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SMALL TOOL GAME - The Monthly Contest is another free online change the url puzzle type riddle game developed by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24. The Monthly Contest is another successor of the all record-breaking riddle games: A Big Small Mind Game, OK One More, A Lot More, Riddle in Blue, Tool Torture Threesome, and Riddle Me Tool. Good luck and have fun!

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Started Stage 5 and already stuck in Part 1, Egg 2b. Hints welcome :).

nvm, it clicked ...

Already stuck on egg 1

Ok. Now stuck with 2b and 2c and no idea how to reach 2a so far...

@Eric: Egg 2a is using a very basic riddling technique. Please join me at Part 2, totally stumped there ...

Stumped on S5 P2. Unable to find anything unique among the six

Hi. I can't find egg 2c.

@pipi - Just name what you see

Thanks, mehroon

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Thanks Jay. Now onto part 2. Just mistyped something for 2a at first try...

Part 1 only find egg 2a, dont know how to "name what I see". How can I find 2b and 2c?

@Anonym - If 2b of P1 then its years. Then just name what you see

Of course, thank you mehroon!

@Jay, any progress on part 2? Stuck too there. Can't find anything.

No idea how to begin. I had one idea, but it seems pointless with such little info.

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Part 2. Let the stuckness begin.

Hi everyone! I have Part 1 Eggs 2a and 2b, but I can't figure out how to "name what I see".

@BFS - Just name what you see in 2b

@mehroon - Thanks! I was trying to combine the 2a and 2b pics and getting confused.

Now stuck on Part 1 Egg 3, which doesn't seem to have stumped anyone else :/

Never mind, I got it. I was getting muddled because of the quote. Also didn't think I'd have to consider multiples.

Joining the stuck party on Part 2.

For all on S5 P2 - Compare the surnames of the six and their characters
Need help on S5 P2 E1

Thank you so much Mehroon!

Egg 1 is the same trick

@Eric: Did you get 2a? I got 2b by applying sort of "the same trick" but out of ideas for 2a for now ...

nvm, found the error in my method ...

I have the feeling that I am missing an Egg 2c on Part 2 ... Is anyone past that and can tell me if that is correct or if 2a and 2b are actually sufficient?

... and just found 2a and 2b is enough, no 2c needed.

I feel like 2a and 2b are telling me exactly what to look for, but nothing I get makes sense.

One of the pics seems different in a way that breaks things, and some I thought go into one category are better candidates for the other 😵

Having the same problems as Umsyt.

@mehroon: Thanks for the hint, but I'm not seeing anything when comparing those things? I've double-checked and I definitely seem to have the right characters. I've noticed one r***e but nothing else of significance.

BFS: It's a spot-the-difference game.

@minkie: Apart from the obvious r**** on the 4th one, there seem to be more differences than similarities... :/

umsyt/minkie: you can get all you need from google (but not necessarily wiki)

Do I need the movies` titles on p2 egg 2a?

I can't find S5 P1 Egg2a, although I've got 2b and 2c. Any hints?

OK, I got to Part 2 Egg 1, but I'm still extremely confused because I had to disregard the letters from one of the comparisons to get there? So I'm not sure I did it right?

@Alina Latipova read [mehroon 5/5/23, 2:00 AM]

@BFS me too, I guess it really does just want u***** ones.

@umsyt, sorry but I need help with S5 P1 Egg2a

oh, [Jay 5/5/23, 12:48 AM]

@Keeper, I just tried that (or what I think it means) and got mixed results. If I cherry pick and granny I can get a somewhat thematic word, but alas, it doesn't work.

@alina egg 2a is the easiest page to find in this stage unless you overthink :)

@umsyt not sure what you mean by "mixed results", but it should spell something even without granny if you pick correctly

@Alina - did you get P1 E2b? Then just name what you see in it. A 4-letter word

Got Part 2 Egg 2a, but can't seem to find 2b. I've been trying to use the "other side" of the comparison, like in Egg 1, but Granny doesn't seem to like that.

Just had a POP moment with 2b. Kept forgetting to remove what isn't u*****.

@keeper, I know I am overthinking. Always got confused with basic riddling techniques. Is it ntol?

@mehroon. thanks, all that I need a hint for Part 1 Egg 2a. I've already had 2b and 2c

Same question as Pipi: do I need the movies for the 2a?

@Alina - do you need P1 E2a? Then it's a=1 z=26

@Eric - For P2 E2a you need E2b using the same trick that got you E2a. Then use both

Help needed on S5 P2 E4a. Got a rotten egg from one category and a good word from another category which didn't work

Then I have no idea what's going on.

I try the first, it gives me a weird n***.
I try the second, it seems like it makes sense.
I try the third, I've never heard of it and at this point the letters seem off.
The farther down I go, the more confusing things get.

@umsyt - use 2a and 2b. First is a two-word n******* which includes a profanity. For r*** use surnames. Then go to granny

@umsyt the third one would be something like "*** ***l"

Any ideas on P2 E4a?

Btw, how long is part 3? I'm on egg 10 and it's like never ending...

@Keeper - please a hint for P2 4a.

TO ALL CONCERNED - I completed Stage 4 and didn't give my name in rankings. Riddles are to enjoy, not rush through to come first. So all of you can help me as even if I come first, your rankings will not be disturbed as I have no inclination to give my nameb in rankings

@mehroon you need to find two more eggs (4b/4c), and then make a half-guess on how to combine the hints

I agree mehroon! I just love to do these riddles even without points. I'd give you a clue for 4a but I'm right there with you. Except I have not figured out the category yet.

@jay 6b gives you a hint on what 6a is asking for

Part 2 egg 2a: have difficulties to find the right movies, especially for 3 of them. Also, I find only first names for some. Is it ok???

I tried to use 4c on info I learned from 4a+b, but at the third it's already broken and I can't think of another sensible way to see it.

@Eric - you don't need movie names. If you have 2b then use both together. If not, then get 2b from E1

Need help on finding P2 4c

aaand immediately got it. getting tired of granny's antics.

@mehroon, I swear I did many times, but didn't check all words from granny. Thanks, I'm at Part 1 Egg

@mehroon: Stuck with you - looking for Part 2 Egg 4c. Attempting to combine 4a and 4b gave me a rotten egg and I'm not sure what else to try.

@mehroon think simple, you (should) have everything you need already

@mehroon: I am only on 2a and did not passed it yet. You mean I need to work with egg 1 again?

Given [Keeper 5/5/23, 8:18 AM], it seems obvious what I need for 6a/b.
But when I try to do it, using the current page name for ordering, I don't get anything useful.

@Keeper: Not sure how to think simply. :/ Do I need to do something more with Egg 3?

UGH I just spotted it in my notes from Egg 3 the moment I pressed "Publish"! POP is real, folks.

NVM. Got 2b now.

I need help to understand the meaning of Part 2 egg 4c. I have the other 2 eggs (4a, 4b) plus a rotten one.

Pipi. Use the ones that got you the rotten egg, and find the things mentioned in 4c.

@Keeper, congrats

I've done the research for Egg 5, but I'm not sure how to apply the text at the bottom. Combining things doesn't really seem to work, nor does the previous elimination method.

And now stuck on part 2 with eggs 2a and 2b. Must be misunderstanding something.

I thought I knew what to do on egg 5 and got some OK 8 letter words. Is there a special twist?

NVM a POP moment.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@BFS - With you on Egg 5

Hi guys :)
Could you please keep mentioning the P.art and not just the egg (and with Stage even better).
Later players will be very happy if you do so.
Thanks :)

@Eric911 - Stage 5 Part 2: You have to look for something for each person in 2a based on what you see in 2b. Then basic riddling.

How to get P2 E4c?

@mehroon - Stage 5 Part 2 Egg 4c: Basic riddling on character names.

Thank you, minkie!

Oh god... S5P2E6 was so simple...

Don't know what to do on S5 P2 egg 5. The sentence under the image is a little strange.

S5 p2 egg 5, You need to find some things in common Pipi.

minkie, I tried common things between a**** and m**** and it didn't work.

Pipi, you may need to do a tiny bit of pruning. If I understood the bottom text correctly, there's an important word in it.

Are there eggs beyond b on S5P3E3? I can't think of a way to combine the two I have otherwise.

Got some eggs now, thanks

I guess I need another nudge on Stage 5 Part 2 Eggs 6a/b. Still no idea how to proceed. Noticed a slightly different spacing in 6b but not sure what this should tell me (if anything at all).

Stage 5 Part 2 Egg 3 need help

@tialuisa - thanks

S5 P2 E5 - Can't seem to get anything either with actor names, character names or movie names.

@Dunka: Find out the character names first and then do something similar as for 2a/b.

@mehroon: The text hints at two things - use these, but a little different method this time. Btw I first got the wrong movie for one of them, maybe it also helps to check the pictures to make sure that you have the right version.

LOL Jay, I had made the same mistake. It's all clearer now :)

I guess I just need help with S5P3E3a. I still can't figure out what I'm supposed to get from it.

@umsyt: Do you maybe have another hint for me for S5P2E6a/b? I understood it should be something easy but obviously not easy enough for me :).

Jay, think about what the letters on S5 P2 egg 6a could mean in the light of the word on 6b.

When you hear (S5P2E6b), what do you think of?
S5P2E6a should make a little more sense then.

still unable to make progress on S5 P2 E5. Help please

I'm stuck trying to figure out how to use the many n*********s mentioned in St 5 Prt 2 Egg 4c on what got me the rotten egg. Does statue placement in egg 4b have significance? Any hints?

Thanks minkie, finally got it, that was hard for me ...

Are there more eggs on S5 P3 except egg 1a and 1b?

@Tialuisa: thanks. Have just a doubt about what n*** means.... Got the r*** ones already I think. Then ftf I presume?

Somehow I got past S5P3E4...
I found P3E6a but can't think of another way to use P3E5

Any little crumbs on how to deal with S5 P3 egg 3a Umsyt? It doesn't seem to fit in any way with egg 3b.

pipi S5 P3 eggs 1a and 1b are all you need to move on.

It seems eggs act independently. In the same way *something* helped you understand p3e3b, use that same *something* to get 3a.

Also apparently there's a 3c? I was able to deduce its answer and find 4c but still want to know how to find it.

Thanks Umsyt. I will try more. I haven't understood either 3a or 3b yet.

Can I get a push for stage 5 Part 2 eggs 4a,b,c? I cannot figure out what to do using the rotten egg winners.

@minkie: For S5P3E3a, the eggword tells you what to look for. Once you understood that, a similar concept will help you with egg 3b.

@BucksDack: It's not rotten egg winners, it's what 4c tells you. Use this on what you already have (i.e, what gave you the rotten egg).

Also looking for S5P3E3c now. If anyone has any hints on how to find it, I would be grateful :).

Of course, no hints from me, but yes there is an egg 3c on Stage 5, Part 3.
And if you missed it/bruteforced it, it's your loss, because you missed a funny egg :P

@Jay, there are so many of what is mentioned in 4c (n*********s) and that is what is confusing me.

@BucksDack: I had this line of thought too at first, but this is not what is meant here. Think about those that got you the rotten egg, how often were they n*******d?

Thank you @Jay! Just what I needed! On to egg 5

Started late this month :) Congrats Keeper!
To find S3P3E3c use what gave you 3b in another way.
Right now looking for S5P3E6b...

Stage 5 Part 2 Eggs 6a/6b. I've read the hints and I think I understand what the eggs are asking for, and I've Googled the relevant information. But I'm not able to make any coherent words.

Aha, got it now. I was overthinking the order.

@Ellie - S5P3E6b: Start by using again what you used to find 6a, to pick something else.

Thanks @tialuisa, found it :)

Yay! It was the one and only chance I will ever have to help you. Thank you for providing me with it :)

@tialuisa, even with that hint I have no idea *what* to pick. There isn't anything obvious besides what's given.

Totally stumped on Stage 5 Part 3 Eggs 3a and 3b. I understood the assignment with Egg 3c and managed to get 4c from it. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do a similar thing for Eggs 3a and 3b.

@umsyt - There is something there, but picking is the first part. After you have done that, it's time for very basic riddling.

Figured out Stage 5 Part 3 Egg 4a from Egg 3a. Still stumped by Egg 3b. Could I please get a hint?

@tialuisa, again I have no idea what I'm looking for.

Found a few things, the same way as I did during this part. I used them in a simple way and got 6a.
I tried using them the same simple way on related info. Didn't work.
I tried augmenting what I used them on, still in what's shown. Didn't work.
I tried another basic method. Didn't work.

@BFS - I had to brute force it with 4a and 4c and the number of ? indicated by 3b.

@umsyt - S5P3E6b: Use the n***** in each t**** to pick a w*** from that t****. Then do basic riddling on what you have.

S5P3 I have egg1a but can't find 1b

@tialuisa: I managed to figure it out! You have to Google the egg word (it fits the theme of the stage) and look for who played the b***.

Now stuck at Stage 5 Part 3 Egg 6a. Can't figure out how to get 6b. I don't know if I need to do something with 6a or do something else with Egg 5.

@Colmkilm: You need to recognise what all the titles have in common.

@tialuisa, that's one of the things I tried, but I can't figure out what goes with what, especially for the third one.

@Bfs I have that. but applying it is proving to be an issue

oh. oh. :(

BFS you need to go back to egg 5. Same sort of thing, but picking in a slightly different way.

@BFS - You do need to use egg 5 to get egg 6b. Check out my post from 21 minutes ago. I think it will help ;)

I know that these two have something in common, but I don't know how to phrase things to make the numbers on the bottom work.

Thanks, @tialuisa! I managed to get it. Now trying to figure out how to use the numbers. I'm basically with you, @umsyt.

@umsyt and @bfs, you need to google to find where to use the numbers. 6a and 6b are solved separately.

Oops, @minkie, just realised you also gave me a hint for finding 6b - a belated thank you :)

@Ellie: So from my Googling, both seem to be based on n***** o* t** s*** n***, but I'm not really sure where to go from there.

@bfs, you are on the right track. There is further info about those.

@Ellie: Thank you - glad I'm on the right track somehow! But I've read detailed summaries of the plot of each and I just can't figure out how to relate them to the numbers at all :/

@bfs you need something much more obvious than the summary

Still stuck on ST5 Pt2 eggs 2a/2b: seems I'm in a deadend... About their n***, it is the one they have in the m**** of the pic or just in general?

S5 P3 E8 - I found egg 9b from egg 8 so I'm assuming I'll have to find an egg 9a from egg 8 as well, even though I can't come up with what to do? Is that correct?

@tialuisa I have 9a but can't get 9b. 9a FTF and granny

@Colmkilm - I tried that twice, came up short both times. Now that I know for sure it's the way, I'll get back on it, thanks! And for you, to find 9b, there are a 'number' of things within the words of the titles...

@Eric911 - ST5 Pt2 eggs 2a/2b: tialuisa is my n**kn**e. Kids often have one that is dropped as they become older.

Thanks Tialuisa, will work (again) on this.

Good luck!! @Eric911 :)

@tialuisa thanks for that. On egg 11 now

@Colmkilm - and thank you! Finally got 9a. Had to throw in 3 wildcards. Don't know what I'm doing wrong. So pathetic...

@tialuisa: and thank you too. Without your hint I would not be now finished.

@Colmkilm - Congrats!!! See you next month!

Thanks again Tia, passed egg 2 at last. Now with eggs 4a-b-c (pt 2) but what is the rotten egg everyone is talking about? It seems important to use along with the eggs but can't find it!

@Eric911 - S5 P2 E4abc: I don't think I found it. I don't have it saved and I usually save all rotten eggs I find. But you can get egg 5 without it. You know the years to check out, you know you are looking for a certain quantity and you know the event. In fact that last one, to me implies a winner. Who's always the big winner of the evening?

Thanks Tia. Another question, already asked but not answered I think: are the positions important in 4b?

@Eric911 - If they are I didn't pick up on it and was still able to solve it.

Wow I'm feeling very dumb. I can't even get started on Stage 5 Part 1. All I have is a rotten egg. I've been looking at all kinds of films and documentaries but I can't see anything that works. Can I have a hint please?

I'm stuck on S5 P2 E5. Unable to find 6a/b. Tried finding common/difference between stars/characters/movies. Cant get anything. PLEASE HELP

@Puffin - S3 P1 - To get going, Google all those names together along with the year at the bottom of the film strip.

@mehroon - S5 P2 E5: Seems like you are doing the right thing looking for a commonality between the actors and the movie titles. One thing a couple people have mentioned is that they looked at the wrong version, and therefore got the wrong actor for the second one on the top. Make sure you compare the pic in wiki with the one on the page.

@ - mehroon - Also, you should get 2 eggs out of that with one granny visit.

Thank you @tialuisa!!

stuck on Stage 5 Part 2 Eggs 6a/b.can you nudge me,please

I am with you Dushka

@dushka/eric think about what the two letters could mean in the context of the other egg

Thanks for the hint on 6a/6b, @Keeper. I was overthinking as usual!

Now stuck with 9a. I have noticed something in each of the titles, but can't figure out how to use it to find 9b. Getting either lots of vowels or lots of repeats :/

@bfs I think you are on the right track, but be sure you collect ALL of them

Thanks, @Keeper. Finally got it. Now stuck WITH 9a and 9b unable to figure out how to pick. Gone from too many vowels to too many consonants. It never ends! 😭

@bfs it's much simpler than you think, that's why you can't look up any hints here :P

@Keeper: Yes, I realised :D Finally made it out!

@Dushka: any progress?

@Erik, Dushka: If you need a futher hint on 6a/6b, here it is (I also found this one particularly challenging): As per 6b, it's about p*****. There are two of them, one is m**, one is d**. Now apply this and the letters from 6a to what actually got you there, i.e. what lead to 6a/b.

@Jay: thank you, I was definitely on the wrong track, thought it was about d** and m**** instead...

Do I need S5 P3 E2 to solve P3 E3b? Because there are 6 numbers in 3b and 3a has 5 items. Also, is it about the eggword? If so I can't find anything related to it in the 4th item on E2. PLEASE HELP

@mehroon egg 3a/b/c are to be solved independently. No need to go back to egg 2. Look up for important hints

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Part 3 eggs 3a-3b: nothing works so far. Feel lost there.

S5 P3 E11 - Thought the eggword was a clue and the numbers in t***** leads to picking letters from the name of d*******, but the last one has less letters than the pic shows. No idea how else to pick.

stage 5 part 3.A lot of information, I do not know where to start, a little lost,me need hint

@mehroon: The eggword is indeed a clue. Have you gotten the rotten egg yet? Maybe read the text in the pic there closely, at least that helped me to get it.

@Dushka: Use very basic riddling techniques on the titles.

I'll look again, maybe I'm wrong somewhere. Thanks

@Jay - thanks. completed the riddle

@ST - Hope you get well soon. Always love your riddles. Thanks for all the enjoyment you have given

Well done, mehroon :)

Thanks for your nice words :)

@Dushka: waiting for you at eggs 3... Stuck there for ages

Could someone give me a nudge for Pt3 eggs 3a/3b. Tried a lot of things but got only gibberish.

Just dropping in to say I enjoyed the, often beautiful, pics of stage 4 (completed it yesterday) very much.
Especially the drums (toms) with the faces of the famous Toms on the drumheads. Very well done!

@Eric911 - S5 P3 Es3a/b: For both, the egg word is important. For 3a, check out it's meaning. Research what it has to do with those films. For 3b, BFS gave me a good hint: "I managed to figure it out! You have to Google the egg word (it fits the theme of the stage) and look for who played the b***."

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