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The Weekend Quiz - History Walkthrough

The Weekend Quiz - History


The Weekend Quiz - History is the third in a series of puzzle/riddle type games from Jonthewatch for EscapeGames24. There are 9 levels to complete in this short history quiz to reach your reward. Good luck and have fun!

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YAY!! Thanks Jon :)

Cool the Queen is going in :P

Thanks jon. ...and stuck. Lvl 1, i thought the chap who scared everyone one the radio last century, but nope.

Hi Clio, I thought the same, lots of ways to go with this one

im silly. Granny was my friend. I forgot about her.

remember earlier WQ games....anagrams, rebus and a few other riddle tricks.....

Need help on 3. Google images is not giving me anything for middle pic.

Ja, if it has me lost on the first one then there is no hope :( Tried politics, movies, books and the granma and nothing on it seems to work.

RSA, use 2 words to anagram

RSA....granny the last two words.
Hi, btw, and hi donas and my queen.

stick with granma RSA

if it helps, I prefer this: www.wordsmith.org/anagram/

Any help for 3? I've not got anything. All i can hear in my head is: "smell ice can you? Bleeding heck".

can't get past 2 - keep thinking Nelson cos of the column!

LNS, try googling the pic for 3 letters

Hi lns. For two. You know what the first is. Then google image the second one and granny it...join the two together.

pop - inspiration struck! ty

Yayyy...finally on to 4.

3 was clever, once I got away from trying to find a 'colin' person!

what just happened? i went from 4 - 6? skipped 5

LNS Any hint for the colon pic. I'm OK with the other 2

ooo..i just went back and checked. I did too LNS. Sorry jon. Im now on 8 and stuck again. Will go back and try to solve 4 properly....( AS IF !!) hahhaha

sorry guys, I left out a level...jump from level 4 to 6....sorry again....

Help with 6?

Glad it's not just me. Now at 9

AllyB. For six, granny is your friend.

nernst. Lvl 3, the first pic is a slang word (3 letters) for that part of the body.

nernst - what is a generic, more colloquial word for what you are looking at?

May i have a hint for 8 pls LNS? Im bamboozled.

9 - wants the specific flower/s ?

Granmaa strikes again clio!

flower is aster

Ah thanks guys Got it now On to 4

thanks Clio tried loads but still stuck on 6 - first letter?

Thanks LNS. On to 9 now.

Yay!! finished, thanks Jon :)

Alles gut Jon. First time I actually made it out. great job.

any tips for 4?

allyb - first letter is R - think science

Ben, visit granny with 2 words

Oh crikey. Sorry allyB. Was i hinting on the wrong level?

clio - I think you just answered Ally for No 4??

I did LNS. I deleted the comment. Sorry again AllyB.

May i have a hint for 9 please?

Thats OK Clio! Still stuck - must be stupid! It was all going so well

Clio, name the flower and follow the sign

AllyB, have you ever had an x-ray?

Ally, last two words, visit granny. Some sites leave out the middle 'e'. Others dont. I hope ive got the level right this time...eeeps.

I seem to be the only one stuck on 7... hint please???

district attorney = da
Georgia = ..
advanced degree in something = ..

@Enjoy - abbreviations for each clue ...

Thanks jon - very nice :)

@Enjoy - not phd, the degree before that - 2 letters

Yes, thank you annaby, not PHD. had a POP

Hints for 9?
Aster - arrow - zorro

@Morgana - the arrow tells you to do something with the 2 other pics

Thanks for the riddle Jon, I enjoyed that.

I'm now as happy as Donald :D

       Anonymous  3/10/13, 10:40 AM  

LOL, shall we hail a the end:
«ave anatis rex, gallinae te salutant»...?!

Thx Jon, for another fun-to-play WQ!

       Anonymous  3/10/13, 10:42 AM  

Read sth interesting (lines 3-6 - Hail Tesla! ♥):


And stuck on #1 even with the above clues. I get no answers from anagram solvers, even the one listed above.
HATE these games.

@Jessica, which words are you using?

The answer is 6 letters long, try anagramming the last two words (a scare)....

Oh, and remember we are looking for famous people from history.

       Anonymous  3/10/13, 11:24 AM  

Btw, Jon,
will we get the missing level as well?

still stuck on 3.....

@Janet - google the images. Look at the title of the image in the middle pic - important clue there

i found the images but can't find the slang word for the first.....

must be blind or stupid but i'm getting nowhere....

Thank you Jon for the game !!!!
I cant play it now ,i ll save it for tomorrow that i ll have more time and enjoy it more !!

@Janet - if you come back, 3 letters. Try googling synonyms

and you're not stupid :) - this is what riddles do to people :)

sorry, doesn't help now, tried the synonyms for pic 1 and 2 but still gets me nowhere, going to sleep now. Thanks Anna!!

Struggled my way to lvl 9, but quite stuck.
the flower backwards doesn't help and then are we looking at the actor's name or the role?
(Got a famous swimmer using a homonym for the flower, but that's not what's wanted)

the role.....and the arrow might not mean reverse the word....but reverse the order you look at the pictures

I am stuck on level 2 :(
For the first pic, am I using the 'type' it is. And is the second pic something to do with computers? Lol I am always rubbish at these...

Micro mini w/t.

Lvl 1: Use graanma on last two words.
Lvl 2. First pic, you know. 2nd pic, google image, then rearrange those three letters. Join on to first pic.
Lvl 3. Slang word for first pic.(our very own youngest riddle maker). Second pic is a letter in an old language. Third pic is obvious. Joined together and you are enjoying this printed word.
Lvl 4. Granny is your friend again. (if you cant understand, just listen to the radio)
Lvl 6. Granny is a busy woman. She sometimes spells words differently. I suggest she gets an x-ray.
Lvl 7. Use abbreviations for every hint. i.e District Attorney = da.
Lvl 8. Oh granny, you are ever present. Use her again on those last words.
Lvl 9. Find what each pic is, then do what arrow says ( ie swap them around...second pic first).

Hope this helps. I got help from all the brainiacs.

LOL wow I just realised that graanma is an anagram of, well anagram!! That explains the granny comments haha... God i'm slow! Thanks clio, will go back in and give it a go :)

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