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Nick Bounty: The Goat in the Grey Fedora Walkthrough

Nick Bounty: The Goat in the Grey Fedora

[REPLAY] [DOWNLOAD] Nick Bounty: The Goat in the Grey Fedora is another premium quality point & click adventure type escape game developed by Mark Darin for PinheadGames and hosted on Itch.io. It's the follow up to the award winning point & click adventure A Case of the Crabs. This time, detective Nick Bounty sets out to find a missing ceramic goat for the niece of a recently deceased lawyer. He soon finds out, however, that he isn’t the only one looking for it! Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

Download The Goat in the Grey Fedora
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Hello, noone here??

I´m here - sneaking around with no idea how to get this goat...

Been to Chinatown? Got bust, bulb, dont know how to get boy puppet

Thought of combining bust and ruler, but is not working

GAve Camera to salesman - now, it´s thrown away...

Had to fill a card for the mailing list. Need something to remember the list!

Can give back the card but nothing after that

got this card back, made an imprint with bust and gave it back - unfortunately i forgot my name.... I think it starts with TRO....! Now got my card back again and the trick worked :D

wow thanks Dabb, now looking for goat statue in the rich guys house
Whats with the bulb?

Bulb go into right lamp. Turn off first.

To get into lawyers office, you have to prove, that you´re a lawyer. Some phrases like "modus operandi" should do this. 3 answers are enough.

Got my face copied and combined that with ruler and tape from desk. Let the show go on!

yes can see goatmarkings now but need sculpture book from China town I think

Got goat, talked to Sam in the restaurant and now I´m bound to a chair. It´s dark and I´m stuck!

oh I talked to Sam so will get bound now??

Dabb did u dpo anything with the giant ktrakken?

now discovered whats in safe etc after getting key. What now?>


can't hold myself back from saying: congratulation to those who made this game; liked the story, the action, music and so on... u have my applause.

That was awesome!!!
Man, the underground fight scene must be one of the best things I've ever seen in a room escape game! :D

@ Virginia I enjoyed that fight scene too :D This is a wonderfully funny game. :)

Anyone here?

I can only visit Bounty's Office and the Law Office. How do you to the others?

Oh--got it! You have to show the secretary the picture of the goat!

Hint: 2 items to be found in shop next to pawn.

I'm stuck in the dark, and the bomb is ticking !

Nick Bounty - The Goat in the Grey Fedora Walkthrough:

1. Pick up ruler from desk
2. Pick up spy kit from shelf
3. go out of your office
4. go to the buisness district
5. talk to secratery
6. say you're a lawyer and want his office
7. click on habeas corpus, then ex post facto, then modus operandi
8. pick up tape
9. put c4 on safe
10. copy your face
11. go out of office, and show the secratery the goat photo
12. go to chinatown
13. go to news stand and try to modern sculptor
14. combine copy of your face, ruler and tape
15. give your puppet to the girl puppet
16. look at magazine you now have
17. go to end pawn shop
18. buy black lightbulb and abstract blob
19. go into other pawn shop
20. talk to stuffy englishman
21. show him the ceramic goat
22. talk to him again and ask to be on mailing list
23. look at abstract blob
24. combine putty with card
25. give it to the englishman
26. say your name is nick tronty
27. talk to englishman again
28. go to mr trossers house
29. go into the fake room
30. turn off the lamp on the right side
31. unscrew the lightbulb
32. put the black lightbulb in
33. turn the lamp back on
34. turn the other lamp off
35. examine the statues
36. go back to chinatown
37. go to rick's food place
38. talk to sam
39. kick the corn dog
40. try to use the rope cutters
41. use the matches on the rope
42. open the big crate
43. use the scoop tractor
44. pick up the bomb
45. use the bomb on the giant kraken
46. go through the gaping hole in the ground
47. go to kittie's house
48. go in the other room
49. examine the broken goat
50. go to chinatown
51. go to chinese pawn shop
52. talk to the chinaman
53. go out of shop
54. go to buisness district
55. go into office
56. open safe
57. go back to chinatown
58. go into pawn shop, talk to chinaman and get goat
59. go to kittie's house
60. use the puppet 3 times

Great replay

really fun game! and I donated a little $ :D

Great remake! I remember the game from way back. So how come the creators didn't make anything further? I kept visiting the site for a long time... Wish they would continue

Hey... After I talk to Sam, and ate the peanuts many times, I get out and... Nothing like it's supposed to be: I'm NOT trapped. I just need to know what I might not have done, so I can finish this game. The point is, every time I try the Walk-through, I'm in normal Chinatown, no cut-scenes, no window, nothing.

Great game, not too hard. Excellent!

So much fun! A game I could play w/out reading the walkthrough! Good game :)

Great game :)

where is the corn dog?
i can't really find it after talking to sam

nothing happened after i got the goat and nothing happened after i talked to sam. what did I miss?

i hate this. after i talked to sam about almost everything. i'm still not in the ware house. please help

I think the cut scenes (videos) have been removed. so the game doesn't work anymore after talking to sam. crap!!!

       Anonymous  9/16/18, 2:44 AM  

caught this one due to a suggestion of one of our EG24 players (thx noel)
unfortunately, the game is only available as download now - enjoy anyway!

& of course:
as the safety of our players’ devices is important to us, we only provide safe downloads, tested on a computer with very high security settings!

btw: another Nick Bounty episode will be released soon - watch this space!

thx for all your creations, Mark ☺
& thx Yalçın for the WT

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