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Riddle School 2 Walkthrough

Riddle School 2

Second version of Riddle School point-and-click adventures. You need to point and click to find some items or clues and use them for Phil's ecaping from the school.

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       Anonymous  11/15/06, 7:04 PM  

Take all the little tiny grey balls (from wat u see, but actually its coins!) Make sure u hav all 4 Talk to the guy leaning on the wall wtih a printing of a music note. Buy the whistle from him.
Blow the whistle (click on the whistle)
Go out of classroom now.
Go inside Mrs. Sleep's room.
Click on the desk with the top opened. U will get a "slidy" and a 2 coins.
Go out and go right and click on the firs locker at the right side and u will get 1 coin.
Go right again and click on the vent below the poster. Click on the "slidy" to take the vent off. U will get a toilet paper roll.
Go left and down to the Men's Room. Giv the person inside the toilet the toilet paper roll and get the mop inside the stall. Go out.
Go left and in the Janitor's room. Click on the mop when u get in Before u click on the talk bubble. U will get enough money for the cookie now.
Go right go in Mr Sum's room. ( if u cant get in, folo the instructions below with an astric sign beside it.)
Click on the notes on the table and get a coin. Go out.
Go to the teacher's Lounge and click AT THE BACK of the cookie machine ( at the shadow also can) then plug in the wire.
Now u can buy the cookie and giv it to the cookie boy.
Go in the office and go into the Mr. Mister office. Watch the movie a while and go all the way left to the entrance. OPen the door and u are free.

*Go in to the teacher's lounge and choose the speech bubble with the " i got permission to....." then click "Mr .O. Boe" and u will get out automatically and go back to Mr Sum's room, u will find him in there

       Anonymous  12/9/06, 12:41 PM  

good game, guide helped alot



eeaassyy game

ill leave a walk maby

mr o boe and miss cophy
are stupid idiotis

thanx v much anonymous

hey anonymous im very thnkful that you did that to help everyone that played that game. i think thats totally cool and i think its not cheating.

thanks for the cheats

thanks for the cheats

Wow thanks a lot tht helped a whole bunch u ROCK!!!! =)

i don't understna the coins n how do u move??

in the teacher lounge part..even if i follow the instructions,still,mr.sum is not in his room when i get out! how cn i work this out?! heelpp??! pls reply/..!

when you go into the teacher's lounge click all the little speach bubbles then go do something else. By then, Mr. Sum & Mrs. Green should both be in their rooms.

thks, for the guide, like it a lot!

- -

Thanks dude. Helped me alot I could never find the last little bit of money. didn't think to look in the locker.

how do you get into mr.sums room,anonymous

you forgot one thing how to get the last dime. you need click the locker next to the women's room and there's your dime! By the way anonymous, thanks for the help!!!

why is the cookie machine broken??

I beat the game thank you! :D

if this is a walkthrough for no. 2, where's no. 3?

if this is a walkthrough for no. 2, where's no. 3?

who's even seeing this? if anybody even does, post your name on your comment( or cheat) thaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnks aniwey(sorry spelled it wrong)

rreply in less than 24 hours. thanks cuz i'll chek in evry hour.

what if they are still in the teachers lounge??

uh i dunno how to get into mr sum room

i followed the instructians and i still cant get into mr.sums room.oh wait i did it u Go in to the teacher's lounge and choose the speech bubble with the " i got permission to....." then click "Mr .O. Boe" and u will get out automatically and go back to the janiters room then go into Mr.Sums room

um i cant buy a cookie

i dont get into mr sum's room and when i go in the teachers lounge and click the stuff you told me to i just get sent out nd still cant get in

hey anonymos i cant find the vent under the poster in mrs.sleep's room can you help

1.find all 4 quarters in music room.(2 on floor,drum,music stand.
2.click brown guy acting cool(get whistle)
3.click whistle (in items box)
4.go out door
5.go into mrs.sleep classroom and click open desk.(you get a slidy card and 30c).
6.click arrow on the far right of the hallway
7.click on the locker to the right of the womens bathroom you will get 10c.
8.go to the right again
9.use the slidy card and drag it to the air conditioning vent and get the toilet paper.
10.go back to where the bathrooms were and go into the mens bathroom and give the guy the toilet paper (get mop)
11.go to janitors closet and give to janitor he will give u a dime.
12.just explore until mr. sums room light up
13.go into mr.sums room click paper on his desk and collect 25c
14.last go into teachers lounge and click the open space between the wall and cookie machine plug in click machine insert coins and u get 1 cookie.then go back into hallway and give the fat guy his cookie.then go inside office and click pricipal.winner

It won't let me go in Mr. Sum's Room!

thanks for the guide

If you cant get into mr sums room, go all the way to the left then go back and it shouldb e open

I do not have enough money to buy a cookie its 75 cents.

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*thanks for the last coin inside the locker. "

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