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Escape Game 003 Walkthrough

Escape Game 003


Escape Game 003 is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game by ypgs. In this escape game you must search for items, solve puzzles to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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New one!!!
So far: envelope with letters and milk bottle

Baseball and book in bedroom. Passcode in book. You can drink the milk and see number code

Hint in bathroom (downstairs) behind towel

Found umbrella, hint behind towel is for picture

Can't get the hint for picture.
Number from milk bottel goes in door

Found lighter and used pass code for computer

haha... @Anja... you escaped this way from Room Nr.11 :P ... i would do the same, but now there's no more time to play... :(

Used envelope/letters and lighter to lit fireplace. Computer gives number code for drawer upstairs

Hi Sabine - yes I "escaped" LOL

Fire gives the word code (in picture) for bookshelf. Got a lock from drawer upstairs

Used umbrella on fireplace (when fire is out) to get a key

Normal end... :-)

could not use arrow code so I did not do everything... but if you need help on anything else let me know.

Hi beybeycow!
What to do with the book hint A22,B06 and C17 and the clock, please?

Oh - I used ball on the lamp upstairs (above the stairs) and something fall down but I can't find it.

Found it finaly in the kitchen - it's a key

Once you get the letter code from the picture above the fireplace (you have to light the fire first), then you can open the cabinet in dinning room. Use the A22, B06 and C17 code to select the books on each shelf.

The clock in bathroom is pointing to the colors you will need to use to select the correct books in the dining room sideboard (low cabinet).

Opened cb with new key and found newspaper

I clicked a million times on the right books (in big and in little cb) but nothing

Oh no - forgot the suitcase - opened it with the key from fire and got SD

@Anja, You have to click at the very bottom of the books and an arrow will appear there.

No byebyecow - no arrows appears!!!

But now I've played again and I used the newspaper and not the envelope with letters to make fire. Then I got the arrows. Using the right books in big shelf gives me a new paper (to the envelope).
What happens using the right books in little shelf?

Ah - POP worked again! Gives another paper !!!

Now I got the key from letters/envelope without burning in fire!?

Hi i am playing too.
Have key from fire, opend suitcase for SD and another key from lamp on ceiling.

I opened bookcase but i cannot take any books, how ?

Put the look and screws (used SD) on exit door, but my key from lamp has disappeared and i cannot highlight things anymore.


Found the key again on a cb

Hi Zazie!!!
You can't take any book - just mark them - but maybe you can't do it because you burned the letters! That's what happened to me the first time

Bahh i don´t want to restart :(
What to do with the paper from big bookcase ?

Has anyone tried putting paper with mon to fri symbols on the patten behide towel still can't work it out something to do with picture in unbrella room

Found a ball in bedroom....

Got it !
Put paper on the signs behind towel !

Hi Brandi!
I used the hint behind towel together with the paper hint from bookshelf and the computer (in order from Sunday to Saterday) - but nothing!

Nothing here also....can´t get the pic off.
And what to do with the ball ?

Haha Zazie - tried that a million times (in my first game) - forgot it to do in this LOL
Now it works!!!!

how exactly ? what arrows to click...

I tried horizontally and vertically, but nope.

Order for picture: up, left, left, up, down, left and right - got money!?

Where to use the lock?

On the exit door in zoomed view above the knob.

Thx for the money Anja :)

ummmm may have to start again I put both newpaper and papers into the fire maybe thats why Im unable to mark the books :-(

What to do with money ?
Should i burn it ?

And i still have the ball in inventory.

Ball is used on the lamp upstairs (above the stairs)

Thank Anj, how did You work it out

Used the lock on exit door and got normal end
Don't want to play again!

So good luck and bye!!!!

@Brandi: I'm playing now for over 2 hours (long time alone) and started twice again, LOL!!!!!

still can't get into upstair draws can't figure out code I know its something to do with the clock and books

Hmm, ball on lamp does nothing for me.

I have to do some shopping for food now, i´ll be back later.
Have a nice day all !!

really lol your like me I hate leaving or giving up a game without escaping

Brandi : drawer code was 3975

What fire, what fireplace ?
I have an envelope with papers in it, a bottle of milk, a bolt and a diary with a code. I saw a drawing with arrows behind a towel, a clock with colours in the toilets, and that's all.

Zazie: The thing on the lamp was a key - look downstairs in kitchen on right drawer.

Brandi: 4-digit-code is from computer (put last two pictures "together"

I also have an umbrella, but everything is useless until now.

Pascal: upstairs, right door needs code from milk bottle. Highlight bottle and look in textbar (click the left word if I remember right) then click on the bottom of bottle and see a number.

Thanks Anja,I have tostart again and I can't remember how I got password for computer AHHHH

I remember now flower pot ;-)

Thank you, Anja !

I can't select any book. I'm giving up.

I got every single item and it said I got bad end :-(

I think things have to be done in a certain order b4 others things can be done if that makes sence

dont know whta to do with the ball, doesnt work with the lamp...where exactly?

I have no use for the ball either. Plus my envelope (with extra papers by now) doesn't seem to have a key. How do I get that?

My inventory has active: Envelope, ball, umbrella, money, bolt with screws. Inactive: Newspaper, milkbottle, diary, key from lamp, direction clue paper, lighter. Stuck!

Do not drink milk. Click sinks

Do not burn the letter fireplace .. Click on the books with the letter. books at that time is marked

Pfiou, got happy end.
You have to discover 5 "secrets" (stars above inventory).
1. put milk in sink, don't drink it
2. use the baseball to "take" key from the lamp upstairs, not umbrella
3. in the "book" with pass for comp, go ahead and click on birthdate
4. take money behind picture
5. put lock, screws and use SD above door.
Then, escape ;)

just can't do it if I don't know what they are asking me...played many times...had saved halfway, so didn't have to start from beginning every time....BUT...Finally, I got all the stars...went to door...said yes...to what??? I don't know...then got the explosion/ bad end still...wish they would do English questions as well as English responses!!!!!

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nokra, stars have to be green, if they are grey,you did it the wrong way !

Need help if anyone is still here. Cannot find clue for picture with arrows. And cannot get key out of fireplace.

HI Karen..
Me too, Cant find the clue for picture...

For key on fireplace: you need burn the letter, after you already burned the papers, take the key with umbrella

sorry, newspaper

What letter?

The envelope with letter, it was on basket first scenne..

Got the clue for open the picture:
put the last paper you got in bookshelf on clue under the towel, you'll see another clue (the rest is in PC) first file...

Can't get the right order. I open smaller cb for newspapers and extra letter, burn the newspapers upstairs for the letter clue, open larger cb and get extra letter for file, and key, and then file goes inactive... ??? Help?

Did you find wallet on the small round table in upstairs?
the pass to Laptop is in

I think it is certain order to get items...
Dont getting happy end...
I give up

The order to open the picture:

^ < < ^ \/ < >

Drisana, just fyi, I had all green stars and kept getting bad end too.

You have to have the clue in order to use the picture correctly. So the question is which cabinet is the paper clue found in?

POP, found it finally. Don't know why I couldn't find it before.

Finally got happy end.
Got the key out of the papers by random clicking, so did NOT burn them. Had all green stars. Still had papers and umbrella clickable in inventory when I left. I think the key is not burning the papers - I imagine they are something to do with the work you are going to, so not burning them would make sense.

TY @kathyK!!!...your explanation makes sense...
I had all green stars...but never found the key in the papers so had to burn them...
I liked the game...it is just frustrating NOT knowing the instructions...when they are probably real simple!!!LOL

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