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Amajeto Blue Islands Walkthrough

Amajeto Blue Islands


Amajeto - Blue Islands is another point and click room escape game developed by Amajeto. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape from the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Note that there are left & right arrows on the main view.

Going to have to call a "foul" on the "71 clue". That was a real stretch of logic, I'm afraid....

Can I get a hint for the 4x4 grid.? Don't understand what 71 means.

Read the "71" upside down.

Thanks Marnie, but that still didn't help. I watched the walkthrough and it still doesn't make sense. Gonna call this puzzle a FAIL. ;)

Also, what does the switch in cupboard do? Apart from making a nice click sound.

Did you go to the left and read the words behind the curtain? Notice what letters they end in, then stand on your head and look at the grid that way.

Oh, rereading your comment, I guess you did read those words. :)

I'm trying to remember what the switch did. Check those doll figures again.

Fantastic game, as usual. Especially because not everything it that obvious imo

I agree with everything you said uzi2011!

Otherways excellent game, but that 71 puzzle was illogical indeed. The white hint "71" showed that those squares must be white, but the other clue didn't show 71s, but ILs. Upside down. That means logically that the left squares must be white, not the right ones. If the hint was "IL", then the right ones, but if the hint is upside down, then the solution has to be also upside down. I hope that you understood, my English isn't good. I agree with Dean, another rhyming word FAIL is suitable in this case.

But no big problems, the game was way above the average anyway. Thanks!

still have no idea how 71 or IL indicates the left two columns are black and the right columns are white

Pats Fan, one clue showed 4 words like sail, rail, nail and mail, last letters of each were IL, and 71 was like IL upside down, so you have to make last two letters of each "word" or row of squares white like 71. That was the game designer's idea, I think.

My concern was, however, that if the clue is upside down, then the solution is not correct, if it is NOT upside down.

Amajeto always deserves 5*, mas that 4x4 made no sense. Or im inside the box.
Tried I L, L I, every combo. Cant see how solution fits clues

Giving querido Amajeto 5 stars. Yes, the 71 puzzle was challenging, but that's the beauty of Amajeto's games. The switch makes the 4 little geometric figures change for another puzzle. Siempre un placer.
71 estrellas

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Thanks for letting me know about Amajeto - Blue Islands! It sounds Drift Hunters like another exciting escape room challenge from Amajeto.

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