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La Luna Hotel Walkthrough

La Luna Hotel

[REPLAY] La Luna Hotel Escape is another point and click hotel escape game. You woke up this morning wearing nothing but a pair of zebra striped, faux fur, boxer shorts. But that's not even the worst part. You woke up on the floor with a "Do Not Disturb" sign on your nose! And you don't even know what happened last night so there's only one thing to find out. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

Play La Luna Hotel Escape

La Luna Hotel Escape Walkthrough
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hello.. is anyone playin

i'm here, deepti, if you want someone to play with.

this is GREAT! I LOVE this kind of riddle. . . :D

Had to take a cab to the hotel...didn't get my sports car,LOL

Hi Tris.

hey, Knot! :)

Doesn't seem right. Opened the closet, but comments are like room 201.

Oh, I did this puzzle before.

Midnight , Wonder if I can do it again.LOL

sorry, guys, i'm working on the safe. :) It's going to take a while.

Whew, ton of work for a paper clip from that safe

OK. Got the paperclip. Won in Mahjong. I know what was written under the tile, just don't know how to use that to enter the key code... hmmmmm...

remember the first clue on the scrap of paper?

Bleh, wish the game had a save feature. I don't like Majong and I am pooped

@Danny: Yup. But what I saw under the tiles didn't have any A's, G's or S's. Trying to figure out what those letters could mean...

A=1 Z= 26

Hah. Yah, I googled. Should have been able to pick up on that...

@Luin yes it was.

hmmm, i need a video tape.

all things considered, too much work on the mahjong puzzle and the logic puzzle for too little game. >_< could have been much better.

What with the linen closet?

nvm...Well, that was a long way for for a short end.

You're right Tris, they pirated some hard puzzles to make a so-so game seem worth while.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Is it me or it looks like some of those people had a little too much to drink in the picture:-)

Well not till I got out did I see it was a Re-Play. None the less, I liked it.. one of the FEW I could do with no help. I did take me long time for the Ma Jong, def not my game :)

walk through
1.Switch on the light.
2.Take the note on the floor.
3.Go to the room 201 and get the room 203 key card below the pillow.
4.Click on the painting.Solve the riddle from Einstein and get the
paper clip.

The answer for the riddle is 4 Dan green:
1.yellow,Ben,water,Savage Garden and cat.
2.blue,Karl,tea,Metallica and horse.
3.red,Lee.milk,Green Day and bird.
4.green,Dan,beer,Prince and fish.
5.white,Daz,coffee,U2 and dog.
6.Get the video tape from the camera above room 203.
7.Another tape is at the camera beside the elevator.
8.Get the room 204 key card at the carpet near the elevator.(which is
below green stripe colour carpet,u can see a grey spot colour there)
9.Go to the room 203,use the paper clip to open the luggage.U will get
the room 206 key card.
10.Go to room 206.click on the window..after solving the mah jong game,
u will get the word orion.
11.Use the note that u take on the floor as the guide for the code.
12.For ex..A=1,b=2.so for the orion,the code no is 151891514.
13.Open the locked door outside the corridor.U can get a key from the
upper panel and a half green paper at the lower panel.
14.Go to the room 204 and try to unlock the drawer.The answer for the
lock is 290.U will get another tape.
15.Go to the room 203 again,use the key to open the cupboard.
16.solve another puzzle game...the answer is 438.
4 3 8
9 5 1
2 7 6
17.Insert all the tape and watch all the movie its showed.
18.After tat back up from the tv u can see the cupboard is full of cd
case or wat else..
19.Get another half green paper from tat cupboard(just keep clicking on it).
20.Combine the 2 green paper together u will get the telephone no 702088384.
21.Go to the room 204 again and use the phone to dial this no.
22.The receptionist will ask u wat floor r u on.Just simply type 4(coz u r
on 4th floor.
23.Then she will ask wat room.U just fill in 202(coz it is the only room
left at the 4th floor.)
24.Go out from the room and get the room 202 key card at the elevator.
25.Open the room 202 and ta ta...u escaped.

cant get the paper clip I put in answer 1 yellow ben all 5 the same way, with their colors and name, hit enter nothing what am i doing wrong help please

Someone help...How to combine the two green papers with the phone number! not trying to start over that mahjong game was pretty tedious! Thanks !

NVM got it. I was just inputting the wrong set of numbers! Thanks anyways! and out!

nvm i was putting the name wrong. Thanks

opened the lock door in hallway, clicked all over cant find the key or half green paper help

nvm finally got the key and green paper. always find it after I post thanks

lol wow I played this one a week ago when there wasn't any new ones to play lol

i cant find the key in the closet...anyone playing?

nvm found it

La Luna Hotel Escape Walkthrough:

1. Turn on the lightswitch next to the door for room 204.
2. Pick up the paper on the floor.
3. Go into room 201
4. Click pillow, this will give you the room key for room 203
5. Click the painting to reveal the safe.
6. Click the safe
7. Solve Einstein's puzzle. if you cannot figure it out, the answer is "4 Dan green"
8. Take paper clip
9. Leave that room
10. Click the security camera above room 203, and take the video tape.
11. Turn around.
12. Click the elevator to go towards it.
13. Click the security camera and take the tape.
14. Note that floor you on (floor 4)
15. Click the bit of carpet right under the elevator that is different from the rest. (twice) This will give you the room key card for room 204
16. Use the correct key card to go to room 203
17. Use paper clip to open suitcase.
18. Take room key card for room 206.
19. Click calendar on the wall, and take that too.
20. Use key card for room 206 to go into room 206.
21. The stars will show you the way! Click the window shade and then the "start" button to start the puzzle.
22. After going through the puzzle, you find the words under the tiles to be "OR I ON"
23. Exit the puzzle.
24. Go to the keypad next to the unmarked door.
25. The clue on the paper tell us that A=1, G=7, and S=19. it is stating that the letters correspond to their order in the alphabet. so O=15 R=18 I=9 O=15 and N=14. The code for the keypad is then 151891514
26. In the closet, click the yellow part on the top shelf for the key, and rigth above the green on the bottem shelf for half of a phone number.
27. Go back to room 203
28. Use the key to open the doors under the TV.
29. Figure out this magic square puzzle! If you cannot figure it out, the answer is 438
30. Try both of your tapes. You will find that neither of them work. Where could the 3rd tape be?
31. Use your room key to go to room 204
32. Click on the lock on the drawer.
33. Another puzzle! This one is pretty easy, btu if not, the answer is 290.
34. Now click the unlocked lock
35. Another tape! take the tape.
36. Go back to room 203
37. Use the key to open the TV again, your answer should still be there.
38. Watch the Tape you just got. Oh dear!
39. Click the remote control
40. Now the TV doors are open! Click where all the tapes are until you get the other hald of the phone number.
41. Go back to room 204.
42. Click the telephone
43. Call the number 702088384 (the number on the ripped paper)
44. Answer the questions. You are on floor 4 (remember the elevator?) And you want to room key for room 202.
45. Use the master key for room 202 and surprise!!! The end!!!

Why this old game??
I played this already 2 years ago!?!

The Mahjong game is buggy. It won't recognize some matches, which means I can't win! :(

jackie, it is replay. we post some old games as "Replay" for new escape fans, who didn't played them before.

Umm, please tell me I'm not seeing what I think I'm seeing on the "wrong" tape. The one with the guy in bed.

hiya everyone just starting to play it :) i hope its good

hahaha i just guessed the safe thing and got it right lol :P

working link:


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