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Gan-Tan Escape


[REPLAY] Luca-C-House - GanTan Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Luca C House. In this game, you try to search the around to find some useful things and solve puzzles in order to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Gan-Tan Walkthrough



Have found key-used to get remote, card, racket, two tops, and need scissors to get second key.

Now have second card, found red key-used to get scissors-used to get white key-used to find safe. Need pass code. Scared mouse I guess because he dropped his shuttlecock.

Where are the keys ? I can see the white one but don't have scissors.

ciao, where I can find scissor?

first you need the red key. it's under the pillow with red cards. klick on left bottom side to get it.

The key is pink. Then find a pink key hole.

code 1221 found in feather toy,
click the ceiling where the red flowers are, can't reach the ocject..
secret button on the left of the table, gives u key from the lamp...

you can open windows with the remote..then you have to complete girl's face..

       Anonymous  1/2/08, 5:17 AM  

Black key = bottom right hand corner of the "screen" thing in the room with all the locked cuboards

I finished and can give hints. There are some tricky bits. But you can do it :)

       Anonymous  1/2/08, 5:22 AM  

I think hints would be good Lady, can be rather frustrating aimless clicking everywhere

where's the girl's mouth ? roughly

I'm stuck on how to get the card from the smoke alarm. Hmmm...

Looking for the mouth here, too.

The mouth gave me trouble. Zoom into the puzzle of the girl and click all around.

The paddle says "made of wood, but that is not the strange point". Anyone figure what the "strange point" is and if it's significant?

Thanks lady!

Ok i'm obviosly missing a stick of some sort because i can't reach the switch or the card near the alarm.

The smoke alarm can not be reached yet. There are other steps to finish first. Hint - - -
the cupboard must be moved first.

As far as I know the "Strange point" is not important.

Hint on where to find the second part of the code?

       Anonymous  1/2/08, 5:34 AM  

thanks for the hint of the mouth lady, now gotta go do some more random clicking to find her other bits lol

lady - I've clicked all over that darn puzzle and have nothing except messages telling me that the puzzle is unfinished. No mouth for me.

Don't click ON the puzzle itself...Click outside of the frame when you are zoomed in.

The picture only needs a mouth and an eyebrow. Once you finish the picture you can -open the door- click around to find the second half of the code!!

got it thanks.

Got it. Duh!

       Anonymous  1/2/08, 5:40 AM  

im clicking all around the box wih the red grid, can't seem to figure out where to get the last end of the code

       Anonymous  1/2/08, 5:41 AM  

lol flag that .. got it .. grr clicked everywhere but there

Diana- It was tough to find- give your give yourself credit.

Gema- Good!!!!

Isn't that always the case, gema? The power of posting.

So now what? The safe opens a switch, the switch opens....??? I don't see anything change no matter how much i click it! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

keep clicking&clicking....can't find the damn code! help pleeaaaase?!

the cupboard needs wheels (or something that could be used as wheels).

       Anonymous  1/2/08, 5:48 AM  

Yeah the power of posting is rather a unique thing, now fingers crossed after this post I figure what the heck to do next lol

It's on the border of the small door that opens with the girl's face on it. Top right.


When the door to the picture puzzle is open, click the top. Voila!

thanks linda, found it just after posting!

       Anonymous  1/2/08, 5:50 AM  

woohoo, the power of posting works, have nowmovedthe cuboard andtrying to dechyper the symbols in colors

WHAT cupboard? oO

Here is the part where you have to really think. Hint---- The cupboard must move. Use something in your inventory to use as wheels as einkaldir said. Then push the button.

Hint on the screen---- look at the cards in your inventory.

The cabinets that had all the locked doors.

can I get a hint as to where the eyebrow is? I'd really appreciate it. Thank You.

Hint for eyebrow---- click on the wall hanging with writing on it.

Thank you...I clicked on the wrong area at first

i can't find the card for white

I'm missing one card oO

I have one from ceiling, one from behind cupboard, one with a cat and mouse, but the last one is missing!

I'm out! These Japanese New Year games are cute. Thanks for all the hints, lady!

the colors are???



i clicked on these colors but nothing happens :/

Look under the cart with the ice bucket, linda. But don't move the cart.

Diana- You are soooo welcome.

Linda-- Look at the drinks cart.

Kartoffel- Look at your cards again, I thought it was yellow, too. It is a different color in the circle.

1 is white, not yellow...

i'm missing the blue card. please help!

I wonder if the colors are different. I know that white was one of my colors. And you entered those colors into the big cupboard with the circle cut into 4 pieces?

where is battery?

Hahaha thanks! I'm out! Hugs everyone! Thanks!

i was "snowblind" ^^

thank you so much @lady& @linda

       Anonymous  1/2/08, 6:05 AM  

woot woot, just got out thanks for all your help lady, i'd still be way back looking for that mouth if not for you

Found it, I am out..sheesh that was tough...lol.

Colors have been the same for me both times I played.

The battery is on the floor under a cupboard.

Linda--Good for you.

Kartoffel-- You are very welcome. It happens!!!

Gema---That was tough but you did it!!!!

And a Happy New Year!!!

can't reach celling, got blue rose card open secret door, get card from mouse play,under champaintrolly, got rose gray black key and 2 play toupie,
what else code also


You have to do other things before you can reach the smoke detector. Read the other posts.

ok, here are the right colors, please forget my entry at 2/1/08 05:58



i wish you all a happy new year

       Anonymous  1/2/08, 6:26 AM  

Walk Through:

Go left once
Click under cart with wine on it ( cart should not move
Go back
Click Orange square left side of table
Push button (need scissors)
Go Left
Get two spinning tops, and black key (key bottom of screen) Use black key, get remote, click ceiling notice card
Go Left
Get black dot (on wall hanging with writting), Click red cards get card under them all life pillow get pink key, get paddle, select remote (use on screens on wall, Zoom in on face and click far left side get red lips, use lips and black dot on face open door, click top of door get code.
Go Left x3
Use pink key, get scissors.
Go Right
Use scissors, get white key.
Go Right
Mouse has moved, ger shuttle cock under dresser, examine shutlle cock, get code.
Go Left
Use white key, input code, bottom middle door opens, see button, use spinning tops as wheels, press button get card, look at ceiling, use paddle get card, look at screen notice symbols, use 4 cards to find colors.
Go Right x2
Use colors on large dresser, wall opens, insert cards into slots
Go Back
Open the dresser that you enter the colors, get mouse.
Go Left x2
Get battery under locked cupboards, examine mouse in inventory, click back wheel, put bettery in mouse.
Go Left
Open "face" door, use mouse.
Go Back
Click doors and your out.

       Anonymous  1/2/08, 6:31 AM  

My first walkthrough, hope it's understandable and still requires a bit of brain power.

I cna't zoom in to get the lips! is there another way to get them? please help

       Anonymous  1/2/08, 9:04 AM  

zoom just means when there is nothing but the face on you gaming screen

i'm following the walkthrough but i don't get how to use the two spinning tops, where do i use them as wheels? and the button on the middle bottom does nothing.

       Anonymous  1/2/08, 9:19 AM  

the spinning tops go in the bottom most key holes both right and left side

I think from memory if you look at the key holes the color should match the primary color of the spinning tops

where is the blue card???

anyone here..playin'?

k well im gonna try it..

Gema great walkthru, not too much or too little information. You can tell a good walkthru if gamers still need to ask questions.
Beautiful game...

I had followed the walkthrough but for some reason, neither code works to open the middle door! It just keeps saying " TRY AGAIN" ! So what is wrong with this ? I tried both codes and still it tells me to try again! Can't put the 'tops' on as wheels. Any help here on this ??

thanks gemma, it is very good walkthrough..

the tops go on the bottom left of the cupboard...see note above

going to scream found the pink keyhole but the stupid pink key wont work helppppppppppp?

for those who are wondering what to do with the tops...look at the cupboard as a go cart and the tops as wheels...the left side of cupboard is missing a key still and so is the right....stick the tops in both the keys holes...then your cupboard will look like a cart....click it then..it will roll

i was playing and my niece wanted to see what these games were about..so she comes to this one..and starts playing it...never played before in her life...she give up..asked me like thirty questions what do it now ..what do i do now...cute..lol..not a game i would recommend to non p&c'ers..lol..this game was a bit of a challenge..i cheated with colours..had too...:)

my mousey isnt moving =[

jk =]] got it

lena- combine codes

it would be so cool to have an actual house like that with all those secret passages =]

im out =] cute game...i needed *cough* some *cough* help xD

Start em off young, mercedes! She is the next generation of escape gamers.


Can not for the life of me find the blue card, have followed walkthrough and it no where help me plz.

blue card: click under ice tray. view will change to under tray and you will find card.

Okay. After you complete the lady's face, are you supposed to click on the top right of the screen that moved to expose the lady's face. Is this what people are calling the door. I've tried clicking all over it are nothing happening. Help

miriam have u f ound the mouth..also...in that same view u wll find the mouth..if u click left wall...

the ice tray wont move when u click to find blue card..shouldnt move

Yes, I've completed the face but I can't seem to get anything to happen by clicking on the top right of the moveable japenese screen. Is this what some bloggers are refering to as the door. Please clarify what item to click on to get the code and where to click, specific location. Thanks!

to move that square screen looking thing..u need remote..u need a key to get remote..

...as for code...part of it is in the birdie..cock..and the oh and if u are done with the face...u click the face and on top of the door of the safe is something else..code

sorry misuderstood u first time..the door of the safe is wht door theyre refereing to..pretty sure thats what u mean..been a few days since i played...

pleeeeeeease heeeeeeeeelp! I need the white card I've followed the walkthrough but I can't find it! please if anybody knows help mee!

where is the white key and what orange square gema

hey this is my first post so i hope it helps. i tend to talk alot so here it goes!

- the white card is kinda hard 2 find. use gema's walkthrough and put in the code. then put the tops on the corners of the cupboard. then press the button in the cabinet that is unlocked and the cupboard will move and the green card will fall out. click the sliver of ceiling directly above the red flowers and u will c the white card up near the smoke alarm. use the paddle/stick thing to get it down. U can't get it down until u move the cupboard.

- To get the white key go to the dining room table. by the right 2 legs of the table there is a brown tile that u can click and it will open. press the button and the white key will come down on a chandelier. u need the scissors to cut it down. the scissors are in the pink key cabinet.

Cute game, pretty dificult if u don't understand the language. thanks for all of the tips, they were extremely helpful

       Anonymous  1/6/08, 3:46 PM  

I combined the codes, but still does not work! It says "TRY AGAIN" all the time.

input the 1st code and then hit the star button beside the ac button then input the other half of the code. you should have all 8 #s on the screen then hit enter and it unlocks!!

input the 1st code and then hit the star button beside the ac button then input the other half of the code. you should have all 8 #s on the screen then hit enter and it unlocks!!

aw this one was very cute! :)


Hint:Hints can u make ur brain mad if u dont correclty them.

**Sry for my english**

PS:Sry=Sorry Ppl=People idk=I dont know kk=ok

Hope that will help XD

where is the screen???

Hey, can anyone say in proper English? I can't understand a single thing u all were talking about. And where the hell is the pink key!?!?

Pink key is under cushion with red cards on it . pick them all up.

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