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SMALL TOOL GAME - The Monthly Contest is another free online change the url puzzle type riddle game developed by our EG24 player small-tool for EscapeGames24. The Monthly Contest is another successor of the all record-breaking riddle games: A Big Small Mind Game, OK One More, A Lot More, Riddle in Blue, Tool Torture Threesome, and Riddle Me Tool. Good luck and have fun!

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@Eric911 - and do you know there is also a 3c egg to find and solve?

@Tialuisa: that's I've done with 3a and got only gibberish. For 3b, will work on it. About 3c, yes, read earlier hints but was not able to find it so far.

@Eric911 have you got 3c?

No :-(

Just found 4a. Had an error in my list.

@Eric911 - Excellent! Keep going!

@Eric911: If you use the numbers that got you 3b on the titles in egg2 you should get 3c

I've spent quality time with S5 P3 eggs 9a and 9b trying not to complicate my thoughts but ugh! Do I need to use the numbers on the titles or are they intended to remind me of a film? Any hints?

@BucksDack - S5 P3 eggs 9a and 9b: If U R Looking at the titles, you need to look elsewhere.

Thanks @tialuisa. I'm still not getting it but I'll keep trying with your advice in mind.

Stage 5 Part 2 stuck with eggs 2a and 2b. I think I have the correct n*******s and r*** ones but when I pick I get too many letters. I've tried picking ones that are the same and ones that are different but I still get too many letters or letters that granny doesn't like. What am I doing wrong?

@Puffin - S5 P2 Es 2a/b: For your method, don't compare but use a very very basic riddling tool.

@BuksDack - If you are still working on S5 P3 Es 9a/b, try looking up for something to pick from.

Thanks @tialuisa. I should have thought of that!

@Colmkilm and Tialuisa: thanks a lot, reached 4a and 4b now and finally got 3c.

Stage 5 Part 2 Egg 6a/6b is not clicking.

I have the sur****s of the p****ts of each a***r from egg 5. I have tried to order the a***rs/m****s based on egg 5, as well as egg word 6a and egg word 6b. Once in an order, I have selected the m** or d** based on the letters of 6a.

I have tried selecting firsts, or the letter in the position that got me the egg (from its position in the m***e or a***r) and I have come up empty.

I have tried so many things. May I have a solid shove to shift my thinking?

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Candic: you have tried sur****s but have you tried the other?

Stuck (again) on S5P3E6 (a & b). Tried to play with the numbers with no good result so far.

@Eric: The "based on" hints at something about the movies you should find out. The eggs are solved separately.

Thank you Jay, finally got them.

S4P3 -- I have egg 1a, and I see what the the things all have in common, but haven't found what to do with that.

@Laurie W - I see you completed Stage 4 so I think you are talking about S5 P3. If so you need egg 1b also, which you can get by doing a conversion on something in each of the movie titles in Pt 3. But if this is not the spot where you are at, let me know.

@tialuisa -- yes, Stage 5, not 4. I am typing in the dark, and also the caffeine hasn't taken effect yet.

S5P3E1b -- got it! I was overlooking one little thing.

Can I get a hint on S5 P3 E12? I think I'm the only one that had trouble with this one so I know I will face palm when I get it. I just can't seem to hit this egg.

@BucksDack - S5 P3 E12: There are two things you need to combine, both on the egg page. Your granny will help you.

Thank you @tialuisa! That helped! I Completed the stage. I took my time and really savored this one! I didn't want it to end LOL.

Congrats @BucksDack!

Have been staring at S5P3E8 for hours and still don't know what to do there.

@Eric911, there are two eggs to find. One is one of the most commonly used methods.
The other requires close examination of text to find n*****s.

If you mean ftf it gave nothing.

@Eric911 - I made a few mistakes on that one, Like on the last one ignoring the very tiny first word...

@Eric911, Check your last letter. I had the same problem.

Not sure I have mistake as I get 2 words that make sense but when changing the url it does not work, feel lost.

@Eric911 - S5P3E8: For the first egg it's one 12 letter, crazy looking word that starts where the alphabet ends. I finally has to use three wild cards with the letters I had. Once I had the word, I could look back and see my mistakes. For the other egg, you need a 14 letter word, so 2 of the titles are hiding more than one.

For the so-called easiest one, I get a 2-word solution but not starting with z... For the other one, I have found 14 that gave gibberish. Obviously I need a break!

@Eric911 - We all need breaks :) When you come back, look for that one 12 letter word for the easier. On the other, you are using what you find to do some picking, right?

@Tia, yep, used them for picking but got gibberish. Will check all this tomorrow after a good night!

S5P3E5 -- I found egg 6b, but having trouble finding 6a. A little push would be appreciated.

@Eric911: thanks for the response!

I went back to the grid that I made (yes, a grid :) and used f***t n**es.

I used the egg 5 order, 6a egg word order, and 6b egg word order for choosing m or d. I picked based on the position of the common l****r in the m***e or a***r (and included the variations that arise from doubled l****rs).

I'm still not moving forward...

@Laurie W - S5P3E5: For 6a, pick l****** using the n****** in the titles.

@Candi C - S5P2Es6a/b: Sometimes s-t works our brains so hard that when he backs off to give us a break we can't see it. 6b was there only to make sense of 6a. Sounds like you've done that. Now, no comparisons or looking for common letters. You got some names. What simple little can you do with them ;)

@tialuisa: Maybe I have the wrong names? I got them all from Wikipedia...

Looking at egg 5, I chose m** for the a***rs in the top 3, d** for the bottom 4. From ftf of f***t n**es I got bacharm. I am not afraid to write it, because it is very wrong. :(

S5P3E9a/b : I saw a comment that it is really simple, but somehow I don't see what to do. Are 9a and 9b solved separately, or do I combine something from them to get the next egg? 9b says it is not an English word, which concerns me.

@Laurie for S5P3 eggs 9a and 9b are solved separately and you pick from somewhere else, not the pic. Granny is not needed.

@CandiC for S5P2 eggs 6a and 6b you are very close. Check your info again. Your second letter is wrong.

@Puffin, Tialuisa, & Eric911:

I cry with joy!

I cry with you CandiC! Finally reached 9b after noticing a mispelling in my list (wrote Echos instead of Echoes, holy me!). Still struggling for 9a anyway.

...and cannot explain why but granny gave me the right one for 9a at first try today. Cannot believe it!

S5 P2, eggs 2a and 2b.
Do I pick just one letter from each name or do I need more?
Get perfect words with picking just one letter, but alas no answer. :(

@dutchie: only one.


It's one letter each. If you need an extra nudge, know that you'll need to google everyone. (That's what tripped me up, at least :)

@Eric911, @CandiC
Thanks, and yes I already did google them, I will try other things.

dutchie, look for REAL n***s. I wasted a lot of time on that one too...

@ Eric911
Got all correct names, there were several options for some but made it to next egg.
Thanks for the help :)

S5P3E11 -- how far back do I need to go? I've tried using the n****** from various other pages, but with no luck so far. I've tried looking for n****** in previous egg words, but no luck there either.

@Laurie W, you don't need to go back to other pages, you need to r**d back to get better n*****s.

I'm stumped to find S3P3E3c. i have 4a,b.Read earlier hints but was not able to find it so far 3c

@Dushka == for the Egg 3's in S3P3, you need to make a bunch of changes/substitutions to the starting words. The egg 2's gave you the changes to make. Now you need to make them in every combination you can.

@Laurie W, I was mistaken S5 P3 E3c

@Dushka, you have what gave you E3b. Use those again, on what you got them from. You need to spell them out.

@Ellie, thanks,I did it many times, I'm very inattentive

This comment has been removed by the author.

Just had a thought that I managed to make wayyy too wordy: small-tool, can we play unranked?

Long version with my reasoning:
I have enjoyed small-tools riddles for years, and sometimes go back to play old ones. The only way I know I've finished it before is my name on the board of finishers. And I must say, seeing it there feels like an accomplishment.

But, I usually need lots of help (especially from previously asked questions), and I love how freely the community shares their brilliance and doesn't shame anyone for needing it. It's a large part of the joy of riddling.

But that's a little harder when there is a competition. I'm not saying that folks are becoming cut-throat. In fact, I'm saying the opposite: that some strong players may be undercutting themselves b/c they don't have the time to be online that another player may have. And, with such a good-willed group, I see folks trying to help right any wrongs by avoiding the finish-board, so as not to "cut in line" or take points from others. And I resonate with the sentiment.

So, all that is to say: small-tool, can individuals ask to become unranked, and just have their finish noted on the board? I would love to participate and not accumulate points. (Funny story: My competitiveness has already had me up in the middle of the night hitting refresh until the puzzle is live, trying to get an edge. The true joke was that this stage was brutal, so I got an egg and then was stumped until the help started to flow :)

@BFS - S5P3E3b: A belated thank you for explaining to me what to do with this egg :)

It seems your arm is still not well enough. I hope you recover soon, and when you are ready to go on - we are :) Have a nice summer!

S-T, I very much hope you are doing OK and that your arm gets better soon! <3

@tialuisa: Haha, you're welcome! Glad to help :)

@CandiC: I'm the same as you re: trying to get online ASAP to try and get an edge only to become completely stuck! So I can understand your feelings and also why you might have the desire to play unranked. Re: what you said about good players trying to hold back in the interests of fairness, I wish I could say that was the case for me, but I personally always bring 100% effort in an attempt to rank as high in the middle of the pack as possible (I know I'll never rank high because others here are just jaw-droppingly smart and quick). I do feel a bit down when I rank low, even if it's not my fault (in April, I got stuck early on and then simply couldn't get online again until after most people had already finished). S-T is always so lovely and supportive in his replies to my "I've finished, here's the secret code to prove it" emails, though, and that helps my confidence a lot. So I try not to treat my rank or level of struggle as a measure of my own intelligence and just be happy and privileged to be a part of a contest with such cool and clever cats :)

I came here with two purposes:
to see if I could leave messages here after a computer meltdown (it seems I've lost my avatar) and, much more importantly, to wish Small-Tool every good wish for a recovery.

Looks like s-t is still suffering from mouse arm. Get well soon!

Hope you're doing OK, S-T. Thinking of you!

Haven't came here for a long time. Hopefully everyone, especially S-T is doing fine!
(Might maybe have some time to try to finish stage 4 and 5 of the riddle, maybe.)

Hi all! I am waaaaaaay behind. Just started Stage 1 Part 1 and cannot get the first egg. Just a rotten one. I thought it had something to do with counting. I figured 24 letters up top and 8 sentences. So the fifth letter (L) up top is Capitalized. So I went to the fifth sentence and counted to the 12th letter but got gibberish. Can I get a push please?

Chael615 I'm afraid I can't remember, and I have no notes or bookmarks, but I am sure it has something to do with that top text. Stare at it a while. Something changes.

I've remembered a bit Chael. You can get a couple of eggs by using that second word on the top string of words.

Still hoping that small-tool is doing OK: thinking of you.

What happened to small tool?

@minkie Not sure how to apply b***** to the four words at the top.

Chael: ST suspended progress on these monthly puzzles for a while because of a problem with his arm.

Binary can use lower case and caps to produce numbers.

@Minkie Wishing ST the best with his arm. As far as this riddle, I still cannot figure out how to use the b***** numbers to give me anything useful. I must be missing something easy because nobody else seemed to have any issue on this one.

Sorry Chael. I have no notes or bookmarks. All I can remember is getting two words from b***** using upper and lower case, but I can't in the least remember how I moved on from there.

@Chael - Do you have the two eggs from the b***** you get using lower/upper case? You need one more egg. Same deal: b***** to d****** to l****** but think of another way to divide letters into two different types. Then use that distinction on the same four words in the pic.

Hope everyone is well. I miss us all meeting here. Thinking of you, S-T!

I keep coming back too. Not so much to play, but to hope that things are going well.

Happy New Year! Wishing health, happiness and peace for everyone in 2024.

Happy New Year everyone 😊🎄🎉 I hope 2024 brings you lots of love, laughter, joy and health

Wishing health and happiness to all in this New Year.

A very late happy 2024 to you all. I hope everybody is doing well. Best wishes to our riddle overlord S-T too.

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