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Alkirian 1 - The Nine Pages Walkthrough

Alkirian 1 - The Nine Pages


Alkirian 1 - The Nine Pages is anonther point and click type room escape game created by Federico Rutenberg, the creator of Esklavos and Doctor Ku game series. In this game, you have to point and click on right places to collect some things and solve puzzles in order to figure out the game. Good luck and have fun!

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only have five pages so far :(

wat do u do with pliers?

Stuck at six pages with three tools left

i will just do this later when theres more help lol

ive got 7 pages now, stuck

can pull up right knob on bedpost

wheres the key to the locked drawer?

Super stuck.....

I've got 6 pages, pliers and a paint scraper.

what does einstein's right eye do when you click on it?

woah... it closed.

What's the symbol between the eye and the globe on the screen?

I can't tell... Looks like the bed post.

Ooh. Well I clicked all three and I think it did absolutely nothing

it opened a thing on the computer...

Hi all! did anyone figure out what to do with those pliers??

look for key among the board with pieces of paper

found key under pink note on topright corner of the board thing

got scissors... what for though?

Myrie, I'm not sure if I used them on the space shuttle

got it... cut back of chair for paper...

yeah I used the pliers on the back of the shuttle

I'm out too...

Hi Martin :D!!! long time don't see!

okay, I only got to use the scissors to cut open the computer chair but the space shuttle won't open or break off.
wonder how to get out what is inside of it?

hey what does the third thing on the comp screen mean?

it doesn't open or break.... you just get another paper in your inventory

@Elaine.... Third thing is globe

I'm out!

okay, thanks Jaleesa..


How on earth do I get the scissors to cut open the back of the space shuttle.. ? it won't open for me

right! im out too. thanks Jaleesa

You use pliers on the shuttle.

i'm out, nice game.

Hi Myrie, where have you been hiding? I'll use the cbox.

you use the pliers on the back of the shuttle... it doesn't open or break, you just magically get another paper in your inventory. unless you already have it of course...

ooooh thanks Ashialynn.. will try pliers again cause I did at first, there must be a trick to this or an exact spot I have to click on.. hmmm

Martin :D I know it has been too long!
I kept missing all the live games.. (what is a cbox)

So why is Einstein's right eye shut close???

oh gee! okay thanks again Jaleesa, I had the paper already! did not notice when it went into my inventory

The clue on the computer screen. Poke the eye, lift the bed knob and pull the top of the globe.

cbox is on the top right side where people are chatting.

Myrie..you need to click the three things on the monitor to open the computer (the eye is one) Stuck with 8 pages!!

Hi Martin....the weeds are going great in the garden with the rain!

Hi Red! Have you used the cbox yet?

my comment disappeared!
once again, Hello Redroobar! and thanks for tip

Okay Martin will look for the cbox which I don't see right now..
thanks for tip as well..


Pick up pliers and cord on bedside table
Press right top bedpost and top point on globe
Click bottom right corner of poster above bed, get paper
Click far right part of bed, get paper
Go left
Close Einstein's right eye, get paper from computer tower
Click top right pink paper on bulletin board twice to get key
Use key to open middle drawer on desk
Get scissors from drawer, cut chair back with scissors to get paper
Click space shuttle to zoom, use pliers on "engine" to get paper (you won't see it, but it'll appear in inventory)
Move papers on bulletin board just above bottom right green paper to get another paper.
Get tape from Einstein poster.
Combine tape and power cord.
Click bottom compartment of computer tower, get paper.
Plug fixed cord in behind bedside table, get paper from lamp
Use paint scraper on wall, follow where cracks appear going down and right, get last paper and clock door!
You're out!

What is a cbox...this granny brain is a bit slow!

oops.. meant click door*

What is wrong with you girls? lol
The chat box near the top right hand corner. Login with your blogger name and password.

       Anonymous  7/7/09, 10:43 PM  

Found 8 so far

1: Davinci poster in first room
2: Under bed sheet
3: Use paint scraper (found in second room) to scrape paint off wall (crack next to patch of bricks)
4: Click on Einsteins eye, to reveal a page in the computer
5: Use players (found in first room) on the suspended plane in the second room
6: Search through the paper notes on the cork bord in the second room
7: Combine the power cord and the sticky tape (sorry, I forgot where i found them) and then use the power cord on the power socket on the lower left of the lamp in the first room
8: Click on the first rectangle on the computer in the second room to reveal another page.
Sorry about the inconsistency of the prder in which I wrote them down.

Hope this helps :D

he, I didn't noticed this game before,I'll give it a try

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 5:04 AM  


How do you combine in this game?

       Anonymous  7/8/09, 5:09 AM  

nvm, I've done it. :-)

i cant get the paper from the cracked wall i clicked along it all but it still not coming up

and out..

       Anonymous  7/10/09, 3:07 PM  

Got 8 Pieces Of Paper, Scissors, Pliers, And The Paint Scraper.

       Anonymous  7/21/09, 4:23 PM  

im stuck at 8. i got the paper from the wall, the computer tower, the lamp, the bed sheet, the board, the poster, and the back of the chair. it wont let me get the one from the shuttle though. everyone says that's where is it.

       Anonymous  7/21/09, 4:25 PM  

any help

       Anonymous  7/21/09, 4:29 PM  

never mind i got it. i got out. cheers for me!!!!

I got all nine:

1) under the bed sheet
2) use the paint scraper, start at the crack near the bed and follow the upcoming cracks down to the right
3) under the lower right edge of the da Vinci poster
4) repair the cable on the bed desk with the sellotabe from the Einstein poster
5) under one of the green papers on the pinboard
6) get the key from under the top right pink paper of the pinboard and unlock the drawer with it to get the scissors and cut the upper part of the chair with it
7) in the lower panel of the PC tower
8) use the pliers to get it out from the rear attachment of the space shuttle
9) follow the instruction on the PC screen -> click Einstein’s right eye, click the right bedpost, click the upper part of the globe -> now the last sheet appears in the CD drive of the PC

Hope this helps! Have fun!

i did it!! and i'm french girl ahaha

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