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Who Killed Roland Johnson Walkthrough

Who Killed Roland Johnson

Who Killed Roland Johnson WalkthroughWKRJ - Who Killed Ronald Johnson is a point and click type adventure game. Click your way through the clues left behind by Sir Roland Johnson's killer to track him down and give him what he deserves. You are Chief Inspector James Parker, and it's your job to avenge the famous British actor recently murdered in the premises of his own home. Good luck!

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RJ’s Mansion
1. Leave the room. Go through the right door. Look to the bottom drawer and find the letter. Read it.
2. Look at the mirror in the bathroom and find the number.
3. Go down and to left room. Find F4 on the table.
4. Play the piano (GAD). Find the photo in the fireplace. I don’t know for what it is.
5. Go to the car.

1. Turn into the lane and go through the door.
2. Notice the number from the box.

Lighton Lodge
1. Take F2 and click on the spider above the left door. Put the number from the box down (1462) and get the password.
2. Take F4 and go to the room number 43. Notice the word from the wall.

1. Turn into the lane and go to the wall. Click a few times on the bloodstain.
2. Click on the spider and we put the password from F2 (euphemism).
3. Go through the right door.
4. Click on the door of the shed and put the password from F4 (tuberculosis).

to be continued

are you serious... to be continued... >=/

at the bottom of the stairs, you can enter a room that has a piano. Press the red G A D keys and it opens a secret passage. Haven't figured out what the photo is for yet.

As the creator of the game, I'll tell you what the picture's for:
It is one of the clues for the sequel (WKRJ2: Meet the Suspects), where you WILL find out who the killer is.

I thought so :)
When we can expect the second part?
BTW thx for nice game :)

No problem!
And I'm not exactly sure, it's one among many other projects I'm working on, so it may take time.

GAHHHHH! idk what to do after we enter the shed...

oh and would anyone be able to create a game where we solve the murder of an american actor? say...tom cruise?

or better yet...a game where we KILL tom cruise. yeah that would be great.

wow!!! i can´t wait for the 2º part...

look forward to part2....love a good mystery....thnx!

bad game

ahggggggggg ur game didnt finishhhh yyyyyyyyyyyyyy aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kill tom cruise
wwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhy find the secret code dykury3i

A Crime Story with no end???

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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