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Beach Tower Escape Walkthrough

Beach Tower Escape


GameSpartan - Beach Tower Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Game Spartan. Trapped in the beach tower you must use your mouse to figure out how to escape in this fun game just in time for summer. Good luck and have fun!

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Cant believe it. First post and in and out

Argh my browser won't show me the hotspots!

Lots of color hints, for now I couldn't find how to use them. Number hint with the BGRO beach umbrella on the picture: 2543, doesn't work on the chest. I guess it's not the right order?

Combine lifesavers and calendar to open chest. There's a black thing in it I cannot take yet.

hi Valérie... i only need a clue for the upper color cb... have done all until this... if you need help, im here :) but maybe you can help me with the colors ;)

Combined the beach umbrella with their stripes to change their order... it doesn't work either.

Yeah yeah, game sooooo easy already in and out. That really help me. :P

Use scissors on black bag. Have what look like pencil, pump and ball. Stuck

Oh hi Sabine!

I'm working on it. :)

Combined surfboards colors with lower cupboard to get a... thing.

-umbrella rod behind umbrella -> used for showel in surfboard view
-showel used on pile of sand for scissors
-pencil under papers -> used on cb for spearhead
-number clue is letters on lifebelts combined with calendar to open chest for smth black -> use scissors there for beach ball
-put beach ball under the plate in lifebelt view
-that things under the surfboards (however that is called) are the color clue for cb -> take the bellow
-use bellow on beach ball and click plate for pushing it beside

Used pencil to open tall cupboard.

im staring at the umbrella pic... that must have smth to do with the colors on upper cb... but what?

sabine,val color code big to small

and i don't know what else i could poke with the spearhead

ontherocks, i tried that already... nothing... or you mean smth else as me with "big to small"

Ah thanks ontherocks!

Where do we use spearhead?

got a key but doesnt go anywhere
cb spoilGBORer

lol... you meant from small to big? because that worked... have a key now ;-)

Sabine, higher number (G = 5) to lower.

key for trapdoor, spearhead for chest with key in :)

oh... and out... =)

val... lol... i meant the bigger stripes and the smaller stripes... ROFL

Ok I'm stuck with a spearhead and a key. Didn't find any bellow anywhere (or is this that spearhead?) and nothing has any effect on the beachball under the surfboard.

Oooooh I just understood what you meant by bellow! *feel silly* Yes I got it, it's red...

Sorry, English is not my first language, I sometimes mix things up.

@Val... look at my "part of a walkthrough" i posted above

lol... val... its not my first language too... nice to have aunt google sometimes ;-)

Hold on, what do you mean by "spearhead for chest with key in"?

Tried the key everywhere including the trap, it doesn't work. Man, this is absurdly hard when there are no hotspots.

the key is for trapdoor... but i opened a second game... my first one was buggy... no color clue worked there

key goes under the plate to open the trap and the sp head to open box

then spearhead on chest for another key... then you are out

Oh well, I'm out at last. LOL I didn't push the surfboard away so of course my key didn't work.

Thanks for your help!

YW Val and Gongtats =)

       Anonymous  7/25/12, 5:30 AM  


- wall CB (hint from number of lines on umbrellas, biggest to smallest number):
- click:
O - 0x/4x (start)
R - 1x
G - 2x
B - 3x

- sideboard (hint on surfboard fins):
- click:
Y - 0x/4x (start)
B - 1x
G - 2x
C - 3x

TY for WT, @sabine!!! You should do them more often!

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