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Koala's Journey 2006 Walkthrough

Koala's Journey 2006

Another point and click adventure game from PureColorAnimalPark, who is also makers of Hopping Hamster games. You need to help Koala to go on a trip to Finland for Christmas party. There are two episodes in the game, so you need to finish first episode to play second episode.

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       Anonymous  12/9/06, 7:26 AM  

can anyone help with episode 2 once you get to the ride. found blue gun and input the code. then stuck.

       Anonymous  12/9/06, 7:43 AM  

I can´t buy clothes. Could you tell me how to do that?

       Anonymous  12/9/06, 7:50 AM  

you have to go back to koala's house and get bag, clothes, and money. then go back to talk to seal. then go buy clothes.

Please someone help with animal park ride.

       Anonymous  12/9/06, 7:56 AM  

how can u buy te clothes i got the $ but ow do u click do get the clothes

       Anonymous  12/9/06, 8:03 AM  

u get all the clothes at his house. the only thing u buy is the gloves and click n drag them to the duck.

       Anonymous  12/9/06, 8:04 AM  

still can't get pass park ride. Someone please help

       Anonymous  12/9/06, 8:10 AM  

on the right top corner there´s a bag. click on it, select the coin and then click on the duck

       Anonymous  12/9/06, 8:18 AM  

Thank you for the clothes help

       Anonymous  12/9/06, 8:28 AM  

now I´m stuck at the ride. I guess something must be done to be higher than the red arrow, but I can´t use the blue gun anywhere. My first thought was to lower the red arrow. Any ideas?

       Anonymous  12/9/06, 8:34 AM  

i'm standing in the red arrow and i made a lil snowman by clicking on the snow next to me i can drag to snowman but i don't know were to drag the snowman to HELP!

       Anonymous  12/9/06, 8:37 AM  

take off your cap and earplugs and put the snowman on your head. that will cause the barrier to lift up.

       Anonymous  12/9/06, 8:40 AM  

i got it after u make the snowman take ur hat off and place him on top of ur head, then click on the truck it will move the screen a lil and u'll see #s on the truck those #s might be something to do with the code

       Anonymous  12/9/06, 8:51 AM  

i tried 19,15,14,20,08,16,15,23,05
for the code i just added the #s with the number on the truck but it didn't work
and wht is that gun for anyways

       Anonymous  12/9/06, 9:07 AM  

anyone figured out the code for the ride yet. i think i have tried every combo possible but I am obviously missing something. Help plz.

       Anonymous  12/9/06, 9:25 AM  

GOT IT! it´s NORTH POLE, so the missing numbers are 14, 18 and 12

       Anonymous  12/9/06, 9:34 AM  

now i´m using the gun against the meteor (or whatever)but nothing happens!!! Any ideas?

       Anonymous  12/9/06, 10:04 AM  

i must have hit more than a hundred meteor-like things without any result. Help me, please!

       Anonymous  12/9/06, 10:08 AM  

i am stuck in same place and would love get through it. help would be wonderful.

       Anonymous  12/9/06, 2:05 PM  

I clicked the comets, about five later I passed through. Guess you just need to be lucky by hitting it right

       Anonymous  12/9/06, 2:32 PM  

a really cute game

part 1
-click on koala
-click down ant talk to mailman
-read the card and then go right
-talk to devil and go left (if you don't talk to him you can't continue the game)
-continue going left and stop when you see the car
-click on car and after arriving look at prices on travel agency
-continue going left and look at tickets price
-go left and click on buildings and talk to the seal
- go back to house and take clothes,shoes,penny,sack
-go to cloth shop and buy gloves (draw gloves to shop owner when you have penny on your inventory)
-talk to seal again and say yes

still doing part 2...

       Anonymous  12/9/06, 3:54 PM  

Has anyone else passed the comets? Where do I have to hit them? Does the noise have something to do with it?

       Anonymous  12/9/06, 9:42 PM  

I'm not sure if you have the gun? If not....select the gun then click koala...a target will appear...just aim at the white part of comet (that's what I did anyway) and after hitting about 5 you will continue through.

       Anonymous  12/10/06, 2:43 AM  

part 2



- go to your inventory and give him shoes, jacket, hat, earmuffs, gloves (do it on this order)
- go left and talk to penguin (he will give you a part of the code and key)
- go right and continue going til you find red car
- open it with key
- go out of the car and click on the red arrow
click 2 times on the snow, take earmuffs,hat and place snowman on your head
- put hat and earmuffs back and pick blue gun
- code to the train:2015141518200816151205 (its difficult to explain)
- go to inventory and click blue gun (shoot the comets)
- enter taxi's house
- take off gloves and jacket and click pocket to give letter to the bear
- click on the phone and after the call put back jacket and gloves
- after all that get out of the house
- talk to the tired dog
- change koala's and dog places (sit dog and put koala on the dog's place)
- click on the snow and when you're in take all the koala's clothes
-put hats on the dogs (red hat on grey dog, blue hat on brown dog, green hat on tired dog)
- put the yellow hat on koala
- click on door
- talk to everyone (except santa)
-click 2 times on the table to appear cake
- click the 3rd time
-talk to santa
-click on present
- click on cake piece
-give santa costumes to the dogs and to you
-click on the door to go out
put dogs and koala on the sledge
-first click on taxi and click on chimney and on sock
- next go to penguin house and click on chimney and on sock
- next click on whale and dolphin and on socks
- next click on seal and on sock
-next click on cloth shop and on sock and on travel's agency
- next its platypus ticket and click on socks
- next its devil and click again on sock
-next its postman and click on sock
-finally go to koala's house and take koala from the sledge
-give back the santa costume
-click on the tree
-give present to koala and do jogsaw puzzle
-click special ending if you want to
-the end

where is the seal ???

where is the dumb seal please tell me!!1

Fun Xmas adventure game....in the walkthru go RIGHT not left in part 1....

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