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Escape from 1428 Elm Street Walkthrough

Escape from 1428 Elm Street

[REPLAY] Afro-Ninja - AN Escape From 1428 Elm Street is another point and click escape game developed by Shawn Tanner for Afro Ninja. You live on Elm Street, home of the infamous Freddy Krueger house. Through the years you've heard stories of what has taken place there, but none of it has ever been confirmed. One day while driving to school your friends dare you to go inside. "What could possibly happen?" you wonder to yourself. You don't believe in urban legends do you? Now you need to escape from the house by searching for objects and clues, solving puzzles, and get out of the house alive. Good luck and have fun!

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Escape from Elm Street Walkthrough
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how do u win the game???!??? i smoke the weed but then i lose

If you look at his hand it moves everytime before he snaps the towl

Yep all you have to do is go in the first dark bedroom downstairs, click on the lamp so the room lights up then switch the t.v on using the big red button it will be all fuzzy, then click on your joint n it will come up with freddy and then this video game, the game is freddy chasing you with a towel you have to jump so the towel doesnt hit you, its pretty simple, because you can see his arm move everytime before the towel does. So when you see his arm move jump and it will miss you, you keep doing this until the end of the video game, and at the end you get a jug of holy water and freddy falls down the gap, at the ending of the real game use the holy water ive heard its a better ending even though ive never actually tried shooting him in the head myself! Good Luck!

to get the holy water when ur in the dark room turn on the lamp then turn on the tv make sure you got the weed then smoke it when you r by the tv you will fall asleep and end up in a freddy dream and insted of having a glove with blades on he has a massive towel you have to dodge the towel when freddy tries to hit you with it complete the dream and voila you got holy water

       Anonymous  7/21/08, 8:38 PM  

Where the hell is the room in the basement I cant find it I mean there is an incision but it wouldnt budge so where is it.

you have to go to the rope and then press the knife then the pipe will fall so go in the fire place and pullythe red thing and the dooor will apear

you have to go to the rope and then press the knife then the pipe will fall so go in the fire place and pullythe red thing and the dooor will apear

to get holy water use weed in front of t.v.

okay well i got the good ending its better then the ending when you shoot him. you have to go up to the bedroom that is across from the bathroom. and click the top drawer and click the weed and then go to the room that has the tv in it you have to light the weed while watching the tv freddy pops up on the tv and turns into retro colours you get sucked into the tv and you have to run away from him while hes chaceing you with a bath towl at the end jump with the space bar and run through the holy water and then you get it and and the end you get two options to shoot him with the holy water or shoot him with the gun, you click holy water and then it gets poured on to him, and he gets shot too. id love to tell you what happends but it would ruin the happy ending, GOODLUCK TO ALL THAT WANT TO PLAY =]

im doneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the ending is soo col with the holy water u throw it the freddy explodes

Where is the weed ?
I can't find it!
Help me ppl!

I'm stuck in the basement i cut the pipe down and it put the fre out but now what?

did you guys play Nightmare house it is just like elm street but a little longer

Gemma go inside the chimny and pull the bar to get a room

       Anonymous  6/16/09, 12:45 PM  

how do you get the gun?

Ok that game was alright but i think both endings are crap

wat the cpu code?

Computer code is on the cover of the book 5023.

If you ask me both endings are crappy

i know how to get the holy water

when u see TV u have to play a game. in that game u have to jump and escape from the monster then automatically he takes the holy water

if you want to get the holy water go to the TV in the room right before the shed and than click on the TV and click the top button than click on the weed you have to try not to get hit by pressing the space bar and at the very end if you haven't got killed you get the holy water

The weed is in the bedroom drawer ,, Then you turn on the T.V. and smoke it. You have to win the game and then you get the Holy Water.

for you to get the holy water, you need to go there and turn the TV using the herb. And get a fred game where you have to escape by jumping from his whip. If you win you had found the holy water.

What's with the idiot spam? I doubt anyone's changed religions due to a spambot on a game site.

At any rate, I've got the shed unlocked but it's too dark to see anything. What have I missed?

im with you STUCK

At least I'm not alone, amy! :D

okay have lighter now from pulling the rope and following the instructions on the wall

Hm, I must've done it wrong. I'll try again.

and out :)

Sorry, I'm not playing and don't wanna interrupt, but what a strange comments here.
Besides the Islam guy that's posting now, did you see the comments from;

30/3/09 17:22

3/5/09 10:27

In the past it must have been very rough here on EG24.

Yes. It's the weekend and school is still out for summer, so there are more trolly kids on the internet.

hey small tool
tell me bout it i was really shocked when i first loaded the game

what's the code for the lockbox? completely stuck

you get the code from the skull in the hallway you only need the muiltiply and plus answers

does any1 need help b4 i go???

Hi all!! Is it still live?
I dont get the code either..
amy86 can u explain it better?

hey niceli
you open the floorboard in the floor of the hallway and look closely at the skull.
add the sums up and you use the times answer then the plus answer then the times answer again

lol I still dont get it..
I know that if we solve the skull we ll get: 12,1,15.. and when I add those numbers (28) and do 1 times another or plus another.. it doesn work


enter the house and pick up the hammer
lift the plank and note the sums on the skull
go left into the kitchen and take the knife out the cupboard and read the note( if you want )
go back to the hallway then enter the room directly straight ahead
note the tele. you can go ahead to the shed but theres no point yet.
go back to the hallway and go upstairs to the right hand bedroom.

walkthrough 2

take the weed out the draw.
go into the bathroom and break the mirror with the hammer.
enter the answer into the box

12 15 12

get the key.
go back downstairs and enter the kitchen and then enter the door.
note the rope holding the pipe up use the knife.
once the fire is out look inside the grate and pull the leaver.
enter the door on the left.
go into the first room on the left and read the note.


pull the rope in that room leave then go to the room on the right.
pull the right rope
go back to the left room and press the 1st button
go back to the right room and pull the left rope and press the middle button in that room.
go back to the room on the left and take the lighter.
go to the room straight ahead and look at the hand in the grave and take the shed key.


go back to the t.v room and smoke the weed infront of the tele.
play the video game and take the holy water.
go to the shed and use your lighter to see.
look at the book note the number on it.
switch on the machine then click on the p.c
click on machine works and operate the machine
enter the code from the book (5023)
go up the ladder and take the bedroom key from the box.
go to the bedroom and read nancys diary
click on the lightbulb and agree
constantly click on the cross pipe on the left.
pipe falls on freddy and then use the holy water on him.

Escape From 1428 Elm Street Walkthrough:

1)Grab the hammer on the floor in the first room, click on the plank, and read the inscription on the skull. Then head upstairs and go right.

2)Open the drawer in the bedroom and grab the weed. Head right into the bathroom.

3)Click on the glass, then click on the hammer to break it open. The lock combination is 12,15,12. Grab the basement key.

4) Head back downstairs and take a left into the kitchen. Open the cabinents until you find a note and a knife(they're in seperate cabinets). Click on the knife to get it, then read the note. Head straight to the basement.

5) Go into the room on your left. Read the sign, then click on the rope in the room. Leave the room. At the intersection, go into the room on the right. For fun, click on the two red books with yellow dots on them in the bookcase. Click on the rope on the right, then leave the room. Go back into the room on the left, and you'll see 3 red buttons where the squares were. Click on the left button, and leave the room. Go back into the bookcase room, and there will be three more buttons. Click on the middle one. Go back into the sign room, and where the brown coffin used to be, there will be a table with a lighter on it. Click on the lighter to obtain it. At the intersection, head straight. Click on the tombstone to read a creepy message (if you bothered to put in your name and birthdate correctly), and then click on the open grave. You'll see a skeletal hand poking out of the dirt. Click on it, then click on the yellow shiny object in its hand. You now have the tool shed key. Leave the basement.

6)From the first room(has the plank), head straight. The room will be dark, click on the lamp to light up the room. Head straight. Follow the path until you reach the tool shed. Enter.

7)The tool shed is completely dark, and an onscreen message reminds you. Click on the lighter to fix this problem. There is a book under a computer, read it. Afterwards, click on the red switch on the right. A green light comes on. Now, click on the computer. A fake version of windows(winblows) loads. Ignore the my documents, my pictures, and important crap folders(clicking on them just gives you an error message anyways)and click on the machine works program icon. It'll ask you for an access code, type in 5023. A ladder will drop down. Climb the ladder and click on the chest inside. Grab the bedroom key. Leave the tool shed.

8)Head back upstairs, and go left. Enter the master bedroom. Read the diary on the drawer, then click on the lightbulb to go to sleep. (NOTE: you can't go back after you go to sleep, so if you want to mess around more, don't go to sleep when prompted)

9) It's Freddy Time!! Watch the cheesy cutscene, and fight him. He is completely invulnerable to your gun(don't worry, you have infinite bullets). His glove is the only exception. He tries to rush at you and slash you, first from the left side and then on the right side. If he gets too close for comfort, shoot his glove. He will be knocked back, and appear from the opposite side. You can shoot his hand all day long, but it won't kill him. The trick to beating him lies in shooting a particular background object. Notice the pole with the pipe hanging off of it on the left side? When he appears on the left side, shoot the pipe. If you shoot too early or too late, the pipe will shake, but not fall. If you time it right, the pipe will fall on him, trapping his arm. You now have the option of using holy water or shooting him in the head. If you followed this walkthrough, you won't have the holy water, so shoot him in the head. This will give you the "crappy " ending. To get the good ending, you need to get the holy water.

10) I haven't figured out how to get the holy water yet, but I suspect it involves using the weed(and no, you can't light your joint with the lighter, I've tried many times to no avail). When I figure it out, i'll update it with how to get it. Hope this helps everyone!

What is the bad ending like? I was able to get the Holy water by beating the video game with Freddy after sleeping a first time with the weed. (If you beat this video game dream, you get the holy water and Fred falls but still doesn't die though.) Now, I saw the good ending because I used the Holy water. WHAT HAPPENS IF you shoot him in the... -yeah, i'm not gonna say it. But what happens in the bad ending?

I ENTER 12 15 12 AND IT SAYS "Nothing Happend" ???

Hey! Is everyone ready to restart the game for me? LOL!

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