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Viridian Room Walkthrough

Viridian Room

[REPLAY] Takagism - The Viridian Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Toshimitsu Takagi for Fasco-Cs. In this escape game, you have to search the virdian room, find items and clues to escape from the room. You can examine items by clicking about item button. Good luck and have fun!

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Viridian Room Escape Walkthrough
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Ha, if you click the door, it makes a weird noise, it might be japanies (oops, didn't spell it right.)

i cant seem to get the key
out from the skeletons
hand at all i kept trying and it wouldnt com out

nevermind i guess it fell out and i didnt c it

I only got five cards from 'escaper''s Walkthrough. Don't I need six?

this getting me annoyed i try each kind of possibilities between cd case with or without cd / frame with or without picture male/female the cold beer the stick lightened and the skeleton unlocked etc etc and it doesnt work anyway

codes for unlock skeleton's leg is not 0427 and 0428. i have tried that code and it doesn't work.believe me.the real code that i have been tried is +9++.Opss..i can't tell all the code that i know.


I don't see the card on top of the lamp. How do I get it?

the card on the lamp is red

i made it!it is so scary.its so scary that you will scream just like what i just did!

       Anonymous  11/1/07, 2:27 PM  

The code is Sandra's birthday! It's in the diary!! First the month, then the day.

he brilliant game i love but can't see any lamp or ecard in the other room (crimson).

if u record the guy in the room that makes the wierd noises and play it backwards it says something

This is what i heard:

"You ..?.. been to unbelievable deep, darkest ..?.. hell. This thus killed us ..... "(the music starts and hinders his speech)

What does he trying to say?...

Does anyone managed to find out?

How does the skeleton come to life? Like, cereal, like cereal, it says something is missing but I don't know what!

How does the skeleton come to life? It says that somethin is missin but I don't know what! HELP ME DO THIS THING PLEASE!


I can't find the last ecard, either on the lamp or by the door to the Crimson room, PLEASE HELP ME!

can somebody please help me ??
all my ecards have interrogation points
i dont know how to put then in the soul box

help me. i have put on the incense i have put the beer there i have got the frame there and i have the cd there and i have clicked on the stick and it sais "Something is still missing..." but what!

I keep on clicking on the bin and it won't lift up. I kinda need some detailed explanation to tell me which part of the bin to lift it

i can't find the small white light switch to turn on the lights pls help me

the frame and the photos are useless. Use only the CD Frame, the Beer and the sticks.

it´s very scary.

PD: Sorry for the poor english. I only speak spanish

There is NO ecard on the lamp. I`ve clicked around that light so many times you won`t believe it. That`s the only thing I`m missing, so now what??? Please help me....

can plss tell what is the point and meaning of the strange voice inside the door

This game frusterates meh! But I'll play it cuz I ♥ the challenge! ^-^

omg this is so hard it is taking me forever to get it.. ok i need help what code do i put in to unlock the skeleton?

Help!! I can't match the Chinese characters with the numbers what do I do???

I can't make the soul box thingy help me!!! :(((

Help me!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't make the dang soul box

i've finish it heyyy=) but the sounds scared me..

Technic is burn the paper till theres a dot appear on it..there is coressponding code on the medical bottle.then once the chinese character is on the right places it will turn box.


on top of the gray shelves.put the cd case with cd on it,chilly beer,incense and burn the incense..bang the gold bowl..then the skeleton will arise.

the sounds from this game give me the creeps... chillz... you don't need to use the frame... it actually doesn't work if you try to use it, it might say "there may be something unnesesarry"

don't include the frame with the beer and cd

don't put the frame with the beer and cd

don't put the frame with the beer and cd

guys, make sure that the beer is cold ^_~

I've watched the walkthrough again and again, but there is no way I can zoom on the feet of the skeleton ! I've clicked in vain on the exact spot shown in the walkthrough, but it doesn't do anything !!!

I give up. I'm fed up with clicking every pixel of the skeleton.

Pascale, when you see the skeleton, look for a little square, click on it and is goes to his feet, there you'll see a blue thing on the rightside of his foot.

square is on the chest of the skeleton

       Anonymous  7/12/10, 8:14 AM  

@ pascale you have to use the lighter with the paper first. I tried it and it didn't allow it until I had the code for the asian characters.

       Anonymous  7/12/10, 8:19 AM  

I did everything but the code for the skeleton's feet doesn't seem to work =(

       Anonymous  7/12/10, 8:21 AM  

NVM got it and out!

       Anonymous  7/12/10, 8:30 AM  

awesome morbid soundtrack with the speakers turned up it sounds pretty creepy muahahaha

       Anonymous  7/12/10, 8:57 AM  

very good game excellent just played again

       Anonymous  7/12/10, 9:22 AM  

And out at last. It was a bit frustrating because it constantly says something is missing. With or without photo + frame. But finally I escaped. Don't put the frame and photo on altar and be sure the beer is cold (you can re-cool it to put it in the fridge).

Viridian Room Walkthrough by dandandan:

1.There is a small white dot in the middle of the screen. Click this and the lights will turn on.
2.Click on the red shelves to the left and click the slippers to collect the card.
3.Click under the red shelves and a photo frame should come out, ick it up.
4.To the left there should be brown pillows, double click this and you should get another card.
5.There should be a red blanket nearby, click it to reveal a skeleton.
6.Click on the skeleton and click on his arm, you should see a blue bottle in his RIGHT hand, click it.
7.Click his LEFT hand 3x and a key should appear, click on the key.
8.Click on the red blanket at his feet to pick it up.
9.Next to the skeleton should be some blue shelves. Click on the bottom doors and you will find a yellow book, open and collect both pictures.
10.Click the top shelf and it zooms you in, click to the left and you will find another card. Click to the right and you'll find some incense, collect it.
11.Click the blue door next to the shelves and then click the lamp above. There will be 2 cards, 1 on the lamp (shaded brown) and one on the far wall.
12. click left til you come to a fridge, open it and lift the rotten meat up to reveal another card. You should have 6 cards by now! (LEAVE THE BEER IN THE FRIDGE, IT NEEDS TO COOL).
13.Next to the fridge on the right, there should be a bin, click it and collect the paper in the bin.
14.Click the paper with black hair you just got from the bin and press "about item".
15.Then click back on the bin and it should lift up revealing a lighter, collect it.
16.Click on the paper with the black hair and press "about item" again, click the lighter and start burning the paper.
17.Keep pressing the paper until you come up with dice numbers on a paper. stop burning the paper when it says "what does this mean?".
18.There should be six dice faces on the paper in an "L" shape. (Note this)
19.Click on the medicine tub and press "about item". click on the blue top and press 3x to get the paper out the tub. look at the symbols in the same position as the paper you just burnt ( the "L" shape") the symbols match the symbols on your cards.
20.Click the red blanket and press "about item". click the blanket 3x and it should tare revealing a green dice net.
21.Note back to the burnt paper and the symbols in the tub. Now click the green dice net and press "about item". Match the cards you found with the dice number. If you put them right, you'll have a SOUL BOX.
22.Go back to the blue shelves and click the brown book on the second shelf.
23.Click the key you found on the skeleton and unlock the padlock on the book. Read it, and take note the date when his bike goes missing.
24.Then turn to the back of the book and collect the CD.
25.Go to the skeleton and click on the lock. put the date you noted in as MM/DD (for example 01/20).
26.Go to the blue shelves again and click the shelf with the gold bowls.
27.Press "about item" on the CD case and place the CD in the case.
28.Place on the shelf: the photo, the CD and the incense sticks.
28.Go to the fridge and get the well deserved chilled beer and take it to the shelf where you put everything else. Place it on the shelf.
29.Click the lighter and then click the incense sticks.
30.Click the little brown stick by the gold bowl and it will make a ring. It will say "there may be unnecessary stuff".
31.Click the photo and then click the brown stick again. The skeleton should come to life.


If it says "something still missing and you'e put everything down, then the can is not cold enough so pick the can up and put it back in the fridge for a couple of minutes, then put bacl on the shelf and ring the bowl.

This was my very first Escape Room!

@Catalyste ah the memories.




A clerk at a video game store (I was buying Shadow of Destiny) suggested I go play this game because I told him that I liked mysteries and puzzle games.

2004...that's the year. Been hooked ever since! lol

Ok, let's clarify for the alter:

1. Make sure Beer is still in fridge.

2. Make sure Soul Box is complete.

3. Make sure Male picture & frame are in your inventory.

Place the CD and Incense on the alter. Grab the beer from fridge, place on alter. Light the incense by selecting the lighter and then clicking on the incense. Now go to your inventory and place the male pic in the frame and have it selected. Click on the golden bowl. You should hear a Buddhist chant and see the skeleton hand place the Soul box on the alter.

The end.

ok,just checking the date im playing this :P

Amazing game! Difficult in parts especially when you had to find the key which you had no idea it was anywhere... or to take the blanket. Seems things happen after something else is triggered, e.g. you can lift the rubbish bin only after you have looked at pill box. Games like this brought me to EG24 and kept me interested. Not mediocre games of the style pick this thing up, put it there to get the other thing to put in a different place... A story, a purpose!

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