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Grow Cube Walkthrough

Grow Cube

Another new release from the eyezmaze, this time is Grow Cube! Games from eyezmaze is fun and it is about building the cube with items provided and there will be different possibilities for the sequence you used. Try your best to works things out.

Click here to play

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       Anonymous  7/29/06, 9:22 PM  

Thanks Sazzy for the walkthrough

1 - people
2 - water
3 - plants
4 - pot
5 - pipe
6 - fire
7 - dish
8 - bone
9 - ball
10 -spring

thanks a lot!!!! I'll never win this game without your walkthrough!

Actually you have the last two wrong! its spring then ball and you should get a huge difference!

Just for the record, it makes no difference if you do the spring or the ball first, you still reach the end, with the same winning animation.

dont listen to flowerlkd. either ball first and spring second and vise versa do the exact same thing.

Thanks for the walkthrough, i would of never got it! The ending is really really cool!

1 in 3 million 628 thousand chance you'll get it right first time :D

dirk's comment is incorrect anonymous's is correct that dirk guy is a jerk "dirk the jerk"

1. People
2. Water
3. Plants
4. Dise
5. Pipe
6. Fire
7. Pot
8. Bone
9. Ball
10. Spring

this is how you really win that other one only gets you half way there it took me some time to get it right but here it is the WINNER !! its so cool when you get to the end :)

ok everyone this place is not for chat and not for insulting eachother. so dont be an idiot and act like that. and flowerikd it realy dos't mater how you put it no afense.so just put up a post if you have a nother way witch i think ther isn't.

dj, you're being a jerk now. who cares if we're chatting, you're the idiot


Well what are you doing here Zac? lol

hi i would like to play that game where you nurse the blue guy back to health and it turns back to yellow i found it once but i can't find it again help!!!!

who's the flowerlkd?

sherry you are crazy. your one is half way.

sherrie my pot broke cus of your walkthrough

sherry u nob hed u must be a complete retard to think that works

omfg thank you so much iv been playing this game for months now and i never got it
btw i tryed sheerys way this is my results
bone lv3
water lv3
ball lv1
dish lvMAX
plants lvMAX
pot lvO (distroyed)
pipe lv3
spring lv1
person lvMAX
fire lv0 (distroyed)

1. Peoples
2. Water
3. Plants
4. Pot
5. Pipe
6. Fire
7. Dish
8. Bone
9. Spring
10. Ball

Hope it works for ya!! (;

Bailey, it id called grow nano

thanks for walkthrough anonymous!

susan thx beeen trying this for almost a year and now i beet urs works and it looks sick

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKFUWphmvfw :)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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