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[REPLAY] Cageling Escape is a Japanese point and click room escape game. In this game, you try to find as many objects as you can and use them wisely, solve the riddles and find your way out. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Anyone here?

game is still loading

found a bell I can´t pick up and a key that doesnt fit the door

found 2 keys and a yellow gem but can't get back up the ladder..

it's ok, i found the top arrow now

OH WOW my first live game!!!! Hi all! :o)

No one playing? Need spot to use the key.

Had to quit playing, my little daughter got ill :(

:( Hope she feels better soon

Well, I rang a bell, found a key, a note by the bed and a book I can't read, and noticed that there are 4 little bowls each with 3 different colored little balls that are all different shapes. Hexagon, Octagon, rectangle, and circle.
Can't find anywhere to use key (door doesn't seem to want it) or anyplace to input a code of any sort. I think there might be a major language barrier. The note and book must tell you something about the bell and how many times to ring it or something.

is this still live??

nvm...opened door. Playing all by myself :)

it's still live, just everyone is stuck. i've used 2 keys have 2 puzzles ican't solve and still have a yellow gem.

Hi @amy86! I'm not alone?? This is a long game. Looks good though.

for code in 1st floor south, look at the painting on the floor to figure out which animal goes where.

hi @mgkanda sorry im leaving this one not my type of game and way too long have just peeked at a walkthrough and its a hard long game good luck

hmm.. i think i'm out too. it's getting too late for me, have fun mgkanda.

I'll give it a go if people are still around? x x x

Whoa screen is tiny!! This is not guna be fun is it!! x x x

Ok too many rooms going off in every direction and all the notes are in japenese, think im guna have to leave this one aswell. Maybe give it a bash if there's more of us a bit later x x x

Hi @loz! This is actually really fun but, really involved. This is the game where you sit for hours taking notes and many many rooms. I think I'll do it later. Too big a game for my morning. :D Have fun!

oddly enough, i came upon the missing plate for the dinning room, but cant put it in it's rightful place

i guess i'll make some notes just to see what's going on.

nvm, thnx amy :3

       Anonymous  8/20/10, 11:35 AM  

I like it.. but small screen. Reminiscent of the ones I remember my Mom played, that Myst line. So I will continue to play this Mini-Myst. :)

Cageling Escape Walkthrough:

You start in a bedroom which is 2F West
8 corner shaped bowl with rose purple and turquoise balls
Square shaped bowl with turquoise, light green and white ball
six corner shaped bowl with purple, rose and light green ball
round bowl with white, purple and turquoise ball

wooden box with a key
Chest with dark red bell

In one view you’ll find on your left side an empty chest, on the right hand side a little note. In addition you may find some books here as well

Exit room, turn left

You are now in 2 F North
Click on machine and enter the ball combination you received in 2F West, meaning: you have to click on:

1. rose, purple and turquoise = 8 corner shaped bowl (note the triangle shape given by the machine and write it down!
2. light green, white and turquoise = square shaped bowl (note the triangle shape given by the machine!
3. white, rose and turquoise = round bowl (note the triangle shape given by the machine and write it down!)
4. purple, rose and light green = six corner shaped bowl (note the triangle shape given by the machine and write it down

To the left: an elevator, but it’s not working
Go straight ahead, note the table below the mirror: a plate with water, a chest with a purple bell

Exit room, turn left

and face the door to 2 F East. The door is locked. Open with your key from the inventory
Forward once, turn left.
Under the chair: note the paper (twelve rings, with some letters on it), write down everything on it. Turn right twice, find chest with light green bell. Take a look on the table in the middle of the room. Try to click the balls, nothing spectacular will happen. We have to return here later on.

Exit room, turn left:

Locked door. Turn to the middle of the center and walk down the ladder.

You are in 1 F West, or the tearoom. Take note of the vase and the pots standing in a row:

On the pottery: 1 Heart, 2 spirals, a moon, another spiral. Zoom out and zoom in side table of the bigger one to find the star pot. Click on moons and stars, take note of the number of tones they make
Heart: no reaction = 0
All spirals: 1
Star: 2
Moon: 3
Take the golden key from the red pillow below the star pot, then zoom out and turn right. Zoom in bowl (knowledge 2), open drawers and find a golden egg like thingy, turn right and look on the table. Read note (knowledge 3). Put golden egg in the top of the box and get the yellow gem.

Exit room and turn left.

Locked door. Try the key in your inventory (red dot in the middle of the key) – doesn’t work. Turn right and notice another clickable point right next to the door. Zoom in and use the lever. Enter the door.

Now you are in 1 F East. Zoom in table.

Take note of the following:
On seat to the right: plate missing
On seat top right: glasses missing
On seat bottom left: fork missing

Zoom out and turn right

Enter the door

Find yourself in 1 F Southeast. Click on trapdoor – opens, but you cannot enter. Zoom out and zoom in cupboard.
Take note of the plate location in the cupboard and write it down.
Look down and read letter in the drawer. Zoom out and turn right. Remove lock of wooden door and open wooden door.

Take note of the paper with 12 rings and letters on it, combine it with the paper you already have (enter the letters in the spare positions of the first one!).

Zoom out and leave room via the other exit to your right, leave the other room through the exit to your left. Turn left and use lever again.

Enter 1 F East via wooden door in front of you.

You’ll now find here the trapdoor (previously in 1 F Southeast!). Click on it and enter the basement.

You are now in Basement East. Turn right once. Read book on the floor (Knowledge 5). Turn right twice, and go down the stairs. Start with the door with the Sun on it:

Take note of the panel on the left hand side. Now click the buttons according to the plates of the cupboard in room 1 F Southeast (before you turned the room, now it’s in 1 F East!)
find yourself in

Basement Center. Turn left. This puzzle refers to the missing glasses on the table in 1 F East
(push top right button)

Turn right. This puzzle refers to the missing plate on the table in 1 F East
(drag the plate to it’s place, on the right side)

Turn right. This puzzle refers to the missing fork on the table in 1 F East
(turn the bottom left handle) – if everything is correct, you will find something activated.

Exit room and turn left

to Basement Northeast. Zoom into water basin. There is a chest but you can’t reach it.
Zoom out and zoom to the wheel to the right. Turn it. Now return to the basin and open the chest for the blue Gem.

Turn left and enter the other room

Basement North. Turn right. Zoom into table and read the notes and the book. Take note of the second page of the note and write down the positions given there (both will give you Knowledge 6 and 7). Take silver key. Turn left. Zoom into machine and refer to the lever positions on page two of the papers you just saw (red lamp will flush), then turn the lever (yellow light will flush). Zoom out and you will see that you’ve been successful :-))

Exit room and enter palindrome room next to the stairs.

Find yourself in Basement Southeast. Turn left. Zoom in cupboard and open it with silver key. Take silver item out of the cupboard. Turn right and zoom in table. Read both books. IMPORTANT: make a screenshot if possible from the right hand side book ((sun symbol on front cover) last page) – You will need the information given there later on! Both will give you knowledge 8 and 9. Take the knife. Zoom out and enter the room at the right hand side.
This puzzle is a bit tricky. Remember the different shapes and balls you have noted from room 1 F West and the forms from the machine in room 2 F North. Click on the first pillar on the left hand side. It shows you a black square and a white triangle. Note how the triangle changes when you move the lever on the right hand side of this pillar. The trick is to move the lever until you get the triangle according to your notes from the machine in 2 F North in combination to the shapes of the bowls in 1 F West.

You will note that you are right when the ball in the middle of the room lights up. Zoom out and leave the room. Exit room, go up the stairs, and climb up the ladder (to do this, stand in front of the letter and look up).

You’re back in room 1 F East. Exit through wooden door. Climb up ladder to floor 2. Go forward once and use key (gold with red dot) in your inventory on the locked door. Enter the room

2 F South. Turn left. Door is locked. Turn right and zoom in table where you can find another chest with a dark red bell. Turn right and then left. Enter the room 2 Southwest. Turn right and read the book (Knowledge 14). Nothing you can do with the wooden door right now, so exit this room and room 2 F South.
Enter room 2 F North (in front of you) and turn left. Enter the elevator – Hurray it works! Find yourself in

1 F North. Zoom in table on the left. Read the book and the letter in the little box (Knowledge 12 and 13) and the note on the right hand side of the elevator (Knowledge 10). Zoom close to the cupboard. Turn left. Zoom in table and take the ball. Open cupboard and find another chest with dark blue bell. Close the cupboard and turn right. Zoom in table and read the book (Knowledge 11).
Open package with the knife from your inventory.
Find an empty paper with 12 rings and pick it up. Zoom out and zoom into the fireplace.
Put the ball into the fire and remove it with the silver item from the cupboard of room and get the red Gem.

Exit this room and go straight forward to

1 F South. Whoa! Now we have water in the basin! Zoom in and risk a look, but there is nothing more to do here. Well, we’ll come back to this much much later. Take note of the picture and put the landscape it shows in your memory. Zoom out and turn right. Look at the panel. Play a bit with it
just zoom out and look down.
Air = Bird (top left)
Mountains = Bear (top right)
Sea = Fish (bottom left)
House = man (bottom right)

Enter this into the panel. Now you can enter the room.

1 F Southwest. Turn left and find the third and last hint for the circle/letter puzzle. Combine it with the other two to get a circle, completely filled with letters. Zoom forward. Turn left – nothing you can do here right now. Turn right and find another elevator, however, it’s not active right now.

Exit room to 1 F South, then exit room again through the other door to 1 F Center. Move forward twice to 1 F North and use the elevator to access

2 F North. Zoom into the plate with water beneath the mirror.
Put your blank paper with empty circles into the water and note the letters given. NOTE: these letters change from game to game! Write them down.

Exit room and turn left to enter

The teleportation room, 2 F East. Zoom into table in the middle of the room. The balls/buttons correspond with the letters on the three notes of the table. Now you need to enter the letters given on the note just put into the water in 2 F North.

If done correctly you’ll find yourself in

2 F Northeast. Zoom into the picture in front of you and make a screenshot of it. You’ll need this later on. Turn right and take the hammer.
Turn left twice and click on the wall – sounds hollow. At some point (top left corner) the sound is different. Drag the hammer to this point and open the chest. Take the green Gem.
Turn left again and read note on the floor, left hand side to the light circle. Click on the circle, chose the first option and you’re back in

2 F East. Exit the room and turn left to enter 2 F South, then turn right, and enter

2 F Southwest. Time to enter the Gems into the door.

This one is taken from geschmackssache: Moving clockwise, starting from the top: Yellow, Blue, Green, Red.

Enter the room

2 F Southwest and enter the other room in front of you. When standing in front of the picture, look down first to find the dark green bell in a chest. Check the right elevator which does not work. So just use the left one. This brings you automatically to

Basement Southwest. Take a look at the table on the left hand side. Take note of the pots, including little balls in them + colours.
5 pots, from left to right: red, 2 little balls, purple, no ball, blue, 1 ball, green, 3 balls, black, 1 ball

Enter the room right to the elevator on your right hand side (Basement West). Find a key to your right in a vase. Try to take a pot from one of the pedestals in front of you. This doesn’t work right now, so we have to return later on.

Exit here and go down the ladder in the Center of basement SW.
Open the cupboard and take the empty bottle. Read the book in the cupboard, as well as the note and the book on the table. The last page of the book looks interesting (These give you Knowledge 16, 17, and 18). Zoom into machine. It’s the same mechanism as the one in the other basement. The hint for this one is the last page of the book on the table, however, I personally do not know how you come to the result. So the solution was taken from geschmackssache:
Top = position 1, Middle = position 4, Button = all the way to the right.
After that turn the lever. Zoom out and note that there is a door to the right side of the machine (with a golden thingy in the centre). We cannot open it, so it’s time to use our elevator again, this time the right hand side one. As it is not there, push the button in front of it (left hand side).

Push the top button and find yourself in 3 F Southwest. Zoom in the little shelf in front of you. Read the letter from the box and take the glass with light blue liquid from the top shelf. Look down, open the shelf and draw down the information from the letter or make a screenshot, as this again is a very important information. Zoom out, click on the door once, then turn left until you are looking on a strange tree picture (don’t go closer) – click on the little table next to the elevator and read the book. Take note of the bottle on the first page. You’ll get another picture on the last page, but this seems to be a red herring for non-Japanese-speakers ;-) Next take a look at the tree picture puzzle.
A 5 digit number code can be entered here. Remember the pots in the basement We just came from? Enter the number of the balls in the pots here.
– something happened with the picture. I never found out how the link between the picture, the pots and the clock puzzle we are now facing, It is also linked with the note in the cupboard of this room as well as the picture of the first room we have been teleported to. That’s all from my part
I will therefore again use the solution given by geschmackssache. Standing close in front of the tree picture, turn left, click once on the door in front of you and then turn until you face a picture with five clocks. Set the clocks to the following times: 2, 10, 4, 9, 7.
The door left to the clock puzzle is now unbarred and open, so go through it (Knowledge should now be complete up to 19).

3 F West – Look at the little device on the right side on the wall. Take note of the marks on it. Turn left twice and click into the water. Zoom into the brown chest and note two clickable thingies on it.
The purpose is to combine the lines on top of the line on the shelf we just saw and to combine those below the line on the shelf. Enter these into both entry options. Open the chest and take off the door handle.
Go back to the little shelf and enter this handle into the hole above the shelf. Turn it once.
Exit this room and find yourself on a gangway to another room.

3 F North. I just say: explore the room. Take note of the pictures on the wall, including the empty one next to one of the doors. Take also note of the glass containers and what they contain (dagger & egg).
Exit through the door next to the egg to get to

3 F Center. Turn right first to find a little piece of paper. Either draw it or make a screenshot as you’ll need this shape in a minute. Go back and zoom into the little machine right to the door. Take note of the lines on this machine. These have to match with the lines on the piece of paper you just found. I did this one by try and error, so this time you have to do it on your own. You’ll know that you have been successful when a flower shaped plate lowers from the ceiling.
Return to 3 F North and leave through the door on your right.

You are in 3 F East. Turn left and explore the shelf to your right. A photo can be taken off the white box (sword in a dragon). Turn right and read the letter in the box on the left table. Turn right, go forward once and turn right to read the book on the table. Go forward once more and turn left. Click on the picture and watch something falling down. Look down and pick up the key. Turn right twice and read the book on the table next to the door. THIS BOOK IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!! As it too much right now to make screenshots of every page, just note where you are and remember this book (note that you are now in 3 F Southeast without passing a door!). Turn left once and inspect the shelf. Read the book and take the picture (woman, mountain and wings).
Leave through the door to your right and enter

3 F South. Click on the door in front of you until you stand directly in front of it, and then turn left. Note the golden spot next to the stairs? Click on it and pick up a key (with green spot). Use this key to open the door on your right. We are back in 3 Southwest.
Turn around and exit through the same door into 3 F South. Go up the stairs.

4 F South. Zoom into the device vice versa of the door and make all buttons lit up, then turn the black device. Now turn back to the door and enter the room. First turn right.
Zoom into the table and take note of the sun symbol and the three mugs.
Zoom out and turn left. Read the book on the table (obviously giving hints for the final dialogue). Turn left and click on the windows to your right until you can see the window on the very left hand side. Take note of the piece of paper on it. Zoom out and zoom into the black screen on your right.
Note 5 Stars around the Moon
Zoom out and zoom in the little table to your right. Here we see the infamous sun moon puzzle. We know from the hints in this room the numbers for Sun and Moon already – but they have to be at these places at the same time. You can try to figure this out by clicking them (they are not so easy to move) or just follow this instruction (taken from geschmackssache again, who took it from LunaHoshino:
Press the moon once, the sun 4 times, the moon 3 times, the sun 2 times, and the moon 3 times. The golden door is open now.

Enter to

4 F North and do not take the sword. Just take note of the piece of paper below the table. Write down the word you’ll get.

Time for a little break to check what you should have in your inventory:

Empty bottle, glass with light blue liquid, 2 pictures, 1 key. Knowledge should be complete up to 25 apart from 20.

Exit room and climb up the ladder to

the Roof Center. Take a look through the telescope, play a little bit with it. Remember the picture in 1 F South? If yes, try to find this landscape through the telescope. If not, then you will have to return later on.
Now go down the stairs all the way back until you are in the red room with the stairways.

The following is a detailed description of how to find the Sun Disk. It will only work if you start from this very point where you are now.

Leave through the door on your right to 3 F East, go all the way through it, Exit though the door to 3 F North, and finally go through the door vice versa from you until you reach the gangway, up to the room 3 West. Move the handle on the wall. Exit through the door on your right to 3 F Southwest, turn left and exit through the door into 3 F East and 3 F Northeast (one room, remember? :-). Go through it into room 3 F North, and finally go through the door vice versa from you. Now you should have stairs here. Go up to the top and pick up the sun disk. Now we need to go back. Exit though the door into room 3 F North, leave through the door vice versa from you into 3 F East, turn right and go all the way up to the second door in 3 F Southeast, exit to the stairway room and go straight through it into 3 F Southwest, turn right and pass the door next to the clocks. You should now be back in room 3 F West where you should turn the handle again to release the gangway again.

We are done for now in this floor, return right to the door we just came from and go to 3 F Southwest, and enter the elevator. Push the third button to reach 2 F Southwest, exit to 2 F South. Try to open the door – locked. Open it with the key in your inventory.

2 F Southeast. Hurray we are in the library! Enter and immediately turn left. Zoom into the first cupboard and read 2 books (one with a note, and one usual one). Zoom out, click once on the center cupboard and turn left again. Zoom into the scale, first. Take note of the symbols on the weighs and write them down, then read the book and note the equation drawing on one page, as well as another hint (heart smaller than spiral) on the next one. You can also make a screenshot. Zoom into the cupboard on the left of the scale and read 2 more books. Turn right and again two more books to read. Zoom out and try the center cupboard. Locked. We’ll come to this in a minute. Zoom out and zoom into the cupboard right to the center one. Two more books to read then turn right again to read two more books. Zoom out and zoom into the other scale. Read both books. NOTE: the one with the clover is one of the most important ones! The best thing to do is to make screenshots of every single page, or at least to draw everything down! Take note of the weighs on the scale. Open the drawers and read the letter. Zoom out and zoom into the final cupboard. The first book tells us where the sun disk has to go.

Knowledge should be complete up to 25 (except 20), then we should have 30, and 32-42.

Exit to 2 F South and enter the room in front of you. Enter the lift to your right and press the lowest button to go to

Basement Southwest. Enter the room at the same floor, with the three different potions.
To make it short and easy, just take the rose one in the middle.
Now put the empty bottle on the plate, and drag the glass of water to it.
Now you can exit the room again.
Enter the elevator and press the fourth button to go to

3 F Southwest, exit through the door next to the clocks to

3 F West. Climb up the stairs and zoom into the machine in the middle of the room.
Now you have to match up with the moon phase you’ve seen in 1 F North above the finger picture. As soon as you’ve done so, note the three symbols you get.
This is the code for the machine in 1 F North NOTE: you will get different symbols each time you start a new game, so the three symbols are different for each player!

Now let’s go back to the elevator in 3 F Southwest and push the third button to go back to 2 F Southwest. Exit and go through the door vice versa into

2 F Southeast. It’s time to summarize hints and to do a little bit of combination work + a little maths :-)

1. Remember the hint from the window frame in 3 F East (with the sun/moon puzzle) and note that the center cabinet got the letters XV on top of it.
2. The sketch represents the library. Don’t try to see the X and V and I as roman numerals. They could also be stars, circles or flowers. Just press the buttons beneath the usual cupboard shelves which are shown on the sketch which are equal to X and V.
to say it clearly: 2nd and 4th button on the left hand side of the room when you enter it

When done just zoom out and open the center cabinet. Voilá! Read the book – then pour the rose ink on it when the book is closed again and read it once more. This should have given you the famous knowledge 44.

Here you need to combine the following hints:

Room 1 F West (Tearoom)
Heart: no reaction = 0
All spirals: 1
Star: 2
Moon: 3

Now use the scale to your right with the knowledge of the moon. Use the same system to solve the equations in the book with the clover (the one with the 3 circles) and the one in the book next to the scale on the left hand side of the room. Now remember the three symbols of the moon phase machine in room 3 F West (pool room). You now can enter numbers for the symbols. NOTE: there are ten symbols symbolizing the figures 0 – 9. The figures never change, so the only thing changing are the three symbols in the moon phase machine. Once solved, the figures can be used over and over again. (Thanks to Aurora for giving such excellent clues for this one!)

As soon as you are done here, exit room and exit again through the door to your right to 2 F Center. Climb down the latter (you may want to check if the elevator is in the room in front of you, first. If the elevator is there, fine, you may exit again. If it is not, call for the elevator by pushing the button and exit again through the door)

In 1 F Center, enter the room behind you.

1 F North. Click on the finger picture to find the sliding puzzle. If the little math class has been successful, then you should be able to move the slides or levers correctly (otherwise you will have to do it again:-)). Note that the lowest points represent 0 and the highest represent 9. You’ll hear a noise if done correctly. Turn right and exit through the new door. Click on the tree and take the apple.

Exit and go back to 1 F Center where you climb up the ladder. Turn left into 2 F East and enter the code taken from the sword room, first.
When you have collected all of the three pages with 12 circles and letters on them, combine them so that all of the circles are completed with letters. Each letter corresponds with one of the buttons on the machine. So all you have to do is to click the button corresponding to the letter from your completed circle page

You’ll end up in room

Basement Northeast II. Turn left and read everything on the main table. Make a screenshot or draw down the half note from the table! Zoom out and zoom into the side table. Read that book, too. Now turn right twice and zoom into the white box. I do not know where hints for this are coming from, so I will just give away the solution found in this thread from LunarX:

You should now have all knowledges apart from 20, 26, 31, and 45, 46.

To exit this room, turn right twice, click on the wall and chose the first option.

When back in 2 F East, exit the room. Enter the room to the right from you (2 F South) and move ahead to the right (2 F Southwest). Enter the elevator and go down to

1 F Southwest. SAVE Game! Go in front of the girl’s picture. This one is tricky and entirely taken from the previous posts (mainly Aurora) in this thread: Always choose the line with a question mark in it until you no longer do have that option. Then pick: first line, second line, first line, second line, and second line again.

The following worked for me: 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 2, 2
If done correctly then you can click the picture again and you’ll receive the information you need once more (it was hidden in the text before, but you don’t need to take care for that, as you’ll get the answer with one mouse click). What you are looking for is an Arabic number in the middle of all these Japanese signs.

Now we need to combine this information with two different books. 1 from Basement Southeast (the one with the 12 numbers next to Japanese signs) – look closely on the Arabic number given by the girl. Now compare these Japanese signs left from that number with the ones in the book in Basement Southeast. You’ll receive a second Arabic number. Write this one down.

The other book is from 3 F East. So that is the place we are going to return to right now. Enter the elevator and push the top button (as far as you are still in 1 F Southeast). Exit the elevator, turn left and exit through the first door which you can see. Go straight through the stair room and enter 3 F East. Enter; go ahead once, then turn back to the door. The book we are looking for is on the table next to the door we have just entered.

The first number we have received indicates the chapter we are looking for. The second number (which we have received directly from the girl) indicates the concrete word we are looking for. Write down the word taken from the book (note: the numbers given from the girl change in each new game).

Now we still have business to do in 3 F North, so let’s go there. Go straight through the room you are in and go through the other door. We are now in

3 F North. Click on the empty picture frame. Here is a choice to do. From previous posts we already know that we need the egg.
Drag the picture with the woman and the two wings into the empty frame. You can now take the egg.
Now go close to the windows. Turn left, go closer to the door once and turn right. Ah, another book! Read it and we got Knowledge 20.

Our knowledges should now be complete with the following: 1 – 25, 27 – 30, 32 – 44.

Now let’s go back to the elevator, and straight through to

Basement Southwest. Go down the ladder. Drag the sun disk to the golden circle on the door next to the machine
and enter the new area.

Basement West II. Turn left and move along the corridor. Go until you can look into a glass room with blue pictures on the wall.
Click on the white/silver bar which goes through the screen and it will fall down. Pick it up.
You may now enter the room and take a look, but this is actually the first area where you do not need to solve anything :-)) So go out and go along the corridor until you face a closed gate.
Click the gate and you’ll see a lever which you cannot reach directly.
Take the silver moon staff and drag it to the lever – voilá, the gate is open.
Click into the tunnel once and you face an eye-looking thingy.
There must be a clue how to solve this one, the solution I got was taken from andrew_c: Count the buttons clockwise beginning with the heart as number one. Then press the buttons in the following order: 5, 4, 8, 3, 6, 7, 2, 1.
That should do the trick. Turn right into the dark room. Click on the light spot at the right bottom corner and go down the ladder. Go ahead the corridor once and then turn right. Read the note (Knowledge 46). Turn left twice and go to the end of the corridor. Open the panel.
Now we come back to the equation puzzle from the clover book in the library. You should have solved this one already, so just enter the digits into the three circles. Remember the colours of the buttons when entered successfully.
Turn right again and go down the corridor up to the very end.
Match the colours of the puzzle just solved with the three buttons in the locked door. Voilá, open :-))
Turn left twice and read the book in the shelf (Knowledge 45). Then turn right once. Here you can see one of the easiest puzzles –
as long as you have noted the hints from the clover book. Push the buttons in the same order as they are given in the clover book (remember the square looking just like the one with the buttons in front of you now? Push the buttons in the same order.
Turn right twice. This is one of the most challenging puzzles of all!
This is how I made it in the first go: Make a screenshot, then cut off piece by piece to a new page to have puzzle tiles. By doing this I was able to solve the puzzle.

The purpose is to find 7 tiles which build the sign on the last page of the clover book.
Thank god this riddle doesn’t change from game to game, so the solution remains the same.
Chose the following tiles (numbering the tiles starting from the left, first row as one, to the right in the same row, and then the next row up to the very end): 1, 4, 18, 20, 30, 34, 47.
When doing that correctly you’ll be able to take the key beneath the puzzle.
Turn right once and move the wheel. Turn right once more and take note of the second half paper hint at the bottom of the shelf. Draw it down and combine it with the one you already have. Exit the room. Go back to the circle riddle and turn right, there you can go through the previously locked area. Go ahead and open the next door with the key from your inventory. In the panel right in front of you you will need to match up with the hints on your two half pages. It is not so difficult, so you may do this one on your own :-) Your knowledge pages should be complete now.

Now we come to the dialogue with the guy in the mirror.

SAVE GAME! When you turn right you will face a mirror kind thing. Here you will have to enter the following phrase (taken from Aurora):

プトレメウス=レピドゥス・ユリウス・イオ=エクシーナ=ウィスタ・デ・ オレニア
Hint: copy this phrase into a word document, first, and then copy it back if it does not work! Click on the red spot twice, and then drag the egg into the red center. Now we come to the conversation with the guy. When you always chose the second option (as far as you have the opportunity to chose) you are on the safe way and you’ll receive the red ring. When you have it, zoom out and turn left twice.
Now Take note of the golden plate at the side of the wall (this is a teleportation shortcut to the room we are in, you may write it down if you want – it changes from game to game). Click on the star and find a white bell next to it.
Now click on the star again and chose the first option. You’ll find yourself back in 2 F East. SAFE GAME! Now we need to enter the word from the clues from the girl. When everything has been done correctly, we’ll find us in room

First read the note in the box on the little table. Then turn right twice.
Try to get behind the black podium and click the red button
Now we come to the ominous bell puzzle. First of all we need to know where all bells are hidden throughout the house.

Dark red bell = 2 F West

Purple bell = 2 F North

Light green bell = 2 F East

Dark blue bell = 1 F North

Light red bell = 2 F South

Dark green bell = 2 F Southwest

White bell = Basement Northwest (reachable via shortcut word)

Go to the bell cupboard on the very right of the room. On the opposite side of the room you’ll find a chest with seven rings, each of the ring having the colour of one of the bells. Go to the cupboard, first. Click on the golden ring and take note of the melody it plays. NOTE: this one is random and changes from game to game, so you will have to do it on your own!

My personal strategy (taken from andrew_c): open a second browser window. In your active game stay where you are. In your second browser window go from room to room and compare the sound of each bell with the one plaid by the bell cupboard.
The aim of the game is, to match the bells with the melody and then to match the order of the sounds with the rings (e.g. if the dark green bell plays tone 3 in the melody, then the dark green ring has to go to position 3 in the chest).

The order of the rings is as follows:


Find three or four tones of which you are sure which positions they have. When this is done, play with the other rings until you have the solution. That was the easiest way for me to do it. You’ll know that you are right when the rings replay the melody automatically.
Now return to the black block in the middle of the room and –Whow! There is a sword!
Use the red ring to get the sword

Now go back to the white circle on the floor, chose the first option and you are back in 2 F East.

We are almost done! What is still missing now is the final sequence.
Have you already set the telescope? No? Then we have to go to 1 F South, first. Look at the picture. Now you have to go to the roof and set the elevator to the position which matches with the picture landscape. After that, return to 1 F South. When standing in front of the water: SAVE GAME! There is still the option that you won’t get the “true” ending ;-)
When saved, click on the water. Another dialogue follows. Final Hint: always chose option 2, then you will come to the “true” ending ;-)


Item locations:


Yellow Gem = 1 F West

Red Gem = 1 F North

Blue Gem = Basement Northeast

Green Gem = 2 F Northeast


Dark red bell = 2 F West

Purple bell = 2 F North

Light green bell = 2 F East

Dark blue bell = 1 F North

Light red bell = 2 F South

Dark green bell = 2 F Southwest

White bell = Basement Northwest (reachable via shortcut word)

Anyone else getting a 403 when they click the link here?

@Luin I thought the same thing!!! Reminded me a lot of the Myst series.

I think we were right, judging by the length of the walkthrough. This game is hours and hours long. If it weren't for the books I couldn't read, I might have stayed it out and played.

Thanks for the game and the walkthrough, @Yalcin!

I can't get in either, Catalyst. Tried yesterday and today..

The game is definitely much too small, my eyes have given up very fast.

Well at least I know I'm not the only one. :/

I'm still getting that 403.

holy cow thats one long walk through yalcin,will prob need it some where in this game lololol

Pretty good game at the beginning but ran in to some language barriers. Be warned :)

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