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Pasta Room Escape Walkthrough

Pasta Room Escape


Pasta Room Escape is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game from Sakura. In this escape game, again you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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I can't beleive it. 2 games so early in the day. both live :)

I love the "Especially there is no doubtful point"

got yellow key

3 pasta's and some kind of bottle... and stuck

Out! Easy.

can see red key but can't reach it.

hi anyecs. thought i was alone :)

WOW that was fast

help somebody

morning, i love these games

Morning everybody, i am stuck at the last code...as always ;)

hi xxGem

got part of screwdriver but can't find the other part

you have all gotten way ahead of me

i got eraser (used) yellow key (used) a bottle and 3 pastas and no idea of what next

and now screw driver blade

One part of scewdriver is in the head part of bed....

found it in the head board of the bed!

some help please somebody... pretty please

Behind brown cupboard is a ninja star, use it to get red key from ceiling.

got some star shaped thingy behind dresser

Blue key was right of the light brown shelf.

woohoo im out too :)

shucks got to go. will try and pick it up later

Use screwdriver below checker board and put bottle in this hole.

bottle is infact a battery

out on my own! feel very pleased with myself

I made the word EXIT but nothing happens.....

       Anonymous  8/7/09, 2:36 AM  



       Anonymous  8/7/09, 2:36 AM  

Good morning.. hey Zazie, are you out now?

Lol GEM :)
I did not realise this.
Write "EXIT" with the yellow lines...
But what is the final code please ?

       Anonymous  8/7/09, 2:37 AM  

form the words E X I T on the board with black and white squares and you get door code number on the other screen by the door.

       Anonymous  8/7/09, 2:37 AM  

look at the screen on the wall and tilt your head to the left..

Hello George :)
I have no idea why it is 6358 ??
I cannot see anything in the colour pattern.

Some numbers appeared on the silver screen and now i'm out!

       Anonymous  8/7/09, 2:38 AM  

should look like this:


       Anonymous  8/7/09, 2:40 AM  

either tilt your head or look at it from a distance & you should see it clearer.

Thx Justme, i am out too :)

       Anonymous  8/7/09, 2:44 AM  

you're welcome, always glad to be of some help. :)

       Anonymous  8/7/09, 2:46 AM  

First time to finish a game all by myself without any help! lol

got perfect end...ut didnt use the ruer/eraser(i think). Whats it for???


       Anonymous  8/7/09, 2:51 AM  

use the eraser on the book.. it's a hint for the chessboard..

Where is that bottle/battery? I simply can't find it anywhere!

It is in one of the drawers where you have to use keys.

wow..still live but bit too late anyway! these are my fave games!

This one was nice and easy !

out but got normal end...could someone please tell me where the pastas are?

nvm forgot the blue key!lol

I got perfect end the second time around.

Anybody here?

Wait a minute! After I got out it says I ate sushi - what happened to the pasta I collected? I want the pasta....oh, well.

game won't load for me. anyone have another link??

nm, i just had to wait a while longer

       Anonymous  8/7/09, 9:19 AM  

where is blue key?

If it says the link is busy, try refreshing the page

Note place for code on door, book on floor with symbols and a tiny image, and a projector screen
Turn right and take pasta (note red key you can’t reach)
Click on headboard to zoom in and get screwdriver head on the right of the bottom slat
Turn right and click the baseboard to the left of the left cabinet to get ninja star (shuriken)
Click on the square on the wall to note chessboard looking thing and plate at bottom that needs a screwdriver
Turn right and take pasta
Click to the left of the black cabinet for an eraser
Click to the right of the brown shelves for blue key
Go right and use eraser on the marks on the book
Go right and use shuriken on red key
Go right and use blue and red keys to get 2 pastas, magnifying glass, and screwdriver handle
Combine screwdriver handle and head in inventory to get working screwdriver
Go left 2 times and use magnifying glass in book to see the image of a woman talking over her shoulder
Go left once and recreate that image in the box on the shelves. Click the rectangle once done to get yellow key
Go left to use the key and get final plate of pasta and a battery
Click on the square on the wall to zoom in.
Use the screwdriver to remove the plate and then place the battery
Click on the yellow strips to move them. An X will stay on the top right. Use the rest to spell
This will turn on the projectors
Go left to door and click on the screen
If you look a each image, it looks kind of like slanted numbers.
Enter those numbers at the door and click the circle
Click on the door to open it and get the perfect end to sushi escape lol

am i the only one who cant read the game description when i click read more?
for all the games.. for a few days now

omg i did all by myself! i cannot believe this!

yeah me, out on my own with perfect end! :)

       Anonymous  8/7/09, 9:05 PM  

Weird how I collected 5 bowls of pasta but when I got out of the room I ate sushi lol.

       Anonymous  8/8/09, 7:42 AM  

Ha Ha - it said I ate Sushi at the end, but I collected 5 pasta's! Sushi was another game!

whoaaa, perfect end!


perfect and again!!

working link:


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