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Just Graduation 2


Just Graduation 2 is another point and click type adventure game created by Minoto, who is also the creator of Cupid of the Mouse, Magic and Cat Escape, Escape Game of RPG, Sleeping Princess, The Moon Princess, Turtle Help, The Four Seasons and many other. Good luck and have fun!

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I love Minoto!!!!

Don't you ever sleep? LOL

So much fun...

That was quick but a nice change after that spa one :-)

When you get the 'set', view it and click on it to be able to proceed.

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Yay! Love Minoto games!

And out. Cute game.

I only got one end(graduation end), does anybody got the second one?

out that was easy. i like these games too.

       Anonymous  3/6/10, 12:56 AM  

"Dirty thing. It is dirty ans doesn´t understand what it is." Cute as always

lol @Full, that's what I noticed!!

And "cleaner, it doesn't break down"
(Is that like a lifetime warranty or what?), but it's used to get an apple out of a snake??

I can't wait to see who will make the funny walkthrough this time!

click on the certificate at the end, you see the score 2/100

       Anonymous  3/6/10, 1:23 AM  

Truus, maybe i´m wrong but something tells me you would love to make a walkthrough yourself..
Come on, give it a try, i know you can ;.)

Saima, there is only one end.

Hahaha... So funny, as always!!
Loved the Dirty thing as well @Full and @Truus, and the cleaner (hanging in a box in the air!?)!
But the favourite is the poor apple;
"It is an apple that has failed though
tried to be swallowed by the snake".

Thanks for your trust in me @Full.
You know I hate to disappoint you, but that's just not up my alley. Sorry, but maybe you can?

Right @ellie, it makes you wonder: failed at what, exactly??

Failed at being digested, may be..

       Anonymous  3/6/10, 3:44 AM  

That was great.

I lol when they lost their fig leaves because of the sun.


Take the cooking utensil(frying pan)on the right side and go right.Place the cooking utensil above the sun in the cage.Take it again and go right twice and give monkey the frying pan.Take the star that popped out from the giant bubble.Go left and give dog the star.Take cleaner(VACUUM cleaner).Go back to first area and use cleaner on the snake and take the apple.Go right twice and give apple to the naked couple[I'm pretty sure those were Adam and Eve because once they ate the apple(the Bible didn't really say what fruit did Adam and Eve ate)and they will get some leaves to cover their ***** and ******.Go back left and give the green cat the apple Adam and Eve ate.Take the dirty thing(I think it's coal)that fell from the chimney.Go to last area and give racoon the dirty thing.Get the key.Go left twice and use key to free the sun.TAKE the sun to the next area and put the sun in the sky.Take the leaves that's covering their ***** and ******.Go right and give the old man trying to fly the leaves.Take the box and go left twice and give crab the box.Take the set at Hinamatsuri(what's a Hinamatsuri?)and click the Hinamatsuri thing and click ? and take the folding screen behind it.Go back to the first area and put the folding screen on stage.

Graduation end
only one method


1. Take the FRYING PAN on Right-side of Boy
2. Move Right
3. Place Frying Pan on spot above Cage
5. Move Right 2 Times
6. Give F.Pan W Hole to Monkey
7. Take STAR
8. Move Left
9. Give Star to Dog
11. Move Left 2 Times
12. Use V. Cleaner on Snake, on Left-side in Crowd
13. Take APPLE
14. Move Right 2 Times
15. Give Apple to Nude Couple on right-side
16. You will get an EATEN APPLE
17. Move Left
18. Give Eaten Apple to Animal [Bottom-Right]
19. Take DIRTY THING from Fireplace
20. Move Right 2 Times
21. Give Dirty Thing to Raccoon
22. Take KEY from Wash Tube
23. Move Left 2 Times
24. Use Key to unlock Cage
25. Take the SUN (wow)
26. Move Right
27. Place Sun on the Clear Blue Sky
28. Take LEAVES dropped from Nude Couple
29. Move Right
30. Give Leaf to flying man with Leaves on hands
31. Take BOX
32. Move Left 2 Times
33. Give Box to Crab
34. Take SET OF HINAMATSURI (Set of H.) from Box
35. Click Set Of H. in inventory, and then ? Mark
36. Take FOLDING SCREEN, which is the BG
37. Close Pop-Up/Zoomed in Window
38. Move Left
39. Give Folding Screen to Boy
40. Watch him Graduate (Only 1 Ending)

I hope this Walkthrough is helpful. I really enjoy playing Minoto Games, and nearly all of my Minoto Walkthroughs are approximately 40 Steps

Come back later for MINOTO QUIZ NR. 2 (it will include a secret in the end)

And you can click on the Boy in the end, to see his Results :P

Thanks @Prid for W/T...I knew I was missing something...the week is not complete without MINOTO!!!!! I will be back for the Quiz!!!

I still love Minoto, and @Prid and hot_shot, you both wrote great walkthroughs.
But someone Minoto just isn't the same without SneakSnake ...

I know I should keep quiet about this, but there are some things I really must say

1. Is our little genius now a Performance Artist (Suite with Frying Pan, perhaps)? Or, (and this seems more likely), is he just too stupid/lazy to figure out a way to get on the stage for his diploma? And, if he is, then shouldn't that preclude his getting said diploma?

3. And the seemingly pregnant snake... Oh Freud!!! You must be so sad to have missed this!

And all of that in just the first scene!

3. Scene two: If the sun's heat is enough to melt a cast iron frying pan, shouldn't we be eating cooked crab? Just wondering...

4. Scene three: O.M.G. Adam and Eve. O.M.G.
(and, btw, who knew they had a pet dog with a jaunty outfit and a moustache?)

5. Scene four: Why oh why does the raccoon always have to be the one who has to do the laundry? Is it because his name in some languages translates as "wash-bear"? Maybe, but I think there's more to it. Raccoon Discrimination is NOT nice!

6. A pink Vacuum Cleaner?

7. I just have to say, "thank goodness Adam took that apple and got some fig leaves!" I was so offended by the explicit depiction of Adam's and Eve's unclothed bodies!

8. A "Dirty Thing: It is dirty and doesn't understand what it is"
Regarding Freudian Interpretations, this is where I rest my case.

Just one more thing,

(ahem, sorry for yelling)

@zoz: You just made me laugh XD

Love these games, about the only ones I don't need help on LOL! We need more Minoto :)

I know we all miss SS so I will give it a try
To do this game justice and not to make you cry

A boy is running to and fro and just doesn't know where to go,
Let's pick up this cooking utensil that is used in the Campus Festival

To the right we see a spot that fits
And the bottom melts through by the sun's heat

Right again and again, Maybe this monkey will help
And the cooking utensil with hole blows a soap bubble and a starlike appears

So who would like a star and what could it do?
Go left to the dog and he jumps to break the floating box to reveal a cleaner that doesn't break down

Nothing to vacuum, so who need suction? Left twice to the Boa (isn't there one in every auditorium?)And suck out the "apple that has failed though tried to be swallowed"

And now who wants an apple, go right twice to see
a boy and a girl who have just discovered their nudity...

We are "left" with an apple that man has eaten and a candle it becomes, lit by the sun, and gives a dirty thing who doesn't understand what it is

Right twice to the raccoon who is looking for something to wash...Oh, joy a usual key is revealed, Now just what is locked?

Left again and again and we free the captured sun..once right, place it in the sky
The wise boy and girl drop their fresh fig leaves due to the heat

Right, flying man needs new leaves and flying higher, gives you a box, his name is Tengu

Left twice, a crab helps to open the box which a pleased Tengu has given a set
So let's view the Hinamatsuri and remove the folding screen

Go left to the graduation scene and relieve this poor frantic boy
Give to him the folding screen and up he will climb!
What is he holding? The 100th game!

Thank You Minoto! for the continued entertainment!

       Anonymous  3/6/10, 8:11 AM  

LOL, 30 comments and 3 walkthroughs

In case you were wondering what the Tengu was (I certainly waws curious):
Tengu ("heavenly dogs") are a class of supernatural creatures found in Japanese folklore, art, theater, and literature. Although they take their name from a dog-like Chinese demon (Tiangou), the tengu were originally thought to take the forms of birds of prey, and they are traditionally depicted with both human and avian characteristics. The earliest tengu were pictured with beaks, but this feature has often been humanized as an unnaturally long nose, which today is practically the tengu's defining characteristic in the popular imagination.

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@hot_shot & Prid
Thanks for your Walkthroughs, Minoto deserves them.

Thanks for your thoughts, you always make me smile. You're blessed.

Thanks for your feelings. Many among us share them...and hope.

For all the things you've done... and for all the things you will, THANKS (in advance). Can't wait to thank you live :)

Thanks for being here. And I don't mean a website somewhere in the cyberspace... I mean all of you people who make being here a wonderful daily experience.

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! We love you!! :D


yes....made it without help...( yeahhh)

"Dirty thing. It is dirty, and doesn't
understand what it is."
The translations in this game always crack me up.
I love these games.

ROFL!!!! I love Minoto but this game in her/his series was especially funny... ;)

Dedicated to ALL Walkthrough LifeSavers :D


It was a day like any other. I was mucking about when suddenly, I found myself standing in the middle of a graduation ceremony...that was strange enough, but the poor confused lad ...*graduate-to-be* (?) couldn't stop running to and fro, and suddenly waves of nausea descended upon me! blah!!!! I have officially arrived in the *Twilight Zone* and Rod Serling is calling to *what's his face* to find the darn stage already!!

Well, what the ... a frying pan on the floor! ... *don't try to make sense of why it is there in the first place*, just go with the flow! Hmmm...seems it is used in some kind of campus festival...haha! This should be interesting...lol! I'll *bite* (no pun intended...wait, what am I saying...haha!!!!!) Meanwhile, moving right along, I enter a room where the sun is locked up *what?*; I place the pan on top of the cage and *presto, chango*, the sun's heat melted the contents of my little pan, plus it now has a hole. This is getting better and better!!

Alright...what to do with the pan? Oh wait....is that a raccoon doing laundry over yonder? Why yes, it is...so, for no particular reason other than it just seems to make sense in my altered state, I hand the pan to the raccoon and a star from the soap bubbles appears. As for the pan...a mischievious monkey has taken possession of the pan and is gazing adoringly at his reflection! Hmmm...I think I will bop the dog on the head with the bubble-scrubbed star...hehe!! I am past the point of incredulity and observe, with amused interest, as a vacuum cleaner abra-cadabra's to the ground and into my inventory...the fine print states *it doesn't break down*


Now this is where I do a double take...back at the graduation ceremony a snake has slithered into the scene...AND, with a front row view and a suspicious *bump*! What...the sequel to *Snakes on a Plane* ????? Well, I have a vacuum and I'm not afraid to use it...I aim for that suspicious bump and deliver a failed apple only a snake could love ... EEECCKKK...someone PLEASE make that frenetic child stop with the running already!!!!!!!

Okay...we now digress toward the *wild side*...haha!!!!! I fed the *failed* apple to Adam and Eve *did someone say "set-up"* ... rofl!!!! Ohhhhh...what a buzz kill...our naked love children don last year's shrubs...and I am left with apple remains :(

Dejectedly, I trudge back to the room with the caged sun and put the apple in the cup on the table.

For reasons known only to the crab and the sun, Ms. Thing aka *Martha Stewart*, runs into the fireplace and up the ladder, leaving only a dirty thing that doesn't know what it is...oh good grief!

Well...if it is dirty, it can be washed so over to Ms. Racoon we go! Well...look! The dirty, confused thing is really a key!!! I think it is time to unlock the captured sun ...

After placing the sun back in the bright blue sky, it would appear a few unexpected items have been set free...hehe!!! Adam and Eve ripped off their shrubs and are standing in *full frontal* position...except...hmmm, looks like they have *strategically* crossed their legs...

Notice the leaf on the ground...run to the poor guy flapping his arms and give him the hand-me-down leaf...a short burst of energy allows him to *flap* up and knock the present out of the tree... *this just gets better and better...lolol!* Tengu had it, the crab opened it, I set gift at Hinamatsuri, swiped folding screen from pleased Tengu.....*deep breath*

FINALLY...with great ceremony, place the folding screen in front of the stage and breathe a sigh of relief as the poor uuber hyper, *direction-challenged* child walks on stage and receives a diploma!! You click on the diploma to see if it is actually real and you read these words "Thank you the 100th game". ????? You sneak several...ahem... *surprises* into his virgin punch and then go home, still wondering how he reached 100 games...lol!!!!!!!

I realize this Walkthrough/Story is a bit long and takes longer to read than actual game play...haha!!!! But, it is for your enjoyment, and dedicated to my great friends here at EG24 ;)


Please play Just Graduate 2 before doing this Quiz, if you have never played it before. And please close the Game when taking this Quiz!

Play MINOTO QUIZ 2 and test your Skills

I wanted to make something Special for everyone. This is a small Quiz with 10 Questions. It will test how much you remember about Minoto and about this game! Once you’re done, you will be shown how many correct answers you got, and a small message :D

There is a SPECIAL GAME in the end of the Quiz. Please tell me how it is, as I spent alot of time working on it!

Please tell each other your Results

Type: Quiz
Time Used: 1 Hour on Quiz + 2 Hours & 30 Minutes on Special Game
Total Questions: 10 + Special Game
Made on: 6th March 2010
Made by: Prid

@Prid...it is great to see you posting WT's and your special quizzes & games ;) First time through the quiz I scored 9/10...you are so talented and I appreciate each minute you spend in order to create special games and *memory* testers for us :) Thank you for caring :) ...you continue to rock EG24!!!!

A friend and supporter always!

@Irish...ROFL!!! I love the WT!!! CHeese!!!

@Prid wow, you did it again!!! And added a special game as well this time. I loved them both and got 10/10 on the quiz.
A big thanks from your fan Truus!

@Irish, ROFL, I should have known it would be you! ha,ha LMAO :))

It's funny to see how Minoto inspires so many people in making a Walkthrough.
Onto the next 100 !!

@IrishEnigma: WOW! Everytime I read a comment you've posted about me, I really feel like someone really loves my work, and that makes me so happy that I can almost fly :P
Just wanted to tell you that I appriciate you very much, and that you are one of my favorite persons here on EG24 :*)

@Truus: You're also one of my favorite users here on EG24. And I appriciate that you love my work :D

The reason why I do this all, is to move on the Next Generation. I want to bring something New, to make people have more fun stuff to do, making the fun endless! There are alot of very funny and great Walkthroughs out there, and I think that it's amazing. More and more people are starting to write Walkthroughs, making the ones who are stuck all the time, have endless help and support. The World is never like it was :D


@Edgar, well, yes I am blessed - with friends like you :o)))))

@debra, great PoemThrough, and a nice tribute to SneakSnake

@Irish, omg, what can I say? "I have a vacuum and i'm not afraid to use it", roflmao! It actually makes me want to do housework so I can laugh while I suck up cat and dog hair!

@Prid - your game is, as expected, great fun (although I only scored a 9/10 - oh, where did I go wrong?). Your comments, though, are the real treasure

@EG24 and especially MegiPoland, well none of this would be here without you and we'd all be bored out of our minds

Only the Great and Powerful Minoto could inspire not one, not two, not even three, but five walkthrough/tribute/psychoanalyses! Not to mention a spin-off game! Minoto is becoming a franchise, I think. To echo Prid, the world is a better place because of this.

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AWESOME!!!!!!!A MINOTO QUIZ NO.2!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANKS PRID!!!!!GOT 10/10!!!!!And I love the part on you have to make a Tengu after the quiz!!!!!!!!I CAN'T BELIEVE THERE ARE 22 NEW POSTS AFTER I LEFT!!!!!!!!WHEN I PLAYED THIS GAME,IT WAS 8:15 P.M.!!!!!I LIVE IN THE PHILIPPINES!!!!!!!!AND NOW IT'S 12:10 P.M.!!!!!!!!!!!

@Prid...i absolutely love and appreciate your hard work :) you are deserving of all *thank you's* ;) i especially love your *forward* thinking...i am anxious to experience more endless fun...lol! it is my honor to be your friend...thank you for your sweet compliments :) i am looking forward to more games by Prid :D

@zoz...rofl!!!! when i read your post a mental image immediately popped into my *overwrought* imagination...not only did you vacuum the cat and dog hair, but the cat took an unexpected joyride as well ;) Disclaimer: *no animals were injured in the recounting of zoz' vacuuming excursion* ... hehe!!!!! we just have too much fun in here...haha!!!!! I thoroughly enjoy reading each walkthrough...diversity is a wonderful thing!

p.s. one would think that after writing a "SILLYTHROUGH", i would score 10/10 on Prid's quiz...rofl!!!!! still haven't figured out which question i missed...haha!!!!!

Take good care and goodnight everyone :)

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@ truus, you no me inside out!

LOL Truus, how true and to those addicts that even keep on playing games they don't understand or like, till a good one comes along!!!!!!!

lol @dogrady and @larue!
Looks like you both have the symptoms too!

       Anonymous  3/7/10, 5:36 AM  

Congratulations Minoto! Let's see the next 100 games! Love these.
@Prid: Took your quiz 9/10. Thanks for all your help and WT's over the months!
@Debra - you do Sneaksnake great honors with your WT!
@irish - LOL!!

I just love reading the Minoto comments. They are as fun as the silly in-game descriptions. Thank you all so much!!!

hyper, *direction-challenged* child lol

Thanks for the quiz, Prid. I got 10 of 10.


QUESTION 1: C. Cooking Utensil

QUESTION 2: A. Give him a Star like Super Mario

QUESTION 3: B. Adam & Eve

QUESTION 4: C. It doesn't break down

QUESTION 5: C. Image C

QUESTION 6: C. Cleaner

QUESTION 7: C. Crab Claws

QUESTION 8: A. The Sun

QUESTION 9: A. Folding Screen

QUESTION 10: B. 100th Game


SPECIAL GAME: Change Head to the Red Old Face with Grey Moustahce, and Body to Hands holding a Leaf on each arm!


       Random Game  2/4/24 12:24 PM

You can play random game among thousands of escape games.

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