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SMALL TOOL GAME - The Monthly Contest is another free online change the url puzzle type riddle game developed by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24. The Monthly Contest is another successor of the all record-breaking riddle games: A Big Small Mind Game, OK One More, A Lot More, Riddle in Blue, Tool Torture Threesome, and Riddle Me Tool. Good luck and have fun!

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@Dutchie: One of your words contains an instruction word: use that info with what seems to refer to a cipher and visit you know who

@Colmkilm: Thanks, will have a look a that.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@dutchie -- the pics on the rotten eggs you got from S3 P2 E2 are not important. Yes, do take one of the URLs literally.

@Laurie W, thanks. Tried several things but no result yet, will have another look later.

Stage 1 Part 1.....found eggs 1a, 1b, and 1c. Is there a 1d? If not, not clear on what to do with these 3 eggs to advance.

@Ditg: If I remember correctly there is no 1d. Use 1a and 1c to get 2a then use 1b and 1c to get 2b

Stage 1 Part 3, discovered egg 3a and 3b as well as a rotten one beginning with P. Is there a 3c egg or am I missing something obvious to advance? I assume egg3b name is hinting to do something on egg 3a but not having that 'pop' moment....

@Ditg - Stage 1 Part 3, I'm thinking you mean eggs 1a and 1b and with those you have everything you need to finish Stage 1. You are right, the egg1b word tells you what to do with each of the names on egg 1a and egg 1b pic is telling you, which of the 2 to use for each. Take them to granny for a 15 letter answer.

Hi all :)

A few minutes ago STAGE 4 was released.
It's the first Stage of the Spring Season and can be played without having played the Winter Season.
Start button on the page you get if you click the play button at the top of this page.

Have fun :)
(and of course; Happy Easter!)

I'll get the ball rolling on the Q & A's. What's the drum meaning??

Confused as you are (assuming we have the same eggs)

I think it's a familiar code (names), but I can't see how to apply it.

The three names are all the same length. Is that important?

Got a rotten egg from Part 1 and not much else.

@BFS, try to translate and pick.

Thanks, @BucksDack. Now stuck at the drums with the rest of you.

I tried working with the shape of the sticks in a couple of ways but still not getting anywhere.

I noticed that one of the 3 doesn't have a smiley face after the "Yes". I'm not sure if that's significant or if S-T was in a bad mood when making that page! Lol.

Hehe BFS

Not significant, not a bad mood, just a typo/lazy/forgotten thingy.
But now, the smiley face is there :)
Thanks :)
Tiny, tiny hint earned with that;

You may ask and I will answer.
But be careful what you ask for, the more detailed your question, the more vaque my answer will be :)
Lol, be

Hey ST: is my unused hint still active? LOL. Don't know what I would ask though!

Lol, nope that one expired :P
But I can repeat the general hint; Don't make up your own hints and don't overthink!!!

Yay, I earned a tiny hint! :) I shall save that for a moment of great desperation. I'm sure there'll be plenty of those to come!

Currently still trying to figure out what to do with the drums. I found a code that seems like it must be relevant, and I can put things through it, but I have no idea how to apply what I get. I'm definitely entering the "making up my own hints" phase. Hopefully a good night's sleep will help!

LOL BFS, I'd advise not to leave asking for hints too long. I never found a moment to use mine last time round and it expired!

Quite stuck in part 2 with egg 1a and 1b. Can not find any 1c, but need something more to apply what I have. Anyway, it's bedtime since long :)

For part 1 egg 3, be literal.

If we're talking about Stage 4 Part 1 Egg 2s, just cook yourself some breakfast and don't overthink :)

@aaaasa - I've tried so many breakfasts and I never overthink. Really stuck...

@tialuisa - try being more literal as Ellie suggested above

@aaaasa - Thank you. Wasn't sure if that hint was for finding egg 3 or what to do with egg 3.

Stage 4 Part 2
Up to eggs 1a and 1c, 1b nowhere in sight.

@umsyt - how did you get 1c?
For 1b, you will need to use all the letters of what you found

@aaaasa: 1c is ftf the artists. I am stuck with 1a,b and c

Stuck at Part 1 with eggs 2a-b-c. Don't know how to be "more literal" with all that.

@colmkilm - Thanks! After you have 1a-c just combine 1a and 1b and apply on 1c

@Eric911 - Struggling there too. One of the eggs is very breakfasty already so I tried adding something to it to complete the meal with no luck.

@tialuisa and @eric use the **** and ******* as told by the egg

@Keeper - Thank you. So do we use nothing from the other 2 eggs?

Stuck at part 2 egg 5 rotten(?) egg. No idea how to use the pic or the words in it

How did you find 4b?

@umsyt it's something closely related to 4a that you can find in google/wiki

Did you get rotten egg from something with 5a+b? It doesn't seem like any method is fruitful

@umsyt have you got 5c?

@tialuisa: any progress?

I am stuck on Stage 4, Part 2 with eggs 5a, 5b, 5c and a rotten egg (that I got from applying the info on 5a and 5c with the info from 5b). Not sure where else to apply the info. A hint please?

I can't find part2, egg 1a.

@pipi for part2 egg 1a use ftf

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you, @Puffin

Should I use lyrics to solve part 2, eggs 1a, b and c?

@pipi you don't use lyrics

Part 1 egg 4: can't find where to apply the "instructions"

I can't find the correct way to combine part2 egg 1a and 1b. Is it first row of 1a + first row of 1b and second row of 1a + second row 1b?

@Eric911 for Part 1 egg 4 I'm not sure what you mean by instructions but use your "good" friend. There is a confirmation egg to find.

@Puffin: got the conf egg but I assume I have to apply the level title somewhere? Or am I overthinking?
@Pipi: you need to make an omelette with 3 ingredients.

@pipi notice that the numbers in egg 1a have a dot after them and the ones in 1b do not. Yes the first row of 1a goes with the first row of 1b and so on. No addition needed.

@puffin, I just don't know how exactly to combine the numbers from eggs 1a and 1b.

@Pipi: sorry was for part 1, not 2

@pipi think of them as a decimal number of sorts. The first part of the number tells you to look at a certain thing and the second part tells you where to look within that certain thing.

@Eric911 you are overthinking :) Don't worry about the level title. I think you are missing something

@puffin, I am trying song.letter and it is not working.

@pipi you are using the correct method but think bigger. The text on egg 1c is important.

Thanks Puffin. Got it now.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@pipi you don't need the song

I got it finally. I was mislead by the album covers on the image. Thank you, @puffin

@puffin did you manage to get past the rotten egg? I have no idea what to do

Hi all, I could use a hint on how to get Part 2 Egg 5c, got 5a and 5b but not sure how to get any 5c from that ...

@jay it's same method but apply the numbers on something else

@Keeper no progress on the 5 eggs. I'm not sure if the text on the rotten egg picture is important but I can't see how to apply it if it is.

Thanks Keeper, but on what? Have tried various things with no luck so far ...

nvm, POP ...

Btw I got Egg 6 now ... Similar method as for the rotten egg, but slightly different, maybe the album cover could be a hint (at least it helped me getting it).

@puffin finally on egg 6... this is indeed a rotten egg! (@s-t why is the format changed, i.e. not in bold red?)

@Jay Thank you!!

Rotten eggs red/bold (granny grey etc). That's a long time ago :P
In fact 5 months ago. That was only used in Big Small Mind Game, but never in the contest :)

@s-t oh thanks, didn't know the rules expired like minkie's hint :P

Part 2 egg 2: think I got the trick from the conf egg but I find several for each :-/

The first two finishers are there :)

Spring Sprinters

And it was very very close this month!
Literally one minute between the two mails!

@eric be literal (again!)

Congratulations on finishing @Keeper! Very, very well played

Any hint on how to go on after Part 3 Egg 3? Tried various things with the egg hint but no luck so far.

and Congrats Keeper, Ellie & Edgar :)!

nvm, got it ... :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Congrats ellie, edgar and jay, and happy easter everyone!

Happy Easter to you too Keeper! I'm sorry we were 1 min faster. Next time the luck will be on you :)

Part 3, egg3 - is this an 8 after the last sentence or is it the emoji :8?

@Pipi, it's not an emoji :)

Part 3 egg 1
I feel like I've done exactly what it wants from me with no answer.
I searched what it gave me, each having about 4 or 5, then used other context to select certain ones.

@umsyt it looks like you're doing the right thing; make sure you use the right "part" of what you select

@ellie, thank you. Still wondering how to use it. Do I need the grey text?
@umsyt, selecting certain ones should work.

I can't tell if some of them should be counted in or kept out of me list.

@umsyt there's a confirmation egg to find, it may help you a very little bit(?)
@pipi the grey text is irrelevant

How I interpret that (if we're talking about the same thing), that leaves me with 4.
Those four aren't giving me anything

@Keeper, can you give me a hint, please? What do I need to focus on?

@umsyt FTF those four should give you a word without granny
@pipi There's Not Much Left in the page that can act as hints :)

really? 😒
No idea why I needed to choose those instead of the obvious.

OMG, I am blind. Thank you so so much, @Keeper!

@umsyt I have no idea what you picked lol
But I think they are the most obvious ones (according to wiki)

Stuck on S4 P3 Egg 3. I've seen Keeper's hint above, but don't know what to do with it. I've tried a number of things, but no luck.

I have Prt 2 Egg 5a and 5b but have run out of things to apply the numbers to. Any hints?

@BucksDack You need a 5c, simple to find from 4s

Part 2: found 5a but no luck so far with 5b...

@BucksDack: You need to find 5c. Use 4a,b in a similar way to what you did with eggs 1a,b,c

and POP moment!

Thank @Colmkilm, that helped me find 5c.

Now I have part 3 eggs 1 and 2 and The confirm egg (Yes only 4) but I'm stuck again. I thought it might want the l*** v**** person but I can't make anything from that. Any push?

@BucksDack: There is a hint word in the text of egg 2 but also look closely at what the guy is holding..

@Colmkilm, it took a couple of tries, but I got egg 3. Thanks for the help. Great hints!

Stuck on Part 2 with eggs 5a-b-c and can't find where to use my numbers.

and POP moment again!

How to find S4 P2 E1c? Found 1a and 1b. Do I need names of band members for the year given?

@mehroon: you're overthinking. Same method you used for 1a but with the things you used for 1b.

Stage 4 complete. Can someone give a hint for the extra bonus with the dick nose man?

Thanks @ Eric911
S4 P2 E2 - I think I have to remove pairs of same letters from the text but granny is unable to use the leftovers

@Eric911: Remember he replaced his n*** with his d*** ... that should give you a hint.

@mehroon: In S4 P2 E2 first find the song, then go from there.

@Jay: feel lost there. Are the italic words relevant or not? Could not find anything related to them...

@Jay - Found the song and tried removing same letters from the lyrics but still getting nothing sensible

@mehroon: you are on the wrong track (just like I did there!). Have another look at the conf egg. Think basic.

@Eric911 and @Jay - no idea how to think basic

Mehroon, forget the text. Focus on the conf egg.

@Eric911 - I'm sorry. I'm unable to understand what to look for. Is it bi****? Please help

Mehroon: the conf egg shows 2 things. Simple as 1 and 1 = 2

Stage 4 Part 2
Up to eggs 1b and 1c, I can not find 1a .

@Dushka, no google for 1a.

@Ellie, thanks. i found it

This comment has been removed by the author.

Stuck on Part 2 with eggs 5a-b-c and rotten egg.Can't find where to use my numbers.

@Dushka: read again carefully one of your eggs.

@Eric911 unfortunately, I don't know, this is an egg 5-b? need another way?

@Dushka: yes it is.

S4 P2 E2 - Still completely lost. Unable to decipher what the conf. egg is indicating

@mehroon Granny prefers to eat omelettes while (or from?) singing and dancing.

@mehroon, read the conf egg literally.

@Eric911 any hint what is special to find in egg 5b to solve egg 5? I even found a bonus egg btw :)

@mehroon - Two different things are emphasized on that conf. egg. How can you combine them?

I am staring at Part 3 and all I could do is a confirm egg. Any hint, please?

Help me to find egg 1 at Part 3

NVM, I am on Part 3 egg 1

can I get a nudge on Stage 4 Part1 Egg 4? I have the confim egg but can't make any sense of the titles

@Hancock - Try making sense of other titles.

Thanks @tia

May I ask for help with Part 3 Egg 1? I have a confirm egg about only f**r, I thought it can be applied to members of ba*d, but I got nothing.

@Alina Latipova Do you know what is that in the pic of confirm egg?

Thanks @Eric911, @Alina Latipova @ Ellie

Stuck on S4 P3 Egg 3. Tried various things with the egg hint but no luck so far.Any hint on how to go on

Back after a weekend away and stuck on Part 2 with Eggs 5a and 5b. I can't figure out how to get to 5c. I've tried everything I can think of and read all the hints and I'm still stumped.

A little google may give you a push :)

@umsyt: I did Google and found what 5a and 5b indicate, but I was under the impression from the hints that I need to find 5c from the 4s before I can use that information. Unless I have to use it to find 5c?

@Dushka: Try Googling What Is In The Pic Text

@BFS: Indeed you need to find 5c first. Same method as you used for 5a and 5b, but applied on something else.

thank you,@,Colmkilm , I'm in a good

@BFS: If you are not sure on what (took me ages to find out), maybe do a little googling using your eggs 4a and 4b to find another pair.

@Jay: Thanks so much for the hints! I've Googled Eggs 4a and 4b together, and I know how they relate to each other, but I'm not able to find another pair from that. I don't know what I'm missing. An earlier comment says it's simple to get this egg from the 4s, so I feel like I must be missing something obvious.

Think about what you've done to get previous eggs in this part.

@BFS: If you are still missing it - you have an album, that consists of ...

@umsyt: I feel like I've tried all the techniques I've already used. I've used the numbers on the a**** and a*****, and in this case, the a**** and s*** n*** are the same, so I'm not sure what else to use them on :/ I've read so many articles about a b*** I previously knew nothing about, but I'm still not seeing any other obvious pair. The only other thing I can think of to use is maybe the l****s? But nothing's jumping out to me there either.

@Jay: Hmm, I looked at those but didn't get far... I shall look again...

OK, wow, I hadn't actually tried that, and in hindsight, it should have been obvious. I had looked in the right place but had applied the info from the 5s rather than the 4s. I was on the verge of cashing in my hint! I shall save it a little longer, LOL. Thanks for the help, @Jay and @umsyt!

Finished!! Extremely late to the party, but it couldn't be helped.

Can Stage 1 be asked here? I'm very late to the party.....
....if so then.....
Stage 1 Part 2 : Got 1a 1b and 1c, and 2a. I can't seems to find 2b, even with reading every hints in past forum. I feel like I need to play more with 1c to find 2b, but I can't get anything.

@Namchokdef for Stage 1 Part 2 egg 2b pick certain letters from the word that got you to egg 1c, repeat them and make an omelet with the egg 1c text. The heading tells you which letters to use.

@Puffin : Thank you! Finished Stage 1! Got a lot to catch up to do, don't think I can compete in the contest any time soon.

S4 P3 E2 - No idea what else to look for. Tried looking at r*** s**** in astronomy and also for names on Walk of Fame

@mehroon: Do you have the confirmation egg (song title)? From there just take it litterally and ask a nice old lady.

Jay, I think you're talking about 'part 2' and I think Mehroon is asking aout 'part 3'

@mehroon - Nothing to do with astronomy. The "r*** s***" thing refers to a different b*** m****r. The clue is in what the guy is holding.

Thanks @BFS. Completed it

Thanks for all the hints from helpful users! I completed at last. It was kinda easy :)

Congratulations to @BFS

Stage 2 Part 2 : I've got 1a 1b 1c. I've looked through hints but I'm still having trouble applying 1b+1c to stuff. I understand what 1b and 1c roles are though, one being o**** and one is to p*** but when I apply 1b+1c to 1a, the first 3 letters are the same letter (a vowel). Does 1a needs to be modified before using or somehow I am not getting what 1b+1c means? (Tried 1b+1c with other lists, but nothing comes out too)

Welp......... it seems to be the case of "Post and you shall get it" moment...... Got 2c now.

Stage 2 Part 2 : Now the only thing I don't have is Egg 2a. I see that you can get it without granny, and supposedly what to use (c***** n***). But when I use it, it comes out unreadable which granny also can't help. Am I using the correct one?

@Namchokdef for Stage 2 Part 2 egg 2a do the same as you did to get egg 2b but with c***** n***. No granny needed. It will be two words.

@Puffin : I've tried that, but the first 2 letters I got are the same, which doesn't make a word.

@Namchokdef hmm I'm not sure how you're getting first two letters the same. Maybe double check the c***** n***s and the make sure you have them in the correct order? First letter you get should be H.

Thank you, @Alina Latipova! Congratulations to you too :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Namchokdef - Check the spelling on the animal that you are pulling the second letter from. There is no 'h' in it. aa*****k

@tialuisa : Then I've screwed up big times then. All the spellings are correct, but I don't see how that animal is the second one.
The way I did get 2b and 2c is that, I use 1b to rearrange 1c into order, then used the new 1c to pick the list, which works in getting those 2. my second one with this method is by left right order, the m***, thus getting an H. Have I perhaps accidentally cheese it?
Have something to do now, maybe returning later might help seeing how that animal is the second.

@Namchokdef I think I see what the problem is. Use 1b to rearrange the c***** n***s in order and then use 1c to pick. In this way your second one should be aa******. You are getting the correct letters but they are in the wrong place and you won't be able to granny the answer since it's two words. I hope this helps!

Thank you, everyone, for the help. Sometimes this level of blindness just happens......
........technically, there was a very old granny that can do multiple words in toolshed....(I may have cheese with it before figuring out the correct way a moment after....)

Stage 3 Part 2 : I've only gotten Egg 1a out of it, am having trouble finding presumably 1b and well, the hints of getting it. Do I have to use that bottommost bit to find it, or something else?

@Namchokdef: You should mark all positions on the board (that's what the eggword hints at) and then look for a kind of code (if you look very closely, the egg pic tells you which).

@Jay : Thank you, but... still not quite getting it on how to see a code. Can I get a bit more hint? I only see how I would get 1a.

Another case of that, it seems, got it after posting....
Thanks, @Jay!

Stage 3 Part 3 Egg 1 : Welp...... this seems to be an advanced chess battle.... I'm only able to find Egg 2c and 2e.

@Namchokdef - Are you still there? Take whatever granny offers.

@tialuisa : Thank you! Wow, this was a long stage.... Cleared it finally, now to start this month's stage.....

Hiya Small Tool, long time since I logged in and nice to see familiar names. My memory is foggy but I seem to have you confused with Jon The Watch aka Loki .... I was with him as admin on this site at the end. Feel free to DM me

Stage 1 Part 1(winter session) - I found egg 1b, no egg 1a. Any hints?

@Alina: For egg 1b you must have observed the subtle change in the picture. If you do the same without it, you get 1a.

Hello everyone!

I am on Stage 3 Part 3 Egg 8, and I just don't see it. I've noted each position by its letter/number pair and its overall position on the board (if bottom left is 1 and the next row above starts at 9), and I'm just not getting anything out of granny.

I understand that color doesn't matter, that I need more letters than pieces, and that I need the number of each letter, but it's just not coming together.

May I have a nudge please?

@CandiC : Hi! Are you still stuck there?
Well, take a closer look at the po*****ns, and think simple, well, not too simple, but a bit simpler. Something is telling you how many to get....

Thanks a ton Namchokdef!

That part "something is telling you how many to get" was a mind shifter!

S-T's cleverness just won't quit. This riddle cycle has been so enjoyable!

(Yes, I'm an excitable person and mean every exclamation point I use :)

Looks like I'm the only one to struggle on Stage 4 Part 2 Egg 6.

After getting the rotten egg, I googled and found the a***ms and t***k n****rs. I then used the t***k n****rs to pick forwards and backwards from the a***ms, s**gs, and b**ds. I got nothing.

I even thought the word that got me there was the hint, so I found each s**g that was in the same position on the opposite side of the a***m... that didn't work either.

May I have a hint?

@CandiC your last idea looks good if you are working on s*****s

Gah! I saw the s****es and thought they were the wrong direction!

Thanks Keeper!

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