congrats hugoke :)
HERE the golden spanners next to your name!
And the golden spanners award in your in-box :)

4128) jan 1/17/22, 5:22 PM
Oh ~ that stupid ??
@Tialuisa Thank you.??
(The previous comment is confusing, so I'll delete it)

4129) tialuisa 1/17/22, 5:33 PM
@jan - who would have thought anything could be so easy in an s-t riddle?:)

4130 jan 1/18/22, 7:48 AM
Level 20
Only Egg4b cannot be confirmed.
I've checked two rotten eggs and I think I know the tool to use.
I get nothing when I enter the string that led to these two rotten eggs. Which string should I enter?
(I don't know the meaning of the green letters)
?At level 19, I seem to have assumed that Mr. ST would not use such simple tricks.??

4131) Alina Latipova 1/18/22, 11:43 AM
Hello to everybody! I am still struggling with Golden Brown Egg 2. I've read all the hints, but nothing clicks. I made lists of h****n a*****s. I remember what letters to pick from them. But I can't understand how to use this pattern. For example, one of the h****n a*****s is a*t. I remember that I took 2nd letter from this a****l. From what should I take this 2nd letter (current URL, k*yw**d or resulting URL)? I am so close to bonus levels, just need a push!

4132) tialuisa 1/18/22, 12:44 PM
@Alina Latipova - For this egg it's all about the h****n a*****s. Pick the same letters you used before, only they need to be in order, from path 1 to path 7, and then of course, don't visit granny.

4133) Dushka 1/19/22, 5:48 AM
level 50 egg 1.3 "Look at the u** on your first egg and see if you can use that to find more paths". I stuck here. Help,me,please

4134) tialuisa 1/19/22, 6:45 AM
@Dushka - So you have al***. Now find ^l***, ~l*** and a few more:)

4135) Dushka 1/19/22, 6:55 AM
@tialuisa Thank you, I'm moving on

4136) small-tool 1/19/22, 8:36 AM
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
Yeah, People just keep on finishing!!!
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
Congrats Ditg :)
You're now in/on the W.O.W.
Good luck and lots of fun with the bonus section :)

4137) jan 1/19/22, 9:10 AM
Level 23
I have confirmed w**** n***s egg.
Looking at the structural formula of each compound on the level page, I think that one of the elements in that structural formula should be used.
If it's correct, give me a hint on how to use it.

4138) tialuisa 1/19/22, 9:57 AM
@jan - It's the structure of the u** mo****le that is important. Where do its el****ts go on the 3-d model on the level page? Where do they go in the w**** n**** of the compounds occupying their spots?

4139) tialuisa 1/19/22, 10:13 AM
Congrats @hugoke, @Fran and @Ditg!! Well done all!:)!

4140) jan 1/19/22, 6:47 PM
@tialuisa I'm sorry. There is a correction in the question text.
"Structural formula" X=>"Chemical structure" O.
I am checking the "Chemical structure" of each compound.
For example, the white part of the compound on the left; there are two "C *" around the "E *" (axis).
And I collect elements that are the axis of each compound and deposit them in granny, but I don't get anything, so is it wrong?
* What is "u ** mo **** le"?
* W**** n****; a word that n***s the w**** of which a given word is a part.

4141) tialuisa 1/19/22, 8:40 PM
@jan - This is a tough one to hint, so I'm going to be a little more explicit than I should be, and delete it after you've read it. By the "u** mo****le I meant the bicarbonate molecule (url). Look up it's structure and you'll see that it is the same as the two 'molecules' on the level and you can see where each atom would go on the 3D model.
The only things you need from the compounds on the level page are their whole names. Use those names along with the bicarbonate atom whose place they are holding to get letters for granny. Hint: counting.

4142) jan 1/20/22, 4:22 AM
@tialuisa Sorry.
Considering what you said, I anagrammed the derived letters with "scrabble cheat" for 10 letters and 5 letters each.
But there are only errors. Can you confirm it?
lengths ? 11 7 6 18(L) 18(E) 16 8 10 17 21
counting ? 9 2 1 14 12 9 5 2 13 15
(If "carbon dioxide" is in the center, the count is 1, A)
?If you can confirm it, it will be deleted at that time.

4143) tialuisa 1/20/22, 6:54 AM
@jan - You've done a great job but the cheating granny is cheating you:( Try: https://anagram-solver.net/

4144) jan 1/20/22, 8:35 AM
@tialuisa Thank you so many times ??

4145) tialuisa 1/20/22, 9:00 AM
@jan - You are so very welcome!

4146) Alina Latipova 1/21/22, 10:44 AM
Thanks @tialuisa! I swear I checked this word before but maybe misspelled it in url. I'm at brown egg 1b.

4147) jan 1/21/22, 12:16 PM
Level 24
I checked Egg1a, 2a, 2b and know what egg1a authors have in common.
However, I have not been able to confirm Egg1b.
In the previous comment, I read "with the help of the authors on the level page will be able to read the bookcase there to find egg 1b.", but what exactly should I get help with? Please tell me a little more.

4148) tialuisa 1/21/22, 12:52 PM
@Alina Latipova - That's excellent news! You are almost to the platinum eggs:)

4149) tialuisa 1/21/22, 12:53 PM
@jan - Think of what is needed in order for the authors in egg 1a to read and look at the bookcase on the level page. One level page author at a time, look at the positions of their books relative to near by items. Each level page author will give you one letter to get you to egg 1b.

4150) jan 1/22/22, 7:05 AM
@tialuisa Thank you.
Level 24 Egg1b
I was struggling with this, but then I noticed "books by the same author in different places" and was able to confirm it.
I then searched for both confirmegg1 & 2 and can only confirm the 17 letter rotten egg.
Your previous comment; "And make sure it's the b***, not the m****."
What is "b***" & "m****"?
Any other good advice would be appreciated.

4152) tialuisa 1/22/22, 9:32 AM
@jan - Those mean book and movie. But if you have a 17 letter rotten egg you are beyond that. My advise would be to look at the url of confirmation egg A and see what was asked for. You were too generous with the answer that got you the rotten egg.

4153) small-tool 1/24/22, 12:49 AM
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
! ! ! Yay, another finisher ! ! !
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
Congrats, Alina :)
You're now in/on the W. O. W.
Good luck and lots of fun with the bonus section :)

4154) Alina Latipova 1/24/22, 1:55 AM
At last! Working with portal eggs.

4155) Alina Latipova 1/24/22, 2:22 AM
Thanks, to @tialuisa and all other players who hinted me in chat!!!

4156) Alina Latipova 1/24/22, 5:23 AM
Bonus 6. I got stuck without any eggs. Maybe I understand the task wrong. Is it about finding sy*****s as op*****e of op*****e? For example, for the third one is ve**o?

4157) Alina Latipova 1/24/22, 5:26 AM
And the last one is a***y*?

4158) tialuisa 1/24/22, 5:53 AM
@Alina Latipova - I was just reading of your accomplishment so first off: Congratulations!!!
Now for Bonus 6, it is about finding op*****es of op*****es, which are not necessarily sy*****s of the given words, as the op*****es of those words could have more than o** me***ng. Your last word is correct but not the third.

4159) jan 1/24/22, 6:10 AM
Level 31
I have Egg1 & Egg2a.
I have not confirmed Egg2b.
I read "main page is the one with the quote on it" in a past comment and I don't know "which page I'm talking about".
Please give me a hint.

4160) jan 1/24/22, 6:15 AM
@tialuisa Thank you for Hint at Level 24.

4161) jan 1/24/22, 6:27 AM
I'm sorry ?? Level 31 Egg2b found ??

4162) Alina Latipova 1/24/22, 7:40 AM
TY @tialuisa I am Bonus 8

4163) jan 1/24/22, 9:42 AM
Sorry for the continuation.
Level 32
Egg1 & 5letters rotten egg confirmed.
I read the past hints of FTF on Egg1 page, but I don't get anything. Please give me a hint.

4164) Alina Latipova 1/24/22, 11:36 AM
FTF likes granny. What w***s do you have on this egg page (don't look at nu****s), take firsts. Don't overthink.

4165) Alina Latipova 1/24/22, 11:40 AM
Bonus 12
Completely lost about these flags. Can anybody help me with them? Is it something connected with man's name P***r? What list of flags do I need? It feels like nobody faced problems with this level.

4166) tialuisa 1/24/22, 2:57 PM
@Alina Latipova - You have the right idea. apply the man's l*** n*** to all the flags. It will make them much more identifiable.

4167) jan 1/24/22, 4:42 PM
@Alina Latipova Thank you ??
(I included nu****s ??)

4168) jan 1/25/22, 2:37 AM
Level 34
I somehow know what is required of this level of answer,
The answers are all errors, so could you please check (nu**er of letters)?
1) 3 or 4
2) 3
3) 4
4) 3

4170) jan 1/25/22, 11:49 PM
Level 37 Egg1
I read the past comment "draw a letter in the each square".
Let me ask you another question
Is it uppercase or lowercase? (Although it can be inferred that the lower left corner is lowercase)
Is it a feeling of tracing? Or stroke order?
I would be grateful if you could give me some advice on the size of the stars.

4171) jan 1/26/22, 2:47 AM
I'm sorry.
I advanced to Level 37 Egg2.
* If anyone can tell me how to think of "s*ze of the sta*s" if it's okay, I'm happy.

4172) jan 1/26/22, 6:43 AM
Level 37
I'm confused, with five confirmation eggs and five letters confirmation egg from Egg2.
Are there still any eggs to find?
What should I do next and how?

4173) tialuisa 1/26/22, 8:00 AM
@jan - You have powered through this level without any help. Great job! Time to leave. Google the word you got with the final confirmation egg along with the theme of this level. then you will know what to look for. It's the Greek part that is important

4174) jan 1/26/22, 9:38 AM
@tialuisa Thank you.(Egg1 was a hunch) ??

4175) tialuisa 1/26/22, 10:36 AM
@jan - Hunches are awesome!

4176) Catlady 1/28/22, 6:31 AM
Level 50. Nearly there but I can't get past egg 6.4a. Nobody else seems to have gotten stuck there. Is there anybody stll out there who can give me a push?
Also I got to egg 5.6 without ever finding egg 5.5.
In the meantime attacking eggs 7

4177) tialuisa 1/28/22, 7:14 AM
@catlady - There are also an egg 6.4b and 6.4c to find from 6.3. find the wiki page for the url and use what got you egg 6.3 to find more data. Then use two basic methods for getting the other two (4 letter) eggs.
Re #5 path, you didn't miss an egg. There was no 5.5, only a 5.5a and 5.5b which you used to get 5.6.

4178) catlady 1/28/22, 8:05 AM
Got it, thank you @tialuisa! Now trying for 6.4c.
Not sure about #5 path. For some reason I managed to get to 5.6 from 5.4a and 5.4b. Never got 5.5a or 5.5b.

4179) azbellman 1/28/22, 3:57 PM
Level 18 - stuck here.
Past comments have hinted:
- Directly connected cogs: opposite directions, same number of steps
- Cogs connected by straight chain - same directions, ratio of steps based on number of teeth
- Cogs connected by crossed chain - opposite directions, ratio of steps based on number of teeth
However, in physics, directly connected cogs would still use a ratio of steps based on number of teeth.
Using that has not yielded a usable 10 character word. Please help...

4180) tialuisa 1/28/22, 7:12 PM
@azbellman - There is a gear ratio based on the number of teeth in each gear, but that has to do with number of rotations each gear goes through in an equal number of steps. In fact basic to that ratio is that both gears make the same number of steps when connected and rotating.
Here we are not looking at rotations or angles, we are just looking at clicks of the gear, and if one gear moves 3 clicks, then a gear directly connected to it will also move 3 clicks.
So go ahead and use the advice from the forum that you quoted with confidence. It will serve you well. And have lots of fun solving the rest of the riddle:)

4181) jan 1/30/22, 2:08 AM
Level 40
I think I understand how to solve it.(H*s *s)
But I can't see the pair on lines 1 and 6.
Please check if you have the right idea.
2) ev*ry - v*ry
3) Sim - I'm
4) dr*ad - r*ad
5) fr*ght - r*ght
7) sho*t - o*t ?
8) t*e - he
If the above is correct, please give me a hint on the 1st and 6th lines. (This question will be deleted later)

4182) jan 1/30/22, 2:45 AM
@ azbellman
I drew a detailed illustration to solve this problem.
The point to note is
·Count the exact "number of teeth" of all gears.
·Calculate the "angle of one tooth" for all gears.
(Gears connected by a chain rotate at the same angle)
· Carefully count the direction of rotation.

4183) tialuisa 1/30/22, 6:04 AM
@ jan - It's not always the first letter that is to be used for the answer. Look for these pairs in these sentences:
1) y**r - y**
3) b***t - b**t
6) f**r - f*r
7) h**d - h*d
Also, be sure to include what was given as as example.
You will get an egg. Same idea but the level of difficulty has increased. Look at the example on the egg carefully and you will see what I mean. Will delete this too:)

4184) jan 1/30/22, 7:35 AM
@Tialuisa Level 40
Thank you for always politely teaching me ??
In the comments I received, I found granny-egg and rotten-egg ?
Now that the date has changed, I'll sleep for the time being and then think about the next.

4185) Alina Latipova 1/30/22, 9:27 AM
Got stuck on Bonus 32. I just can't get what basic riddling method it is. How can I translate these letters? Should I use l***l name cat*****n?

4186) Alina Latipova 1/30/22, 9:55 AM
S-T or somebody help me with Bonus 32, please! I am so close to finish and out of ideas.

4187) tialuisa 1/30/22, 10:16 AM
@Alina Latipova - It's a double conversion. Convert all the letters to numbers and then back to letters, only different ones.

4188) Alina Latipova 1/30/22, 10:39 AM
@tialuisa, TY. But still I can't guess what is meant by "only different ones". Give a hint, pls :)

4189) tialuisa 1/30/22, 10:52 AM
@Alina Latipova - A B + 1 2 = 12 = L

4190) Alina Latipova 1/30/22, 10:58 AM
Oh, penny finally dropped. It was about regrouping nu****s.

4191) tialuisa 1/30/22, 10:59 AM

4192) Alina Latipova 1/30/22, 1:29 PM
It was a great time full of despair and brain overload. Thanx S-T, tialuisa and other great people from golden spanners community! What a relief and devastation!

4193) Alina Latipova 1/30/22, 1:58 PM
I found the first secret page, but I don't understand Elli's hint for Laurie that I should combine URL with hat I see on the page (cl**ks with r*d h**ds). I need a push!

4194) Alina Latipova 1/30/22, 1:59 PM
*hat what

4195) tialuisa 1/30/22, 2:08 PM
@Alina Latipova - doing that combining in google should shed some light on it (you can leave out c***ks though)

4196) Alina Latipova 1/30/22, 2:12 PM
I can confess - I am a riddle-addict. Thanks, @tia!

4197) tialuisa 1/30/22, 2:14 PM
@Alina Latipova - nice strong finish!! Congratulations:)!!

4198) jan 1/30/22, 6:51 PM
Level 41
I'm stuck on the level page.
I wondered if the text on the right would pick up a letters that appears twice in each word of the image text. Am I misunderstanding?

4199) small-tool 1/31/22, 12:13 AM
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
!!! Another Bonus Conqueror !!!
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
Congrats Alina :)
Golden spanners for you in the W.O.W. and the golden spanners award in your mail. Enjoy :)

4200) jan 1/31/22, 6:06 AM
I'm sorry.
I thought, I looked it up. (I had no knowledge at all)
I was able to go to Level 41 Egg1a.

This comment has been removed by the author.

4201) azbellman 1/31/22, 10:52 AM
Thanks Jan - can you say more on how to calculate the "angle of one tooth"?

4202) catlady 1/31/22, 2:58 PM
Finished level 50!! 3 months after the first finishers, but I did it. Thank you @s-t, very impressive work!

4204) tialuisa 2/1/22, 5:21 AM
@catlady - Congratulations and job well done!:)!

4205) small-tool 2/1/22, 7:29 AM
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
!!! A New Bonus Section Solver !!!
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
Ditg did it and earned the golden spanners next to his name in the Wall Of Winners
The Golden Spanners Award is in your inbox, right about now!
Congrats Catlady :)
Good luck with the bonus section!
Btw, if you wanna be in the WOW you can mail me, but if not that's of course ok as well :)

4206) Alina Latipova 2/1/22, 9:44 AM
Congratulations to finishers!

4207) Alina Latipova 2/1/22, 9:50 AM
@azbellman Level 18
All these nusty cogs... I did hate them! I used wildcards to solve.

4208) Dushka 2/3/22, 7:06 AM
Level 50 I got Golden Brown Egg 1 and Brown egg 1b. Now need to solve 1c...got the blank page and stuck.got platinum egg 3-b "Then remember that ST likes literal meanings" ? HELP!!!

4209) tialuisa 2/3/22, 12:10 PM
@Dushka - I'm thinking that Platinum egg 3b was 'found before it's time' so to speak, probably because of the blank page, so tuck that one away until you need it.
Back to the blank page, s-t also likes opposites. So if n*****g gives you n*****g, why not try s*******g?
You didn't mention the 2 Golden eggs or Brown egg 1a so I'm not sure if you have them or not.
You are doing a great job on 50, Dushka! The last time you posted you were at the beginning of the level:)

4210) Dushka 2/4/22, 5:57 AM
@ tialuisa,thank you, I join the phrase "you are our hero" always in hurry to help!!!

4211) tialuisa 2/4/22, 7:15 AM
@Dushka - That's so nice, but I really can't stress enough that I received so much help doing this riddle. Just happy to pay it forward :)

4212) jan 2/7/22, 8:19 AM
I was a little busy, so I was away. I would like to solve it little by little, so please help me.
Level 41 Egg3
I read the comment "the clown does not use some of the l*****s in the side text. Take them out and use the rest.",
But I don't understand what this means.
Could you tell me a little more?

4213) Alina Latipova 2/7/22, 10:00 AM
@Jan Take away non-I*****n l*****s from W***y N****s

4214) Alina Latipova 2/7/22, 10:03 AM
Then one old lady is happy to help you.

4215) jan 2/7/22, 6:21 PM
@Alina Latipova Thank you.
However, I still can't answer correctly.
What is the word "I*****n"?
(I'm always worried about this asterisk guess)

4216) jan 2/8/22, 12:54 AM
@Alina Latipova
Level 41 Egg3
I understood the letters of the asterisk and answered correctly. Thank you ??

4217) jan 2/8/22, 4:06 AM
Level 42 Egg1
I've read past comments, but I don't know how to proceed from here.
I heard that there is a clue somewhere in Egg1, but where is it?
Please give me good advice (please reduce the asterisk)

4218) Ditg 2/8/22, 7:41 AM
If you look closely at egg1 there is something added right in the middle of the picture that isn't on the level

page. Use that new information on the level page to proceed.

4219) Dushka 2/8/22, 8:27 AM
Thanks, to @tialuisa and all other players!! Level 50 completed!it was a long but very fun journey!!

4220) small-tool 2/8/22, 10:14 AM
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
Yay, Yesterday Dutchie Did It :)
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
Congrats Dutchie, you're now in/on the Wall Of Winners
Good luck and lots of fun with the bonuses :)
Congrats go to Dushka too :)
Good luck with the bonus section!
Btw, if you wanna be in the WOW you can mail me, but if not that's of course ok as well :)

4221) small-tool 2/9/22, 4:17 AM
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
And now the official CONGRATS DUSHKA :)
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
For you too a well-deserved place in the W.O.W.
Have fun with the bonus levels :)

4222) jan 2/9/22, 5:55 AM
@ Ditg Level 42 Egg1 Thank you for your advice !
Level 44 I checked two Rotten eggs and tried and errored which word or which letter to choose from the italic

letters, but I couldn't answer correctly.
@Fossa says "only clues" in "Take the level URL and remove what the italic says (not all, only clues)."
"First 4letters" "Last 3letters" "First 4letters + Back 3 letters" are deleted, but only errors.
Please give me some good advice.

4223) tialuisa 2/9/22, 5:57 AM
Congratulations @Dutchie!:)! Congratulations @Dushka!:)!
Your names look just wonderful on the W.O.W!!

4234) jan 2/9/22, 6:06 AM
Dutchie Dushka
Congratulations! Well done!??

4235) jan 2/9/22, 6:33 AM
I'm sorry????? Also, I made a mistake ??
Now to Level 45.

4236) Tialuisa 2/9/22, 6:36 AM
@jan - The rotten egg that Fossa was referring to suggests a substitution you can make, replacing four letters with

one. Those letters aren't all together in the level url, and if any of them appear more than once, only remove one

of them.

4237) tialuisa 2/9/22, 6:39 AM
Good job @jan!!

4238) dutchie 2/9/22, 11:02 AM
Thanks tialuisa and Jan :)

4239) Dushka 2/10/22, 2:34 AM
for bonus 4! "It's all about Google" I understand the idiom on page, I don't understand where and what to find. Help


4240) Dushka 2/10/22, 3:23 AM
bonus 4 made

4241) jan 2/10/22, 10:57 PM
Level 46 Egg
1) I don't know which answer is the second image from the top.
Are you R*man?
If you are that R*man, look at the number "d*wn" and
It will be larger than the number of lines on the level page.
2) Regarding how to pick up the letters, pick up the letters in the first image. And in order to go to the next,

will the first letter picked up be the coordinates "0,0"?

4242) jan 2/10/22, 11:11 PM
Level 46 Egg
1) I don't know which answer the second image is. Is he R*man?
If so, the answer is "d*wn" and the number is
It will be larger than the number of lines on the level page.
2) How to pick up letters,
Pick up the letters in the first image
? And, in order to go to the next, will the picked up letters have the coordinates "0,0"?

4243) small-tool 2/11/22, 12:53 AM
- Second one is 'act'
- This time you walk a path (start top left)
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
Congrats, golden spanners next to your name in the WOW and the golden spanners award is mailed :)

4244) jan 2/11/22, 7:40 AM
@S-T,Thank you for the Level 46 Egg.
Level 47
I can only see Egg1a, 2,2a, 2b,2c, 3,4, 5,5a,5b.
1b : Even if I divide the text of Egg1a into 8 words, it doesn't flash at all.
2d&2e:I made it plural because it wasn't enough, but it's a mistake.
6 : It seems that ?m**e h**ds is not the method that led to Egg2 to 3.
Please give me good advice.

4245) tialuisa 2/11/22, 8:42 AM
1b: look at the 5th and 6th words in egg 1a. You can divide those 7 letters in 2 different ways. The first looks

like the mask she is wearing. The second is implied by what she is holding up to her mouth. It's the second way that

will get you egg 1b.
2d&2e: there are two meanings to the url word. One is represented in the pic, the other is where we are at right

now, in this moment. And it is not enough.
6: you are looking for eggs 6a & 6b. For 6a, look at the seven 'hands' eggs thoroughly, from top to bottom. For 6b,

look at egg 5 thoroughly, from top to bottom ;)

4245) tialuisa 2/11/22, 8:42 AM
1b: look at the 5th and 6th words in egg 1a. You can divide those 7 letters in 2 different ways. The first looks like the mask she is wearing. The second is implied by what she is holding up to her mouth. It's the second way that will get you egg 1b.
2d&2e: there are two meanings to the url word. One is represented in the pic, the other is where we are at right now, in this moment. And it is not enough.
6: you are looking for eggs 6a & 6b. For 6a, look at the seven 'hands' eggs thoroughly, from top to bottom. For 6b, look at egg 5 thoroughly, from top to bottom ;)

4246) tialuisa 2/11/22, 8:45 AM
Congrats @Fran for finishing the bonuses!:)!

4247) jan 2/11/22, 10:39 AM
@tialuisa You told me in detail, but I still don't understand. It may be the limit due to the language barrier.
1b: With my knowledge of English, the 7letters division method can only be "3+4"...
I also looked up the English words in the mouth, but I couldn't find any clues.
2d & 2e: I first learned that the URL word had a different meaning. But I don't know how to answer that riddle.
6a: Currently 5letters have been confirmed (I think the rest are 2d & 2e)
6b: The c*untry name is added below egg 5, what should I think about it?

4248) jan 2/11/22, 6:25 PM
Level 47 postscript.
I got Egg 2d,2e,6a.
Anyone please give me some advice on 1b and 6b.
It seems that 1b is not "mi*e", and I tried using "co*ma" after the 5th word, but I still don't understand...

4249) jan 2/11/22, 7:48 PM
Level Egg6b
I listed the pr****ent of each c**ntry based on Egg3, but I can't answer correctly.
I tried both (f*rst name and l*st name). I will do my best again.

4250) jan 2/11/22, 9:35 PM
Level 47 egg7 confirmed.
My head is already boiled down and I can't think of anything from here.
I'm still worried about 1b. (I don't have enough power to think) Please give me good advice.

4251) tialuisa 2/11/22, 10:00 PM
1b: The 7 letters we were talking about, split them 4+3, sung low. That is why she is using a microphone. With that in mind read the sentence again: not only...but also (talking about singing)

4252) jan 2/11/22, 10:40 PM
Thank you @tialuisa ?
I finally advanced to Level 48. "s**g" was "P*st t**se", wasn't it?
(I feel like I learned it when I was in junior high school.??)

4253) jan 2/12/22, 4:07 AM
Level 48
I got a sentence from their f**st and l*st n**es, but I couldn't even get a rotten egg. Please push.

4254) jan 2/12/22, 6:48 AM
Level 48
I only checked Egg (c******r). No other eggs have been confirmed.
I will continue to think about it, but I would be grateful if anyone could push it.

4255) tialuisa 2/12/22, 6:57 AM
@jan - To get your sentence, did you read from top to bottom the f**sts of the f**sts and then from bottom to top the f**sts of the l*sts?

4256) jan 2/12/22, 6:59 AM
Level 48
I checked Egg (picture of c*******) and the accompanying Okegg one by one.
Other eggs have not been confirmed yet.
I will continue to think about it, but I would be grateful if you could push it.

4257) tialuisa 2/12/22, 7:11 AM
@jan - There is a very tricky thing going on here. The next thing you should do is use the 2 ok eggs to get a 4 letter rotten (but useful) egg.

4258) jan 2/12/22, 10:21 AM
@tialuisa Thank you very much.
I was able to confirm the level 48 rotten egg.
From here, it is an error to pick up the "l*st n*me" and "f*rst n*me" of people in the same notation as "they of Ok-Egg" separately or both. (Of course, without them from Ok-egg) Also, am I misunderstanding?

4259) jan 2/12/22, 10:21 AM
@tialuisa Thank you very much.
I was able to confirm the level 48 rotten egg.
From here, it is an error to pick up the "l*st n*me" and "f*rst n*me" of people in the same notation as "they of Ok-Egg" separately or both. (Of course, without them from Ok-egg) Also, am I misunderstanding?

4260) tialuisa 2/12/22, 12:35 PM
@jan - There is definitely something about last name-first name of some of the people on the list, and it's something that the names of the 2 ok egg guys don't have, because 'it's not about' them.
Although there is something about the way their birthdays are written and the only real egg you have.
Find that something and you'll know what to look for.

4261) jan 2/12/22, 8:42 PM
@tialuisa I'm sorry. I still don't understand "something".
I read BFS's past comments; "OK eggs matches the firsts of the egg message".
Is "the egg message" an "OK eggs message"?
C*ke-Egg doesn't seem to have a message. I don't know this, so I don't think I know "something".
By the way, the date and week of C*ke-Egg match the number of OK-Egg (d*te and w*ek), but this is irrelevant, isn't it? I'm sorry, but please dig a little deeper and give me some advice.

4262) tialuisa 2/12/22, 9:22 PM
@jan - You are so close. The egg message is Happy Birthday. Again Happy Birthday matches 8-2...

4263) jan 2/12/22, 9:46 PM
@tialuisa Thank you. I advanced to Level 49.
When I tried the method that I suddenly came up with, it was spot on.
It is discouraging to give the correct answer without understanding the hint given by S-T.

4264) jan 2/13/22, 5:25 PM
Level 50
It stops at the first "text of the symbol".
I think "L***", can you confirm the characters in the next comment?
(I used Red Luth's tool, but I can't decode it at all)

4265) jan 2/13/22, 5:30 PM

4266) tialuisa 2/13/22, 7:31 PM
@jan - You made it to level 50!!
You've seen those two arguing before and also used a translator on that level to decode their gibberish. So look at your notes and see if you can find the level. Little hint it's beyond level 15 so don't worry about anything before that.

4267) jan 2/14/22, 3:41 AM
It's embarrassing. I completely forgot about it.
Proceed to Egg 1.0.
I think I'll ask you a strange question again,
Please look with warm eyes.
(Google Translate: I'm having trouble translating it unintentionally)

4268) jan 2/14/22, 9:55 AM
Level 50
I have confirmed Egg 1.0, 1.1, 1.2a-d, 1.3, rotten w & r & c.
I don't understand what the hint is about the rotten egg text.
I read past comment for "Look at the u ** on your first egg and see if you can use that to find more paths."
Please advise how to use 1.0 U** to go next.

4269) tialuisa 2/14/22, 9:58 AM
@jan - glad you got the egg. I not sure if you had another question in your last post. If so please ask again and I'll do my best to answer:)

4270) tialuisa 2/14/22, 10:14 AM
@jan - you have to find 6 more l**ks. what is the one letter in that U** that you could change and still have a l**k? You could find some but not all with a ? in the cheating granny, but my advice is to run through the alphabet until you have all 6.

4271) jan 2/15/22, 4:01 AM
@tialuisa Thank you.
Level 50 Current situation
(2: 2.3), (3:3.1only), (4:4.1a&4.1c)
(5: 5.1& 5.2a), (6: 6.1& 6.2a), (7: 7.1&7.2abc)
3.1: I don't know either left or right. Do you need "i*" and "o*" on the right side? I also read the past comments on the left, but I don't understand.
4.1b: How to find out?
5.2a: I did a paint operation, but I can't do it well.
6.2a: I don't think you need his name, but are the four "ba*l" relevant?
Are there any other Eggs to check for 2.3 and 7.2abc?

4272) jan 2/15/22, 4:20 AM
I'm sorry.
4.1b was confirmed. I will look for more.

4273) Dushka 2/15/22, 6:08 AM
@tialuisa. Now struggling with Bonus 8 with the rotten egg.I saw your hint, but I don't understand what to do with the text.Help,me

4274) jan 2/15/22, 6:33 AM
6: I confirmed the P ** h Confirmation egg,
Will you solve 6.1 in this event this time?

4275) tialuisa 2/15/22, 1:24 PM
Hi jan!
2.3 - Those are good letters that got you this egg. Is that the only word they make?
3.1 - See post below.
4.1a,b,c - It seems that you have all the info you need but let me know if you need more.
5.1 & 5.2a - this should do it for you. When you take 5.1 to paint, paste it and move it to the side. Then paste it again and do not move it!! Make sure under 'select' that transparent selection is checked. Then copy and paste 5.2a into paint. Look at the 4 curves inside the cloud. It's the 4 letters just inside the curves that you want, but the first 3 are covered or partially covered by the cloud, so look at the image on the right to get the 4 letters, no granny.

4275) tialuisa 2/15/22, 1:24 PM
Hi jan!
2.3 - Those are good letters that got you this egg. Is that the only word they make?
3.1 - See post below.
4.1a,b,c - It seems that you have all the info you need but let me know if you need more.
5.1 & 5.2a - this should do it for you. When you take 5.1 to paint, paste it and move it to the side. Then paste it again and do not move it!! Make sure under 'select' that transparent selection is checked. Then copy and paste 5.2a into paint. Look at the 4 curves inside the cloud. It's the 4 letters just inside the curves that you want, but the first 3 are covered or partially covered by the cloud, so look at the image on the right to get the 4 letters, no granny.
6 - so I think you have 6.1, and 6.2 and some confirmation eggs. Important in 6.2 are the shape of his head and the object he is standing in. And a little extra: the game was played this past Sunday;)
7.2a,b,c - To get to this point, you noticed something about the letters on egg 7.1. Notice that same thing about the letters on these 3 eggs so you can match them with the proper url and granny.

4276) tialuisa 2/15/22, 1:25 PM
@jan - 3.1: You will use "i*" and "o*" on both sides. On the left side, start with the at**ic sy**ol of those bars. So it's A* + "o*" + *s + "i*" + *. And the right side is *p + "i*" + * + "o*" + *.

4277) tialuisa 2/15/22, 1:28 PM
@Dushka - So you have those letters written down, now read them b**kw**ds and you'll know what to do on the level page:)

4278) Dushka 2/15/22, 11:59 PM
thank you, I'm moving on along the bonus path,on bonus 9!

4279) Dushka 2/16/22, 3:01 AM
bonus 9, I understand that everything was easy decided. I has a question: the answer is two words, and granny needed?

4280) tialuisa 2/16/22, 3:46 AM
@Dushka - Yes to two words. No granny. You saw the pic name, right. Use that and the image on all 5 words.

4281) Dushka 2/16/22, 4:20 AM
@tialuisa Thank you. "BANG"!!

4282) jan 2/16/22, 9:17 AM
@tialuisa Thank you late.
All that's left is to think about what to do with 4.1 a&b&c.
I try to think after going to bed, but I'm not good at it.

4283) jan 2/17/22, 7:26 AM
Level 50
I got Egg 4.3, 4.4a, 4b, 4.5 and stopped here.
Please give me good advice.

4284) small-tool 2/17/22, 8:01 AM
Almost there :)
Take a good look at the 4.5 egg!!!

4285) jan 2/17/22, 8:24 AM
Thank you S-T.
Egg4 was hard for me. (I lost my eyesight and thinking powers)

4286) jan 2/19/22, 8:51 AM
Level 50
PlatinumEgg2a. I read the information about 4 le**ers, but I can't see it well.
PlatinumEgg2c, What should I think about?

4287) tialuisa 2/19/22, 12:11 PM
@jan - 2a: The first letter is 3 dimensional. Try bringing all three signs to the same distance from you in your mind and on the middle sign concentrate on the 2 diagonal red lines.
Do the same for the third letter but be sure to keep the left half of the middle sign hidden as it is in the picture.
The second and fourth letters and very basic.
2c: Think about the color you see + the word you see for a confirmation egg.

4288) small-tool 2/20/22, 1:00 AM
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
! ! ! YAY, our Japanese friend Jan did it ! ! !
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
Congrats, Jan, very, very well done :)
The Wall Of Winners has your name on it too now!!!
Wishing you lots of fun playing the 36 bonus levels :)

4289) jan 2/20/22, 1:24 AM
Thank you so much for your patience and help.
I would be happy to help you again??.
@S-T ???????

4290) tialuisa 2/20/22, 5:41 AM
@jan - Woohoo!!! Congratulations on your accomplishment:) You are going to run right through the bonus levels!!

4291) Alina Latipova 2/20/22, 11:03 AM
@Jan - great job!!!

4292) Dushka 2/22/22, 7:13 AM
Bonus 22 - I am looking on c*****. I understand that it's simple but I can't figure out how to count.
it is d*****s ? How many letters do I need?

4293) Ditg 2/22/22, 8:04 AM
@Dushka - you are on the right path. It is d*****s and you will need 10 letters. Think of how the level page numbers are displayed.....

4294) jan 2/22/22, 8:49 AM
I know what "B**g" means in general.
But how do I relate it to the n*mbers below?
(How do I use it?)
Some of the n*mbers below match in the "U**t of t**e" wiki, but not all.
Please give me some good advice.

4295) jan 2/22/22, 11:14 PM
I got the correct answer.
"U**t of t**e" wiki was irrelevant.

4296) Dushka 2/22/22, 11:51 PM
*Think about how the page numbers of the level are displayed.....* something went wrong, you can still hint?

4297) Ditg 2/23/22, 4:07 AM
@Dushka A circle of numbers has how many d*****s?

4298) Dushka 2/23/22, 4:25 AM
@ Ditg thank you, i just very inattentive, all the time made a mistake in the one of

4299) dutchie 2/26/22, 4:16 AM
?????, on finishing the main riddle, well done :)

4300) jan 2/26/22, 7:01 AM
Thank you for your kind words.
(I'm currently sighing at the bonus of 29)

4301) tialuisa 2/26/22, 11:24 AM
@jan - If you want to post your letters I can check them

4302) Sjelgind Butterbarde 2/27/22, 5:40 AM
I just started yesterday and had a lot of fun doing the channels. But now I'm stuck on level 1. I found egg#1 and I have read all the hints I could find here. They lead me to something black & white waving right before my eyes, but trying to apply the numbers to what I found doesn't lead me nowhere. Maybe it's because I'm not a native english speaker?

4303) tialuisa 2/27/22, 7:51 AM
Hello Sjelgind Butterbarde! Egg 1 not only tells you that picking letters from the words on the level page wasn't the way to go, but also shows you what is important on the level page. But how can you use the numbers? IDK (I don't know).
As for the something black & white waving right before your eyes, I can't imagine what it is but maybe you jumped to another level. Does the page look like you are still in the riddle? Is there a number on the top right of the page? If so save the page, it might help you later:)

4304) jan 2/27/22, 8:33 AM
@ tialuisa Thank you.
Bonus 29 Correctly answered.
Stop at Bonus 33 Egg1. I haven't found Egg2 either.
The le**ers in the upper row were quantified, but they are not organized.
I read your comment on 11/17/2021, 10:43 PM, but I don't understand.

4304) tialuisa 2/27/22, 10:15 AM
@jan - For example, C and the same (C) = F. C and the next (D) = G.

4305) Sjelgind Butterbarde 2/27/22, 11:50 AM
@tialuisa Thanks for answering. Egg 1 showed me something I know and I found out that two elements on the main page of level 1 can be expanded in the same way. When I use the result of this expansion with a search engine it leads me to something in black and white that is waving at the end of a pole, but not to another egg. I also tried to use the numbers with the expansions but without any result.

4306) tialuisa 2/27/22, 12:17 PM
@Sjelgind Butterbarde - thank you for explaining further the page you arrived at. Now I understand.
As unlikely as it seems, using the numbers on the expansions does give a result. Use the 4 sets of numbers on each expansion to get a total of 8 letters. Take those to: https://scrabblecheat.com/ and you will get the answer, a word that I had never heard nor used in my many, many years of speaking English :)

4307) jan 2/28/22, 6:06 AM
@tialuisa Thank you very much!
Bonus 35
I've read past comments about "the big picture" and "focus on the le***r", but I'm not getting it.
Could you give us some more hints?
Is it in my country?

4308) tialuisa 2/28/22, 9:13 AM
@jan - You can see that you want to do one of two things to each letter. For further clarification, put your finger on the E and trace the path of the letters down to the L.

4309) Sjelgind Butterbarde 2/28/22, 12:14 PM
@tialuisa Thanks a lot! Now I found egg 2. Funny, but I know this word. :-)

4310) tialuisa 2/28/22, 2:38 PM
@Sjelgind Butterbarde - LOL:)

4311) jan 3/1/22, 6:52 AM
@Small-tool Thank you. Your Riddle makes sense.
@tialuisa Thank you for saving me confused by Astor Risk.
@Alina You did your best too. thank you.
To everyone

4312) tialuisa 3/1/22, 8:26 AM
@jan - You are my hero!! Congratulations!:)!

4313) jan 3/2/22, 3:19 AM
I'm a real ordinary person ??
Well, now I'm looking at the secret level.
I've read past hints and tried various things, but I can't clear. Is it necessary to process B**us34?

4314) jan 3/2/22, 5:21 AM
Yay! I took a bath and got a flash ? (The bath is not a hint)
I've been an addict for about 10 years ??

4315) tialuisa 3/2/22, 7:55 AM
@jan - See you next time :)

4316) Sjelgind Butterbarde 3/3/22, 11:50 AM
Level 4: I am sure I found the hint in the picture and could apply it to the text. But whatever I do with the words I found, I can't find an egg or a solution. Maybe one of the words is wrong, but I can't find out which one.

4317) Sjelgind Butterbarde 3/3/22, 12:09 PM
I just found out by brute force. I didn't know that actress and so I found another one in the same text. :-)

4318) small-tool 3/27/22, 1:42 AM


Our brave Ukrainian friend Dushka finished the bonus section :)
Congrats and STAY STRONG!

4319) tialuisa 3/27/22, 7:29 AM
Congratulations @ Dushka!:)!Very, very well done:)

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