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The Stone of Anamara Walkthrough

The Stone of Anamara

[REPLAY] The Stone of Anamara Chapter 1 - La Piedra de Anamara is first chapter of point and click adventure type escape game. You're escaping from the police, and arrive to a strange building that appears to be the perfect hiding place. Face supernatural forces, unveil the mysteries hidden in the Mental Asylum for Children and complete the destiny of "The Stone of Anamara". Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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The Stone of Anamara Walkthrough
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Good morning escapers.

Good afternoon Knotaklu

Here goes.. just starting now.

morning! loading...

Great I finally got inside the house.. and lights on too

Where are you up to?

got power on

Turn right and set the clock.. saw a ghost of a little girl.

i cant find the key anywhere !

just saw little girl ghost and going into the office. creepy...

Ooh I just took some pills.. now its gone all dark... suppose I passed out or something.

If you mean the key to get into the house... try under the doormat round the back door.. (right side of house)

@bosunking under the mat at the back door. click the left side.

oh! Now I'm locked in the bathroom! How do I keep getting myself into these situations. XD

great...I think I just O.D.ed on some pills...

well at least my character had the where-with-all NOT to eat the spoiled food lol.

@Carib Beano Where are you? I'm in the kitchen. Need to light oven and there's a stick on the shelf to the left of fridge...don't know what to do with it.

Damn.. knocked the matches behind the fridge

Oh.. helpful rat (matches)

Nice touch.

Hahaha! I think I almost just lost my breakfast over that thing in the dumbwaiter.

Oh My God!
What was that?

where are matches???

@Carib Beano Ha! I KNOW!!! Scary!!! Matches help please.

Need a break, my eyes hurt.
I could use some of those pills now, LOL.

@Knotaklu lol...this navigation is definitely not my favorite but, so far loving this game. Help with matches pleeeeeeeeeeeeease. :s

I can't move on until I eat the soup. @Carib Beano please help.

I can't open the safe... and I am sure the numbers are right.

the soup was hot... but who knows how long it was there right?

Hey guys... the matches?

They fell down the back of the fridge when you touched them (they were on the top of the fridge I think).

Take the stinky cheese from the fridge and put it on the left side of the fridge... the rat/mouse gets interested... on his way he will bring the matches with him.

@Carib Beano I still haven't found the matches.

@Carib Beano Omg...thank you! That was getting so frustrating. I guess I didn't see myself knock them down. Trying to catch back up.

Ok.. got the safe open... keep trying the numbers... mine didnt work at first.. but then suddenly it did work...

Found the planchette (oui-ja board)... it gave me a message.

Where are you up to now?

okay, exploring storage b4 I go upstairs. Found code hint.

How'd you get #s for safe?

oh..nvm got #s

OK I'm back, had something to eat, now where's this kitchen?

Is this standard combo lock fashion? 2 rotations rt-1st #, 1 rotation lft-2nd #, etc... or is it just put in the #s?

Welcome back @Knotaklu. Kitchen's first door in the hallway.
This safe is making me crazy...

Ok call me an idiot but where is the fuse box?

Ahh...got it! NOT standard combo lock fashion. lft-rt-lft

NM found it

Bah! I still can't get upstairs... flipping door is locked and the key(s) I have don't fit.

where are the keys?

@Pat I found it by chance. It's right by the back door. in the bushes. I think it's on the left when zoomed on door but, I have to admit, I don't remember too well. You'll eventually zoom on bushes and click to clear them.

@Carib Beano Where are you? I can't get upstairs. I WAS catching up lol...

@Pat fuses under ivy on wall left of back door

@Knotaklu I've only found 2 keys so far and used them both. One at back door and one in drawer under bible (used on storage closet). I still need one for upstairs.
Do we need to figure out how to turn the water on? Can't find a tool to turn these valves and it seems the only room left with anything to do until we get upstairs.

oh and there's that hint in the vent that I have no idea where to use.

What time to set the clock?

Still can't get upstairs... am retracing my steps again.

Hope it isnt something you have to do the things in the right order. That would be too sick.. after I was flying along earlier.

Getting a little fed up now.. as I can't get upstairs through the locked door at the top.. and really don't wanna have to restart.

Anyone got the key for that door?

There's is a hint somewhere that says "at five to six" 5:55

I think it was actually 6:55, try both

ok.. gonna refresh and restart.

I must have missed the key for the upstairs door.

Restarting... sigh!

@Carib Beano I'm with you. Feel like we missed something but, so far it doesn't seem to let you do anything out of order. I couldn't do anything 'til I at soup so let's hope. I tried the dumbwaiter again and nothing...
Do you know what the clue in the vent is for? Maybe that will help us. It has the pentagram on it. Maybe we should look closer at the book in the safe. If we are doing elements, we did fire and need to get the water on. Then we would need earth, air, and spirit. I might be reaching lol.

AAARG, game froze up!!! Gotta restart.


I must just be an idiot today sorry all.

What after kitchen? Ate soup and stucked lever? Where are numbers for safe?

Arrghh..I can't get into the safe!!

For safe: In the office is an old radio. Click first knob to turn it on. Middle knob is tuner. Tune it until the picture frame breaks. Safe #s ore on the back of the picture.
Also important: Safe doesn't work like a standard combo lock. You don't need to do full rotations in either direction. Just click left side til you get 1st, right side til you get 2nd, and so on.

If you can't find the radio: Click towards the desk and bathroom door turn until it seems you are behind the desk looking out. From there you can see the radio on the left of the screen.

@Carib Beano are you almost back with me? Need you to catch back up and help me get upstairs.

Aww thanks mgkanda...I had the sound turned off and didn't think the radio did anything!!

Oh I just found a letter and the Newspaper.. I missed them the first time round.

Going a little slower this time.. just to make sure I don't miss things.

am still in the room with the Painting on the wall.. and the Bible on the table..and the papers in the dressing gown pocket.

Where are you?

@fineschi You welcome! Now help me get upstairs ASAP lol. XD I'm all alone and out of ideas.

Lol, I am completely stuck...I'm going to be NO help!!! :)

I'm still trying to get upstairs. Keep me updated on new finds. I did catch all that stuff earlier. I seriously think we have to figure out what that note in the vent in the storage room means to get the key for upstairs. I can't find anything that has levers or anything resembling the picture though. Click Click clickclickclickclick...nothing

ok... am back after setting the time on the clock and just seen the little girl ghost.. at the office door

you get upstairs after using the ouija board and the little girl shows you the upstairs door

ok.. just opened safe again.

Third time now, found a map showing the first floor next to the hammer in storage room.

Has everybody seen the note in the vent? What does it mean? And has anybody turned on the water? I think we need to.

@amy86 but, I did use the board but, never saw her. The board said go upstairs and I did but, the door is locked. Must have missed a step but, can't figure out where.

Ugh...I wonder if Carib Beano is right and there is a specific order you need to do things in. Soooo don't want to restart.

i had to restart cuz game crashed just going into kitchen now but think things have to be done in a certain order

Just restarted...

ok.. just arrived in the kitchen again... at least I know about the Dumb Waiter this time.. lol

ok once you have taken pills leave the office and dont touch the safe but do as the girl asks and go to the kitchen first before returning to the office to open the safe

Looks like I'm going to have to restart also - I never saw the ghost show me the upstairs room either!!

Okay, going to kitchen...

just had my bowl of hot soup.. and ready to continue

im out rubbish ending really dissapointed

okay, did everything in the kitchen. Should I go to storage or open the safe first?

once you have finished in the kitchen go back to the office use the radio then open the safe use the ouija board and then the girl shows you a clip of her going upstairs. leave office and go upstairs the door opens....

OMFG....what an ridiculous ending!!!!! :(

"It's opening... now to find out who the little girl is..."

Okay, not starting again. I did EXACTLY as little girl told me, used board "go upstairs" an still no clip.

Huh? ... to be continued?

Aww no!!

Still it was on of the only games that I really wanted to restart on.

Think I only missed the letter on the floor and the newspaper the first time round.

I did give it time to play out all the scripted dialogue though.. and made sure to touch everything... and so I got out.

tell me bout it played for hours just for that!!!!!!!


Think I was in the kitchen when I got the clip of the girl showing me the door upstairs.

After the dumbwaiter thing

mgkanda - I did that the first time....I clicked off the ouiji board too soon...just stay on that view until you see the ghost - it's a ridiculous ending anyway, not worth restarting!

guess we have 2 wait 4 the 2nd part lol

There is a 'stick' on the shelf -left of the dumb waiter that you can drag to the 'hole in wall' and turn it, but it says it only came down part way and is stuck again,...like me.

Also Oui-Ja board only said 'GO_UPSTAIRS', never saw any ghost and door still locked.

Overall a good game but I don't like it when you have to do everything in a certain order. Too many restarts. Thanks everybody!

you have to stay on the ouija board untill the whole scene finishes

Thanks @amy86, but I tried that but when I went back it doesn't do anything, not going to try again now that I've read all your comments.

BTW, the soup must have Campells Alphabet Soup because it had letters in it. LOL

(Wonder if they sued and that's why there's no part 2)


Great little game.. had me gripped enough to actually restart.

Sailed through it quite quickly but missed a couple of things. Hence the restart after I got stuck at the upstairs door.. for ages.. with no key.

I would like to have known at the beginning that you had to do things in a certain order.

And the game play screen could have been bigger.. don't like the ones where the screen is too small.

But on a positive note.. a great little game, nicely thought out.. and entertaining.. with just a little scare in it.. just enough to get your adrenalin going.. without being actual "horror". Thx very much gamemaker.. and game poster..

Look forward to the next one.

I can only access the main room and the storage room. Everything else is locked.

Stone of Anamara Chapter 1 Walkthrough:

You start outside the gates to the Asylum, click to the right if you want to see the sign, or click forward to go towards the Asylum, go to the right, then around the house, click towards the door, then move the mouse down to see the top of a Mat, click it to reveal a key in the corner, then go through the door, go back out then click to the left, you will be looking at a wall with lots of vines on, keep clicking it till the box is totally un-covered, open it, click around on the little knobs to spark 3 fuses to light the house

Inside - Main Hall:
Once inside the house click to the left, then towards the double doors, click onto the painting, now click away, turn to the right to see a bible on the desk, click the draw under it, and take the key.

Go to the clock, turn the Big Hand to the 6 (to the bottom point) then the thin hand to the 11 (one left from the top point), this will activate a cut-scene, go to the door where the little girl was and enter the room.

Inside - Doctor ALEXANDER GRAVES Room:
Go forwards toward the door, enter it, this will trigger a cut scene.

Inside - Doctor ALEXANDER GRAVES Room - Toilet:
Turn to face the sink/basin, open the small cupboard on the wall, and take the pot in the very top-right hand corner of the cabinet, open it up then click on the pills. (Another cut-scene will be triggered)

When you re-gain your vision, get up and turn left, press on the Left tap and let it run, this will reveal a word in the mirror. Now leave.

Inside - Doctor ALEXANDER GRAVES Room:
Turn around and leave the room.

Inside - Main Hall:
Move forward into the main area, go forward again, and click the door in front of you.

Inside - Water Room:
Click around in the top left corner, you should switch on a light. Turn around to face the door, you will see a dirty coat, click right at the top of it where it is hanging and it should fall off. Click the vent, there is a piece of paper, im not too sure about what this is for exactly, all I know is that it may come in handy within the next chapter. Now leave.

Inside - Main Hall:
Go forward then turn around, go through the door closest to you.

Inside - Kitchen:
Move forwards towards the fridge, then turn to the right, click on the can, drag the can opener over the top of it and open it.
Now pick up the can and pour it into the pot.
Turn back to the fridge and click the box on top, they will fall down the back.
Open the fridge and drag a chunk of the moldy bread next the chair leg in the bottom left of the screen.
A rat will come out and knock the matches out from behind it, pick them up.
Turn back to the stove and open the draw under the pot, click on the burnt wood, open the matchbox, now drag the match towards the left side of the matchbox and let go.
Once the pot has finished bubbling, drag the ladle from the sink on the right over it, he will now drink some of the soup.
Turn back to the fridge, then turn left, click the bowl of soup on the table, now click the soup, once it has finished, click outside of the bowl.
On the shelf above it there is a Crank handle, drag this over to the right onto the small black circle under the hanging plant basket.
Move towards it. Click the handle to turn it, now click on the left, and click the handle of the shutter. Hahaha, I wonder if that made you jump? Look up the vent.
Now come back out, turn around and exit the Kitchen.

Inside - Main Hall:
Make your way to Doctor ALEXANDER GRAVES Room.

Inside - Doctor ALEXANDER GRAVES Room:
Click towards the door, then click to the right, then right again, then click towards the left, there will be a radio, click the left knob once, this will turn it on. Click the middle knob 5 times, this will make the photo frame shatter, click the photo. Then click it again, there is a code: 11-05-39.
Go to the right 3 times, there are some certificates and a photo, click the photo twice, this will reveal a safe, click onto the safe. Then click the dial, now enter the code. (Click on the left side of the dial 10 times, then on the right side 6 times, then click on the left 34 times.)
Click outside of the dial, click the Horizontal bar and open the safe.
Click the Ouija Board on the bottom shelf, keep the hand/cursor over it until it finishes by staying over "Goodbye" This will trigger a cut scene. Click outside of the Ouija Board. Now leave the room.

Inside - Main Hall:
Make your way to where there was the door to the Kitchen and the Water Room, go through the opening on the left, go up the stairs, and then click the door handle.


I just wish there had of been a 2nd part to this but apparently the creater died so there will be no chapter 2.

       Anonymous  8/5/10, 3:57 AM  

Didn't get the security warning on this one. This was pretty cool! Nice sound effects, when drinking soup. Also the demon in the garbage chute thing scared the bejeezuz outta me. lol. Nice creepy theme with the whole interactive experience. OMG the Ouija board actually moved on it's own! LMAO! Gonna look out for the sequel. Thanks for the post! Also does the game window have a larger size?

jj as i said there will be no sequal because the creater died i hope some one might go a head to make the second part but it look's unlikely unfortunatly.

I have to ending the stone of anamara chpter 1,but i never finding the chapter 2,so,where is the chapter 2?I want to know the next story!

Odd... I did fine up until the kitchen. No matches, no can, no can-opener, can't open the fridge, no dumb-waiter. I'm sure everything else was done correctly so I gave up.

loved this game but no second one as the maker died wish someone would make round 2. :{

There is a bug in the game because i have played this game many times and the kitchen always had a pot on the stove and a ladel in the sink and a can of soup there are none now and the dumb waiter has disapeared in the kitchen along with the matches on top of the fridge and you cant even open the fridge now to get the cheese for the rat so there must be a bug.

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