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SMALL TOOL GAME - The Monthly Contest is another free online change the url puzzle type riddle game developed by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24. The Monthly Contest is another successor of the all record-breaking riddle games: A Big Small Mind Game, OK One More, A Lot More, Riddle in Blue, Tool Torture Threesome, and Riddle Me Tool. Good luck and have fun!

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Every month a new stage :)

Have fun, guys :)

Thanks s-t! Great idea :)

Game on guys :)

Stage 2 is now released.

well I managed the first page, but that's about it

I've got two good eggs and one rotten one.

Got up to Part 2 all on my lonesome! Now stuck, lol.

@BFS same here 😂

@umsyt - Yay, stuck buddies! Lol. Let me know if you have any brainwaves!

Stuck on the second page with rotten eggs

hi..stuck in the egg 3A(a b c ) of part 1.. I don't know what else to do

Got Part 2 Egg 1c. Now trying to find Egg 1a and 1b. Really struggling here.

how do I get past egg 1 and egg 2 of Part 1?

@Laurie: You need to find the keys for the gibberish somewhere on the page. Think about how/where S-T usually tends to hide things.

Think I will have to sleep on Part 2. I feel like I've tried everything I can think of and I still can't find Eggs 1a and 1b.

Stage 2 Part 1 egg 2 - I've got all the names that lead me to Egg 3As and rotten eggs, now what :/

@aaaasa you may have forgotten something (like what I did 15 minutes ago!). Please help me on part 2, I only got egg 1a so far

@Keeper - hmmm so do I need to somehow apply the cipher again or do I need more names first

S2 P1 E2 - Unable to find the keys for the gibberish

@Keeper - for another egg, use something to help you make selections.

@mehroon - check out the p** n***

Still missing Pt 2 egg 1c.

@aaaasa you need to use something again

On Part 2 with only Egg 1a. I don't see what else I can do with what I've been given.

@Keeper - I've tried decoding and encoding using various names and words as key and gibberish but nothing works :/

@aaaasa - Think of where the letters for the rotten eggs came from.

I am stuck on Part 1, eggs 3abc. I have 3 rotten eggs but don't know what else to do.

@Puffin - The rotten eggs are missing something.

Thank you @tialuisa!

Thanks @tialuisa
Stuck with S2 P1 E3aA 3bA 3cA . Unable to move forward and also didnt get any rotten eggs

@mehroon to get the rotten eggs think about the keys and apply to the lists you got

I've not made any headway on S2 Part 2 egg 1c. I have eggs 1a and 1b. No clue what else to do with the info on the main Part 2 page.

@Puffin - The text on 1a gave me a nudge.

Have Pt 2 eggs 1a, 1b, 1c. Trying to put it all together but nothing is working.

@Puffin and @tialuisa - please can you give me a hint for how to get Part 2 Eggs 1a and 1b? I only have Egg 1c.

@tialuisa - combine what you have in eggs 1b and 1c and use them on various places
@BFS - for 1a, you need to try the simple things; for 1b, tialuisa's hint about using something to select may be helpful

Thanks aaaasa! And thank you for answering BFS. It's 1am here and I'm starting to space out!

At Stage 2 Part 3, can't find anything besides a rotten egg and a cameo(?) on the pic :/

@aaaaasa: Thanks! I think I may have skipped a step or something. I got egg 1c without Granny, so I know I've done something right. But the step before that (converting the level words to other words) doesn't give me any word I can use. All the simpler techniques lead me to dead ends. I've tried to pick and count in so many ways. Just totally mystified.

@BFS - if you have found out what they are, maybe you got some letters wrong? For the last animal, if you are getting 2 words, just use the second one

I could use a further nudge on how to get to S2P2 egg 1c. I tried to pick from the words as they are (same technique that gave me 1b) but that does not work. Is that the correct route to go or do I need to work on the "translated" versions that got me 1a?

I still have no idea how to find eggs 1b and 1c on Part 2, nor what I'm supposed to do on 1a, given the obvious thing doesn't give good results.

@Jay and umsyt - for egg 1b and 1c, the fact that each pic has more than one of them is very important :)

Even now that you've said that, doing the obvious thing on both versions yields nothing for me.

Stuck on Stage 2 Part 1 with eggs 3(abc)A and three rotten eggs from them, and eggs 3aB and 3aC. Altering the egg words from rotten eggs 2 and 3 (from 3bA and 3cA) in the same way as the word from 3aA's rotten egg does not work. I have tried numerous variations, and tried to figure out what the very odd pic in rotten egg 3 was trying to tell me to do.

@Laurie - It's still the same trick like how you get egg 3aB but in each case what's missing is different

@aaaasa: Yes I tried that - already got 1b from that technique - but applying it on the page itself does not yield any result. What am I missing?

I noticed the animals on S2 P2 level page are looking into different directions. Is that important or just a red herring?

@Jay - the directions are not important. In order to find egg 1c you may need the help of Google.

Finally the penny dropped! Thanks @aaaasa!

I have an egg 3 on part 2 and don't know what to do with it. Anything to do with egg 2a?

@tialuisa - muddled through and have reached exactly the same point. Seems to be linked to egg 2a, but I haven't figured out how.

@tialuisa - yup :)

Thanks aaaasa! @BFS - I've been trying things based on what the man is saying but no joy as you would say :)

I've seen aaaasa's latest hint for finding 1c. Is google specifically likely to help me rather than wiki?

Now I have 1a and 1c, but still don't get where 1b would come from (Part 2)

@tialuisa - Same here, but nothing's working. I feel I must be missing something obvious!

No I am stuck at S2 P2 with eggs 2a and 2b. Not sure how to get to egg 3 - could not find any key for my gibberish so far. Is there an egg 2c maybe?

@umsyt: For egg 1b, counting helps.

@Minkie, Google is sufficient.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Jay - Yes there is an egg 2c

@Jay: Yes, there is an Egg 2c, found from picking in the same way from something else.

@tialuisa, BlackFiresong: Thanks, now found it!

@umsyt: Applying numbers on the "translated" versions of the level page should help you.

@tialuisa - Let me know if you have any luck with Part 2 Egg 3. I anticipate you solving it before me, lol.

How do you get started? No play button?

@BFS - I will, and I was thinking the same about you :)

@Ginner - did you play last month?

no...is that necessary?

@Ginner: This is a continuation of the riddle A Big Small Mind Game (the discussion thread for which can be found in the side bar). You have to play through that whole riddle first. Within that riddle, there is a "temp end path" to be found, which leads to extra stages that are being released on a monthly basis. The end of each stage serves as the play button for the next. Stage 1 was released in January (comments about it can be found in the A Big Small Mind Game thread). We are currently playing Stage 2, so we all have the play button from having played Stage 1 last month. Sorry for the convoluted explanation!

thanks BFS.

There is a play button on top of this page.
Then on the game page itself, scroll down a bit and you see the PLAY button.
You will start at Stage 1 then

But every month is a stand alone game.
If you wanna plat Stage 2, it's here;


@BFS - I thought maybe s********* n*** for the loved one, but not getting anywhere with that.

@tialuisa: I found where the quote is from, but the hint on egg 2a says to "forget about" that person, so I don't know how relevant that is. I also tried lots of different words for the thing the person says they don't completely despise (including s********* n****). I also tried combining that thing with the a****l on the Part 3 egg, and I got a promising sounding s********* n***, but no joy. :(

@BFS - when the egg says to forget about that person you can really ignore what that person says and just focus on the important hint :)

Part 2
I only have egg 2c, and I don't see what if there's anything I haven't used that will help.

@aaaasa: Thanks so much! Onto Part 3 now :)

@tialuisa: Forget about everything we were thinking before. Just focus on the hint from 2a and how to apply it to Egg 3. It's about riddling techniques, not about a*****s like the other bits have been.

@BFS - Thank you. Hope to join you soon...

@BFS - Thank you!! Part 3 now too :)

Still at Stage 2 Part 3 with only one rotten egg :/ Tried googling and picking in different ways but nothing works

@aaaasa: Think about the hint on the rotten egg. When else in this stage have you not been a****?

@BFS - I saw the word in Part 2, egg 1a, is that the correct place to look at?

@aaaasa: No, you're not on the right track. Think about the hint you left for Jay and umsyt earlier.

@BFS - ah didn't know about that before. Learned yet another new thing today I guess :)

I still don't get part 2
Is there something I forgot to count? Do I need to use a method that got me to one of the 1x eggs? Do I need to ignore certain eggs?

@umsyt: What eggs do you have at the moment?

Only 1a-c and 2c.

@umsyt: For 1b, you need to pick from the same words that gave you 1a. The pictures on the Part 2 page are significant for this.

I have 1b. I am looking for 2a and 2b.

I can't find egg 1c, part 2. Google refuses to help. Could I have a tiny hint what to look for?

@umsyt: Oh, I'm sorry! I misread your comment. For 2a and 2b, you need to combine what's on 1b and 1c. Think about how you might use two sets of n*****s to pick, in riddling terms.

@Milena - The text on part 2 egg 1a should give you an idea.

@Milena, as aaaasa said, there are *more than one* for all of them.

@BFS, I've already tried tried that, though in an automated fashion. I've only gotten 2c out of it.

@Milena: The hint in Egg 1a is significant. Google should be able to help you find appropriate terms to use when these a****ls are not a****, but are in a...?

@umsyt: So you have the right technique! Now try it on other lists of similar length :)

@BFS now I have 2b but not 2a, and I've tried the only two other "lists of the same length" i can think of.

@umsyt: You should actually get 2a without Granny. I am sure you must have tried to pick from the right place, but you may have discounted what you got as it may not have seemed like it could be a valid answer.

@tialuisa, @umsyt and @BFS - thank you, finally got it

I don't see it.
I have five lists written down, two given straight, the other three derived from things I've done in the level so far. Those straight lists gave me 2b and 2c and I have no idea what the thing for 2a could be.

Umsyt are you sure you've arranged your lists in the right way? Like you did for 2b.

I don't get what other way I would "Arrange" them. I used my lists in the same order for 2b and 2c.

There were two ways you could have done the order Umsyt, but it seems you are using the right one, so I don't know what the problem is ...

Stuck on S2 P1 E3(a b c)A. Also got 3 rotten eggs but no idea what they are missing. Unable to find E3(a b c)B or E3(a b c)C

List I have:

Part 2 main set
What got me to 1a
What got me to 1c
Egg 1a set
What got me to 1a "applied" to 1a

I have no clue what I could be missing.

@umsyt: You need what got you to 1a.

I genuinely had no idea what I was supposed to call one of those 😭
Now I have 1a and 3, but don't get what it's they're trying to tell me.

@mehroon -- what the three rotten egg words are missing is some things you used to get the 3(abc)A eggs. You need to add them into the mix.

Stuck on Stage 2 Part 2 with egg 3. I understand I am supposed to apply egg 2a to egg 3 in some manner, but nothing I have tried has worked.

Done :) Thank you so much Small Tool for this Stage. I had lots of fun, as always :) See you in March!!

@Laurie W yes apply egg 2a to what got you to egg 3.

Part 3: I have rotten egg and lots of ideas that don't work. A tiny clue please?

@Colmkilm for Part 3 think back to how you got Part 2 egg 1c

And done! Whew! I wasn't sure I was going to get through. I got completely stuck a couple of times. Thanks to all the fellow riddlers who left hints.

@Puffin: Thanks for that. I had started doing that but then gave up. Thanks to you I went back to it and found a good site.

May I have another push for S2 P2 egg 3 please? I have read the hints above but not at all sure how to apply 2a to 3. I tried using another k** for the v****** c*** that got me to egg 3, is that the route to go?

@Jay -- V******* is not needed on egg 3. Egg 2a says that you h*** something. If you h*** something, you would want to get rid of it.

Thank you @Laurie!!! I thought of taking it literally but did not have the right idea how.

I'm trying to get past Part 1, Eggs 3aC-3cC and read the hint " It's still the same trick like how you get egg 3aB but in each case what's missing is different". I've tried adding everything I can think of to the rotten egg with no luck. Am I supposed to be adding to something other than rotten? Any hints?

@BucksDack -- you may be misinterpreting the hint. The 3xB eggs all called for the same trick, but with a different missing element. If you have eggs 3aC, 3bC, and 3cC, you have everything you need to move on. Try a basic riddling technique.

Thank you Laurie! I thought I had tried that before. I must have made and error. On to part 2 now.

Unable to get egg S2 P2 E2b. Tried lists of both P2 main page and E2a. Hint please

Mehroon, try the list on the main Part 2 page again. May be the way you are combining the n*****s.

@mehroon: P2 main page should work - but maybe you are trying the already "translated" ones instead of...?

@mehroon -- for S2 P2 Egg 2b, it's all Greek (and Latin) to me.

thanks @BucksDack @BlackFiresong @ Laurie W

I am stuck on Stage 2 Part 3. Am I supposed to be able to find list of g***p n***s for these? I can't seem to find any good site for that.

@OldDude - that's exactly it. Not sure about a specific website - I searched for them individually myself.

@BFS - thanks. I finally got many of them and then filled in the blanks to finish. Can't wait for next month!

@OldDude wiktionary has a really comprehensive page

Joined the Stage 2 party quite late and still on Part 1, with eggs 1-2 and 3A's (abc) plus the 3 rotten eggs. Can't see what the rotten eggs are missing so am stuck.

@Eric911: The rotten eggs contain the missing pieces - you see an a***** in each of them. Just add that to what you did to get the rotten eggs.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks Jay. Just wonder what be can the 3rd animal!!

@Eric911: I was confused there as well and simply tried both :). Turned out it was only one of them.

@Jay, yes found it. Now struggling with Pt2 eggs 1a-b-c

@Eric911: Applying the combined eggs 1b+c to various things you did on the way to the eggs will help you progress.

@Jay: think I have tried every possibilities, 1b alone, 1c alone then 1b+c to every list I have and I can get only gibberish. What am I missing?

@Eric911, it definitely should work. 1b gives the order, i.e. 1 = 1st word of the list. 1c gives the letter to choose, i.e. 4 = 4th letter. Does that help already?

@Jay: thanks a lot! It saved my life! Now 2a-b-c and egg 3.

For egg 3 Laurie gave me a great hint above - was very stuck there.

Thanks Jay! Stage 2 completed! Part 3 was tricky, would have never thought about that!

Still can't find stage2 part2 egg 1c.
Can it be found by 'just' using the main part 2 page and the Latin or English names and being very smart? Or do I need the text on egg 1b too?

@dutchie: The pictures on level shows them in GROUPS!! Google will help.

Thank you very much Colmkilm, found egg 1c now😊

Stuck on S2 P1 egg 1: got the rotten egg. no clue on how to proceed. Thanks

@ Bine - I see you are not resting on your laurels :) So that sheep bleats. And the party animals?

Thank you @tialuisa. I was gone for a week, but finally made it thru stage 2.

Stage 3 is released :)

Started out fine and now already stuck on finding s1 egg 2b ... Thought I found a good word but nope. Tried several things on what i saw in 1b but out of ideas for now.

Found egg 1a and 2a.
Got part of instruction but probably coincidence.
Do I have to understand chess notation things like 1.Nf3 d5?

@dutchie: For egg 1b use again what got you 1a. Standard riddling technique :). If you get to 2b, please leave me a hint.

Only have Part 1 Egg 1b so far. I've mapped out all the moves but can't do anything with the letters.

@Jay, thanks, found egg 1b. Should have found that myself!

Found Eggs 1a and 2a (POP), but now back on the main page. Also not sure how/whether to use Egg 1b to get 2b. Will keep trying stuff.

We seem to have a stuck party already. At the same place.

small-tool: "Have fun and be fast. I hope to see this ranking filled completely at the end of the weekend"

😆 He can be so funny sometimes!

Egg 1b: you need to use the numbers (and something else) on the main page

@Keeper: Ooh, you figured it out! I've been trying to relate the numbers to the letters on the main page in various ways, both with and without incorporating the o*****g m***s. Can't figure anything out. Do I actually need the m***s? Or just the grid?

@BFS - you actually need them, the trick is finding the correct order and picking the right m***.

Thanks, @aaaasa. You've given me some ideas. None of them successful so far, but I feel like I'm maybe getting there.

Hi, for finding egg 1b - is it important that some of the o*****gs have 1, 2 or 3 moves?

@pipi your old friend can help you here :)
@aaaasa looks like you are making good progress too. Where are you now? I've been stuck at part 3 for hours without knowing how to start...

@Keeper - I'm still at part 2 with only egg 1a. Not sure how to get 1b though :/

@Keeper, what do you mean? I have already googled all of them.

@aaaasa: I'm trying to alternate between W and B and pick m***s according to the order of the Egg 1b word. Am I on the right track at all? Because the second m*** should be B but that o****r doesn't have a 2nd B m**e.

@BFS - are you sure that's the correct o****r? :)

@pipi google is your good friend but you have another OLD friend!
@aaaasa did you notice that some columns are empty?

@aaaasa: Hmm, I guess not! I thought it would be since it's what took me to 1b. But I shall revisit!

@Keeper, sorry. I meant for finding 2b, not 1b.

Part 1
Is pairing m***s to 1b numbers logical or do you have to guess? I tried coming up with a few ways but nothing works.

Pipi yes, number of moves is important.

@umsyt (and pipi) it's 100% logical

umsyt: you need to make 1 half guess (but not really). Otherwise it's logical.

I tried a method based off 1a's pic, where I got defined letters (and a lot of vowels) but no anagram. :(

Do I need to use the level as well as Part 1 2a and 2b to get to part 2? Seen some possibilities there, but can't make it work.

(I meant 2a's pic)

@minkie 2a and 2b are all you need

@Keeper - now I'm at Part 2 egg 3, got some letters but can't form a word with them :/

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Keeper - I'm still at Part 2 so not sure if you are talking about that

Can't figure out the logic on Part 1 at all. I have one more 3 than I need, which I assume I need to treat as a 1, but I just have too many options. My head hurts. Not sure this stage is for me. I miss the animals from last time. :/

@BFS: You have the m***s from e.g. Wikipedia. You have the order from 1b eggword. Then you have the numbers from 1b egg pic - tells you which m***. And you said something about alternating above - that tells you which part of the m***s to use. That does it.

Stuck now at p2 egg 1a - no further idea how to apply what I see on the main page to get to an egg 1b (that must exist I suppose?). Hints welcome :).

Somehow Keeper's comments aren't getting through;

Keeper has left a new comment on the post "SMALL TOOL GAME - The Monthly Contest":

@aaaasa sorry misread your comment. One of them doesn't really move in the way as it appears

@Jay: Hmm, that's what I thought, but the 1b order doesn't seem to work for me. Although I just realised I misinterpreted @aaaasa's asterisked word in their reply to me as "order" instead of "o****r"... I think I may need to revisit Wiki.

Finally got Egg 2b. I was being exceptionally silly! Facepalm moment.

Thanks s-t for reposting. I hope this is your logic as well, otherwise I can't think of any other way to justify why it is this letter but not the other one

It's a tiny bit of imagination and playing with how that piece moves, Keeper (or at least how they teach you the way that piece moves).

@Keeper - I think I know which piece to play with but that only gives me a rotten egg :/ Hope I am on the right track though

Nvm on Part 3 now :)

@aaaasa you are 80% on the right track :P
I hope I can see a hint for part 3 when I wake up tomorrow :)

@Jay - Keeper's hint about some columns being empty is very helpful for me

Part 2
I have eggs 1a and 1b, but don't really see what to do now, especially with the other thing given.

@aaaasa, Keeper: Thanks for the hint, I just don't get it :). I noticed that two columns are not used but did not find a way to apply that yet. Will have to try harder :).

aaaand popped 🙃

NVM, I think I just have an idea ...

I'll hope for a POP too umsyt: stuck at the same place.

Stuck on Part 2 with Egg 1a. How did you get 1b, @minkie and @umsyt?

BFS this hint from Keeper is useful: @aaaasa did you notice that some columns are empty?

Lol, there's in fact a hint in the image of egg 1a as well

Anyway, you know the drill new comments, new page

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