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Rhosus - Black and White Room Escape Walkthrough

Rhosus - Black and White Room Escape


Whit & Black Room Escape WalkthroughBlack and White Room Escape is another point and click room escape game created by Rhosus, who is also creator of Escape Blue Bathroom game. The purpose of the game is simply escaping the room. All you have to do is just pointing and clicking. It seems can be used by dragging them. Good luck and have fun!

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Lets play!

I'm second! I just thought I would say that for my first comment.

lets go :)

so far ive got, key (used), 2 batteries, note, dice, dvd which i cant insert into player, and dice

and a screwdriver

wow. top 10.

don't forget to turn on the power for the wall outlets for tv, dvd and lamp.

cell under poof

there is a code behind mona lisa, but can't read it.

i got the dvd into the dvd player

cant get password on the tv? or even insert dvd anyone figure this one out?

@unwanted how did u manage to get dvd in player? thx

Second die behind the curtain, which I think is the one you use for the code. So far have 2 cells and a screwdriver and I think the first part of the cose 9 (for number of squares under Mona Lisa table, I think) + 86 (number at bottom of note) + 8 (total number on dice, not the dice on the table which would be 9). Don't know what to do with the cells. Think I need a disc to play on the TV for part of the code.

turn on dvd player and go over the buttons itill it says open-close then press the button

code, duh (sorry for the typo) not cose

theres credit card in vase but unreachable grr

where is the second battery

you can turn the light on near Mona Lisa (switch at outlet) but not sure what it does

code under the mona lisa is 76

use sdrewdriver to remove Mona Lisa picture and there are some scribbles behind it - don't know what they mean

@unwanted thx, tried that 'bout 1000 times, but will keep clicking!

diane you have to push the credit card with the stick in your inventory

second battery i think it was underneath sofa?

drpinar: the second battery is in the plant (I think); how did you get 76?

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 6:13 PM  

i only have one die, where's the 2nd? the one i have is from the window

i think you need a controler to get the code of the tv (thats maybe why you found the cells)

sorry my english :)

thx lina

yeah! it worked this time. this game is finicky...

underneath sofa there is dvd.. :((

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 6:13 PM  

hey everyone just starting.

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 6:13 PM  

76 is behind the mona lisa picture, in the scribbles. it's hard to see but thats what mine says too

found like a safe behind the picture in area where the tv is

i found..thnx

try stick on vase

there is a credit card in the vase (or trash can) but cannot get it

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 6:16 PM  

what stick?? apparently i'm missing some things...

stick is on the left side of the cupboard (i hope thats the name for it) near the vase

red stick is on the side of cabinet

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 6:19 PM  

nevermind, found the stick.. where's the other die?

how did you put dvd into the dvd player i pushed the open-close button but nothing happened

where is the stick

zoom in cabinet and click to the right side u will find stick

you have to push the power button

Where is the stick???

what is it saying on the safe?

i am still stuck on how to insert dvd? plus theres gotta be remote somewhere

Got the batteries, note, die, DVD and screwdriver. Got the DVD in the player and the power on to both units but the play button won't make it play... also, where did you folks fond the stick?

there's also a previous, play and forward button on dvd player, but damned if I can get it to play my dvd.

anyone figure out how to get code from tv yet?

light on the lamp beside mona lisa then u can see clearly the number

oh, it's a link. feh.

Nevermind, found the stick. Back to making the DVD play.

can't zoom any more in the cabinet!

Where to click Diana?

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 6:23 PM  

cant get to the safe, cant find the other dice, and cant get the code to show up on the tv.. any help?

FacundoNM- the stick is beside the cupboard, the side by the door

dont zoom on cabinet!!!

look under the edge of mat

its just takes u to website peeps, there number 4 on safe?

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 6:25 PM  

you would think it wouldn't be very hard to figure this game out since the cursor changes when you can click on something, but it's still hard :-(

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 6:27 PM  

how do you get to the safe? it's not working for me

Ummm, where do we use the batteries?

where is the safe? i got pswd for part1,2,3 and 5...only left from tv's password

i found the stick but i couldn't reach the card in the vase..also i turned the tv on but nothing happend..is there a remote control if yes where???

ok finally got dvd in, theres a open/close button just below where it says on/off

so baically thi are the numbers I have Mona lisa 76, second number 44 it say on the note third dice 8 I still need the tv and the credit card

If this was a real DVD I'd either break it into a 1000 pieces or return it to the video store. Where is this alleged safe you all speak of?

to get to the saft click the top right corner and it slides open

This comment has been removed by the author.

i mean safe not saft

I'im with y'all. Can't find that darn stick anywhere, even with all your directions. I'm beginning to feel like an idjet, lol. I'm beginning to feel more and more like it's pixel hunting, and I had just great hopes for this game, oh well.....

the code under credit card is 37

how to play the tv

ok so got the credit card number which is 49 no I just need that stupid dvd to work

help...nothing on the tv's screen after insert the dvd

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 6:34 PM  

Im where yall are at got all items but cant get blasted tv to work.

unwanted, your a genius...now can you crack that safe for me, lol?

to get the stick, go to screen where u can see cabinet, move cursor towards the bottom right hand side of cabinet click there stick is on the floor

omg thank you lina.....finally got the stick!!!!

lol wanderer, it seems that we all have diff codes!!!!

my credit card number was 72, just so y'all know that there must be different codes, also what's with the safe? Is that where the remote might be?

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 6:36 PM  

the hole in wall by tv switches keep thinking there should be a cable.

where is the remote control

hey all! just a guess but i think we need a remote and thats what batteries are for i got a feeling the remote is in safe but what is the code for the safe any ideas ??

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 6:39 PM  

my credit card code is 17. wonder if it's different for each game or if there's just a few codes that randomly changes but is the same for some people?

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 6:40 PM  

the note says the clue is on the tv.. do you think it could be the 24 over the tv and the rest is a red herring?

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 6:40 PM  

bob, since no one has found a remote, it is possible it's in the safe, except you need the code from the tv to get in the safe, dont you?

can anyone tell me where is the safe?

anyone found the remote?

does anyone else's safe code start w/4...? just wondering if that's different 4 everyone, too.

no i think the code is for the thing near door :S not sure though

safe is under the picture near tv..to move the picture click on the right upper corner of the picture

yes wanderer, on my safe is number 4

my safe starts with 5...

when I go to the safe it say 1....

my safe code starts with 6

no my safe code starts with a 1

anyone have more than 1 dice? besides the four on the table?

nevermine...found it...mine start with 0

The safe is under the picture by the TV. You have to zoom in, and click the small grey square in the upper right hand corner of the frame.

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 6:47 PM  

mine starts with 0 too

aaarrggghhh! sorry had to vent...

damn hard to figure out the safe code

my codes:
mona lisa code is 76
2. code is 45
dice code ???? i couldn't find any dice except for the window
dvd code ????
credit card code is 37

Anyone notice that there are some comments in Turkish? I tried to google them, lol. No luck! That's how desparate I am. Anyone speak Turkish, lol?

looks like everyone code is diff

how can we figure out the safe code any ideas???

i can speak turkish

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 6:54 PM  

do you think its all the dice or just the ones with the black spot. and could that spot be covering number we need?

which comments

actually what is the purpose of the lamp? so curious

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 6:55 PM  

i've already tried a turkish translator but it's not really making any sense lol

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 6:55 PM  

there's a lot of comments below the game, i believe it's turkish

alice: It is only the one dice (I think) that is behind the window curtain. It says so when you click on it

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 6:59 PM  


okay drpinar, we are counting on you to translate.....lol, below the page with the actual game on it.

give it up alice....GIVE IT, LOL

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 7:00 PM  

please share alice!!! lol

Look to the right of your game screen, there is a series of 7 digit codes flashing. The one that starts with a 1 opened the safe for me.

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 7:01 PM  

How did I get the safe open you ask?


click the words over the safe they take you to a turkish eg24 page. where you see the black and white room wait till you see the starting # on you safe flash. input those words into safe.

can you believe i accidently exited the game!!!? don't have the patience to start over, so good luck to you all!

Yeah go the safe open my code was 1SNRKR

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 7:03 PM  


THANK YOU, thank you !!!!! That is really sneaky, but am so glad you figured it out. Whew!!!!!


Yeah i'm out my code was 764482649.

WELL DONE ALL THAT ESCAPE, can do with some help to get us out...lol

Thanks to all of you!

how will i get the door safe

boo how did u get the tv code? did everyone get the safe plus door open?

out at last...thnx all before i go crazy

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 7:12 PM  

I liked the twist of having to go to the web page to get code. Haven't seen that before.
thankyou to the game makers for making such a fun good game.

lol im still going crazy

Im watching my DVD for the tv code, but its only saying black and white room escape. What am I missing, as I dont see a number?

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 7:13 PM  

diane you have to hit play on the dvd thing.

Never mind. I refreshed the wrong page and cant be bothered going through the game again. Bye all.


Just starting :)

i have alice but nothing, just when turn tv on, it just flashes, turned dvd on, insert the disc pressed play but nothing...

nevermind thanx anyways but will play again later,

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 7:24 PM  

diane, stupid question, did you put batteries in remote. it should appear on the right of the tv, you have to turn it on.

grrrrrrr ok the first code is on under the mono lisa 2 is on that peice of paper that you get it should be at the end the 3 is when you add up all the numbers on the die 4 is the tv code 5 is when you use the stick to move credit card it will reval a number

now im not sure for the die thing but good luck

lol am back gotta get out of this one, tx alice will try find remote, tx rock

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 7:40 PM  

came back to blog to check if you any one needed help. gonna go put dinner dishes away will check back in a few.

I can't seem to find the key or the screwdriver. Could someone give me a hint?

ok i move picture and see safe --there's a 3.... there --- now what do i do exactly to open the safe??thanks

key is under sofa, right-hand side, use key to open cabinet to get screwdriver.
safe i am still figuring out

I don't know what I am missing, but cannot get any code from the TV. Get something that say "Black and White Room Escape" with a little black square moving back and forth on a gray line. I can go to "previous" and get a little blurb about the game. There is no actual number that I can tell. Can anyone help me?

Got 76 behind mona lisa.
When you zoom out from the scribble, apparently you can enlarge the scribble by clicking it

Inserted the DVD to the player but it won't start even after I press the play button repeatedly

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 7:58 PM  

battery 1- ottoman
key- chair under mona lisa
hint paper- under rug in dice room
cd- under left chair in dice room
dice- in curtian right upper side
battery 2 -shake plant
safe -right cornor square in picture in plant room
screwdriver use key to open dresser get screwdriver.
stick- zoom out of dresser click right cornor of dresser.
use stick in trashcan on right side of dresser to get credit card code
turn on light by mona lisa.
use screwdriver on mona lisa get code
look at right of screen see flashing numbers use number that appears when you open safe that is your code. get remote
put batteries in remote.
turn on switches by tv.
turn on tv and dvd.
put in cd hit play .
turn on remote.
should see code on tv.
go to door highlight box. enter all numbers in order shown on hint sheet. Out.

OMG found remote, its in the safe, to get safe open, look on the right hand side match ur single code number and input the rest of numbers and letters yehaaa! lol i am so excited only been playin for like an hr which seems like 2dam hrs

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 7:59 PM  

oops.. highlight remote should appear by tv. make sure you turn it on. click really small play button on dvd. hope that helped

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 8:00 PM  

Go Diane e!!!!!

and of course OUT WITH A FLASH

lol alice im going alright, be back making hot coffee, its so cold here,(perth australia) by the way

Thanks for the help. I am still stuck trying to get the DVD to play. I get the play button, but nothing happens.

ok feeling mega stupid --- where do i look for these flashing numbers to add to the one in the safe?? the right side of what screen?? i don't see anything flashing anywhere??!! thanks

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 8:06 PM  

ok im out of here. off to bed.. 11:00 pm in georgia USA. its really hot here. goodnite and sweetdreams to all

nite alice, panther its not flashing not on mine comp anyways, when looking at game, look to the right hand side where it says black and white room escape, there will be numbers scrolling thru a window below see it?

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 8:08 PM  

pather... the screen you are playing on. look to right of the game box you should see box that says black and white game. numbers with letters flash.. back to game...when you open safe first # or letter that appears that is your code to use.

u gotta get remote first to play, the remote is in the safe

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 8:09 PM  

panthersclaws if your number started with a 3 its gonna be 3AABB11

now is the dice thing the total of all the dice or ??

Well, I finally got the code from the TV....had to go back and do it 6 or 7 times before it showed up. This was an intense game, but it was fun posting with everyone, and could not have done it without all the help. I don't usually get to a game when it is first posted and just wind up reading all the other posts. It is pixel intense (even with the hot spots). Good luck to everyone else.

im outta here gonna play another one, if anyone needs help, read all comments above, and good luck hope

yes indeed i agree with ya sooze...that remote got me going lol

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 8:13 PM  

nm I got it thanks anyways

Yay, I'm finally out :)
Thanks for the hint for the safe code :)

ty for that code --- as for the dice is just the total of the dice in the window alone

I have the remote and the screen says Black and White Room Escape with the square that zips across. I thought the zipping square would eventualy stop and I would see a number. I tried the previous and forward buttons, but no numbers there. Did you just see the numbers right away? Thanks again for all the help!

       Anonymous  6/30/08, 8:23 PM  

after hitting play, look for "forward" and hit it a few times to see number.

Thank you Patootie! I had only hit it once. Now I think I can get out.

Why the heck aren't my numbers working??? They are:

Mona Lisa: 76
Note hint: 24
TOTAL number of dice added up: 53
TV: 75
Credit Card: 28

So it SHOULD be 7624537528

But I keep getting error. I have triple checked the numbers and they are all correct. Is it an issue with the dice? Should I not count the big black dots as a "1"? I tried it as a 51 but still get an error... what am I doing wrong here? I've restarted the game like 3 times.

hey guys you alls time zone seems to be different from mine anyway, i made it out my code was.....76,1,8,69,43 did it all by me self. night,night. also for anyone playing after me, to get the stick you have to go to the view where you can see the cabinet and the door as well. then click to the right of the cabinet on the floor and... shazaam, behold thestick.

only add the numbers on the dice found behind the curtain.

OMG, I'm out, Misty... YOU are my hero!!!

#'s from the note, tv, and the credit card are not the same for everyone. but i think the #'s from the mona lisa picture and the dice seems to be the same for everyone.

Out, I like the applause at the end!

good job tam glad i could help you get outta there. no fun being locked in a room.

For the 6 code on safe = 6PLK146
Final code
7or8 I Think it was 8

hey did you know if you zoom in on the Notepad to 1000x view thers some turkish writing on it LOL....
Yeah i escaped to that password for the safe was pretty clever didnt notice it for ages hahaha

Fun & good game..I agree with you Chris, pretty clever about taking us away from the game screen for another code..Thanks for the post/help everybody. Thanks for posting Yalcin...

hello! just starting, here i go!

Thanks everyone, great hints!

My dvd player still says OFF on his screen, I tried to pull the button again but nothing happens...how I put the dvd in that player???????
That's the last thing I need to do...so suffering!!

I got the remote, but I can't use it because I'm missing a battery!!!
What is an ottoman? I think it is some sort of sofa, but underneath them I only found a CD. Help please!!!

-click underneath the pouf(footstool)u will see the cursor change over to hand, take battery
-click underneath sofa (right-hand side) take key
-turn right click underneath first sofa, take CD
-click the edge of rug, take note
-click on curtain, take dice
-look at the note and remember to put all these numbers in order to escape, as numbers change everytime u play
-turn right click on plant, keep shaking plant until u see 2nd battery
-click on picture on wall where in ur window under description its a table, ok click top right-hand corner, where u see grey square, there u see safe, note the starting number on safe. Now look towards the right-hand side, there u will see (Black and White Room Escape) written in white, see the numbers and letters in yellow? match ur first number on safe with the numbers and letters written in yellow and input this into the safe to open, there u will find remote, make sure its in caps and turn the knob below to open,
-drag batteries to remote
-zoom out, see the outlets on the wall beside plasma tv? they should be turned off, click the two switches to turn em on
-click plasma tv, below there is a dvd player turn it on, u will see it hightlights on/off, just below where its hightlighted on u should find open/closed, click button to open, input dvd and close
-turn plasma on,click remote and click button ontop of remote, plasma should change from clear screen to fuzzy or woteva u call it...lol ok now
-on dvd player,follow ur cursor along the bottom to find play button(should be next to open/close) press play, the screen should have black and white room escape
-find on dvd player forward button (next to previous) press forward until u get a password number, memorize this or write it down.
-turn right,click right side of cabinet near the bottom, take stick,zoom out, click on vase, u will see credit card but unreachable, use stick to move credit card, see code number?
-zoom out, click cabinet, open left door with key, take screwdriver
-turn right,(should take u back to first screen) click on mona lisa picture on wall,take screwdriver and use where hook is, picture should fall and u will see scribble in black and grey, zoom out and turn lamp on (switch on the wall)with the light on, click scribble on wall and it should zoom into it, see the code number in grey? (if not number should be 76) trust me i use my night vision sunnys, ok now
-turn left and click on the door knob see the keypad next to it? click it, click note in inventory, and follow code numbers from one to five(hope u remembered all the code numbers u found? cos i couldn't, i wrote em down instead...lol) ok enter as per instruction into keypad
-mona lisa is 76
-second is below the note
-third is the dice alone u have which should be 8
-fourth is tv
-fifth vase when u move credit card
all up should be nine numbers if correct in entering u should get an OK, zoom out, click on door and yehaaaa OUT!
good luck all and i hope, i explain this all specifically to u...mwahh God bless

OMG Freedom!
Sheesh. Depended on everyone's comments for the stick and the safe's code and such, but I managed to do it without the actual walkthrough. I can finally sleep ^.^ (Going on 4 in the morning, he he)
Great game though. The music and black and white look made me feel as if I should have been solving a murder case or something lol.

Can someone explain to me what does this mean which was in the walkthrough:

click on picture on wall where in ur window under description its a table, ok click top right-hand corner, where u see grey square, there u see safe, note the starting number on safe. Now look towards the right-hand side, there u will see (Black and White Room Escape) written in white, see the numbers and letters in yellow? match ur first? Totally lost as to what that is supposed to mean?

sorry reddc, its the password for the safe, does that help u now?

i'm out...woohoo!!!! what a cool game...love the concept, especially the black & white film noir feel :) ty for the great posts everybody. just a quick observation....my final code for escape was 7659819...i thought i was supposed to have 9 numbers so i was relieved when keypad by door said "OK" LOL! Seems I usually play these games after eveyone has had fun posting; one of these days I'll play in the right time zone... Been away for almost a week so i have some games to catch up on!!!! G'night...

Help! cant find this grey box i know where to look its just not there

The numbers and letters written in yellow to input into the safe to open up ... cant find them ???

Stuck also there Reddc.

Mieke & Reddc - for the safe code:

Click on the Oda Oyunlari 24 link on the top of the game page. This will open a new webpage. Take a good look around and you should be able to locate your code using the digit you were given by the safe.
Hope this helps

Tyvm kjammydodger, you let me escape :D and thanks Diana for walkthrough.

Gr8 game !

       Anonymous  10/29/08, 11:58 PM  

Gave up! Too bad... had tried so many times still can't get the code for the safe.

how do I get the code from the mona lisa, or is it the table below the mona lisa?

I dont Know where to use the screwdriver on the Mona Lisa! Help!

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