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The Ballad of Ketinetto 5 Walkthrough

The Ballad of Ketinetto 5


The Ballad of Ketinetto Part 5 - Regain the Ship is the fifth episode of The Ballad of Ketinetto point and click adventure game created by Federico Rutenberg, who is also the creator of Esklavos and Doctor Ku game series. In this game, you have to point and click on right places to collect some things and solve puzzles in order to figure out the game. Good luck and have fun!

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The Ballad of Ketinetto 5 Video Walkthrough



found 1 peace of cheese, can`t find or do anything more.

found 5 peaces, just go round with your mouse, you don`t see the peaces.

throw the apple on the switch

now i`m stuck, can`t get the rope of the pole.
have a hook.
someone join me.

get the loose rope from the bottem of the pole.
combine it with hook and tie it to the mast.

go in open door and open bottem drawer.
go down and get paper, get other paper behind bed and knife behind closet, now stuck again

open the far right tapestry and get key. open closet with key and get rudder.

put rudder on wall

piece of paper on closet door

Am i stupid?????? I can't find the last piece of cheese, i looked everywhere!!!!

Is the switch the thing that looks a little like coin, on the floor ? I can't reach it with the apple.

after every turn of the rudder according to the papers push the switch.
ships moves by it self.

@pascale you have to aim and hold down mouse button long enough

Linda -
Not stupid, it's a blind pixel hunt!

Pascale -
You have control over the arm (up & down) and the strength of the throw (hold mouse button down.) It takes a few throws!

@linda go slowly with your mouse over the floor.
have you got the piece by the door

LOL i got to the part with the letters, i clicked on the switch 5 times on U and it just said i'm on autopilot and To be continued...BUG???

could be bug, but worked fine for me

I`ll hang around incase some one needs help, but is very easy game

Thank you, CobaltCat, I didn't realize that !


I only found 2 Paper - 1 behind bed and 1 lower Luke where mouse
There are several caches in the game?

third paper is on the door of the closed at the inside, you need the key for that

I can not find anything I clicked everywhere

I love these kinetto games !

Ah thanks Dreammama, I found the key and 3 paper!

how do u do the papers using the rudder?

hint for the cheese: when game begins there is light and you can see all cheese on floor. just take a screen shot.

personage; the rudder on the wall -

Arrow of the rudder on the 1 letter and press a button next to bed - then further so, with each individual letter

Thankyou Sylli

can't seem to open the tapestry where I'm supposed to find a key.....these games drive me insane :)

I can't find the last piece of cheese

Make sure to start your letter sequence atfer the FIRST time it says "nothing happened". It waits for an input of 6 letters. I had to retype loads of times, got a "nothing happened" message while inputting, until I figured this out. Now I'm done. Way too short for a Ketinetto game!

i can't get the key in the tapestry.. any ideas?

Ruth just restart the game & make a note of where the pieces of cheese are in the light.. thats what i did

is anyone here?

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 5:41 AM  

I can't get the third paper- I'm not sure which one it is. I'm checking all three places and there is nothing there. I have the middle and the right so I believe I'm missing the first letters. help

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 5:43 AM  

Nevermind- I didn't realize I had to go back into the first room we started in to get the paper after I opened the drawer.

from earlier posts i gather that the 3rd paper is in the locked cupboard in the room, the key of which is supposed to be in the tapestry.. i can't find it tho.. would appreciate some help

I have restart the game over and over and still can't find the 5th piece of cheese this is driving me crazy

is anyone ever gonna tell me how i can get that key pls?

there is one at the bottom of the boxes.. thats the one i had missed.. u can see it in the light b4 the door gets closed

found it! didn't realise i had to use the knife on that tapestry!!

about time I found the last piece of cheese


for the knifehint!!

yw bianca..

what happens after we click all the letters?

oh.. nm.. the ship started moving on autopilot!!!

I haven't found the hook yet...Anyone?

nvm...got it

one paper after bed, one in opened door. Where is the other

Nm found at first scene

Omg! I love these!

can only find 4pieces of cheese,tried 5times


1. If you click on the Boxes behind you, the Mouse will tell you to get him 5 Cheeses. Zoom out, and click on the link for all of the 5 Cheeses' Position [RED: Inside that area | DARK RED: The point where the cheese is]: CLICK HERE FOR IMAGE

2. Once done, click on the Boxes, and give each Cheese to the Mouse. Once done, click on the Boxes to get an Apple! Use Apple on the Door's grid, and try to hit the switch on floor: CLICK HERE FOR IMAGE

3. Once door is opened, walk outside. You see the tied rope on the mast, click on the bottom of it, to get rope (make sure it says, "loose rope" to get it). Walk upstairs!

4. You see the Boxes, next to the Barrel. Click to get a Hook! Use the Join Tool [Inventory, next to the hand], and attach the Rope with the Hook. Use the Hook with Rope on the Mast!

5. Once the girl climbs up, click on the Door to knock it, and watch the little cut-scene! Once it's over, enter the Door. Click at the back of the Bed [The end where the pillow is], to get a piece of paper.

6. Use Knife on the Right-Side Tapestry [Next to the Closet, bottom of Cupboard]. Use your Hand on the same Tapestry, to get a Key! Use Key to open the Closet.

7. Take the Rudder, and the Piece of Paper on it's Left-Door. Click on the Drawers once [So that the Bottom Drawer is open], and get out of the room!

8. Move Downstairs, and enter the Door where the game started. Take the Paper on the Bottom-Left side, and move out of the room!

9. Move Upstairs! Enter the Door. Place Rudder on Top-Wall of the room, in the middle of all the letters.

10. Remember the Switch next to the Bed, and do following [the solution is from the piece of papers]:

- Move Rudder so that the Arrow points on U
- Press Switch
- Move Rudder so that the Arrow points on H
- Press Switch
- Move Rudder so that the Arrow points on Y
- Press Switch
- Move Rudder so that the Arrow points on A
- Press Switch
- Move Rudder so that the Arrow points on R
- Press Switch
- Move Rudder so that the Arrow points on A
- Press Switch

If successful, the boy will tell you the Ship is moving in Autopilot Mode ... And you're done!

Please tell me if this was helpful or not, and really hope this helps everyone find those tricky cheeses ;)


Reminds me of the Monkey Island games - especially with the dialog font, and the "HEY, Look behind you!"

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Thanks Prid. Yes it was.

oh love these games = OUT! but too short....maybe another one soon..

prid ur wt was extremely helpful thanku

I can't click-and-hold the left mouse button with my stylus to charge up the apple throw :(

^ NVM. The apple throw works in IE but after several tries, the power gauge gets stuck like in Firefox.

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