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Gatuno in Halloween Walkthrough

Gatuno in Halloween


[REPLAY] Gatuno in Halloween is another point & click adventure type escape game developed by Féderico Rutenberg for Esklavos. In this game, your aim is to rescue your poor cat that has been turned to stone by a wicked old witch. Get the three ingredients to reverse the evil witch's spell. Explore the environment, find and use items and discover hints to solve all puzzles you will encounter on your mission. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Anyone here?

I have small key, scissors, and fangs.

just got here. lets see if we can do it!

I also have hat, bat wing, and empty jar.

i have a book, scissors and a key so far

I opened closet, and got a "Barbie" student. lmao

I haven't found the book yet, but I'm still looking.

and the wing and jar

Ok, I didn't check all the books before, but I have it now.

can you turn at all? or is it just one room?

The rat is a little hard to catch. Take your time with him.

2 rooms, put mouse at the bottom of the screen.

Somehow I have an old camera......

where is the rat?

the camera was in the closet

Cool, I made a vampire rat..

You'll see the rat's eyes peering in the black doorways. It's a timing thing

I now have seed of caramel tree

spectacles too

horse hair. I wonder what else we have to do.

I'm stuck...Do you have anything new?

Hi all, give spectacles to frog...

Where is the frog?

horsehair + barbie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

where is seed?

check the picture, it looks real...

I think my computer is a little buggy, I tried the hair & Barbie, but it didn't work before.
TY nuno

have u found frog? where is the seed?

sorry green mama my net is playing up :(
good luck!

Yes, I found frog now. How do I give the frog to the pumpkin?
Seed of candy tree---make a vampire bat and give it to the pumpkin on the table in the hall.

ty chelsea. Happy Halloween!!!

had tried that b4 ! still not working 4 me? just rat + batwings isnt it?

Vampire teeth as well. Then pumpkin will take him.

What else do I do with the frog besides specs?

I have male stone.

teeth? where is the dentist?

I shrunk the hat. I still need something for Harry Frogger........

Skull by the cauldron.

how do i get the fangs out? tried the scissors

lol just pick them up doh!

All you need is the hand. Try the lower part of the skull, it'll say "oops, I got splinters" when you get them......

What else for Harry Frogger? Did hat, and spectacles, but something is missing.......

I don't like my computer much right now. Finally got the pic.......uuuuuugggggghhhhhhhhhhh

still looking for stone

       Anonymous  10/31/08, 1:28 AM  

OK i'm out!!!

the hardest thing to do is catch the mouse/rat.

um...certain things that you might need:

1. there's a key under the leaves too; not just scissors.
2. you have to shrink the hat for the frog in the cauldron.
3. harry frogger - put glasses (get from barbie student with scissors), hat, and take a picture, then put in book.
4. barber doll- get rid of the glasses (3) and use the horse hair (cauldron room + scissors) with doll.
5. Vampire rat- fangs (teeth) from skull in cauldron room, rat from the catch-and-miss thing with the eyes, and bat wings from the shelf.
6. give all 3 to the various jack-o-lanterns to get the ingredients for the spell.
7. Put all 3 ingredients in cauldron, then use the jar to get the potion from the cauldron.
8. give the potion to the cat.

All items (if i remember correctly): Scissors, horse hair, camera, frog, glasses, barbie doll, hat, wing, fangs, mouse, book, key, candy seed, male stone, sweat of Ungo. Maybe more. But that should help you out.

If you're missing anything, check the shelves very carefully.

It's too early for the walkthrough....

give barbie to pumpkin in the back of the cauldron. It's looking for "Barber Doll" lol

What walktrough already?

was busy getting out lol

yup, Not a complete tho, almost.....

I'm finally out now. ty for help. My computer is a little buggy.....

was funny! have a nice day!

Happy Halloween all!!!!!!!!!

       Anonymous  10/31/08, 1:35 AM  

yea.. order matters on combining.

Like... frog + glasses won't work, but glasses + frog works

that was funny, but i am dissapointed of the ending...

Aww, this was a great little game for Halloween! Thanks for all the help guys. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Nice game. Thanks for hints. Happy Halloween.

How do you shrink the hat? I have tried everything and I can't get it to shrink!

       Anonymous  10/31/08, 7:02 AM  

where is the frog??? I can't find him and I've clicked everywhere.

       Anonymous  10/31/08, 7:09 AM  

never mind...found the stupid frog.

I can't find the stupid horsehair. Will someone please help me...

good morning!

Just starting

morning, hopefully you find the horsehair lol, I'm of no use to you there

Just found key and scissors

cool, everything except the horsehair, I have found pretty easy so it shouldn't take you long to be stuck where I am lol

found horse hair on door at right. use scissors

Where was the frog?

it is in the picture in the hall, and ty soooo much!

I will stick around till you're done

Had to go to work. Back, but stuck!

       Anonymous  10/31/08, 7:57 AM  

anyone know how to shrink the hat? i cant figure it out.

Out. You shrink the hat in the boiling water


Wow, what a cute game... :)) Nice and easy, and well thought out.

       Anonymous  10/31/08, 3:03 PM  

Good game, i love Esklavos games !

I've saved my cat :D

       Anonymous  10/31/08, 3:08 PM  

@ RubyAthena ... try this,
click something and then the plus sign, then the other thing you want to put together with, hope it works for ya :D

1st.... ckick on the leaves next to the broom then click on eack leaf to pick scissors and a key. (zoom out)

use the scissors to get the horse hair hanging on the wall next to the shelf on ur right....

on the shelf to ur right go to the 1st shelf and pick up a glass then look on the fourth shelf and pick up the bat wings....

look at the bottom against the wall u will see a skull. click on the skull's teeth to get the fangs...

now look to the left shelf and click on the 2nd shelf to pick up book....

now the dark area on ur right and left side and u will notice to little blinking eyes. it's a mouse. point then quickly click on those eyes to get the mouse, but u have to be very fast.

now click on the bottom floor to go to the hall.

to ur right side u will notice a picture of a frog. click the picture several times. now look on top pf the closet and pick up the wizards hat.

notice three items on the table and read each one for a messege.

now go back to the closet and use the key that u found under the leaves earlier.

look on the 2nd and 3rd shelf and pick up the camera and doll.

now click on the bottom floor to go back to the cauldron room.

now take the wizards hat and put it to the boiling pot to shrink the hat.

then click on the join objects button to combine the wings and fangs to the mouse.

now take the scissors to cut the glasses off the doll.

then take the horse hair and attach it to the doll.

now combine the glasses to the frog then the hat.

use the camera to take a picture of the frog.

u will notice a picture of the frog. then combine the picture and the book.

now go back to the other room and place the vampire rat with pumpkin to get the 1st ingredient, then go back to cauldron room and place the doll with the pumpkin on the left side of the shelf to get the 2nd ingredient, for the 3rd ingredient place the book with the frog picture and place it with the pumpkin on ur right.

place the three ingredients inside the boiling pot for the magic potion.

now take the glass jar and fill it with the potion, then go back to the other room and give it to the cat thats turned to stone and then ur done.......

it's not letting me join the the wings and the fangs to the mouse?

hi everyone

hey redd click the join button thats to ur far left at the top of the screen then click on the bat wings and combine that with the mouse then do the same with the fangs....

oh dear

i saved my kitty!:)

buggy game. had to press 40 times on each thing to combine

thank goodness for hints and walkthroughs! Thank you one and all

cute easy game, and I did it all with no help for once yey.

Thanks, timependulum. Your "hint-through" was great!

       Anonymous  10/31/18, 12:50 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

Halloween is here!
(at least in my time zone...)
therefore we still provide also replays with a Halloween topic, continuing with another crowd puller & tried & trusted dev from the past: Esklavos
an Esklavos is always worth a replay - enjoy, mwahahahahah ☻!

thx for all your creations, Féderico ☺
& thx skorpio for the WT


Ten years old and still an awesome game. Thank you.

thanks for the walkthrough

12 years old and a still a funny, but pixelly, game.

       Random Game  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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