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Sekiz Chapter 2

Sekiz Chapter 2 aka Eight Chapter 2 is another point and click type hidden object game created by Rhosus. In this game, you have to solve all eight levels to continue the game successfully. Good luck and have fun!

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  1. hope this one is good :)

  2. am I blind? I couldn't even find the first

  3. timed game and not enough time :(

  4. okay I give up this is not for me

  5. I can get them all except the phone one. I thought the numbers at the top were different on the middle phone, but that isn't the answer.

  6. on the phone one i found the calender was wrong, but seems to change all the time.

  7. Oh, some things change from play to play.

  8. Weird. Now it's working fine, and I can click on the phone differences. Before, I clicked all over all of them, and it wouldn't register anything.

  9. I don't get the "find the 2 alive..." one. Can any1 help me??

  10. Phones -- the top right calendar picture, top left image on left phone, or the middle blue button on the left side of the phone (next to 1 and 4 keys)
    Alive picture -- white package on ground next to the people sitting at table (left side of screen) and to the left of the white building (looks kind of like a shadow person)
    Map -- usually need Mexico, UK, Spain, or Turkey (tells you which)
    Car logo -- usually Pontiac, Honda, or Toyota is upside down
    Boat -- usually the escape tarp on the escape raft in the middle is colored wrong, the smoke stack next to the left mast is colored wrong, or something on the top left deck is colored wrong (chair? Smokestack?)
    Flowers -- changes randomly
    Boats picture -- usually blue jacket of guy on bottom right, steering wheel of second boat on bottom, or person leaning left on left edge of the picture about 3rd boat from bottom)


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