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Library Labyrinth


Library Labyrinth is another point and click type room escape game from RogueJoker. "You wake up in the library... The last thing you remember you were studying for an important exam... you must have drifted off. But now you are the only person left in the library. It's all locked up and there isn't a telephone in sight... including your mobile phone, which appears to have been stolen from your pocket while you were sleeping." Good luck and have fun!

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Hello keldos!


at this rate i wont be finishing my tesshi e walkthrough anytime soon lol

they're coming fast and furious now!

do not like the navigation system here!

found scraps of paper on top of various books, and a nametag around the service desk

the navigation is making me dizzy. and all for some scraps of paper!

stuck? the kids corner holds the key

ah so my name is Alice. That explains a lot. where's the white rabbit?

Pink paper, newspaper, key and snowball

       Anonymous  1/29/10, 8:42 AM  

That figure in black made me jump.LOL!!

have 5 pieces of paper, name tag, newspaper, and a crystal ball and found a code for the printer in a book but cant remember where and now stuck.....

There is a needle behind "Alice"

5 bits of paper found, a key (used), paper weight,name tag, knife and newspaper just trying to work out what to do now

when facing the computers, click the down arrow and u will now face a shelf w/moving ladder and can also move books..

Where newspaper?

       Anonymous  1/29/10, 8:44 AM  

is there a trick to getting into this game?

code is


BUT there is no paper!

i can't get back to where i started! damn this navigation!
Sarah, the code is in the TX120 book to the left of the printer

Code for printer

have 4 scraps of paper, are there more?

A cutter in orange coach

yes, Thank you zoz! but where do we use it? and @ keldos, where was the knife?

       Anonymous  1/29/10, 8:47 AM  

TX20 book opens and has a clue(?)

LOL it wont let me cut the bear :/

I see a "black monster"!!

       Anonymous  1/29/10, 8:49 AM  

When you're facing the table where the crystal ball is, go right and the TX20 book is around centre of the top shelf.


there is 5 paper scraps

and i think they were all above books.

and yes i hate this blasted navigation too!

The knife i got from clicking the round yellow seat and using the key in the middle

knife is in the orange round couch, use key.

@suicune, thx, I got 5 now, but when I clicked on them they don't close anymore!!!!

must eat brb soon, gl so far....

the bear is probably the monster we see runnning around, because he wont let me cut him

ok thank you, but ummm...wheres the key? lol

the Library Lopper is at Large!
Maybe we cut up the newspaper?

omg, only had to clickthem again! Silly me. Found newspaper in couch

       Anonymous  1/29/10, 8:52 AM  

Need paper to put in photocopier before we can print a test page.

SPOILER for copier

f#159* press green key.

@Sarah, for key look at "Kid's Corner" above couch

Behind flower pot there is a ladder. You can move upper books

Thanks again zoz!!!

Alice is one of the librarians. The shift schedule has an A. West on it, so I'm guessing the user name is ALICE.WEST but no idea what the password is. It's not password, though. Maybe it's 'iliketodecapitatepeople' or something.

cut paper out of coloring book

we all know the password for the copier already, but its paper we are lacking. we dont know the password for the computer though, and i think thats what we need next.

       Anonymous  1/29/10, 8:55 AM  

The bear didn't like me trying to cut him open.LOL!!

Apart from the navigation this is quite cute game.

This comment has been removed by the author.


the password is NOVELS i got that from arranging 3 stacks of moveable books

now we have to work with those 3 turnshelves it seems

i got in the room that was locked but now stuck as there is no power in there for the computer

what's this with A-I, J-S ....?? can only turn it

       Anonymous  1/29/10, 8:57 AM  

I just got paper from the coloring book

       Anonymous  1/29/10, 8:57 AM  

Use cutter on colouring book in kids corner for copier paper.

This gives a clue, (I think) for the ordre of the spinning book shelves.

The code for the 3 turnshelves is on the paper you print out from photocopier

go to the moving ladder shelf and press on the books according to the paper scraps. Then click somewhere in the left and get NEW CARDS.

solved tunring books, got 6 letters NO LS VE

i only have 4 scraps of paper?

cut some paper from coloring book, printer doesn't like it

unscramble to get novels. that might be the pass, but if it is, then alice or a.west is not the user cuz i just tried it

ALICE,WEST as username, and NOVELS as passcode isnt working for me..

printed test page

And out all by myself which is very rare

This comment has been removed by the author.

How do we validate the key card?

well ive tried every name on the staff list with novels as the pass and NONE worked...

where in the left, Edgar?


i put it in as ALICE.WEST and NOVELS and that worked for me

kudos keldos!

ty edgar

but that does piss me off though the way they made last name 1st without giving us a hint! grrr... not really liking this game too much, this isnt japan, we arent supposed to say last name before 1st name >:(

you validate the key card from the computer

I've validated my new card, but where to use it?

nevermind my post, its actually alice.west not west.alice

now its more logical, and i feel better about the game lol

Sorry 2Suicune, ALICE.WEST was correct. Do you have a new card to validate?

       Anonymous  1/29/10, 9:04 AM  

now I'm stuck at validating a new card! But I'm sure by the time I type this someone else will be at the same point. LOL

can someone please tell me the color of the left most scrap of paper? I only have Brown, Cyan, Orange/red and Peach

@edgar at the door beside the photo copier

Suicune, I put ALICE.WEST and NOVELS and it worked

i need an address? no one any addresses :(

im too far behind i might just give up.

@zoz i think it was light green

thanks @Keldos

@zoz, it's a light (and ugly) green

@suicune just click validate you dont have to put in a address

do you have that card?

i dont have a card to swipe.

not enjoying this game much

@Suicune... re-posting:
go to the moving ladder shelf and press on the books according to the paper scraps. Then click somewhere in the left and get NEW CARDS.

you get the card from the book shelf where the ladders are click the book colours that match the scraps of paper you have

thx keldos and doris. I brute forced it. Now i can get in the internet room, but i don't know how to leave the library?

Can't get the card from the paper scraps puzzle. Please, where is the correct place to click???

moving ladder shelf? is that the one where we saw the "novels" clues? i dont see anything else movable on any of the screens...

       Anonymous  1/29/10, 9:10 AM  

Where is the ladder?

Where in Kids Korner is the Coloring Book? I can't find it.

ah dont worry, ill quit this game i have a walkthrough to finish anyways, and i dont really like this game.

ladder behind desk

@zoz click at bottom of computer to turn power on then go into the twitter sign and send a message come out that view collect book it tells you what to do after that

now got the staying alive for dummies book lol

       Anonymous  1/29/10, 9:11 AM  

ktbspa420, there's an arrow going down & left to further in the kids corner.

When facing the computer move down. Look for the navigation arrow.

I am back, but the navigation is driving me nuts.
I can not find the ladder again grrr....

@ktbspa420, left from couch

knocked him out w/the crystal ball lol and OUT!!!

Lol! I hit the killer!

thx keldos (again)
@Doris, the order of books to click from left to right:
lime green, brown, cyan, orange/red, peach

And I'm out!

       Anonymous  1/29/10, 9:13 AM  

Finally out! I was doing things right but they weren't working for me the first time... I must have been doing them in the wrong order

       Anonymous  1/29/10, 9:14 AM  

Thanks Doris, I'd missed that whole view.

zoz, thx, but I did that several times and got nothing

LOL the Library Lopper messed with zoz!

Doris, did you line up the ladder below each section and did the books slide out? I did it from right to left, if that makes any difference

Hi Edgar I put bocks in order where is ladder, but where is card?

you're welcome, cricketer, but these colors are driving me CRAZY

@keldos, are you doing a walkthrough?


and that is exactly the 1st thing that made dislike this game, the navigation system. i know im not alone in disliking it.

but in any case, thank you for trying to help me, i appreciate it, i need to finish my walkthrough for the tesshi e game though, its almost done.

@ zoz, THANK YOU. Always did from left to right.

i was thinking about it but i think ill leave that to you the navigation is too confusing for me lol

I placed the ladder on the left side. don't know if it's necessary. Just keep clicking somewhere there.

Ok, I put ladder at left and opens door

What is user name and PW please ?

if no one else is doing it, i'll attempt a wt. Haven't done one in a long time...

pass: NOVELS

Thank you Edgar, i forgot the dot :(
But then ?
New card ? What shall i do ?

what is the use of test page??

And out. Good game finally

ok, found out.

get a new key card from the shelves with the moving ladder, see previous posts.
Test page is for the moving shelves with letters on them. Place the books according to the colors given moving them around.

and now? after internet session? how do I get out?

thx Edgar!

do I have to catch this ghost thing?

Now kick some killer butt!

How to turn on power in internet room???



Get ready for some real fun navigation (NOT!)

Find an arrow between the first and second row of books on the left and click it. Take the blue scrap of paper.

Return to starting point and look between first and second row on right. take the peach scrap of paper.

Back up and go to the left (use arrow in front of first bookcase on left)
You're in the kid's corner!

Look under the couch cushion for a newspaper - OMG the Library Lopper is at Large!!!

Click above the "O" in the word "corner" and take the key that falls on the sofa. There is an arrow that points down and left that will take you to a corner with a teddy bear, but we're not ready for teddy! Still, you can grab another scrap of paper (lovely lime green) from the books over teddy's shoulder, to the left.

Return to the original scene (go right twice)
What was that?!? You seem to be in big trouble now!

Go to the right of the front right bookcase.
Click on the plant and take the nametag out of the dirt. So now you can be Alice. There is a safety pin on the back of the tag, but as far as i know it is of no use.

go back to the start scene and follow the arrow that points straight ahead.

Use the paper weight right on his head.

YESS, I killed him

zoom under the table.

@ Debra
click under table

hi there

Noone ever called me a HERO! Thx for help everyone, esp.Edgar

Thanks @edgar...I had clicked all over before with no luck...

you're a hero to me alright ;)

no other game for now, too bad. but have to leave anyway, have to prepare dinner! See you all next time.

Aside from staying lost the whole time...and iffy navigation...I sorta liked it....Thanks all for help!

so you're the first to call me a hero, what for????

Well, you caught the killer... and I saw you were looking forward to someone to do say it so... HERO!

Very nice!!!! HAHA! So long!

Walkthrough, PART TWO:

You should now be looking at a table with a snowglobe paperweight on it. Take the paperweight.

Go left and click on the center hold of the round orange bench. Use the key from the purple sofa to open the grey box. Take the small cutter, which of course must be locked up securely in an obscure place at all times.

Go right and then right again to the Printer Manuals. Take the brown scrap of paper.

Follow the arrow that points down and to the right to the printer. Zoom in to the keypad and press the green button. It's out of paper of course! And it's a TX20. Hmmm...

Go back to the printer manuals and click on the TX20. You'll see directions and a code, which is

Spoiler F#159* Spoiler

Since there's no paper in the printer, the code is useless... for now.

Go back to the Kid's Corner and the teddy bear (left, back/down, left, and left again; just ignore the Lopper who runs by)

Zoom on the coloring book and look at all the pretty pictures the brats have colored. Once you get to a blank page, use the cutters to remove some paper (defacing public property in the process, I might add)

Once you have the paper, navigate your way back to the printer and click the top drawer to open it and load the paper. Close the drawer, then zoom on the keypad, enter the code from the TX20 manual, and press the green key. Back up and take the test paper.

Navigate back to the front desk (to the right of the start scene) and go right again. Take the last scrap of paper (orange/red) from the slats of the screen to the left of the doors.

Walkthrough PART THREE

go back to the first scene and click on the center arrow pointing down. This will take you to a section with three rotating sets of shelves. Use your test page printout to line up each of the nine shelves according to the colors on the page. For example, click the top left shelf twice so that the dark red book is on the far left, the second shelf so the grey book is to the left, etc.

Once you have completed this task, the test page disappears. But look, the letters on top of the rotating shelves have changed! Now they read "NO" "LS" and "VE". Rearrange the letters and you get NOVELS (thanks, keldos!).

Now go back and right to the desk. There is an arrow to the left of the desk that points behind it. Click this arrow and you'll be behind the desk.

Zoom on the memo and look at the Staff Roster. There is only one name that starts with A (as in Alice) and that's A. West. So Alices' last name is West. We'll use that in a moment, but for now...

Click the arrow that points down and left to go to a scene with a moveable ladder in front of books. Starting on the right side, click books on the top shelf that correspond to the colors of the scraps of paper. So, last section on the right is peach. From right to left, the book colors are Peach, Orange/Red, Cyan, Brown, and Lime Green. You'll have to move the ladder all the way to the left to get the bookcase to slide open.

Now, take a blank library card, and back up to the desk, looking at the memo and computers. Click on the computer on the right and turn it on. You must enter your name exactly like the demo at the top of the screen. So Alice West must be entered as ALICE.WEST
The password is NOVELS

Now you're in. Click on "New Card" and swipe the card from your inventory on the blue card reader to the right of the computer (you don't have to type in a name, address, etc) and press "Validate". Your card is now ready for use.

Go back to the printer. Use the activated Card on the card reader next to the door and enter the Internet Access room. You want to use the computer, but there's no power! Not to worry.

Click on an invisible spot below the table and slightly left of the middle chair and you'll see a power strip. Turn everything on so that there is a green light.

Go back to the middle computer and turn it on. Click on the Twitter Icon and press "update". A message will be typed for you (I wish my computer did that) and sent.

Back up and take the book from the floor. "Staying Alive for Dummies". Read the directions. You need a heavy object, so pick up the paperweight at the bottom of your inventory.

Now go back to the first scene and the Library Lopper (who looks a lot like the Grim Reaper) is coming toward you! Hit him in the head with your paperweight!

Go right twice to the front doors and enjoy your fame.

       Anonymous  1/29/10, 10:45 AM  

Thanks everyone.

Suicune, sorry I didn't see you'd already posted the code for the photocopier.

its alright, in the fast paced action of a live game its easy to miss posts. for example i missed edgars post.

im not going back to this game, didnt like it enough, but great job on the long walkthrough zoz! very detailed and i like how you warned people about the navigation being annoying at the start :P

What am I doing wrong my scraps of paper are yellow, either tan or it could be red, cyon and peach, so I put the ladder near the yellow and clicked then the same with the others, then I moved the ladder to the left side and clicked the middle but nothing is happening?

       Anonymous  1/29/10, 3:21 PM  

Odd - navigation didn't bother me. I really enjoyed this game!

Just seen this one. Easy out with your very excellent and entertaining walk through zoz. (little yeller feller clapping hands.
I can imagine this was frustrating on the first run through though.

Thanks for the great walkthrough, Zoz! Wouldn't have done it without that.

Thank you very much for your amusing walkthrough! I needed it several times, especially for the password and how to turn the power on.

If you think that it is difficult to see which colors of the books to click, just press book number 4,5,11,14,23... and move the ladder to the left after that. (First time I tried I had already moved the ladder, and then I needed to click at the center of the middle bookcase to make it move).

Thanks all for the kind words. I figured the game was so frustrating that no one else would want to do a walkthrough.

@Ellie, excellent explanation of which books to click. I often wonder how people who are colorblind deal with these games.

well i think thanks to you its a lot less frustrating for people now :P

Thanks Ellie

thanks for the help with the ID name, zoz. I missed the . in it. And for help with moving the ladder to open the bookcase. Pretty good game other than the navigation.

I enjoyed this game, it was tiring but the clues were easy. I only couldn't find out how to turn on power int internet room. Thanks Zoz!


Thanks for the information it was interesting and informative.


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