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Where is My Life Preserver Walkthrough

Where is My Life Preserver


Where is My Life Preserver is another point and click escape game from Gamesperk. Help her find the missing life preserve. Good luck and have fun!

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Another cute girl who can't seem to find something. I guess that I had better help!

clicking and, then, more clicking

can't find a door for the green key

found it

Very easy game LOL I played a while ago...

Tip as I recall codes dont work til they been seen

finished it.. kind of easy..

Another cute girl who can't seem to find something. I guess that I had better help!

Cute little game! Thanks.

have a black 3 on ball,a blue 3 on cup cant find 3rd number and have a key and stuck

ok found 3rd number

@ shaz third num# is on the umbrella shade at back ..click shade to see num#

finerly out,numbers on cup,sun shade and ball,to open left door u need to place door knob ist.to place 4 digit code look high in left room

ty rasti,typical i type for help then find it lolol

I cant find where to input 4 digit no.

can someone who comes after this please leave a clue as to where the 4 digit no. goes, i will check back later.

       Anonymous  5/6/13, 2:25 PM  

The 4 digit code is entered in the ceiling light in the bathroom.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you @ Octavious, I don't think I can be bothered to redo it to to see.

       Anonymous  5/7/13, 5:55 PM  

why does she need a life preserver in a wading pool?

       Anonymous  5/8/13, 5:34 AM  

Can't zoom in on bathroom light. She can find her own life preserver, lazy little madam. or drown.

OMIGOSH WHY ARE HER EYES RED?!? (hoping it's from too much chlorine, and not because she is evil)

Quick and painless!

       Random Game  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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