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Escape Blue Bathroom Walkthrough

Escape Blue Bathroom


Blue Bathroom Escape WalkthroughEscape Blue Bathroom is another point and click type room escape game created by Rhosus. In this escape game, you are locked in a blue bathroom and you try to escape the blue bathroom by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Wow! Am i first?!

Got a key from trash can, paper in the laundry basket, and after turning washer/dryer? on 7 got a wrench. Also a crowbar (forgot where)

Just likke you.... used wrench on pipe under sink... nothing happened

I'm already out!! 1st time i get out without a walkthrough so I guess this game is piece of cake. Not worth posting a walkthrough, lol

I'm out. Easy game - case sensitive on the exit code.

Hi all Have paper, key, wrench (used). Stuck

I'm out!!! Never have I gotten out without help from posts! Yeah!

But how do you get the wrench? I saw it, yes I did, but how? I have a crowbar (used key to get it) and paper.

Well... I'm stuck with two pieces of paper... Can't find the code for the safe.

Joyce: you start the pachine, program 7 and then stop it

maud-i did what you said but i still can't get it. i see it in the window thing and kept on clicking for it...but i can't. thanks.

Maud! How did you get the second paper? I can only find one..

Joyce: I just tried again. Actually, you should wait for the program to sto by itself

Sorry, doesn't happen. But wait longer?

Aaaaand I'm still stuck :s

Anyone know the code for the safe??

Yeah I'm out, not too tough.

oh thanks!

A maud stuck on what part?

tia76 did you get the hot water set yet?

I'm stuck with 2 pieces of paper, used wrench, key, and crowbar...
Now i think i should find the code for the safe.
I'm trying to trun the handle on the pipe over the machine, to turn the button on all numbers, to count the ducks, but i'm not coming to a code!!
Also I think there must be somthing with the mirror above the sink with hot water..
And so I'm stuck :)

All right i'm out now!
Just had to find the right combination with these numbers and handle!

I used the crowbar and wrench, but nothing really happened, except the crowbar i used on the window thing next to the door and it opened.

robi! I used the wrench under the sink, but I still can`t turn on the hot water tap.

Now turn the hot temp up near door and turn knob

Thank you soooooo very much robi. I got it now.

yw anytime

im stuck with 2 pieces of paper with the code on them...used crowbar, key and wrench. no clue now. any hints?

i have two pieces of paper...is it the code to get out?

So now I have two pieces of paper. But stuck, don`t know what to do next.

I really suck at theese games. But I love them, I`m addicted.

never mind...figured it out

im stuck with 2 pieces of paper with the code on them...used crowbar, key and wrench. no clue now. any hints?

im stuck with 2 pieces of paper with the code on them...used crowbar, key and wrench. no clue now. any hints?

You need 3 pieces of paper

Can`t find third paper. And is there something todo with the towels? I can lift them but there is nothing there.

Clothes hamper, machine near door and safe.

Yey. Had the program nr. for the machine near the door. Just didn`t relise it until robi pointed out that it was in that machine.. lol Feeling kind of stupid right now..

And I`m out.Couldn`t have done it without you guys. Specially you robi. Thanx alot. See you all next game.

lol, As I have felt in many escape games.

yay i'm out!

I have the 3 peices of paper for the exit code,but they dont stay togeather to read it . help please

anyone still here? got 6753 from mirror, used everything (key crowbar wrench) have only two piecs of paper, where is the third one? what is the mirror number for?

lol i was reading the mirror upside down, used the correct number on the box in the cabinet for third piece

and out!

Can anyone help?! I'm stuck at the laundry machine. I turned it on at program 7 and waited for it to finish but it just continues. then i tried turning it off. But still can't get the wrench!

i can't turn on the hot water... help please!

never mind.. got it.. i'm out :)

Franka I have the same problem on the laundry can't get wrench anyone please help !!!!!

I can't turn the hot water on, I've turned the valve you see when you open the box with the crowbar and I've used the wrench under the sink...still no hot water...help:)

Franka I think I got it
when you set the washer on and press 7 click away left or right and then back to the washer and then it open for me and I got the wrench hope this helps you

Ok, messed around with the red, green, light blue and yellow lights on the hot/cold tank above knob you open with crowbar, got hot water, got code from mirror, opened safe, entered code on exit door and Out!

Walkthrough from Jackivee on other web site

Click on scale. Take note of number.

In third drawer down in left cabinet, look at picture. Take note of code.

Open waste basket and take key from under tissue.

Go right to laundry room and click on water control on left side of room. Open valve and set dial to red.

Set dryer to code found on picture.

Take paper from dryer.

Turn right and open cabinet above laundry basket. Use key on box to get crowbar.

Turn washer on and set to program 7. I think this comes from the code on the scale…let cycle finish and then open to get wrench. (for me I had to click right or left out of that screen and back for the cycle to finish then click on the door)

Get another piece of paper from under laundry in basket.

Go right twice; back to opening screen. Use wrench on red valve under sink.

Go right and use crowbar on panel under water control panel Click on red valve inside.

Go left and turn on hot water. Steam will fog up mirror.

Click on mirror for safe code.

Use code on safe in cabinet above the laundry basket. Get last piece of paper.

Put three parts together for door code. Click on handle and you’re out.
Don’t know what’s up with the ducks!

i got 3 pcs of paper
one is exit code - 7AW
2nd - KL1
3rd - SE

no matter what combination i use
there always shows error on the door...help!!!!

nvm get out already
it's case sensitive...

In order to get the hot water on, you have to turn the valve under the sink, after you use the wrench on it.

pretty easy game....a few snags, but didn't need help so that was perfect for me!

finaly i get a crowbar


Though feeling a little stupid for messing up the hot water valves!... :S

u have 2 use captl letters like 4 my code in game 7AWSE6PE not 7awse6pe

good game ... found the most of it myself, thanks for the tip at the end of the game Jo.

Type the last code in the sequence of middle, bottom, then top. That get's me out every time.

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