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Gatuno in Christmas Walkthrough

Gatuno in Christmas


Gutano in Christmas is another new point and click adventure game created by Federico Rutenberg, who is also the creator of Esklavos and Doctor Ku game series. In this game, you have to point and click on right places to collect some things and solve puzzles in order to figure out the game. Help Gattuno to find a gift for the kid. Good luck and have fun!

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Anyone else? I am having trouble!

I'm here, just loading

Ok here we go

Looks like we need 2 coins to buy a gift for the sad kid.

I'm here but probably not much help. fed the fish bone to the cats

gave the snail to the cat, need coin!

Got a branch

found a strange creature. still no coin for the race!

have a branch, a snail and a leaf. now just clicking in circles!

Have a transparent thread, but no idea what to do with it yet

Mm i am stuck finding a coin

Combed the strange creature, turned into a kitten
Got a bottle and gave it to store for coin.

Where can you get the leaf?

What did you combine the creature with?

I got the leaf by showing the salesman the snail.

Have branch (used), snail, strange creature, transparent thread and stuck

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Thanks Oakley, got a leaf and now stuck. lol

How did you comb the strange creature?

got a comb!

me too!

Got gum from guys pocket and gave it to kid... not sure why.

How did you do it?

gave the gum and the cat to the kid, not sure if that was right...

I've just lost my strange creature cat. I was clicking on the boy and it disappeared. Any ideas?

2hats, if you look on the porch behind the kid, there will be a bottle, take that to the store

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okay after giving him the gum the used gum is on the right from him...
where is the string???

Got used gum from stair beside kid. combined it with coin and string. Used it to race and lost :(

Thank you.

Thank you! Missed the gum there! lol

Okay this is starting to get annoying!

had a phone call so I will try to catch up again. I can't find the bottle on the porch. where exactly?

How can the slug go faster. I thought I would use the leaf but it won't let me

Lost race but still have coin, tried giving it to the salesman, no go.

Young man is now drinking an energy drink...

finally won the race! the guys is drinking an energy drink, hint hint

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put leaf on tile he spills energy drink pick it back up and give it to snail

JD do you have to get the energy drink?

now dont know how to get gum off of the coin

I forgot about that loose tile! Thanks!



you just need a drop of the drink

I cant put it back on the tile

what makes the dude spill energy drink?

Seanchan, put the leaf on the tile, then use the magic coin

putting the leaf on the tile then the coin

I still cant get gum off coin

Thanks Jmom2boys!

argh, no bottle on porch, clicked everywhere

Kelly, you don;t need the gum off the coin, you need the coin, gum and transparent thread combined

I know but the guy in the store wont take it

You don't have to pull of gum of coin, just buy precent with both coins and combi hair wit santa-cap and gif present to boy, your out!

kelly, no, the only money the guy in the store will take is the 2 coins you win.

anyone? bottle on porch? where? string? where?

thank you I feel stupid now LOL!

@maxi, botle is for the door on the left, after giving child gum and kitty

no bottle on porch! freakin out here

maxi, the string is in the pipe and you get it with the branch

oh, just appeared! no idea why? i gave him all that ages ago, string?

have 2 coins, can't buy gift? why?

i've only won once, and 'no more bets today'?

give the two coins (not the magic coin) to the salesman

this game makes me sad, but out..

My salesman won't take either coin :o(

Which cat do you give to the boy? I have a big one in a square at the bottom left next to the items I've collected - but I can't do anything with it. Then there are two in the alley, but I can't do anything with them either.

just click on present with empty hands when you have 2 coins

give the boy the cat you get after combing strange creature

Thanks, iceberg!

where is the snail and can i have a walkthrough, pleeze?

the snail appears to the right of the boy on the rail...it appears after you talk to the cats

Where is the leaf? I can't find it anywhere...

       Anonymous  12/18/08, 4:15 PM  

Here is the walktrough:

*Note: In this game you must do some things (talks) in order!.

1- Click In the sad kid.
2- Click the branchs, and get the BLURRY branch.
3- Go to the street.
4- Click in the pockets(BOTH) of young man. Then you get pack of gum and a comb
5- Go to the alley.
6- Talk with the black cat and try to get into the pipe. (the cat will ask to you that bring some food)
7- Go back to the Porche, then click in the garbage bag.
8- Return to Alley, give the fish bones to black cat.
9- Go Inside the Pipe.
10- When you are into the store, talk with the salesman and click in the gift. Now Return to the alley.
11- With the branch click in the pipe mouth, now you have a transparent thread.
12- Talk with the gray cat.
12- Return to the Porche and click in the Snail whos is in the rail.
13- Give it the Gum to kid.
14- Get out to the street, go back to the porche, now click in the used gum (at the right of kid).
15- Go to the alley, show the snail to gray cat.
16- Go to the street, click the eyes at the left of young man. Now you have a Strange creature.
17- Go to the Porche, now join the comb with the strange creature, then you have a kitten.
18- Give kitten to kid, now go back to the street and return to the porche, and get the empty bottle (at left of kid).
19- Go to the Store.
20- Show the snail to salesman, he will give you a leaf.
21- Give to him the empty bottle and he will give you one coin.
22- Return to the alley.
23- Join: Used Gum + Coin + Transparent Thread= Magic Coin.
24- Click in the magic coin and then click in the gray cat.
25- You will loose the snail's career.
26- Go to the street. The young mand is drinking and energy dring.
27- Put the leaf in the tile (at the left of the shoes of the young man).
28- Put the magic coin in the tile. The leaf change the color.
29- Click in the blue leaf.
30- Feed the snail with the powered leaf.
31- Go to the alley, and start a new career with the grey cat.
32- When you win go to the store.
33- Click in the gift.
34- Go to the porche.
35- Join the santa cap and the white hair. Now you have a Santa costume!!
36- Give the gift to the kid : )!

* PS: Sorry if you find some fails in the redaction of the walktrough, that is because I speak spanish.

* PS: Voy a poner la guía en español también!

why cant i combine the comb and strange creature??HELP~!!

need not combine....first click on the comb and then on the creature..thats it

yah! Im in!

Were is the stupid snail? and I have to laugh at the way porche was spelt no disrespect to the person who did the walkthrough but it's porch as porche is a car I believe lol.

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