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The Package Walkthrough

The Package

You're minding your own business sitting at your desk and a point'n'click adventure arrives in a package by post. Well it makes a change from waking up in locked rooms. You now have 15 minutes to solve it before you blow up.

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1. click push on the bomb.

2. keep clicking numbers then push until all 4 lights are lit

3.click the panel at the top left.

4.take the numbers.

5.click the numbers in the inventory.

6.put the numbers as follows
and enter 916312 (appears as ?1??12)

7.take the screwdriver and unscrew the panel with screws

8.you will see switches
we will call them as you see them
1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12
click switches 9,10,12,6,8,4 and take the key

9. use the key in the lock then
multiply the 2 sets of numbers
if the number that you get matches the number on the top of the box is ff00000, cut the red wire
if the number that you get matches the number on top of the box is 0000000, cut the black wire.

you have escaped!!


1* Keep trying number one at a time until you get 4 green lights after clicking push.

2* click the top left panel in the frame, and you will get keys.

3* Put in the numbers in the pad in the order of:
and then type in 916312, which is on the actual puzzle. Don't worry if it turns out like ?1??12!

4* at the side, a screw driver will pop out. Click on the biggest panel that has screws in the corners.

5* the switches at the side need to be pulled in this order ( I'll say them in the alpabet)




click switches: I:J:L:F:H:D

6* use the key in the key hole and multiply the numbers. There will be a number at the side.
If the number you get matches ff00000, cut the red wire,
If the number you get matches 0000000, cut the black wire.
If you don't get either number, use a calculator.

Well done! You made it!
if you got the right wire.

If not... See you in the other life.

butt holes

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