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Tipping Point - Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Tipping Point - Chapter 3


Tipping Point 3 WalkthroughTipping Point C3 is the third chapter of Tipping Point point and click adventure game. Tipping Point is an online point-and-click adventure game that I designed to help me learn Flash. Like most adventure games, there are no rules and you can't do anything wrong. Just look closely at your surroundings and the items on the screen. Try to figure out what to click, pick up, etc. to move the story forward." Good luck and have fun!

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Ok the last
tipping point kept me going for quite some time. Maybe I will do better with this one.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

i can't seem to get it to load!!

Made it to the second chapter... It faded before I could write it down, but I think the load code for Chapter 2 is QLOKIT.

I'll have to try again later......Good Luck to those whom are playing! :)

Go back reload game push button that says load game, it gives you pass word a whole new screen opens.

Got a ladder

In the house

Stuck at the computer table. I remember these things from when I was a kid.;)

Anyone at the beach area? I've got palm branch (used), metal detector (used), unlit lantern, and gold key...

Anyone know what to do with the lion face in the tree? I've gotten the eyes to light up but don't know what colour they are supposed to be.

For those playing the first two chapters, check the comments here: http://www.escapegames24.com/2007/11/tipping-point.html

GBE, are you in chapter one?

use the flipper to put in the coordinates. the up down left right with the "ok" in the middle

what are the coordinates

I guess so... I just started a new game? But I'm definitely at the beach, lol. Pretty sure I need a magnifying glass. How did you guys leap ahead?

GBE when you start the game click "load chapter" password is freekl

Im in the jungle are we playing the same game?

Anybody luck with the tree beetle or the face in the trunk?

I got the golden beetle but cant find a way to get the golden fruit.

Bend the fern down he will crawl on it.

I have to start all over my game screen went all bleary weird

anyone know how to get the fruit?

Thanks for the beetle-tip!

ok im at the island now wat?

For the fruit grab a piece of glass from the windchime and use that to direct the parrot's attention.

The parrot must have something to do with the fruit.

Aha! Changing the lion's eyes to blue and red makes him spit out a key pad. But I can't take it from his mouth. :\

Thanks Tomo I wanted to throw the glass at him. you had a much better idea.

hey guys i jus started and cant find the coordinates

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 6:28 PM  
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woohoo new game...here i go..better load now..lol

shortcake that is chapter one. we're on three.

face on a tree??? lions eyes????
I am lost.

So how do we get the keypad?

Play some music...

i remember playing part 1..not sure abotu part 2..this is the game that had the wierd bird in it..living room..had to enter coordinates..i think that was part 1..does anyoone remember a bit of part two to refresh my memory..?..

That tucan sure can dance. shame he fell.

For the face not the key

Go to the table with the electronics and play the dance tape till the toucan falls, then put the other tape in and exit the hut. Click on the toucan and he will trim a branch so you can see a lion face in the tree.

Part one was falling asleep and entering the TV, part two was on the beach and had a cave maze I think?

Thanks for the hint Katia!!

Got there finally Tomo.
Now gotta figure out what to do next.

Anyone got the lion to open his mouth?

Ok, got it! Have another look at the tape you used for the lion!

I have, left eye blue, right eye red. Don't know what to do now though.

sorry, i'm from argentina and i can't understand wich botton press after put the channel number. Somebody help me!!!

Anyone know what color the Lions eyes have to be

Thanks Tomo..

i did play both then...:D

Did anyone find the LED yet?

Ha! Thanks Katia, I took note of that then totally blanked once I got to the key pad. XD

I guess we can somehow get the LED from the spoke&spell thing, but how?

Got the LED. Put on the sunglasses and take a look around the jungle. Did you get the keypad from the lion? I lost it when the lion broke...

Have LED, too. Keypad is in your inventory, I think. Have the whole thing built together and connected to the computer. Let's see what's next

somebody help me please. I'm stuck where you have to activate the channel, i don't know what to do!!!

The keypad is not in my inventory. :(

how do u set coordinates..

what does the top say
and what does the bottom say..

like am i adding to equal 1115

so should it look like


any clues..

It looks like there might be a code on the tree on the right side on the same screen where the beetle is but I can't make it out. Something ending RT and then an up arrow (which is enter on the machine).

Maybe you can find the keypad under the tree? Or you already have it built in in the machine?

If anybody gets to the point where you need 1000 gold and knows how to get it, please let me know...

I still can't find the keypad. There doesn't seem to be anything other than the toucan under the tree. You don't remember picking it up? It just appeared in you inventory after opening the lion?

Oh, I'm a dummy! You don't need the keypad!!!:-)

Nvm...ill figure it out...

You just need the LED, the battery, the red keypad from the other device and the two bottoms. Attach it to the computer and start the game (after starting the computer)

I Have the Keypad do I need to do anything with the spoke and spell is there a code or password
Is it important

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 7:09 PM  

Mercedes - you have to open the pocket watch & set it to the destination time & click the button on top of the watch.. it will then tell you the coordinates..

I cant get the keypad out of the lions mouth & I cant get the LED either.. Any tips?

You get LED from spoke and spell after entering the right password. You need the sunglasses for the password, it's somewhere outside. Found the gold. Sometimes it's better to shoot then run away!:-)

i know that..

i have the coordinates in front of me...says

1115 but im not sure what to put the digits too to equal that

and thanks for answering

For getting the keypad out of the lion have another look at the tape you played last. Then use sunglasses, find password, get LED

oh...nvmd...got it..forgot about pocket watch..

Okay so how do I get the red keypad? XD
I've put the rest of the stuff onto the device and hooked it up to the computer.

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 7:14 PM  

Mercedes - if you set the watch to 11:15, it should have given you the coordinates.. (spoiler)If I'm not mistaken, I'm pretty sure it was 105/40..

Thanks Redneck..

love the regulars..lol..


I'm out, if anybody has questions. Red Keypad: play the game where you make all bottoms red (or grey? I forgot) I think you should also include the top and bottom ones, although they don't change color

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 7:19 PM  

I feel like such an idiot with the keypad & sunglasses.. I cant find the sunglasses so I cant get the keypad :-(

Katia, pardon? Pressing the buttons on the red thing doesn't seem to be doing anything. How do I get to this game?

nice to see you in this game!

i played both chapters a while back and can't remember the third password. does anyone have it?

You get the sunglasses after opening the lion's mouth. Did you change the eyes into the right colors? Then you should see a part of a calculator. Have a look at the lion's tape, put in what you see and the mouth opens. Get sunglasses, walk around in the jungle, get password and then LED. Red keypad is available without all these things.

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 7:21 PM  

yw mercedes, you've helped me countless times, usually before i even have to ask! lol

there is a switch on the right press it down

The red keypad game is where all bottoms around the one you pressed change color. Try to change all bottoms to the same color (at the same time) and also include the upper and lower ones (not sure about that). Then it should work

Put the device together hooked everything up to the computer now playing so stupid game on the TV screen I am so stuck can someone please let me know if I am on the right track

How come I cant dig up the stuff after I found it with my metal detector urghhh

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 7:25 PM  

ty katia! finally got the keypad (along with other things), on my way to find the password

Forgot to mention the switch, thanks shuchun!

Hi Shushun!!

Christina..i didn't need a password..

but if u do try this one

QLOKIT might be for second chapter..


For the game on the computer: you have to avoid the devils, if you press middle bottom and then one of the surrounding ones you can shoot

If I have to drag this shovel across the sand one more time... help please :)

Alright, finished the first two rounds and caught up with everyone.

I'm still looking for the keypad though. I've got the little light game going, but I'm not sure what the goal even is. I've gotten all the lights to come up and tried every pattern I know. Am I missing a clue?

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 7:30 PM  

My keypad from the lion's mouth has disappeared & i cant get the red keypad game to work, its not doing anything.. help?

I wish I could help you I can't remember how or what light have to be on but it just broke and that is were I found the keypad

for the red keypad there's a switch on the upper right side

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 7:31 PM  

Shannon - hint: the items will glow when they can be used where you're hovering..



to activate channel...grab the clock

around birds neck look at pic turn it over..

it will tell you what channel to put it too

then u have to input that in remote..
then pick up phone..dial number on the screen....i think thats how it went..god i have abad short term memory sometimes

sorry for not answering you sooner..:(

leaving now, good luck everybody!

Figured out the light game (for those who still need help). You have to light up every circle EXCEPT the middle one. Hope this helps.

If anyone only wants to play Chapter 3:
press"Load chapter" and then input "FREEKL" and you can play from the chapter 3(dont have to play from the beginning)

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 7:34 PM  

The red keypad game - I've got all the buttons lit in red, except the top & bottom and I cant click them but nothing is happening..

please help me...

Help Please Is anyone understand the game on the tv when you plug in the device or I'm I doing somthing wrong.

ok stuck with dead palm brush, shovel and metal detecor (found something but cant dig it up...HELP before all my hair is gone

I am getting so upset I can't even type my words right :(

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 7:38 PM  

Shuchun, which button do i use to shoot on this game??

you can check the walkthrough in the Tipping point

im rocking now

dead leaf.
shovel battery..gonna go dig now..lol

this game runs slowwwww..

der..., thank you

press the center button after all 9 buttons light

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 7:42 PM  

Shannon, you need something else to use with the branch.. Also, if you found a spot to dig, select your shovel & it will glow when you can use it

For the game on the TV, use the middle button on the pad to "charge" your shot, then hit one of the direction keys (up, down, left, or right) to fire in that direction. You have to collect enough gold to "win" the game by going in the castle.

For the beach part, use the metal detector to find the treasure outside the cave. It should beep a lot and then make a strange noise. At this point, hover your shovel over where you had the detector and click to get the treasure. It may take a bit of practice - this game doesn't leave much room for using items.

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 7:43 PM  

I've got the keypad & the game is going, but I cant figure out how to shoot

Thanks guys, I totally didn't see the switch. I was about ready to go at with the hammer and screwdriver there on the table. :P

for the Atari,
use the keypad to control your character, use the center button to activate your weapon and then press a direction button to fire the weapon. kill enemies and get gold, make your way to the big castle, move to the person figure and load the program to complete the device.

take me forever to finish it


Thank you so much!!!

       Anonymous  3/25/08, 7:50 PM  

Thanks gbe! Finished!! I'll stick around for a few if anyone needs any help..

before you go into the big castle,you have to collect at least 1000 gold

what chapter am i playing here

i think im looking for a lighter...

can't find it

Mercedes - I got stuck there too. Check the storage rooms for a well-hidden box which contains what you need.

this is @@##%$ stupid..my shovel won't dig

thanks shuchun. i'll try that.

omg...where the detector detects where to dig..

IS NO where near...where the shovel actually goes.

look further up the path..and im almost positive..i checked there before too

if some are in cave..in part two..

its R L L R L R

Now im in part 3 i think...i was sure i loaded part three..hmm

pretty grossed out wit bug juice...

Any clue on how to opens lions mouth..

man i hate flash script movie gamnes..theyre so slow moving for me..

:( but id like to finish it..

look at the black tape , there are two circle colors on the black tape

and for the code:think 12 square +12.....

yes i see those circles..but when i try to change lions eyes..

still can't get into mouth

what am i missing here?

is his mouth supposed to open???

his eyes are either Right red or Right blue or Left red or left blue

is his mouth supposed to open or what..

nvm..shut it down..

thanks anyways

after you press right:blue left:red(not pink,i used to press pink) the mouth should be opened

What is the trick to get the cassette in the player? I can't get it to open.

Lori..when cassete player is in close view

pick up tap and look for glow..

i have to go, have fun!and see you next game!

got nvm

Hi Guys, just finished 1 and 2, and in the tree house....lovely old things on the desk..Atari 800 height of sophistication (800kb!!)
for our younger members. Fun....

Okay, on episode three, I solved the Merman but I'm not getting a keyboard of any kind.

I think I still have a Merman hanging around somewhere....it was my equivalent of a GameBoy!!! Sohisticated!!!!

My grandparents used to have one and I used to think it was some kind of weird phone...

...anyway, how do you get the keyboard from the Merman after you've solved the puzzle? I solved it but I'm not getting anything.

is anything done with the spoke and spelled?

hey christina

yo;u still stuck

If so....go outside to to the left and put sunglasses on...and see word in tree..

thats what u put in spell and talk

Ok, I've gotten all the lights on the merlin game lit up but nothing is happening, I've tried pushing the center button as someone suggested but again nothing.. what next????

I am totally frustrated and now no one seems to be still playing... can anyone tell me what to do with the merlin game after I've gotten all 9 lights lit? PLEASE??

how to make the darn parrot talk? I've tried everything

if you mean the parrot on the third chapter take a piece of glass from the windchime in the hut and then use it to make the parrot get the fruit for you

NVM, got it! Stupid me :). susan, for the game you have to lite all the buttons except for the one in the centre

finally got the keyboard.. hooked it up to tv but nothing is happening.. what have I missed now??

Great game, I can't wait to play #4! We have to stop this poor guy's father before he takes over the world!!! ;D

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I was able to open the lions mouth, and the keypad came out, but I didn't get sunglasses.

Was I supposed to do something else?

that keypad is not the one you need for fabricating your device. It only provides access to the interior of the tree where the sunglasses are. You have to enter the passcode (there's a hint for it on the black tape).

Bug Duh on my part! Thanks Coop

the damn toucan is very enjoy dancing. anyone knows how to let him fall down?

the damn toucan is very enjoy dancing. anyone knows how to let him fall down?

i had played the dancing music for the whole afternoon. the toucan is still dancing without stop. it drives me crazy. PLEASE HELP !!

how and where in the storage rooms on the beach level do we find the box? Please help. please!!!

What do you do with the Easter Egg? Got it from playing the game, my score was 5000.

Enjoyable game and not too hard.

How do I change the Lion's eyes? I have clicked everywhere and nothing happens. Thanks

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WALKTHRU PART 1 AND 2 thanks to Mimi who did this.....

1. Click on the remote placed on the glass together with the notebook and pencil.
2. Click the red power button.
3. Go to channel 8.
4. After sleeping, you'll see 3 birds in a beach, click on the bird with the watch.
5. Click on the watch and click on the picture.The picture will tell you to go to channel 804.Put down the watch.
6. At the moment you cannot pick up the remote because the bird is standing on it, to make it move, give the bird a chip.
7. Now pick up the remote and press 804.
8. You're now at channel 804. Pick up your phone (lower left) and dial the number 555-3951.
9. You will hear a man's voice and a soft music, he then will ask you to press 1
10. After pressing 1, he then will ask you to activate a new channel by pressing 2.
11. To activate the channel press 804 and press # (lower right).
12. After activating, the man will ask you for the confirmation, press 1.
13. Now the channel is activated, you will see a wood with the writing "Destination 11:15". To go to the destination, click on the watch again and open it.
14. Move the arrow hands to 11:15 by clicking on the arrow hands (the small arrow hand on XI and long arrow hand on III) then press the button on top of the watch.
15. You will see a number on the watch: 105 40. Put the watch down.
16. Click on the remote. Use the arrows on the remote to place the numbers Then press OK.
<- ->
^ v
17. You are now inside the TV. Go outside (arrow on top of bird).
19. Go to the right of the screen and you will see another arrow, click it.
20. You will see the ship, click the anchor and then get inside the ship.
21. Click on the lantern, it will now be placed on your inventory.
22. Go to the right storage door and get the battery (lower left).Go back outside the room.
23. Go to the left storage door and
take the shovel.On the lower right move the planks to see the box.You cannot open the box unless you have the gold key.
24. Go back to the hut and take the metal detector (lower left).Place the battery on it and then press power and then pick it up again.
25. Go outside again. Go to left side of the beach. You will see a dead palm, take it.
26. Click on right and drop the dead palm on the fir pit.
27. Click right again and use the metal detector to find the key buried in the sand.
28. Once found, use the shovel to dig on the sand to get the key.
29. Go back to the ship and get the box again on left storage room.
30. Open the box with the gold key. Take the magnifying glass and paper.
31. Go back to the fire pit and use to magnifying glass to create fire.
32. Take the lamp and place the lamp on the fire. You now have light for the cave.
33. Get inside the cave and take the decoder.
34. Combine the decoder and the paper together and scroll it to number 11.
35. Compare the codes on the decoder to the faces on the caves to get out of the cave.



1. Go left and collect ladder. Play with beetle and get it on the fern. Collect beetle.
2. Go right (note parrot and fruit) and enter tree house.
3. Go left and talk to Tommy. Get book and cassette. Read book.
4. In kitchen get glass shard from mobile and exit tree house to visit parrot.
5. Dazzle parrot with glass shard and collect fruit.
6. Return to tree house and make concoction. Turn on kettle and fill bowl with ingredients and mash. Collect cassette tape.
7. Visit Tommy.
8. Go to computer desk. Click on tape player, turn it on and select pink tape. When it glows, click and it will enter tape player. Click switch to turn on music. Toucan dances and falls off.
9. Exit tree house and see what has happened to toucan and see lion face in tree.
10. Return to tree house and desk. Examine black tape, see coloured dots and track name is an equation.
11. Click tape player and black tape, when it glows click and it will change tapes. Play tape. Do not turn it off.
12. Exit tree house and look at lion. Change eye colours to the dots on the tape and press chin. Enter sum of equation and press enter. Collect goodies.
13. Put on glasses and go left until you see a password.
14. Remove glasses and return to tree house.
15. Turn on spoke and spell. Enter word and symbol and press enter. Get LED.
16. Pick up red Merman, turn on switch right side and play game. Get all the outside lights on and the middle one off. Collect keypad.
17. Pick up circuit board by tape player and assemble components. Plug in computer, turn on TV and computer...if it is fuzzy wait. Click computer and play game. Middle button for fire power. Collect gold and find castle. Enter and get interface.
18. Visit Tommy. Visit parrot and dazzle with glass shard until he goes left. Sea appears, and go forward......Next chapter LEEPIT

can anyone suggest a game for me because i finished and it rulz

what is the sum of equation,i am stuck! pls help.

I have the same problem like Fang - my Toucan is very sticked on the tree and does not want to fall down. PLEASE HELP. Do I miss something???

where are u stuck...? draklova

what is it you are trying to do exactly...and i'll try and help..:)

I am playng the pink tape, but the bird just moving-dancing and does not want to fall down from the tree

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

yes ok i remember the part where u are at...i was thinking of a different part...as far as i know..all you had to do was play pink tape..and the bird danced..and fell..off but it m ight take a few minutes..

This comment has been removed by the author.

yes, part 3.
I have made the medicine, gave it to Tommy. I have the pink and black tapy. At the moment I am in front of the desck with the atari game and the Toucan bird. I putted the tape in the cassete-recorder and turned it on by clicking the button that is in the middle /the left on is for opening the recorder and the right one is STOP/. The bird is dancing fast, after that is slowing down, but it is still on the tree - one hour yet.

did u play any games at the desk yet..?

please tell me what items u have also..

what u meen? On the atari game??
I have opend 3 windows with the game and took a different actions - on 1-playng game on the atari game /not exactly playng because i have not key pad, but the game is turned on/. On the 2 window-another thing. On the 3-opening and putting the tape saveral times... BUT nothing - the bird is on the tree and is dancing and dancing...

what items do u have..please..:)

the items:
I have made the medicine for Tommy
glass - that is not usfull any more /I took the fruit from the parrot outside the house/
the book - again not usefull any more /I have made the medicine/
the strange thing for the key pad /I have putted the start button on it and I know that the cable from the atari game could be putted on it/
pink tape - in the cassette recorder
black tape /that I have to use after the stupid Toucan falls down/

oh i just saw that u don't have item that the game gives u with the lights there...u may have to get that first..play the with lights till they are all on..except middle i beleive..u will know when u havit will give u the item that goes on the right of that pad looking thing...

u havent played that right..? if all u have is start button on key pad

I have the desire to take the hammer that is on the desk and to hit the stupid bird

play that merlen game..or whatever it is..looks like the red phone..make all lights come on...except middle one...and take tape out and put back in..a couple of times..

I remember when the bird danced for me and fell off it was after i had played that...the only thing left was the red talk and tell...

also..did u shine lights on him while dancing too..

i may have done that too..

actually i think i did do that..shine glass on him in tree while dancing dralkova

well...did u try that..lol..

with the glass on the bird - yes I tried, but no result.
About the game with the red thing - I don`t know how to light the buttons

for lights to light up..first they should be all black..

hit middle button first..that should light up surrounding other than middle..if not hit it again..

then do one corner at a time so..

middle button twice..

top right one

top left one

bottom right one

bottom left one..

i think thats how that one works..

no, nothing is happaning.
Am I stupide???
The pointer of the mouse is showing that I could do something but when I click on it nothing is happaning

are we looking at the same game here..

I'm speaking of the one that looks like a phone..not the big red square one..the other one..

do any of the lights come on ?..when u press one

I"m going to load this game ok

give me two minutes..to catch up to you ok..

do u have skype number, because the comunication will de easyer

I'm not sure what skype number is...

ive heard of it..what do u mean by number..?

ok its done loading

give me three minutes or so here

This comment has been removed by the author.

yes i know what msn's are...haha..cute..

just never used skype messenger..i heard of that..just didn't know what u meant by number..

my email is registered here..:)

im going to write this as i go as well..so give me a few minutes ok to get to where u are at..also

never mind.
We`ll keep talking here.
I restarted this chapter to see.

Got beatle from tree stump..
then grabbed ladder

went to tree house and placed ladder..
Once in tree house i went forward and added black tape to inventory

then turned on bunson burner and added drops of liquid and added hotwater..

did that twice

Backed up and grabbed glass shard from hanging aparatus..

Went in and spoke to the sick guy..grabbed pink tape ..book..and start button..

Went right again and grabbed green mother board..and turned on T.V.

So so far have 7 items in inventory..

start button
pink tape
black tape
glass shard

Went outside and disturbed bird in the tree..and grabbed nuts
does anyone else find that last sentence disturbing..lol

This is where I am at so far..

one more minute i had to answer a few emails in between..almost there..!

Its up to you..my email is registered here sou can add me if u like..but its yahoo...:)


Went back to treehouse and added water and more liquid and added beetle and the nuts..or fruit whatever it is and mashed them into bowl..

Went in and fed this to sick patient.
Went right again and now played with phone looking game..Merlin

Use the button on the right of the Merlin game to turn it on..and seen three lights come on..

Played it till all lights were on except middle one was the only one not lit up

so it was bottom right..then bottom left..top right top right..then middle i beleive..twice..

it was either that or the other way around.

this is what ive done so far..and now i have red pad that come from Merlin game

ok, I have played the same way.
Now I have the key pad too.


Added start button to motherboard and red square button thing from merlin to motherboard..a

At this point u are still unable to even start cassette recorder..now I will try it..

I wasnt able to play or even turn it on.. ...for a bit there..so went back outside..

Came back in and put in black tape first and hit play..big button on the right.

Pressed eject button on the left.took out black tape.. and played Pink Tape..watched the bird fall..

that was it..

I am doing exactly the same, but my bird doesn`t want to fall down - is stell on the tree - dancing

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