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Jail Escape Walkthrough

Jail Escape

[REPLAY] Jail Escape is a point and click escape the room type game. In this game, you try and find your way out of the jail cell by using your brain and thinking logically. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Jail Escape Walkthrough

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most easy game in the universe

that was the EASYEST escape game i've ever played!


== = ==
== = ==
===== *fountian*

Easy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P:D

i cant use the keys so i cant win!!!

wow only took 10 seconds after i refreshed the game

CHEESE RULES!!!! easy game... i loved it!

i mean, what kind of jail has keys and a hammer? omg

lol that wuz hella easy

take hammer a nd break cupboord

Very Easy.
By the way; if you have a key it is used automatically if you click on the right keyhole.
The hammer you have to use by clicking on the spot where you want to use it and then click the hammer.

hahaha,,,even for me it was easy!

Jail Escape Walkthrough:

1.Go to the red cup. Get the keys behind it.

2.Turn until you find a wooden thing with a drawer.

3.Open the drawer and get the paper and read it.

4.Get the keys.

5.Turn around some more until you see a compartment thiny in the wall.

6.Click the keys, any keys in your inventory.

7.Then click the keyhole. Get the hammer.

8.Turn until you see another compartment in the floor. Click keys, then get the keys in the compartment.

9. Turn back to drawer and click the hammer. It will fall apart.

10. Get the keys and use the keys to get out of the jail.

i timed myself it took 12.35 secound to complete that

That was too easy

lol and i have been in here too long?


       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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