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Before Going Out


Before Going Out is another point and click type room escape game by Kanchi. Try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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batterie under the bed which I cannot take (yet) and cup

hammer, flashlight, some food stuff, note in basket
a 4 and 6

key in corner behind plant

Where did you see the 6 SwissMiss.
I saw a 3 in the sink (turn tap off).

3 from sink

anyone helping???

played the game with the black disk and got another 4 (?) on white ??

Good morning small-tool - hows the head?

6 from saussage in kitchen!

Battery won't go in the flashlight?

Heat-protected glove near the TV, used to get the thin in the kitchen

2 pair of shoes near the door, 1 battery same location

1 hammer near the TV

Thanks for the 6.
The head is, well, let's say a bit fine.
Btw can't about item the mitten/glove.

Put water from the kettle in the green ...? what is it pot?

And then from the green thing into the cup.

how did you get the battery?

1 battery under the sofa... Can't reach it : need something...

got one batterie from shohcb but there is one below settee

I have another battery, forgot where I got it from, sorry.
Where do we use the paper with holes (from under the couch cushions).

has anyone solved the box below TV?

s-t I got the one from the shoes - I thought you had the one from sofa too

Maybe we have to use the paper with holes to find the clue for that box.
But I don't understand the paper clue from the paper we have and I don't understand the clue in the book.

I got the green shoes, and then the black shoes, but the black ones keep disappearing!

out on balcony - key left of tv-cb

I think the paper have to be revealed somwhere and then use it in the box near the TV...

But I'm unable to open the bookshelf whith the green thing.. Any idea ?

The paper with holes goes on the picture by the door

Ah I used that paper with holes on the picture in the hall.

got flashlight now working

Use the key from under the rug behind the plant.

How did you get on the balcony? I have no key?

Everytime i change view, I lose the black shoes. The green ones stay. The rubbish in the bin turns into a circular set of umm..pictograms?..dont know the word.

how do you put the paper on??

Ah thanks finally found that key next to the tv cabinet (pixelhunt).

small-tool left of tv cb

how to put paper on picture?

I have the baclony door open, but can't go out?

I take it it is the paper with the circles? and the very colourful picture?

I think I zoomed in then about item the paper and then clicked the picture again.

Got the blue key, used it in the hole but just disapear !
And the door is still closed :(

s-t be tidy - use your green shoes

paper please

It's a pixelhunt to open that glass door, or maybe I used the hammer.

my paper does not work - any help please
is it the paper from the bin with circles and the colorful picture right of exit?

I confirm Pixel Hunt X)

Thanks SwissMiss, I tried that before, but it was a pixelhunt too. Have the stick too now.

paper anyone please...

Yep SwissMiss, that paper and that picture.
I really think I had it in about item view when I used it.

Oh, no, no sorry.
It's the paper from the couch.

and what happens - I have tried that soo many times and nothing happens

nothing happens - I have the picture in close view - open the paper in about item and click ANYthing with no result

I have no paper from couch - where is that uff I was nearly giving up

It's under the cushions but you have to remove all 4 of them to get it.

pop found it now - ty small-tool

mmh I thought that might help with the box under tv - but too many colors

what to do with the flashlight and the shakespear hint

another difficult one! my head is still reeling from the fathers day one!

The clue in book...Ham + Rear? What is that?

Found a pink key under the bin next to the table.
I'm in a new room now.

Hi Clio.

where is the flashlight and stick.

Used that paper with holes in the other room too.

Need flashlight but I have only 1 battery. How did you get it to work ?

I think flashlight was in the drawer of the stove.
And the stick was a pixelhunt under the parasol.

Battery from under couch and battery from the shoe.

thanks for the flashlight, but what parasol

And opened the box next to the tv (blue and yellow makes green).

good find s-t
but this game is way to pixely - you have to click the exact spot on those pictures to see a proper hint - worked in the new room - but still clicking away in the first room

pop, found it thanks again

On the balcony.
Key is left to the tv cabinet.
And use the green shoes to go out.

Used the new (green) key, from the box next to the tv on the exit door and now I need a 3-digit code.

gives key to main door - need 3 digit code

still have not used the flashlight

Evenin' @s-t.
Im thinking Im wayy behind you all. (and I'm not referring to the Ham+rear...which translates to me as pigs bum. To quote a midsummers night dream.. "Oh Puck!!"

lol clio

we have not used that clue - or the flashlight
and what with that funny yellow block in 2nd room

Can't brute force the code with the 3 numbers we found.
Think now we have to use the other paper hint with the go-board and the board in the other room and the calendar.
By the way what's the deal with the pc and the drawer in that other room?

and what with the paper with circles??

You can use the go-piece (from the kitchen, that black and white thing) on the go-board in front of the couch.

Actually, I'd love some help to find the 'green thing' that I need to pour my boiled kettle water into, pls.... oh, and the blue key....and where in the umbrella i need to click to get the stick.

if you click the keyboard on pc you get another hint after the color hint

how did you get blue and yellow in box. can get red or green only. Found a pair of glasses and 3 faces code in new room. Can´t get the card from drawer

I did that a long time ago - and it ended up looking like a black 4 on its side!

And I brute-forced the place where to put it.
All the way on the right, third square from the bottom.

roberto - how did you get the glasses

for box just click the yellow ond blue ones according to the first picture hint (together that makes green)

Combine the two color clues from both pictures when you put that paper with holes on it.

Where did you find the glasses and the 3 faces code?

clio - green thing (kettle of sorts) is in cb with glass you need key
stick is then in balcony

Use fl in drawer

Code in right side of desk

The faces is on the right side of the desk.

got the smiley hint - it is too pixely - on right side of desk - still no glasses

my drawer just closes again if I click it again even when fl highlighted

Use what in drawer? Flashlight?

after about a thousand clicks I got the right spot
for glasses -

Finally the glasses, from the bigger drawer. Pixelhunt again.

glasses give a yellow 8

I´m not sure you have to use it, but I got glasses from botom drawer

turning out the light outside the 2nd room you get a hint on wall with flashlight (triangle,star,circle)

Turn the light off and then go in the new room and use flashlight.

roberto - use them to look into the sun on balcony

lol s-t - thinking alike again

Lol SwissMiss, we keep finding the same things at the same time.

How to turn PC on.

roberto - crawl under the desk and plug it in!

s-t have you seen the second hint on PC??

So, now we have;
6 brown, 4 black, 3 cyan, 8 yellow.
And hammer and cup with stuff still not used.
And I still have the balcony key.

I dont like relying on people to click by accident a hotspot to find the stuff - this is too pixely

I think I'll have to wait for a w/t. I still havent got the thermos from the cabinet. I've searched long and hard for the stick in/near/under the umbrella. I'm assuming I'v missed the obvious, but even after re-reading hints, I still dont get it. (Not to fear. I'll highlight everything and still keep clicking).

I think we already used the hint from the pc to open the box next to the tv.

I have the red key - isnt that the one for the maindoor-thingy

I still have red key in inventory and can´t remember using the hammer

clio - stick on balcony is from the balcony-rail - one of those vertical brown ones

Maybe I used the hammer on the parasol/umbrella.
Not sure anymore.
And for the thermos, you need the key from under the rug behind the plant in the corner.

s-t I mean the front-left-etc. hint

Green key was for main door. Red key was for balcony.

Ah thanks SwissMiss, missed the second hint (click keyboard).

And maybe a 6 from thermic bottle

and what about those black shoes - do we put them on before we leave???

and where to use the smileys and the shakespear

Well, Rear was in the book too, so gonna look there now.

clio - stick is 3rd rail from left

my mouse is seriously doing overtime

What do you mean by shakespeare s-m

robeto - there is one book which you can open

lol. Is there a book in this game? Where?

look at the bookshelve -lol

Thank you both sooo much...SM & s-t.

Found it. Thanks.

Hi all! Im sort of playing the game because I have to leave soon.I used the hammer beside the big plant,click again, theres some kind of hole

clio - have you caught up now?

@new - do you mean the plant next to door which moves? and could you pls be more specific because this game is soo pixely - where did you hit exactly

Thanks New,
But what plant? next to the door or next to the couch?

lol @new - the game is called "before going out"

@new you dont meant the corner of the carpet??

The plant next to the brown door

In book there´s a red F in HamleFt meaning left and a red R in king Lear meaning Rear

That's where we found the key, but did you find something else there?

@new - dont you meant the corner where you can lift up the carpet - there was a key there

Does everyone have problems with box under tv ?

g r g
g g r
r g r

@SM No..I (embarrassed) have tried but failed to put kettle water into thermos. Also Goh piece wont go on board. (thought it a choc-bikkie to have with cuppa made from kettle/thermos/cup combo)...I'm seriously not good at these games...but ...GEEE, I HAVE FUN BEING non-intellectual..hehe

roberto - the F could also mean Front

Lol Guys I don't see an F, but a Z.

That should work, click the button after that.

clio - for kettle - have you got the glove? if yes
highlight thermos than click on kettle
then highlight cup and click on thermos

the black piece should go on - do you know how to play? you have to find a black piece on one end and place your black piece on opposite side (can also be diagonal) then the "captured" pieces torn black

Im sorry guys,I think is the corner of the carpet.Sorry,I thought I helped but..Anyway,Im very tired of clicking

could be a Z you are right

normally we have puzzles and no clues - here we have pultiple clues and no puzzles - I am totally puzzles lol


       Anonymous  5/28/11, 6:52 AM  

What's with the computer drawer (2nd one) that you can click on again from the inside for a different view?

alexis - you found the glasses there

       Anonymous  5/28/11, 6:54 AM  

For the box under the tv

G x G
G G x
x G X

i'm stuck, searching for the door's code but nope, i've a cup of tea, stick, flashlight, ham, hammer, thermos, paper with circle and signs, red key and glasses...

       Anonymous  5/28/11, 6:57 AM  

Has anyone found a use for the cup of water yet?

emanuela - we are all stuck there now!

and dont forget the hint in 2nd room on wall, the hint on side of desk, the PC-hint and Shakespear hint

Oh @SM...I'm giggling...I did the same as I do in 'real life'. Yet again, I forgot to turn off the stove before lifting the kettle. (At least this time I didnt set my hair alight..phew).. Am now going to try the goh hint. Thank-you for your patience.

@swissmiss, yes i know

lol clio - since I am stuck I have nothing better to do so I can make myself useful at least

small-tool you still there?? and Roberto?? I am waiting for InSPiRaTiOn

..@SM...it worked. Thanks. Oh goodie, I can now go back a zillion comments to see what to do next...lol

i tried a balcony jump cause i'm very tired

I'm still here SwissMiss, but totaly clueless.
Hm, that's a strange thing to say with so many clues.
Tried to hammer everything and looked for new pixels, but no go.

we need fresh blood - Edgar, Ellie, Leroy & Co where are they all

there are so many clues - I just dont know what to do

@SM..are you kidding me...you were a genius combo with @Angiebear in that other game. I didnt dare comment!! (ps..i thought the word was going to be 'rock' as in DJ as in island as in er for chair.)..eeps.. im not good at this..LOL

I´m here but feeling totally useless.

clio - ty blush,blush

A little bit progress here.
I burned the paper in the kitchen.

@SM, don't blush!! Be arrogant, and look down your nose and tell me it was a piece of p-ss!!
Oh, and now I've had a ham+rear moment, because I am not allowed/cannot get the 2nd battery from under the couch. grrr.

Just more numbers. Like we don't have enough numbers yet.

Use the stick from the balcony.

hiho... just started... but already read the comments about my problem, nothing is helping me, because i wear the green shoes, balcony is open... can't go out... tried every pixel... :(

I LOVE POP... suddenly it works...

clio - lol - you need to get the stick first from the balcony

st - well done - so we have even more clues !

With 'wearing' do you mean, you have put them down?
Because that's what you have to do.
And then you should be able to go out.

       Anonymous  5/28/11, 7:25 AM  

i keep wondering if the name on the ID card means anything...NIZUFO??

@small-tool... with POP i was able to put them down ;o)

Now it's time to use the second pc hint on the paper I think, but how do we get 3 numbers from that.
Btw still not sure if the yellow block/board/thing in the second room is a hint or a code-box.

And now,..my stick's not there. Retrieved same. Got battery. Thanks @s-t. To be honest, I suspect that either I've taken so long, the games gone beddy-bye's or the battery in my own mouse is failing.
BTW @st..is comment at 6.04 task complete?

Yep Clio,
It certainly is. Now wait for your next assignment.

Thanks @s-t. I'm soo tired. 12.35, too much of the equation 2much Heinekin = 1 aching headekin. Advice from experts pls. Can I minimise game and comments or must I close?

..Jeeps @st..youz is one hard/happy endin' task-master!

there are also clues under the computerdesk and under the table

Well thanks Freebird even more clues now.
All clues and no code-boxes.

very good freebird - I thought I clicked there a zillion times but as soon as I read your comment - pop!

       Anonymous  5/28/11, 7:41 AM  

Found another set of smily pics under the table with chess set thingy

the roman numberals could relate to the calendar - so which numbers are under I, IV, and VII

seems we have to pou out 2 cups out of the thermos

       Anonymous  5/28/11, 7:47 AM  

How do you pour the 2nd cup out of the thermos?

clever freebird

I think the triangle,star,circle might be the doorcode - now where to apply them????

So now we have an equation for the star, for the circle and for the triangle.
But how to solve these equations? No idea what the faces are, no idea which calender numbers to pick and completely no idea what kettle+thermos-2 cups is?

why is the bin and the clock at balcony view a hotspot - cannot do anything there

Hi everzbody.. In the desk near the pc.. It is possible to take that black thing?

if is has to be a single digit we have to use the second row , this gives a 5

How zappa.84
Did you use anything. I clicked like 100x there.

yes - any each way of the calendar adds up to 5 - thats the only single digit to come up with

s-t - he asked IF we could take it - he hasn't got it

it was a question.. i created a blogger account for the hints under the tables but freebird was faster.. :)playing since years but never posted something..

Hi again, smileys also right side of desk and i saw a yellow 8 on the sun.
And stuck.

I cannot find again the place with the triangle, circle and star signs.

Ah I see sorry about that and welcome to posting zappa.84.

Goodnight dear geniuses/genii?. After getting myself to second room, putting both batteries in torch, nothing, but nothing, is getting me further. Congrats to to all and @freebird for advancing. Time for me to sleep/pass out. Seriously @st,..if my next task is what I think it may be.....constipation is NEVER gonna be my problem..lol

zazie - that was in the 2nd room with the lights turned out and the fl

good night clio - hopefully you will find a WT tomorrow morning :)


lol small-tool - I just wanted to write a warning

Thx s-t for the page hint, i am not a new player, but i always forget this.LOL

Thx SM, found it again, very troubled....

Night @SM. Thank you so VERY much for your patience, kindness and help. What a sweetie you are!! Goodnight all. (oh, and i'm just going to minimise and not close, hope that's the correct thing to do).

I don't remember reading it, but did any of you hold the paper with circle over tne fire? You can see red numbers on it

can anyone remember how much water was in the thermos before we poured the cup
now there is "5" left and we have to deduct another cup perhaps so it could be anything from 1 to 4

2 comments to go for 200

Good Morning everyone.. loading.. looks like it is going to take me a loooong time to catch up!

Hi guys! I'm caught up with you... stuck with the code.. or should I say codes? Exactly why did we play the Othello game?

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