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🖳 Choko-Chai Three Cats Christmas Escape 3 Walkthrough

🖳 Choko-Chai Three Cats Christmas Escape 3


[Replay] ChokoChai - 3 Cats Christmas Escape 3 is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game by Choko-Chai, who is the creator of Operation Escape of Three Cats and Concert game series. In this game, you try to search the around to find some useful things and solve puzzles in order to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Three Cats Christmas Escape 3 Walkthrough



       Anonymous  12/1/09, 11:25 PM  

Yay, Christmas games are beginning to show up!!
Let´s see what it´s like, tnx Megi ;.9

2nd in! i wasnt expecting a new escape game until after i slept, but guess i was wrong!

Good Morning Full. Just time for a quick game before work.

       Anonymous  12/1/09, 11:41 PM  

Morning Suicune, are you able to open the floor? Guess we need a third cat, lol

Looks like we have to cook something.

       Anonymous  12/1/09, 11:42 PM  

Hey Rambler, morning to uou too...

In floor, click on third cat low left.

       Anonymous  12/1/09, 11:45 PM  

Yes cooking, you can unfold that silver plank and place it on the fire. Still need to "cookies" and don´t know what to do with the ? board at the wall and no use for the matches yet

Found an angry mouse in the cellar, but nothing else.

       Anonymous  12/1/09, 11:46 PM  

Thanks Rambler !

I need three more shapes, don't know what to do with the questionmark puzzle, don't know what to do with the mouse.

       Anonymous  12/1/09, 11:49 PM  

Ah, looking at the juce boxes click the cat again.. You find a key

Got a key! Use cats to jump up the juice boxes.

Haha, snap Full.

hmm need 2 more cookie cutters....

also used screwdriver on trapdoor but the cats arent able to open it?

now I have a lit candle, but why?

Use cat at wine rack to get puzzle piece. Use it on board for matching game.

green "?" - call cat near bottles in the cellar

       Anonymous  12/1/09, 11:55 PM  

Whay candle Laurien? The one on the tree?

okay..let's start the game. Thanks @ megi!!!!

found the candle cookie cutter beside the 7 digit chest, still need the gingerbread man cookie cutter

Double post!!!!

lol what.... wow i didnt even notice i had a cat in my inventory.... no wonder i was stuck -_-

silly me

The candle after you do the puzzle, Full.
And there is something, dirt?, on the wall next to the bottles. By the way, I didn't find a corksopener yet.

       Anonymous  12/1/09, 11:58 PM  

Can´t seem to "use" the cat at the wine rack, how did you do that Rambler?

       Anonymous  12/1/09, 11:58 PM  

Got it, takes some clicking...

Just face the wine rack and click on the cat. I think?

Damn, gotta go to work. See you all later.

Full after you call the cat click under the wine rack

       Anonymous  12/2/09, 12:03 AM  

Found it Laurien, thanks.
See you Rambler, we will escape for you ;.)

       Anonymous  12/2/09, 12:04 AM  

Hey Megi, goodmorning...

Hi Full
good morning, have a nice day :)

       Anonymous  12/2/09, 12:08 AM  

The last cookie cutter is in between the boxes, somewher between the bottom and second row

okay....found the pieces....from the wine rack, thanks

       Anonymous  12/2/09, 12:11 AM  

While you bake the cookies go down again to where the mouse is and make it dissapear. Go back upstairs and you can take the cookies

k im still missing that last cookie cutter, i think thats whats holding me up.

after FINALLY learning how to use the cat, ive found new things and solved the green wall puzzle.

still have alcohol and mittens and baking tray.

TY full, for the location of the last cutter... now i can finally progress lol.

after you put all cookies on the christmas tree picture you will take a key

got baked cookies with numbers at the back now, just need to find out what order the numbers come in

       Anonymous  12/2/09, 12:17 AM  

HahaMegi, been trying for ages to try and put them on the real tree, lol
Thought the key would be for the downstairs cupboard but,.....

ehh... im out but i didnt use the alcohol bottle or open the cabinet in the basement, nor did i found out what that wall marking was... theres gotta be another ending!

       Anonymous  12/2/09, 12:19 AM  

Oops, i accidently got out of the door without opening the cupboard nor the 7-´digit safe ? Multiple endings i guess...

oh and ty megi, i didnt know i had to use them on the painting... but the numbers on the back of them had to lead to the other ending, i just know it!

time to replay

       Anonymous  12/2/09, 12:20 AM  

Ah, and i totally overlooked that alcohol bottle, where was that? Will try again in some time, work is calling.. Nice game, i love these!

the alcohol bottle was in the wine cabinet

       Anonymous  12/2/09, 12:27 AM  

Thank you Suicine, i keep that in mind later when i replay ;.))

k, back near the end, have only baked cookies and alcohol, the numbers on the back of the cookies need to be used on the 7 digit box im pretty sure, but i havent figured out the order yet...

hi all! lol the cats look so cute!..going to try the other endings

i tried the cookie numbers from top left to bottom right of the painting (2174894) it didnt open the box...

i wonder if i should be looking at the real tree instead of the painting...

code from the window
call cat

wow ty again megi!

Morning, i am just starting, so i am far behind you....

I've tried calling the cat to the window but I couldn't make it come.

Hi Zazie :hug

you must see all the code from the cakes(use about item)

ok it appears there are 3 endings to this game, and 3 exits, each one triggers a different ending.

1- the front door
2- the basement wall
3- the chimney (havent tried yet)

btw, anyone still need help?

to take a key from the bottle
use bottle where the green "?" were

Thanks Megi but my cakes have long gone.

thnx megi!!
poured out the wine into glasses but cant take out key..

@martin, i think you can only get the code from the window after you have all the cookies baked

Hi all...got all the cookie forms, but how to bake them now? Can't pick em up or something...

       Anonymous  12/2/09, 12:47 AM  

I think there are many ways to escape
- to put down the fire and through the fireplace.
- to break the wall downstairs
what about the beautiful green key with red middle? is it for the main door?

candle? where lol? i thought i'd been everywhere (first time posting, long time player, hello all)

Anybody still around? Don't know how to bake the cookies...help pleez?

Are my cookies supposed to disappear after I baked them and took them from the fireplace, cause they did?

I am missing the 5th cookie cutter when they are on the plate and where is a corkscrew ?

Hi megi hugs also :)

How do you cook the cookies?

lol funny how the chest wont open before you get the window code, even if you know the combination.

seen all 3 endings now yay

who still needs help?

Zazie corkscrew is the box after you will find a password from the cookies

Suicine, please look up to read my question...I've been asking the same question for about ten minutes now, and no-one's responding... :-(

ok, to answer all the how to bake the cookies questions:

1- get the table the kitchen cabinet, and assemble it, place it in the fireplace

2- get the cooking tray from the middle drawer (requires key)

3- get all 7 cookie cutters and cut out shapes from the dough, then use the raw dough on the cooking tray, then place the cooking tray on the table in the fireplace. go scare the mouse and by the time youve done that they cookies wil be finished.

4- use mitts on finished cookies to remove them.


sorry about that, i was still playing, i just saw it 2 mins ago, i answered as fast as i could though

Found the 5th !

Put the table into fireplace then the plate with cookies on table, go downstairs and look at the mouse behund wood, back up and the cookies are ready to take ( with the pink glove)

To bake the cookies: The plate found in the kitchen cupboard is a table. About item: click it and it becomes a table. Put table over fire. Put all the cookies (with dough) on the ovendish and put that on that table. Scare the mouse in the cellar away and your cookies are baked.

you need to bake cookies on plate you get from middle drawer after using key from basement

how to cook cookies

put table in fireplace
put them all on the plate
put plate on the table
go to the mouse and click it
go to the fireplace and take backing cookies using red glove

Thanx Suicine, but how to 'use the raw dough on the cooking tray'? I can't pick up the dough, although the cooking tray is in my inventory.

You need the table (looks like a plate) from the locked drawer and the tray from the cabinet double doors. View the table to unfold the legs, place it on the fire, place the cookies on the tray (view tray for that), then place the tray on the table in the fire.

@sneaksnake, you should see the cookies baked on the plate.close that view and all cookies should be in inventory..

the next question will probably be where the kitchen drawer key is, so i will answer that one too:

go to the juice crates pile (cellar) and click on the hotspot at the top, then click on the cat to call it. then click the smaller brown cat that appears and then click once more on the hotspot at the top, and the cat will go get the key for you.

Where is bottle opener please ?

Suicine and ginger* I have also same problem. I have 6 coockies to bake, but the tray wont go to fireplace with that stand on it. Help would be appreciated.

in the box with code

You need to use the cutters on the dough, then view the tray (about item button), then select each of the shaped dough from your inventory and place them on the tray, while the tray is on the screen, in the view item form.

Masi You need 7 cookies

@Masi: you need 7 shaped doughs. :)

you need to cut the dough with the cookie cutters 1 at a time 1st, then you can place them 1 at a time onto the tray.

and yes you need all 7, it wont go in with less that that :P

Thanx Feline...you're the best! Had no idea that I could unfold the plate to a table, let alone that I was supposed to pick up the cookies from my inventory...I was trying all the time to pick up the dough lol...now I'm finally baking my cookies...want one? ;-)

OK, MegiPoland. Trying to find that missing one.

Ohh sorry Megi, i did not see your reply, but i cannot find the code, my cookies are already at the painting and i don´t see any code on window.

@zazie, if the cookies are already on the painting, they cant be removed, you can still escape though, just cant get the hidden endings

Thanks Nottypomy, I did already found them there, but first I was so confused (because the cooking tray disappeared) I forgot to look in my inventory.

Sooo... Now your only exit is through the main door. Hi, hugs, btw! :)

Arrgg Suicune this is what i feared, i have to start over for another ending :)

did you see all numbers on the cookies before you put them on the painting? If not - you can't see the code on the window I think :(

Hugs feline !! Great to see you !

Megi i will try again, i cannot stand to leave without having opened my winebottle, lol...

Okay...found the code on the window, but how to use it...do I read it horizontally, or per window?

horizontally, from left to right


@ zazie, there are 3 endings that ive found, each with a different exit, the front door is the 1st one, theres 2 more exits from the house though :)

Where do you use the magnifying glass?

its not a magnifier, its a dipper, its used on the jar in the kitchen to get some water

I think it's big spoon - use it on the big cane

Thanx Suicine, but the code isn't working...am I supposed to do something else first?

hmm, not that i know of, the code should work as long as you have all the cookies and the window code revealed.

Thanks Suicine (it really did look like a magnifier). Now I'v got everything and can choose which way out. Which way is the funniest? Btw. The mouse is back.

You are most welcome! And of course I want some cookies! Yummy!!!!! :D

Don't know if the code differs. For me it was 4294871.

missing "rolling pin" cutter, whereis it please

This comment has been removed by the author.

funniest? hmm id have to say the tunnel in the basement, though i cant read any of the text, it probably would be funnier if i could.

although none of the endings are very particularly funny imo

How can i get the key out of the bottle ?
My glasses are full of wine already ...


thats the same code i had each time i played too, it should work, did you press the gray button at the end after entering it?


you have to use the bottle on the sculpture where the green tiles were... i think around the base where the fire is.

snap power of posting found it beside chest, and its a candle :)

cutters where if i remember well:

right side of chest on bottom
on window in zoomed view
in upper drawer
in lowest drawer
in turkey on table (use knife)
downstairs between boxes second row
on fireplace left side

Candle: right of codebox.
Star: bottom drawer.
Bell: left of chimney.
Tree: in tree.
Ginger bread man: between juice boxes.
Sock: in turkey (use knife).
Cane: in window.

Sneaksnake, that code works...thanx! I probably misunderstood Suicine, and read the code from left to right, but in two lines under each other...making things more complex than necessary lol...

And Feline...my cookies are all yours...fresh and crispy, mmmm....

Thank you Suicune, this worked :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Oh sorry, one of cutters was in tree and not in upper drawer.

Escaped three times lol.
Thx everybody for the help :)

Funny, everybody (me too) says juice boxes, but they're labeled juce.

Great game! Liked it a lot, except for the frustration somewhere in the middle lol...thanx everyone for your great help!

See ya!

i liked this one a lot too, it was very nice. im tired, so i guess ill call it a night (id probably have slept already if this game didnt come out lol).

cya guys, and gl! :)

       Anonymous  12/2/09, 2:15 AM  

Hello, please where is the last shaped dough ?? I got only 6 and I can`t find the 7.
I got :
* boot
* tree
* waking stick
* bell
* star
* and a men (sorry, I don`t know the right word ;-) )

AWWW, one of my favourite game series!! <3 <3 <3

Must be the candle, it is on the bottom right of the 7 digit code chest.

So cute and great game.

       Anonymous  12/2/09, 4:10 AM  

@Sneaksnake, not everybody. (post 08.49 AM) raotflol

       Anonymous  12/2/09, 4:10 AM  

Just kidding ;.)

You're right Full, I saw it later. You're a very good observer.

       Anonymous  12/2/09, 4:19 AM  

Dank je

Dutch? I thought you're from Spain.

       Anonymous  12/2/09, 4:46 AM  

Haha, i´m 50/50. Very anoying when watching a good football match between Holland and Spain, lol

       Anonymous  12/2/09, 4:48 AM  

OK !! I got it, I`m out 1!

escape through wall = use hammer and cats.
Escape through chimany = use cup with stick on urn to get water then put out fire.

Im behind. How do you get the cookies out of dough. It wont lift up. I have 7 cutters.

To take off some work of Suicune's hands I'll try to write a
- FIRST SCENE (with window and door), zoom in on window. There's a cookie cutter (cane shape). Take it.
- GO RIGHT, open cupboard take plate. Look at this plate (about item) and click it two times. Now it's a little table.
Open top drawer, take knife. Open bottom drawer, take cookie cutter (star shape).
Take oven gloves (the pink mittens above the bowl).
- GO RIGHT, zoom in (once) on code box, click on the bottom right of it, take cookie cutter (candle shape).
Click on bottom of chimney to zoom in and take the cookie cutter (bell shape) on the left.
Take the poker (between the broom and the dustpan).
- GO RIGHT, take the cookie cutter (tree shape) from the bottom left of the real tree.
Use poker on floor door, two cats appear but they are not strong enough, click the cat in the bottom left of your screen, it will help and they open the door.
- GO DOWN (into the basement), GO LEFT, between the first and second row of the boxes is a hotspot (between the first and second box from the second row), zoom in take cookie cutter (ginger bread man shape).
Zoom out, click on top of boxes (nothing happens), click on your cat (bottom left of screen) and the helper cats appear again. Click the little grey one and then click on top of boxes. The kitten hops on it and throws the key down. Take key.
- GO LEFT, take bottle of wine (second row, third column). Click under wine rack and then on your cat (bottom left), a helper cat appears, click it and he gives you a question mark card, take it.

- GO OUT of basement and GO RIGHT, zoom in on turkey, use knife on turkey, get cookie cutter (stocking shape). Zoom out.
- GO RIGHT 2x (back in the kitchen), use key on/in second drawer, get cooking tray.
Zoom in on worktop of cupboard, Fill all the cookie cutters with dough.
- GO RIGHT, put little table above fire, View (about item) cooking tray and put all seven dough filled cookie cutters on the tray, Put tray on the little table.
- GO RIGHT and DOWN (into the basement), click on the bottom right of the pile of wood, click the mouse to scare it away.
- GO BACK to the fireplace view, your cookies are done (only if you scared the mouse first), take them (use your mittens).
Look at every single cookie (about item) and turn them over, write down the number (and which shape it was).
- GO RIGHT 2x (turkey table view), zoom in on picture, put all cookies in place, wait a little and a big green key appears, take it. Zoom out.
- GO RIGHT, zoom in on window, cat appears, Click your cat (the one on the bottom left) and the other cat shows you the order of the shapes. Zoom out.
- GO RIGHT 2x (fireplace view), zoom in (2x) on code box and enter the numbers (solution at the bottom of this walkthrough) and click the grey button. Get the big spoon and the corkscrew. Zoom out.
- GO RIGHT 2x (table view), zoom in on turkey/table, Look at your bottle of wine (about item) and use corkscrew, Fill all five glasses with wine. Zoom out.
- GO LEFT zoom in on picture, put your question mark card in the picture, Play the little memory game to get rid of all the cards. If done a candle appears, light it with your matches. Look at your empty bottle of wine, there's a key in it. Use your bottle on the candle (or that strange turning device thingy) till you hear a sound. The key is now out of the bottle, take it. Zoom out.
- GO DOWN (into the basement), GO RIGHT, Open cupboard with your key. Open cupboard. Take hammer.
- GO OUT of basement and GO LEFT 2x (kitchen view) use your big spoon to take water from the big grey vase.
- GO RIGHT, put out the fire in the fireplace with that big spoon full of water.
And now there are three ways to escape 1) Through the chimney, 2) In the basement (use hammer on blurry spot on the right in wine rack view and use cat and helper cats) and 3) Use your big green key on the front door.

SOLUTION: The order of shapes is from left to right (doen's matter if the shapes are high or low, it's just one line) Stocking (4), Star (2), Bell (9), Cane (4), Tree (8), Candle (7) and Ginger bread man (1). So the code 4294871.

nvm I finally fiqured it out

       Anonymous  12/2/09, 7:54 AM  

I just have to say as someone who loves her own cats these games are awesome. I love how at the end you get to see the real pictures of the "cast". Sooo amazingly cute!

One of the best games ever...Love the cats, cartoon and real!
Thanks Megi for the post...Keep them coming!

good job on the walkthrough snake :)

I put the cookies in the picture of the tree and I'm stuck. No cat appears in the window.

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