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The Grudge 2 - Escape the Cursed Room Walkthrough

The Grudge 2 - Escape the Cursed Room

[REPLAY] The Grudge Escape 2 - Escape the Cursed Room is sequel of The Grudge 1 point and click adventure room escape game. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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The Grudge 2 Walkthrough


woo hoo going in!

Found several things - scissors, cleaver, one chopstick, glass, soda, sheet of colours, electrical plan, coathanger, photograph, key and an apple. A few were in the dark cupboard. Need an electric plug.

A few hotspots - under the picture (something must drop later) the telephone, top of TV and the ceiling - with no reaction. Hanging ceiling light is too high to reach.

ok have empty glass, diagram, two chopsticks and manual drill. now stuck and that cat and phone are driving me crazy lolo

tx slartismum - i now have soda (used in glass) and scissors. no cleaver, colors, pan, etc yet...

oooh got cleaver

got sheet of colors now - think i may be getting better at this :)

shiny apple under table in middle of room!

halved apple w cleaver and got key.

clothes hanger in drawer opened w key

did you find the chopstick by the chair?

Deleted my comment as you had found the apple. Went back and lost the connection. Starting again. that's the chopstick that I found.

i viewed details of hanger, tried to unwind it to reach windchime (no) so added chopsticks, now they're gone.

ok looks like i must start again, too. i'll find the other for ya

oooh! photograph in wooden holder by door - i swear it wasn't there before...

oh good grief - can't figure out how to get the frame to drop something, again... help? and that may have been the other chopstick...

ah - finally got it again and it was the other chopstick not sure how i did, though

It won't cut with the scissors either. Where is the drill, please?

stuck now w photo, hanger, two shopsticks, key (used), manual drill, galss, scissors, soda, diagram and sheet w colors on it.
gotten any further slartismum?

Found the other chopstick, thanks, it was the picture frame. Click bottom left then bottom right.

drill is left of cabinet. down low between it and the wall.

If you mean losing the chopsticks after you said what would happen, then yes, that's progress - lol. Otherwise I am stuck as you are, Josie, less in fact as I still have not found the drill.

Thanks for that, Now trying to drill everything. Wondered if maybe we should have drilled the chopsticks and joined them with something........

Did you find the remote that doesn't do anything, on the table?

yes i did, tx. i'm thinking we have to plug in tv etc first.
just wandering around looking for more hotspots. getting a little frustrated...

Did you mention a cat before?

yeah - on soundtrack. constant meowing :S
does it look to you like drill is missing its bit? thought we could slide in a chopstick, but no


tried to drill door, cut phone cord etc etc even went to (back of photo) and nothing there.

hotspots all over drill and hanger in close-up view... i haven't yet given the chopsticks back to hanger, but i guess i will now

have you used the glass of soda on anything, yet?

Found power cable click in down screen from tv then on table then on hotspot on table, it's on the left. Hard to find so keep trying

Plugged cable in but I only have 1 battery for remote so far

great find, lemonpen! where battery, pls?

Hotspot is on right side of table then another hotspot in that view then goes to find cable

Battery was in one of the dark compartments in open shelves I think, found it a while ago and I have never posted before til I found cable.

can't find battery on shelves

Josie, I think I was wrong click around the zoom in of phone and find the hotspot on right, battery may have been there if not when you have that cabinet in full view look for hotspots on compartments

Good find, lemonpen. Progress at last.

hoy cow it was behind the phone! i swear i'd clicked there 40,000 times
thank you :)

other battery is above the doorway to the upper left wall!!!

Very pixely game, how to reach wind chime?

Now the TV is asking for a three digit code. (SIGH)

TY Gavin, found other battery

yay gavin!!! lemonpen, in view of door, go up arrow

gavin, in regular view of door or up view? can't find battery

nvm found it!

Thank you, Gavin and lemonpen.

now my glass says it's empty - but not marked as used
i guess i poured it on something ??

Mine says empty too but not marked as "used"

       Anonymous  2/3/11, 7:41 PM  

gavin, for the life of me i can't find the second battery!! is it in the up view? on the edge of the door? i have no hot spots there

tab key works, not helping me this far in though

@ Juliyetgo to the view of the ceiling above the door. click on the brown picture rail for the hotspot.
Used 112 on the remote (for the colours and it told me Toshio needs a drink). Is this the cat?

Juliyet, go up arrow so you see two lights and then find hotspot on left door frame top

       Anonymous  2/3/11, 7:43 PM  

and where is the hanger?!?

Hanger is in the 4th drawer after using the key from the apple.
It may be nothing but if you click the hanging light below the black line, it says nothing but if you click it above the line it says it is too high.

Give the tv your soda then ?????

       Anonymous  2/3/11, 7:48 PM  

oh i see, then i guess i need to find that cleaver first b4 anything else! where?

yay! where's my present!

cleaver at the top of the dark cabinet

       Anonymous  2/3/11, 7:50 PM  

ummmm, toshio pic is not in the mailbox anymore!! :(

go to the TV and find another chopstick by the ariel.

attach to the hanger with the other two, now have a wind chime.

use other chopstick on hanger and get drill bit put on drill

open locked drawer with drill then code box now stuck

cut string and take the drill bit. now looking for somewhere to use the drill.

cut chime with scissors to get bit

Use the coloured sheet on the box.

Be wary when opening the door!

Thanks, everyone, it was great playing with you. Apart from the pixels, it was a good game!

got code box key, now scared slartismum to open door

oooh, out, very pixely, onto another see you around guys and thanks!

       Anonymous  2/3/11, 8:02 PM  

ugh!! it's too pixely!!!!! where is the chopstick on the top of the tv???

Juliyet: do you have the message from the TV about Toshio?

       Anonymous  2/3/11, 8:05 PM  

yes slartismum

OK, pour the glass with the soda onto the message then go to the top of the TV with the ariel.

       Anonymous  2/3/11, 8:07 PM  

oh oh i didn't get my present oops

take the chopstick and attach it with the other two onto the hanger.

       Anonymous  2/3/11, 8:10 PM  

and out!! thanx everyone!! gnite!!

oh for heavens sake - where is the soda? Anybody still playing?

please, can someone explain where this soda is? and the batteries... thanks in advance :o)

POP has shown me one battery :D the one behind the phone... now for the second and soda

YEAH... another POP for soda :D i think i found at the same place the scissors or the glass, but never seen the soda there...

i've read the comments... maybe there's something else to do first, because i have no hotspot in door-up-view at the left doorframe... only on the right side for the wind chime... and the same for the spot at the tv for the 3rd chopstick...

what a creepy end

       Anonymous  2/4/11, 3:26 PM  

omg whats gonna happen i have know idea all i have is the scissors an dthe glass with the cup and the plan but i dont know how to use both with each other like the glass and soda

thanks for this enlightening answer @Marleen, but it would have been more interesting for me, HOW do you got to this creepy end...
until now i haven't found this hotspot for the second battery... :o(

how many chopsticks should be found?

hi lavache... there must be 3 chopsticks... the last one you get after the (second) message on the tv
i finally got the game now... byebye

I can't find a sheet of colours. Help please.....

I found it in the mirror. Anybody there?

The Grudge 2 Walkthrough:

1) click on right box thing on wall right side collect photo
look at back of photo watch after trialer for code (on left)
2) face door click on left beam left of corner of wall for 1st battery (cant find it use the tab then )
3) go down then right to cabinet
4) click on phone then click on back of phone collect 2nd battery
5)click on top right of cabinet for cleaver
6)click on middle of click inside book for TV diagram
7) click on left side of cabinet for scissors (cant find it use the tab then ;)
8) click middle left of cabinet for soda (cant find it use the tab then ;)
9) click on 3rd draw down for glass
10) view glass and then select soda click on glass agian (should be a glass full of soda / soda used)
11)from cabinet turn right
12) select mirror, select bottom left.take paper code top left to centre it
13) go right then down. select right edge of table.take right edge of bottom of table (cant find it use the tab then;)
select seam of table and floor for TV cable
14) select TV then put cable in socket
15) face door select down select battery 1 and then 2 for remote control
16) look at back of photo and watch site on left you should see the code 112
17) put the code into remote control give the filled glass to Toshio leave you a present on top of TV (chopstick) (click near base of ariel)
13) select under chair left for 1st chop stick
14) select painting. click bottom left and then bottom right pickup 2nd chop stick from floor
15) select tv then select ariel for 3 chopstick
16) view apple the select cleaver click apple for key to forth drawer
17) select ket and open forth draw in cabinet and grab coat hanger
18) select beside draws (on skirting board) to grab the drill
18) view coat hanger select chopstick 1 and add to coat hanger do the same for other 2
19)face door select up select coat hanger hook and use on wire to ceiling chimes
21)view ceiling chimes the select scissors for the drill bit
22)select drill add drill bit
23)goto last locked drawer in the cabinet and use the drill grab the stange box
24) look at the color code on the paper(last thing not used) push the buttons on the strange in english sequence left to right top to bottom – match the colors ie:bbggppbbggpp

I don't understand color code. Top row is PPPG bottom is PPPP (Purple and green) on my paper.

mine was BBPB
try that.

used scissors and now i don't have them any more. I also don't have the drill part... just unused chimes... haha

I should NOT have played this just before bedtime! lol

Does anyone know the hotspot for the tv cable?

Never mind I got it you have to double click an area of the table

For those of you who may have trouble with the exact location of the tv plug go to the corner where the apple is and click the corner underneath the table where the wood of the table meets the floor then it will take you to another part of the table then find the hotspot it should be in the middle :)


I had few things, like glass, photo, 1 battery, 1 chopstick then AHAA!! I ended up at that first door and clicked it away to find hotspots... I clicked at someting that set me free.
I dont know what happened, maybe it was a timing thing, maybe it was a glintch. I went free and dunno how.
Well, it was not a creepy end for me anyway. Just that creepy girl talking to you in a larger size.
Anyway, good luck to all of you!!!!

lmao i got scared when i escaped!!

thanks everyone... i didnt know abt the tab trick b4 that helped a LOT! also very creepy when u open the door lol ;)

I keep getting stuck under the table where the cable is!!!! lameee
Anyone else?

You start from top left-right, then bottom left-right for the color code. If you have 4 purples on the top and 1 green and 3 blues on the bottom, you click the purple button 4 times, press the green button, then press the blue button 3 times.

I can't pass the thing with the colors. -_-'

Yay , I'm out thanks for help everybody , I would be lost without your help . :D

I can't find the drill.where exactly is it?

cant click on the tv?

That game just about drove me nuts ....glad I'm out, with lots of help :) Thanks

haaah, that wind chime thing had me puzzled for a while! clicked and clicked and no go!

it's actually simple: you have to cut one of the chimes in DETAIL VIEW! not on the main screen! i almost got nuts because i always got "you can't reach up that high".

where is the drill

Mel, you have to zoom in the drawers and the drill is behind the bookcase, there is a small spot on the left side.

Hi, I just finished thanks to your comments! Couldn't find the tv code or the 3rd chopstick till I read it from U. Thanks again!

not even scary.

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