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September 18, 2017

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Rental House Escape Walkthrough

Rental House Escape

[REPLAY] TerminalHouse - Rental House Escape: Terminal House 2 is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Gump for Terminal House. In this game, you try to search around the room to find items, clues, hints and solve puzzles in order to escape the rental house. Good luck and have fun!

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Rental House Walkthrough


First again ! Not a bad game , at the end just don't try the doorknob, click the door and your out !

Ok so first post and first walkthrough, here we go:

First of all, when objects have to be used together, double click them to use things together.

1 First you go once to the left and click on the bottom left side of the mix-machine. There you get your first object (wheel).

2 Go back and to the right and click on the service-pipe. Select the wheel and click on top of the service pipe. Click again on the wheel to open it.

3 Click on the bottom of the outlet and take battery 1 from behind.

4 Go back to the overall view and go two steps to the left, open the closet-doors and get battery 2 and glass.

5 Open top drawer and get flashlight. Close top drawer and open bottom drawer and get piece of paper 1.

6 Step further to the left and click underneath the safe, you'll find the second piece of paper.

7 Put the pieces of paper together, this shows the way of the numbers for the code to open the safe (74862). Get the crystal ball and the key.

8 Go back to the overall view and click on the painting, look at the things painted (it's a hint!). Click on the bottom right corner of the painting and take the pill.

9 Go back to the overall view and go to the right. Click here on the washer and then once again. Now you'll see a coin, take it.

10 Go back to the overall view, once to the left again (we stay turning left) and click with the key on the wall-closet in which we'll find a dart-board. Take out the second coin and the notepad.

11 When opening the notepad, we see three figures. Now we have a huge amount of objects and 2 hints (notepad and painting), first we'll complete the painting: Click left twice and put a coin in the drink-machine, get the red drink. Do the same with the second coin and get the blue drink.

12 Go once again to the left and fill up the glass with water from the crane (which works due to the earlier placed wheel).

13 Go again to the left and put the two drinks (which have to be openend first), the glass of water and the pill into the mix-machine.

14 For the left code we need the combination of numbers stated by the figures in the notepad. To get this combination, open the wall-closet again and see the square on the dart-board (15).

15 Go once again to the left and place the crystal ball on top of the 'ornament'. Turn half around and put of the light, turn back to the ornament and we see the circle (36).

16 The triangle, you may remember, was only seen behind the painting. Go back to the painting, click the bottom right corner again. Put the batteries in the flashlight and use the flashlight right here, you see the last number: 87.

17 Put those numbers in the same order as in the notepad on the mixmachine and you'll get: 158736. Put on the red button and you get the mix for the power drink.

18 Take the yellow drink and open it, you'll now become a super hero ;)

19 Click on the door (not on the doorhandle!) and you have completed the game.

Please place your comments on this walkthrough, so I can make them better next time ;)

thanks for rental house walkthrough themer

Hey I keep clicking on the outlet/light switch and nothings happening it just keeps turning the light on and off what the heck?

Nevermind I figured it out crazy ending though I felt like I was at 20,000 leagues under the sea ha ha

I can't find the coin by the washer...someone please help!

Double click the washer, then you get the camera looking inside it, here you'll find the coin :)

       Anonymous  5/6/07, 9:40 AM  

how do you take the pill? like i click on it but nothing happens and its still in the inventory. help!

I can't get the first battery. Please Help!

Omg! what the hell is thw washer???
please answer my question?

The "washer" is the sink... THE BLODDY SINK!!!

who ever writes these games is overly fond of energy drinks.

i need help whats an outlet!?!?!?!

How can you open the the energy drinks?? Please healp

       Anonymous  7/17/07, 10:21 PM  

@Alexander: To open the Energy Drinks just select them (one at a time), click twice to zoom in and click on the top of the can

Th is some crap! Omg. I cant find all the coins. Somebody plz tell me where both the coins are. The walkthru isnt helping.

YEA i know how get the first battery,

1. u click the pipe with the wheel. click the sink bottom or the sinks shadow.
3.You pick up the battery.
4.Now you have the battery!!!!!

The first coin is inside the basin/sink. Zoom into the wash basin, then zoom again, clicking inside it... the silver coin will be there next to the plug.

The second (gold) coin is under the dartboard in the blue cabinet, which you open with the key you get when you open the safe. hope that helps

Ok people I am here to tell you how to get the first battery!Firstly,click the pipe.Then click the base of the sink and that how you get the first battery!To thank me you can email me at bad comments.

yosh!!! nyahaha!!! that was cool!! great job with the walkthroughs!!! LOL!! he became a superhero!! nyahahah!! what's up with the eye??? freaky!! nyahah!! anyways...NEXT GAME!!!

       Anonymous  5/25/08, 5:54 PM  

loved this one !

       Anonymous  6/12/08, 7:00 AM  

How did you determine that the square on the dartboard represented the number 15??

Game want open or load ... up to the next then.

pls. somebody help me.,. lol! trying to get the energy drink.. still i can't.. i alredy inserted the coin,twist the left button then press the upper button.. i don't know if its correct or wat!

ok,, which coin to insert first? the 100 or 10000?

please someone help! I have the two pieces of paper put together that shows the code for the safe. when I type it in nothing happens! What is going on??

code on paper is UPSIDE DOWN ... tried it myself (rotating paper 90° each) and really took me 10 mins until I got that thing open...

What Themer calls an "outlet" in his walkthrough is also known as a sink.

The japanese people are articulate and smart and know how to come up with their own ideas and I respect them for that.

The first thing you should do is click on the door a bunch of times. That sets up your goal for the game.

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