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Alkirian 3 - The Water Stone

Alkirian 3 - The Water Stone is the sequel to Alkirian 1 point and click type room escape game created by Federico Rutenberg, the creator of Esklavos and Doctor Ku game series. In this game, you have to point and click on right places to collect some things and solve puzzles in order to figure out the game. Good luck and have fun!

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Alkirian 3 - The Water Stone Video Walkthrough

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  1. got a torch... the easy part.

    Oh no I'm alone here?

  2. got torch, broom, batteries, 2 crystals, carpet n the ever present screw driver.

  3. numbers all over the place

  4. Am I really alone? no one to play with me??

  5. Not alone. There's a wrench in the boat, but I'm not sure what for. Use the torch in the closet of the kitchen to get a moonstone, and another piece popped up under the table after I left.

  6. Oh tahnk you. so glad to see you Luminara

  7. Yes I got the wrench but no idea where to use it. i have a total of 4 stones now.

  8. Got one in the first screen with the boat, one on top of the chandelier, one with the torch and one on the left of the table after usinf the screwdriver.

  9. tried removing the cobwebs with the rug-like thing and with broom but they look like they are here to stay.

  10. I think we're at the same spot...pik's helping me in the cbox

  11. got a jagged looking piece of wood or metal under the sink. no idea what to do with it.

  12. Pik helped, press numbers to add up to the one outside (XI+II+III) to open a panel for another piece.

  13. got one more form under the sink.

  14. hi youcef. your expertise is welcome

  15. what panel does it open up Luminara? I tried it but didn't open anything.

  16. It's in the first area, with the boat, top right.

  17. Sweep back right corner in front of the boarded up door for a key that leads to the pit in the middle.

  18. aah got one more in the window at the top of the first screen. that makes it 6

  19. Stones are 1.outside above entrance after pressing XI, II and III, 2. on the chandelier, 3. in the pantry after using flashlight in pantry, 4. in the pipe below sink, 5. in the airvent (move table to see airvent), 6. move table again and stone falls from under it, 7. on the ceiling use broom in right corner, 8. use the broom on the dust that fell from ceiling to get key which unlocks passage under rug, click on unlocked passage

  20. Hm, Lauren, I can't seem to use the broom there...where exactly is it?

  21. thanks for all the help.

  22. Ah, ceiling first. Thanks pik :)

  23. pikzibner
    thnx for the help

  24. yw, guys and girls glad I could help, lol

  25. Cannot find batteries, i clicked everywhere....

  26. POP found them and out.

  27. I have pressed XI, II and III, in all sorts of orders. However I can't find the panel at the entrance to the boat.

  28. 1. From the boat, pick up flashlight and wrench.
    2. Get inside and pick up the first water stone above the chandelier.
    3. Pick up the rug in the middle of the room and click on the toolset to the upper left to get a screwdrier.
    4. Click on the table a few times to get the second water stone. Then click on the tile on the ground where it reads “XI”.
    5. Go to the next room and get the broom near the door. Use the broom with the dust to the left and get batteries. In the inventory screen, click on batteries and use them with flashlight. Use flashlight in the pantry, above the debris and pick up water stone number three.
    6. Click on the piece of wood beneath the sink to pick it up.
    7. On a shelf above the sink, there on the wall a button with “I” written on. Click on the thing near it to move it and press the button with “II”. Then press the button “III” to the left of the sink.
    8. Use the wrench with the pipe below the sink and get the water stone number four.
    9. Go back to the previous room. Use broom with the ceiling in the upper right corner and get water stone number five.
    10. Move table again and use screwdriver with the air vent. Get stone number 6 from there.
    11. Use the broom with the debris that fell from the ceiling and get key. Use key with the passage in the middle of the room and click on the opening for stone number 7.
    12. Go back and pick up water stone number 8 from above the door.

  29. thanx everyone! u were soooo much help!!!!!

  30. do you guys know if there's a 4th Alkirian game?

  31. Walkthrough:

    1. Take The Flashlight In The Boat. If You Look Near The Front Of The Boat, You'll See A Metal Stick. If You Click It, You'll Get A Wrench

    2. Before You Go Inside, Note The Roman Number: XVI = 16. Get Inside!

    3. Remove The Rug, And Press Down The Tile With The "XI" On! XI = 11! Move Onto The Next Room.

    4. Take The Broom, Next To The Door.

    5. Use Broomstick On The Pile Of Dust, Next To The Pantry. Get A Pair Of Batteries!

    6. Use The Combine Tool To Combine The Batteries With The Flashlight!

    7. Place Flashlight In The Pantry, And Take The Water Stone! Water Stones - 1 Of 8

    8. Remove The Half Remaining Piece Of The Door Beneath The Sink, And Use Wrench On The Pipe To Get Another Water Stone! Water Stones - 2 Of 8

    9. Before You Leave The Room, Press The Tile On Wall With The "III" On. And You Also See Another Tile Above The Sink With "I" On It, But Don't Press It. Move The Can/Thing Near It, To Reveal Another Tile With "II" On. Press It! Now You've Pressed The Following Tiles: XI, III, II = 11, 3, 2 = 16 Together, Which Is The Same Number As The One We Saw Outside The House! Leave The Room.

    10. Take The ScrewDriver In The ToolBox, Left To The Chair. Then, Move The Table To Reveal A Went! Use ScrewDriver On Went, To Get A Water Stone! Water Stones - 3 Of 8

    11. Move The Table 3 Times More, To Shake Off A Water Stone From Under It. Water Stones - 4 Of 8

    12. Take The Water Stone On The Chandeliers Left Side. And Use Broom On The Upper Right Corner To Reveal Another Water Stone. Water Stones - 6 Of 8

    13. When You Used Broom On The Upper Right Corner, The Dust From It Fell Down. Use Broom On The Pile Of Dust, To Get A Key!

    14. Use The Key You Just Got On The Passage In The Middle Of The Screen. Once Opened, Click Inside It To Get A Water Stone! Water Stones - 7 Of 8

    15. Leave The House! Once You're Outside, Look Above The Entrance. You'll See A Water Stone, It's The One From The Tiles We Pressed! Take It, And Leave By Clicking On The Left Side Of The Screen. You'll Only Be Able To Leave If You Have All Of The 8 Water Stones!

    Congratulations! You Just Escaped Another Alkirian Game :D

    From Prid

  32. working link:


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