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Kafkamesto Walkthrough[REPLAY] Kafkamesto Escape is another nice point and click adventure game based on the life of Franz Kafka. "1922. Somewhere in Prague. Mid-winter. You awaken from an uneasy dream.You are in a small, bare apartment. You are alone. You have no idea how you got there. You don’t even know who you are.You exist in a perplexing and enigmatic environment – welcome to the town of Kafkamêsto. Here you can lose yourself for a day… Or a lifetime…" Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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this game has 2 5* ratings and no comments! Intriguing.... best play

I am alone? Weird things are happening and I think I need to find a lawyer....

im joining

OK - somebody take pity on me please! Is this meant to be a game or a surreal experience? Need money for lawyer but can't pick it up....

Hi everyone!! Lets see what we have here :) x x x

this game is way beyond weird

Why cant you keep anything??
Found a key on the windowsill by desk - 'where would I keep this?' Ummmm in your ficken pocket!! muppet! x x x

i been walking round for ages cant keep or do anything its weird and frustating

wasted too much time on this already. Is there a zero rating button? I just don't get it....

Im guna stick around until theres another live one I think.. but yer this is pretty annoying! Anyone done anything yet?? anything at all!! lol x x x

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Just found a suitcase by the desk (to keep things in....)

lol nope cant get on the train guard says i too ill but cant get anything in the chemist cant enter the castle and cant buy the lawyer as cant pick up the money from apartment

Oh I got it!!!! I GOT IT!!!!!! x x x

alison omg thank uuuuuuuuuuuu

Theres a brief case you can pick up in the bedroom beside the chair that you can put things in

Theres a briefcase by the left side of the desk! Hidden behind the chair. You can now keep things. It only holds 5 things at a time tho so I guess you have to use things in right sequence! x x x

Keldos you blatently just stole my thunder!!! x x x

finally managed to pay lawyer

Ok - if you click on the door knob you can exit the room - You can speak to people aswell. I've gone down stairs and answered a phone in the lobby - apparently I have to go to work, I think you need the clocking in card before you go...card with holesin it. x x x

This game is annoying i seem to be walking around in circles

omg have left the apartment block and am now completely lost in the town - have taken about 8 turnings and have no idea where I am.....or going for that matter!! Anyone got further?? PS what lawyer? x x x

is there anything that man hasnt read???

put letter from drawer in no6 postbox - not that it was much help.....

I went to the castle and treid to bribe the guard with everything in my briefcase - I now have no items and didnt even get in! Hope it was meant to do that cos otherwise Im guna have to restart!! x x x

Ok so went to work and clocked in went to my desk and got an appoitment card for the docs and something else eventually found the docs gave the appoitmment card and now i cant get through to see the doc

no dont do that lol and found the work card in the apartment desk draw

did you take the medicine from under the bed in the apartment

so went back to docs sat down and turned into a cockroach wtf!! game over not gonna start again as i keep getting lost

Oh man!! Im guna re-start. Lesson - dont use items unless 100% sure!! lol.
@Keldos - went to work, clocked in went through to room with all the desks but couldnt click anything...Do you have to just click each one until u get it?? x x x

@amy86 did not take the medicine as it wouldnt let me

@loz i just clicked when my cursor turned into a hand

Right gonna give it 1 more go

you have to get the prescription of the doc before going to the pharmacy and you need the medicine and xray first but now i need to restart again aaaaaarrrrgh

managed to get a prescrption from the doc now need to find a pharmacy

Keldos - for pharmacy get back to main square with the two blues brothers!! go left of them and pharmacy is second door on right side of street!
I cant get into work - im sure im at the right building but it wont let me select.....Aaarrrggh this game is so infuriating!!! x x x

i have my train ticket but still cant get through the barrier

okay im sick of dying now have died from
exploding into a cockroach

I need a map. Went to work and read a lot of stuff at my desk. Was told I'm too sick to travel, and now am lost.

also died from being murdered in the factory
also commited suicide in the grave
and have died of old age aaaaaargggghhh

Arrrrgh!! cant find the train station again

yeah ive escaped!!

i escaped but by cheating and finding a walkthrough off the internet didnt want to but was fed up with dying and giving ppl the wrong items

Im still going - only through sheer stubborness!! lol but patience is definately wearing thin!! x x x

I lose items if I attempt to give the wrong thing to the pharmacist. That's just bad programming.

I hope you all realize that the seemingly pointless struggle for very little gain is a common theme in Kafka's works ;). Some of this game is straight out of The Metamorphosis and The Castle. They're horribly depressing, you should read them sometime.

Orson Welles and Anthony Perkins starred in the movie based on this Kafka book...the man tries for years to enter The Law and waits outside the gate until he is no more...interesting game :)

I was quite surprised that there was actually a way out, given that this is Kafka and the books were famously unfinished, with no conclusion.

If you open the bottle you can take the medicine, then you feel better. If you take the postcard on the mirror, when you are on the train you look at it and smile. I didn't know what the yellow key did and felt like there were some other things I could have done, but I was afraid of turning into a cockroach or getting killed in the cemetery. The ending I got was happier than anyone should expect from a Kafka inspired game.


I adore his works and if you ever have the opportunity it would.be defintely worth while to read.one of his books

R.I.P Franz Kafka 1883-1924

how you got out of the first building? i answered the phone but i can't open the door..

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