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The Magicians Handbook - Cursed Valley Game Free Download Walkthrough

The Magicians Handbook - Cursed Valley Game Free Download

The Magicians Handbook - Cursed Valley Free Game DownloadThe Magician's Handbook: Cursed Valley is another hidden-object type casual game from Casual Games 24. In this game, in order to reveal the pages of the Magicians Handbook you must travel to the dark and mysterious Cursed Valley and remove the curse that has haunted the valley. Set out with your trusty wand in hand to find enchanted objects hidden throughout the valley that will help you to break the evil spell. Using incantations that you learn along the way, you can ward off the shadow and other distracters of light. Can you remove the curse from the valley and rediscover its true name? Have fun!

Download The Magicians Handbook - Cursed Valley Free (Windows)

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One of the hardest hidden object games I've tried..but love it. Am stuck at the end..can't find any Rune Stones. Any hints would be welcome.

I've only found one! In the cemetary, look at the bottom of the statue of the male on the right - the cube bit he's standing on contains a long like of hyroglyphs. This is a rune!

I found them!But they change position each time you have to retry. Also, I was looking for only brown ones and they are different colors. Mine were:1)Dungeon,Top Rt 2)Church,Rt of the Arch 3)Haunted House,Rt of fireplace 4)Cornfield,Rt of barrow.

I am having a problem with the crack the code after the 2nd set of games. Please help. thanks

The rune stones are driving me bats! I've found 3...(all yellowish), 1)Church rt of arch; 2)Haunted House, rt of the fireplace at bottom; 3)Cemetary on pedestal base of man on the right. Can not find a 4th, so help me! Now you're saying they CHANGE each time? Oy vey:) This is an excellent and difficult game!

I have found two runes--in the cemetary and the dungeon. Even reading your suggestions has not helped me with the other ones. Argh!!!!

I found 3 runes but didn't think to make a note of where I found them. I'm pretty sure I found one in the Dungeon--about mid-screen to the right of the XL. I'm determined to find the 4th rune. I really like this game and think it's harder than the other hidden object games I've played. The Haunted House and Enchanted Glen are the two toughest parts for me.

the runes are easier to find than some of the other objects in the game-assume they are all horizontal-dark or stone colored and much like the sample shown-then let your eyes wander across the pictures looking for rectangles that seem foreign from normal game play-I did the map from left to right perusing each site in order-I found 2 on the first pass and 2 on the 2nd pass through all the sites-I understand they move from game to game-GOOD LUCK

I found one rune in the vault. Almost to the top on the right.

Try this


You will have to find the rest, it's got graphics to most areas

They are not always there but like most other games they do not move, OK here’s the deal, out of sequence but if they are there then you are a winner.

Cemetery, the first layer of the plinth under the mans feet.
Wizards lab, behind the blue potion bottle, in the shelfs, underneath the skull
The garden thingy, lower rh side, between the two broken stone posts
I think it’s called the dungeon, far rh side ¼ of the way dowm from the top, just under the goblet
We all have this one, it’s the room with the fireplace, abso;ute bottom rh corner
Magic creatures museum, it’s between the mouth and the first hump of the major creature in the bottom ¼, then basically centre
The vault, partially obscured behind the parrot head, top lh 1/3
City centre, underneath the sign for spells potions and beyond and just above the green potion bottle with the phi sign embedded
Attic, not certain of it’s name but it’s just under the santa hat, lh bottom ¼
Again, not sure, it’s the room with the gingerbread man sitting on top of the well, rune is top lh corner just under the basketball and the cowboy
Cathederal, this is a toughy, go rh top, just ¼, just below the crown, it’s a hard one
Cornfield, hardly ever there but it’s between the bottle and the tepee, looks like a squilligley thing

On of the best hidden object games yet! BUT I only have found two Rune Stones. I have looked at you suggestions but they don't seem to be there.. they must change....any other suggestions?? thanks

Thanks, Haggis. I was able to finish the two games I started. On to the third time around.

I am up to three now. I still can't find that fourth rune. I have them from the cemetary, the glen, and the dungeon. With all of these wonderful hints, I still must be doing something wrong.

The pros of this game; interesting rooms, challenging searches, you really have to look quite hard.

The cons; lame story premise, there are only two mini games and they get old very quick, the game ends quickly there aren't many levels, and the graphics are fairly weak (fuzzy). Some of the items are truly indiscernable (even when found) which can be frustrating, some items are very small and you really have to click just on the right spot to get it.

Thank you Haggis so much, I finally found the last stone after reaching mind numbing levels of frustration. I don't know how you had the patience to find them all.

Good game till you get to the runes. i swear the fourth one is impossible. been thru all places 6 times now and still can't find it. even went thru places i already found a rune at. unless anyone knows a sure fire way of finishing this frustrating game i give up. never had a search game beat me before.

Just finished third time playing the game and found a dark brown rune above the window in the Barn. The location of the other runes I found have already been posted here. I hope players keep listing the varying locations they find the runes.

Here they are
Enchanted Glen, between the 2 stone pillars, bottom rh
Cornfield. between the teepee and the wheel barrow
Attic, beside the xmas hat, just left of the bell
Haunted house, skirting board, next to umbrella stand, bottom rh
Wizards lab, behind the two bottle on the shelves
Cemetery, plinth under man.
Vault, above the parrots head
Church, top rh, below the crown
Dungeon, top rh, under the goblet
Town centre, behind the bottle with the pi symbol
Musuem, under the second loop in the monsters tail.
What ever the other room is, top lh corner, on the shelf above the sword and next to the two way

The main reason this one is hard is because many of the objects are just too tiny, or blended in too well with their backgrounds. I found the repel spells basically useless (MCF:Prime Suspects taught us how to search a dark room!), and was really disappointed that there was no opportunity in the game to use the weird spells. 5 out of 10.

thank you, thank you, thank you, after an hour of frustration by using your clues we found all the runes in 2 mins. Have to agree poor story, weak ending, but we still enjoyed it.

I don't care for the fact that the objects don't always look like what they're supposed to be. Also, so many typos in the lists and story line.

Anyone have a line of the coins?!? The ads for this game state "Unlock special items by collecting coins hidden on each level," what special items?!?

I agree with cat52, what's the point of the spells when you can't use them?!?

thanx 2 haggis45 for the rune stones have finally cracked the game

Thanks very much for help you published in here...i have been looking for the fourth stone for about an hour an a half or more (nearly gone mad :D )
It really is a great game. Rune stones are hardest, but they are good.

I have not seen mentioned that also one rune stone can be found in the museum on the sea snake (the big one).

stone cold crazy youh :D:D

thanks for the hints guys.. i found all the four runes.. i had to agree, the runes are placed at some of the places u guys have mentioned. i have to, like, look for it but anyway, ur hints helped a lot.. about the special items, u know, the unlockable items, what are those? were the wands the only unlockable items? coz those were the only things on my unlockable itmes...

o am having trouble with the chant part of "magicians handbook. don't know how to solve it. my chant is flay melemucar dao. help, would like to continue on in this game,

i am having a heck of a time with this game, i am on the chant, can't seem to solve it, i need someone to help me understand this part, i WOULD LIKE TO GET TO THE NEXT PART. my chant is flay melemucar dao. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME.

i cant seem to do the pipes or the matchsticks can anybody help me.

can anyone help me on oing the square puzzle

is anybody knows how many coins in the whole game?
is anybody knows how many dark hands in the whole game?
will be glad to help with the Rune Stones,
TKS, Bernard

there are 36 coins and when you get them you can go to another map

sry 3 in each location

For those who say this is a hard object find game. I finished the game in the free trial period. Not worth buying that is for sure. The best hint is to look for small rectangles that are out of place.

Magicians Handbook

Rune Stones:

Attic: under Santa hat just left of the bell
Barn: just above long sword
Cemetery: under male statue
Church: just below crown
Cornfield: between bottle and teepee; between teepee and wheel barrow
Dungeon: just under top of goblet
Enchanted Glen: between 2 stone pillars
Haunted House: baseboard next to umbrella stand
Magic Creature Museum: between mouth and hump of big creature
Town Center: just above green potion bottle with Pi sign
Wizards Lab: behind blue potion bottle underneath skull
Vault: behind and above parrot head

Coins: 3 each location, 3 findable each level

Attic: Closet Crest; Jack in the Box; Car Wheel
Barn: Well; Rooster Eye; Car
Cemetery: Left by Raven Tale; Top right of Bat; Fence under Horned Skull
Church: Middle of Eagle; Bottom RT of female statue; Left of RT side Stained Glass
Cornfield: Tractor; Top above Bird; Bowl of Corn
Dungeon: Hanging Foot; by Shrunken Head; eye of Skull on the ground
Enchanted Glen: above Arrow by Unicorn; Lily Pad; far left Purple Flower
Haunted House: Lower left side of Fireplace; Rt Scroll on Fireplace; Clock on Rt side
Magic Creature Museum: Cloud; rock under Musical Note; Bottom Left
Town Center: Middle of Fish in Fountain; Awning; Center of Wizard on the right
Wizards Lab: Window; Edge of Blue Flag; Brown Potion Bottle
Vault: Herald; Corner of Mona Lisa Frame; Corner of Treasure Chest

I have finished this game three times, found all 36 coins and runes and I still have yet to get another map. I have gone to unlockables and options and my only choices are difficulty level and wand selection.Can anyone help??

We have found the runes! Thanks for your hints and explanations. You have to keep your patience and you'll find them all. See you next time!

go to http://www.bcsoftgames.com/demos/StrategyGuide.pdf for the full coin and rune location maps

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